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CEO Jon Rubinstein Details Plans to Accelerate webOS Sales in Company Email 125

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 25 Feb 2010 9:58 pm EST

The Wall Street Journal has published an email written by CEO Jon Rubinstein to all Palm employees. In it, Rubinstein details Palm's earlier guidance today, then he explains what steps are being taken to improve sales moving forward:

 Dave Whalen and I just returned from a very successful meeting with Verizon Wireless, where they acknowledged that their execution of our launch was below expectations and recommitted to working with us to improve sales. To accelerate sales, we initiated Project JumpStart nearly three weeks ago. Since then, nearly two hundred Palm Brand Ambassadors, supplemented by Palm employees from Sunnyvale, have been training Verizon sales reps across the U.S. on our products. Early results from the stores have already shown improvement on product knowledge and sales week over week. You may have also seen a growing number of Palm ads on billboards, bus shelters, buses, and subway stations—all getting the word out about Palm

It's interesting (and gratifying?) to see that Verizon has taken a share of the blame for the Palm Pre Plus' and Pixi Plus' poor showing thus far on Verizon. Having spoken with several Verizon employees throughout the day today, I can say that internally at Verizon there isn't as much enthusiasm for webOS as one would hope - Verizon employees in general are better educated on, more familiar and more comfortable with the Droid by a wide margin. Hopefully this "Project JumpStart" will help to close that gap.

Rubinstein closes the email by planning an all-hands company meeting and also by saying:

Our goals are taking longer than expected to achieve, but I am still confident that our talented team has what it takes to get the job done.

It's odd to think it, but it's still early rounds in the smartphone fight - knowing the team at Palm, they're in it for a few more rounds.




Its the green shirt again!!!

Forget about the shirt....It's good to know someone is alive at Palm. Even if it comes on the end of the stockholders cattle prod.

I will say though...over here we could do with a little reassurance that Palm recognises the fact that the US is just one country and the rest of the planet could do with a little support and love as well.

Thanks for giving us the best OS of any phone on the market by the way...if anyone at Palm is reading.

Fingers crossed Palm will have the sense to kick the carriers into gear elsewhere and maybe relaunch in Europe in style when the app catalog opens properly. Maybe even roll out some proper heavy weight treats for those in the UK and the elsewhere. Whatever happened to our I-player? Yahoo? Spotify? LastFm?.....etc.

Ignore the rest of the planet at your peril. It's a global community and the least happy shout the loudest.

Thanks for letting us know you still have a pulse. Stay in touch more Mr Rubenstien, it might help you gauge the temperature of the water better. Maybe even stop you drowning.

well well well, thank you for the delay...VERIZON!! This is painful but I can wait one more day!!

Delay in what? What are you talking about?

This post didn't mention anything about Verizon delaying the 1.4 update.

Trying to decide if this is a good or bad sign...

Good to see some tangible signs that Palm is gonna put up a fight. Also good to see that big red is on board with them.

Hopefully this injects a nice breath of optimism for all us Palm users.

Palm can fight all they want, but who really expected customers to line up around the corner to sign up for a plan with a $350 etf?

Yes, publicly roast the #1 wireless carrier. Excellent plan.

it was an internal email - sent to employees. Not public

lol. In 2010 all email is public.

and most expensive!!

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Android here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Riddance

I just came over to the Pre after 2 years on the iPhone, and I love it! I'm doing my own "advertising" by showing my college friends here.

Interesting...especially coming from the iPhone and ATT. I also love my unit and try my best to show it off any chance I get. Thankfully, webOS 1.4 should make that much easier and give me some more Wow Factor compared to the iPhone or otherwise.

Looking forward to the update and glad to see Palm still push in a positive direction. Sorli...

Ya I always show my palm pre off. some em all the multitasking, card view, gesture bar.. and soon we'll have video recording and flash to show off..

I read a post on another precentral article awhile back that made alot of sense..

the palm pre looks like a normal phone, people dont understand the greatness off it.

for example the slab style of the iphone is alwasy noticable, if palm does this for the c40 (the new palm phone) I think it will help get there name out there.

I do love the palm pre style, but since becoming more of a phone browser person, i think id like a slab for the better phone browsing experience.

But i think they should leave there options open, have one like the palm pre style too and maybe even pixi and maybe for those side keyboard lovers, something like that.. but in order to have all those selections, palm would probably need more funding behind it.. but with that saturation into the market all revolving around palm webos and gesture bar and card view etc, i think it would be the best strategy, something (style wise) for everyone.

It's all about advertising! I love my palm pre and when I show it off to others, they are amazed at how cool it really is. Some have already bought their own and others are waiting for their contracts to end so they can get one.

whatever Project JumpStart is - triple it. my sense is that Verizon spent so much effort getting everybody on the Droid bandwagon, their employees weren't ready, willing, or able to pivot yet again and put similar effort into webOS. I worry that there is an endemic anti-Palm bias amongst the rank-and-file Verizon employees.

Hear, hear. My sentiments exactly.

I've been to 5 Verizon stores since launch and realized this before it was even mentioned. The bias is really bad! I have even been pulled away from the pre in an attempt to sell me a droid. With the number of people that trust the local sales people at the store to direct them, Palm needs them motivated to sell their products! Incentive programs may also help!

The droid is their iphone. I doubt VZ employees are ready to warm up to the Pre after the droid rollout and competing with the Pre. Now, positioning it as a women's phone is going to make it quite awkward as well.

Without knowing real numbers, I can say two things.

1) I saw a lot more Treos and Centros and still do, than Pre sitings. Many, many more. Mostly on Trains and in NYC.

2) I still see Treo's more often than Pre's, but when I see Treos now, they tend to be carried by women. Men seem to have all the Pre's out in public.

Ironic twist on mom's phone.

Palm's last big hope for solo success is that VZ decides there is a better future for VZ with Palm than droid. Whether they agree it is a better platform or they just want to avoid having Google toss their weight around, if Palm has any hope of staying alive and independent, they're gonna have to bud up with VZ. VZ not attending CES with Palm though, was not a great start, so that candle is flickering.

Honey from all the podcasts and tech posts I've read over the last couple of months Palm 'is' laughing stock!! Palm Pre and Pixi are constantly looked down on as "The Phone that Could've been ________."

Verizon really did ruin a great opportunity. When I walked in a Verizon store a few weeks ago to buy my palm pre plus, that I waited for 6 months to get, the employees didn't even acknowledge the pre plus stand. And from what I've heard from some employees, they sure don't know anything about webOS or they truly are just selling the android phones because of their higher profit margins.

I had a choice to wait for the nexus one, but I knew the capabilities that webOS has to offer. Hopefully Palm can execute. I also wonder if they discussed any future cerizon exclusive products (Palm Pre 2, or a totally new device). Because if Palm wants to succeed they have two options:

1. Sell a variety of phones across all telecom networks. And by variety I mean 4 different webOS phones.
2. Or, create one more upgraded, all touch screen phone exclusively with Verizon.

I hope they do it, no matter how they do it. I'm a passionate fan of webOS. I've probably convinced more people to get the Pre Plus then Verizon employees have.

Why would having the Pre II exclusive on Verizon be good? What have they shown they support Palm? At least Sprint sales reps want to sell Palm phones, Verizon sales rep do not.

I love the thought that more form factors sell more phones. It just fractures the focus of a good product. Multiple units is usually a sign that the core of the product lacks focus, like HTC.

Look at iPhone, One basic form factor, nearly three years, and they have all the momentum.

I do think the Pre and Pixi are too small and lack the battery needed to be as powerful as we want them, for more than an hour or so. So one small phone and one larger "pro" phone, and I'd be happy that most people were covered.

I honestly and truly believe it is not verizon's falt. I believe the advertising should be done more by palm.. I mean you see nore Iphone comercials by apple then att don't you? You see more droid comercials by their respective manufactorers then from VZ.... Yet you see more pre comercials by sprint then by palm (even though they only show the phone for less then 10 seconds...)

I think palm shuld do what boost is doing with sanyo. In case you haven't taken a bus lately, there's a S**t load of adds featuring the "incogneto" a crappy flip W/a qwerty keyboard... We (I work at boost retail store) sold out twice within 1 hr of getting them...

point being, if palm puts the word out like they used to, In public places and not so much on tv, It would bring them back up.

PS.pardon my crappy spelling

Right, soon we'll have PreCentral members going to their local Verizon stores just to see how this Project JumpStart goes. Keeping Palm alive is vital for us Palm addicts to ensure the availability of our next device :D

I've sold two at my local Verizon store. The sales staff there was clueless and completely uninterested.

I don't think you can really blame Palm for the predicament they're in, unless being a relatively tiny player among giants is somehow blameworthy. They had to release the Pre before it was really fully baked because the 3GS was coming out. They had to release on Sprint because Sprint needed something smart to sell and was willing to commit to a large initial order.

Verizon has to justify the cost of licensing the Droid moniker from George Lucas, so they're not going to push the Pre over their Droids. AT&T probably won't move many Pre's either, simply because they're known for the iPhone.

I think we have to come to the realization that it is up to Palm itself to advertise the platform, and up to us fans to sell it by word-of-mouth. With the possible exception of Sprint, the carriers each have their pet smart phones and they're not webOS phones.

I suddenly know what Betamax fans were up against.

i'm sorry but palm is to blame for all this. if they had launched the pre back in june 2009 with a GOOD AD CAMPAIGN instead of the crap they put out there then the story would be really different now, more then likely. when i actually show people what my pre does/can do they are very impressed and are like oh cool the iphone can't do that or i didnt know the pre could do this.

DAM U TAMARA.....(not personally).
ok i'm done.

Geeks don't know how to advertise or market. They did ruin it. I can't remember how many times people ask me what kind of phone I have and they say, "what's that, I never heard of that."

>>>Geeks don't know how to advertise or market


For my fellow Americans who may think the word 'cheers' is only used when giving a toast, it is a common way in Europe of saying 'Thanks' or 'Regards' at the end of an email or conversation.

Uck, the Borg queen, the rock concert girl, the umbrellas and the musical ring tones. I just didn't get any of that stuff. I guess I wasn't that sophiticated.

I completely agree. They need to do some offense, showing some apps and features like the iPhone commercials.

Completely agree.

I'm no advertising exec but I can't help but wonder how their ad agency sat around viewing the creepy girl ads and thought to themselves, "Yeah! This'll reel 'em in!!"

I am EXTREMELY surprised that Verizon feels "to blame" for the launch... The Phone Debuted Worldwide @ Sprint USA and Bell Canada shortly after. (Bell did do a better job on ads)

It really isnt hard to make a video for a gadget that makes me want one. The Youtube is full of em, made by nerds flipping apps on their googphones / Dell Mini 5 etc.

I dont want a Pre anymore because it has broken so many times I cant recommend it to anyone I talk to. i have one co-worker who has had one for 3 months and the PWR button broke and mine is gettin mushy intermittent.

I finally understood the creepy girl ad campaign one night after attending a Phish Show and getting a bit of a contact high. It finally made sense.

Personally I loved the creepy girl commercials!!! A lot!!

yeah, it was pretty intense how much went into the launch at Sprint. even the online reps were forced to take training classes and the phone didn't sell online for about a month after release.

we were given webOS training, Pre hardware training, gesture area, etc.

but i think that's an example of Sprint learning from the Instinct launch debacle. no one knew wtf to do with the instinct when it came out, so Sprint forced Pre customers into the "ReadyNow" experience, where -- at the very least -- you could walk out of the Sprint store with your email sync'd up, your contacts loaded on, and any questions answered.

What a shocker. As usual, Palm blaming their problems on someone else. Hey Palm, wake up, you're not selling phones because the Pre hardware is GARBAGE ! No matter how awesome WebOS is, and it is the best in the industry, if it's in a crap phone, all people see is the crap phone.

The hardware quality has practically nothing to do with Palm not selling phones (although its an area worth improving upon). Its all about advertising, brand recognition, and market penetration (hardest of all). I doubt you will find very many people who will say that they bypassed Palm's new phones because they thought the hardware was garbage. When you ask them, they'll say, "Huh? What's a Palm Pre/Pixi? Never heard of it. What does it do?".

hardware/GARBAGE = whatever. Their return rate isnt any worse than other phones, but keep banging that drum. My Pre is great.

agreed. If I hear one more person talking about how their pre "broke," I'm gonna snap.

An inanimate object doesn't just break, you broke it! Seriously, how old are you people?

right. All electronics always work perfectly and never have defects and the only reason they malfunction is because you broke it. What other wise proverbs and adages will you share with us?

Hopefully it helps in getting more interest in Palm devices. I love WebOS, and this is from someone who's previously owned an iPhone and HTC Hero. Now, Palm needs to release one of those difference maker phones with some amazing hardware. That would give them a nice jump back into the smartphone battle. I don't think it's over till Palm completely folds.

Wouldn't matter if they did, if they don't advertise it properly!!

The homebrew community has demonstrated how few people it takes to make some significant improvements in the current webOS apps. Heck, Jason Robitaille alone has cranked out many impressive improvements. During the developer summit, a Palm employee demonstrated how easy it was to modify the Clock app.

Palm, please dedicate 1 or 2 developers, hire 1 or 2 developers, or hire the homebrew developers and ADD THE MISSING FEATURES already. Get a Treo and use it. Add all of those missing features that set the Treo apart from the competition. Please!

Haha so true. I'm quite happy with my brand new Centro and TealOS.

It's fast, functional, comfortable to use, and fairly nice looking (and only $30).

I would kill for a new Palm product with a renewed focus on being a quality handheld organizer merged with a phone (and one that could completely port over my 9 years of PalmOS data into an open -- or at least easily exportable -- format)

Jon Rubinstein was probably in the meeting slamming his fist on the table yelling, "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!", while Verizon watched.


My local Verizon Rep tried to push me to the Droid. Well being a sysadmin and not buying the Android BS I went for the Pre Plus. People are writing fairly good reviews for the Pre Plus on Verizon (except the battery issue which I think does improve over time, hell the Droids are just as bad). I love the underlying power of the phone. I love optware and preware got lighttpd, ssh, samba (read & write). But... I want voice dialing over bluetooth. I want Flash just to have it be the first on a smartphone and shut everyone up as well as video recording. Crap my Curve had these basic features. It is a phone after all and not a web server. My regret is not going with the Pixi for the keyboard on demand thing. I hate the Pre keyboard/slider. It's time to evangelize people. Verizon could have done a better job that weird redheads and moms. My team members are iPhone freaks and they drool over WebOS. The only consolation is that they have to jailbreak the iPhone to get half of the palm features.

Finally some fkcing acknowledgment from the CEO that they need to get their shyt together. What kind of bullshyt ad was that "pasty women with alien like qualities"?

Good to see Verizon trying to do something to up the sales for Palm's sake. The Pre is a very unique phone with amazing capabilities.

I really enjoy using the Palm Pre. Sometimes it has some serious lag, but overall I love the fact that I can (1) Have my 3 email accounts in one place (2) all my IM chat capability in one place (3) Surf the web and get nice looking pages (4) Listen to real radio stations (5) Twitter... not independently, but all at the same time!

Now, if Ustream would make their broadcaster work with webOS when 1.4 video and flash capability comes (like with the iphone and droids) that would be fantastic!

As far as the build of the Pre, I've had mine since August and the only problem I have with it is my headphone jack making some horrendous high pitched squeel if you accidently jiggle that area.

i thought that i was the only one with the headphone jack issue... like u said other than that, i haven't had any hardware problems at all and i got my pre in october...

i love webOS and i hope that verizon can really push some strong numbers because the more people we have, the more money Palm has and then.... The more powerful(er) the Palm Pre 2!!!!

I love my is my fist smart phone but I have had other palm PDA's in the past...I hope Palm suceeds for my sake I didn't like the looks of the other phones out there I really like the slider idea. I think I would prefer horizontal typing than vertical, it would provide for larger keys. I would like to see a slightly larger screen. Apps to me are not a selling point. I bought the phone to keep track of my families activities, check email, txt, take picures (soon video) surf the web and oh yeah make phone calls.

Personally, I have had the phone about a month. In fact there was a rep at the Verizon Store when I went back a week later to exchange a cover I did not care for and asked about the battery life. She was very informative and was teaching me as well as some employees about the Pre. Don't see anything wrong with the phone as it is. Some of your obsessions with this 1.4 upgrade is funny as hell. My God do some of you even have a life. It is just a phone people! You act like it is your child or something. If Palm goes down you will use it till you get another phone at some point simple as that.

That is good that Verizon is taking some blame

I say PALM should take off the phone capabilities and keep the camera on the pre(8GIG) and make it like the ipod touch version of plam, but sell it for half price and bring pre plus to sprint as well untill they come with the pre2(hopefully in works right now)that way they can have different ways too make sales in stead of relying only on phone carriers sell. They can sell thru best buy and wallmart. Just my little vision of what would help.

I'm with you... Forget trying to convince Verizon to sell a product that your sprint Loyal Customers already enjoy, and spin your wheels at making us much more happy, and we as customers will advertise for you because we will be making sure to rub our up to date and cutting edge technology Pre in the face of all who oppose. What more do you need in advertising? Quit trying to adopt foster children if they are satisfied with being at the orphanage. Tend to your children at your own house. Why else do you think People would even consider changing to AT&T???

you verizon AIRHEADS!!

Verizon is doing much better as far as advertising goes, compared to O2 UK... hardly any new ads, if you go to there stores they push you towards an Iphone. Personally I think palm should of not gone exclusive with any carrier in the UK.

Verizon employees in general are better educated on, more familiar and more comfortable with the Droid by a wide margin.

I believe this. It's also been true for Sprint (not the Droid, of course, but other phones). It seems as if Palm phones, for all their glory, have always been more difficult for tech people than other phones. Normally, there are like two techs in a store that are masters of Palm phones and the rest of people know little about the phone. Thumbs up to Jon Rubenstein and Verizon execs for addressing this issue. If Palm takes an extra quarter to reach profitability, who really cares? I don't. I'll never buy an iPhone, even it Sprint sold it.

Verizon employees in general are better educated on, more familiar and more comfortable with the Droid by a wide margin.

I believe this. It's also been true for Sprint (not the Droid, of course, but other phones). It seems as if Palm phones, for all their glory, have always been more difficult for tech people than other phones. Normally, there are like two techs in a store that are masters of Palm phones and the rest of people know little about the phone. Thumbs up to Jon Rubenstein and Verizon execs for addressing this issue. If Palm takes an extra quarter to reach profitability, who really cares? I don't. I'll never buy an iPhone, even it Sprint sold it.

Forget trying to convince Verizon to sell a product that your sprint Loyal Customers already enjoy, and spin your wheels at making us much more happy, and we as customers will advertise for you because we will be making sure to rub our up to date and cutting edge technology Pre in the face of all who oppose. What more do you need in advertising? Quit trying to adopt foster children if they are satisfied with being at the orphanage. Tend to your children at your own house. Why else do you think People would even consider changing to AT&T???

"Synergy" Saves Marriages. You just can't top that in my book. My wife NEVER has to ask me what I have going on this weekend... she already knows!!

Agree 100%

I currently work for a major corporation that has been struggling the past 4 or 5 years. The underdog of the industry I guess you could say. I already love to root for the underdog and I absolutely love my Palm Pre but I've read many a emails like this coming from the head honcho. In fact, I read an email similar to this...and a month or two later they laid off 9,0000 people and pulled out of he U.S.

I'm in palms corner but I hate to read emails like this. I've learn to distrust just about every corporate company email I get in my inbox because you just don't know what is going on until it's upon you.

Really hope this isn't the case with palm...

There is so much truth to that!! Corporate is what Corporate does

I think everyone needs to calm down and wait this out. Think about it...the company is not even one year into it's new strategy. I don't know what the future will hold, and 8 months is too soon to make any definitive statements about the future of Palm. So let's all calm down and wait this out. As a matter of fact, I'm pondering buying some stock right now because it is so cheap (although I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who is risk averse).

Palm needs strong advertisement, Palm Pre is a powerful device, but unfortunately many people never heard about it. I have a friend who owns a sprint retailer store where I bought my Palm Pre and I thought he didn't want to sell me this phone because he recommended a HTC and many others and he wasn't even aware of the webOS capabilities. I think he could put a touchstone and a webOS phone for exibition on a stand or something like that, to show people that this phone exists and it's a nice smartphone, but he just doesn't bother. Many people ask about my phone, and they never heard about Palm Pre, but they know a lot about android and Iphone.

(1) Rubinstein ran Apple's iPod division until 2006.
(2) Rubinstein left Apple in 2006.
(3) Rubinstein joined Palm in 2007.
(4) Apple released the iPhone in 2007.
(5) Apple plots to destroy Palm via Rubinstein in 2009
(6) WebOS 1.4 drags feet in 2010 Stock Falls
(7) Palm bought by Apple in 2011
(8) Steve Jobs sees Rubinstein in hall and Hi-Fives

The End

LMAO!!!! Right there with the 'X-Files' huh??? :-P

(1) Rubinstein ran Apple's iPod division until 2006.
(2) Rubinstein left Apple in 2006.
(3) Rubinstein joined Palm in 2007.
(4) Apple released the iPhone in 2007.
(5) Apple plots to destroy Palm via Rubinstein in 2009
(6) WebOS 1.4 drags feet in 2010 Stock Falls
(7) Palm bought by Apple in 2011
(8) Steve Jobs sees Rubinstein in hall and Hi-Fives

The End

I want to be the first: Where the heck is 1.4.1? I mean really Palm, you suck. what is taking so long? What do you folks do in Sunnyvale, anyway? Can't you see what I need on this phone right now? My phaser isn't working. How can you have a smart phone without a phaser? You are so far behind the smartphone curve. Kirk had it in the 60's for crying out loud!

You troll; stop whining! My dumbphone had a phaser (stun AND vaporize) and my Handspring had an IR remote module, but that's what you get for being an early adopter yadda yadda yadda

I was the 3rd person to buy a pre plus on VZ launch day. 1 & 2 were my office mates. It was probably 11:00 or noon. The sales rep needed our help due to her limited knowledge with webOS devices.

a week laterI was helping my daughter upgrade to a new phone (enV3) and had my company emergency phone which is a DROID. The sales rep asked me which I like better. She was shocked that I preferred the Pre. I told her I like the droid but the words I used to define each are: DROID - Industrial, PRE - Polished.
Proper education (she admitted she knew very little about the PRE) should help a lot.

dling 1.4....

This is good news imho! I did notice that the verizon crowd seemed to be really pumped and pushing the droid with barely a whimper over the Pre...while it's good to see them burden some of the blame I'll only be impressed if they actually step up their game on the oh so fantastic Pre and Pixi Plus. Time to buy stock fo sho lol

well, I'm glad somebody finally said it. Verizon, and sprint employees for that matter, actively discourage customers from buying pre/pixie. I don't understand seeing as how they seem to sell a lot of crappy lg and samsung touchscreen phones that are truly crap.

duplicate post.

My advise for Jon...He and his team need to watch a Droid Commercial. Then they need to watch an Apple commercial...then stick in the Palm commercial with the crazy chick and a phone for mother and....hold on... it should be a light bulb moment.

Great Scott!!

A lightbulb WOULD go off if his team watched those commercials.

I just don't understand how anybody (even the geekiest of engineers) could think that the crazy lezbo chick is a good way to sell smartphones. Totally unreal to me.

I went to the Verizon store today in Topeka, KS and the woman told me she was a die hard Blackberry user and won't ever use another phone! And said she used both the pre and pixie, and didn't like them! And dismissed them as sub par smartphones.

As, someone who really liked their pre, and was excited since the annoucement in CES, and a treo user I was upset when I went to a Sprint and Verizon store last weekend to play with the pre and the pixi. The pre at the Sprint store would not load, it would turn on, but only display the Palm logo. Palm needs to know that this phone is sitting between the Blackberry, a reliable phone, and the Android Devices. When people see something that doesn't work, it is off their list, and they check out the next thing. At the verizon store, I had slighly better luck. The pre turned on, but was not usable since they was a strip of plastic chain making the phone hard to use. They didn't put that strip on the Droid, which was next to it. And there is all the compliants about the basic things like battery life, the phone can barely make it 9 to 5 on a basic battery if you actually try to use the features, luckily I got an extended battery. I also experienced many hardware issues, like defective slider, headphone port issues, and my last issue pre refuses to charge and connect to the Sprint network. This last bricked my phone, and Sprint was unable to fix my phone. I'm in the process of switching phones, but the good news is Palm made money off me, since I brought their phone, and they got the money, and 5 months later my pre is a paperweight. I really want Palm to turnaround, but seriously if the pre is a phone, and it needs to be reliable.

I took a photo of the Pre bus shelter ad a few days ago in San Francisco. I uploaded it with the "Picture Tweet" app. It was a rainy dark night & came out good. See it in my twitpic - same screen name - SFHandyman.

I saw the Pixi ad but it was blocked by a trash can.

what palm needs to do is get feedback from webos customers, doid aor android device customers, and iphone users to see what can be improved on a phone and then based on those feedbacks, optimize webos to an even better os and come out with a superphone. A phone with a fast processor, good quality hardware, nicer bigger screen, better camera, maybe removable media slot. They should make two or three phones on different carriers, and they should advertise them better. I think that it's too late to advertise the pre or pixi, so with the next device, they need to advertise good and hard.

The link doesn't show. I thought that would happen You can just go to my screen name on twitpic. It is the only photo there. Or type the address and add a slash 150tyu.

I took a photo of the Pre bus shelter ad a few days ago in San Francisco. I uploaded it with the "Picture Tweet" app. It was a rainy dark night & came out good. See it in my twitpic - same screen name - SFHandyman.

I saw the Pixi ad but it was blocked by a trash can.

You mean this one?

the biggest downfall I see from verizon pushing droid so hard when they were first launchinf the pre and pixi is that it takes the wind from palms wings. Tough to get everyone excited about something a second time around. A carrier launch is unfortunately kind of a one time thing - sort of like first impressions. Thanks V :(

Every time i go into the Sprint Store looking at phones, the employees steer me away from Palm and always take me to the BlackBerry area. Somehow the really push BlackBerrys.

Palm is lucky to have Jon Rubinstein at the helm. He is the only person that gives me hope for this company.

Simple as this. I'm frustrated as hell with my Pre. It is truly a LOVE-HATE Relationship. And my intent when purchasing it was to eliminate this.. that has not yet taken effect.

The true issue is..THOUGH webOS is amazing and if probable by far the most impressive OS/UI whatever.. I think it scares a lot of people. And the jerks buying the Droid like that kind of big bulky table slab kind of phone. ITS GO BIG OR GO HOME.

This is just a start..and yes it hasn't even been a year, but webOS '1.4 day' isn't enough alone to push them were they need to be. Being a little TOO different doesn't always spit out good..or should I say intended; results.

I'm no business man, but I am a consumer. And I feel this way..chances are there is someone else out there. And what does appeal to me now? Something big and powerful, fluid.. HTC supersonic? I'd give up webOS for quick efficient phone.. Palm either hits hard with something new by the end of the summer..or start of the fall or I'm gone. Try and say me being one person is a mere blemish, and watch the ripple effect the follows after it.

Would you still switch if I told you that you could make your Pre even faster... without having to upgrade the device??

The way Palm stock is tanking, this whole discussion is a mute point, as a year from now Palm will be nothing more than a sad footnote on some Wikipedia page. It's a real shame, WebOS had alot of promise.

I think Verizon pushed the Droid so hard is the fact their talks with Apple bombed. While I do like Apple computers and hate the iphone the fact is the iPhone has captured mindshare and is a popular but now boring phone. It has the potential to rock the smartphones but is too locked down because Apple isn't the "touchy feely" company they portray to the world. Verizon pushed the Droid so hard to upset and push Apple in their direction. Apple isn't going to budge and want nothing to do with Verizon branding. We all now the flame wars between ATT and Verizon. Weird thing is WebOS is much smarter than the iPhone in totality. Apple is totally into subscription based closed systems. Palm basically opened the doors and you have to jailbreak the iPhone to do half of what WebOS can do.. Verizon has a potential iPhone contender right under their nose. If Apple and Verizon partner it really is all over for Palm.

Wait a minute. Verizon had been looking for years for a serious "iphone killer". Pushed the Voyager, but it was too dumb, tried the storm, but it wasn't ready. WebOS comes around and it's looking promising. Verizon wanted the pre, but Palm gave exclusive rights to Sprint. Then Verizon "found" the droid, which happens to be selling like hotcakes. Now is Verizon supposed to drop everything and roll it out for Palm. Palm who? The train left two hours ago buddy.

Verizon will be happy to push the Pre alongside the Droid. Even if it only amounts to 10% of the sales of the Droid, that's still additional customers (probably taken from Sprint) they can charge their outrageous rates. The carriers make their money off the plans, not the phones, so every sale is a good sale.

I think this is a step in the right direction. I applaud you Jon Rubinstein for coming out with a supporting email to your employees and the public at a time when the market is trying to spread negativity. I think your meeting with Verizon was absolutely needed and to top it off, I would even send out undercover employees to select branches to see if Verizon truly is honoring their commitment.

Regarding the announcement on a new Palm device coming (if true), I think this is somewhat expected, amidst all the terrible news on wall street. Jon has to leak something to keep interest in investors and the public. As much as it bothered me when people said last year that this is make or break time for Palm (as we all knew they still had some wiggle room) I can't help but think about that now. This really is it for Palm. They have to knock this one out of the park. Don't cheap out on hardware. If I could make a recommendation - maybe you don't make as much profit this time around and get a 3rd party hardware company to make the devices (like HTC), much the same way Android started. Then when sales ramp up, bring it back in-house.

If a new device truly is coming, it should not be where Apple is headed - it's got to be further ahead of them. (Unfortunately, they are the market leader in wireless, there's no debate on that - and I'm not referring to anything else but popularity) When you first shipped the Pre, it was just weeks before the Apple announcement of their new iPhone. The Pre was on par (maybe slightly ahead) of the previous gen of the iPhone. The Pre got buried in Apple news. Then Apple leap-frogged with the 3GS. Many have speculated on what's ahead in the 4G model. The next gen Pre cannot be on par and I can't stress that point enough. Pull a 180 on Apple this time. It must beat it by leaps and bounds. If it's good, people will pay for it. Look at what people are paying for a 3GS these days!

I would have someone at Palm sift through these forums, pick out all the ideas, thoughts and bug fixes that Pre users have shared - or better yet, have an official "what would you like to see in the next Pre" website. There's a ton of talented people out here that would love to know that you're listening to them and will give you that time. I know there's plenty of people on these forums who would offer their time and talents to help Palm survive.

As for me, I'm not giving up hope on Palm yet - I think they can still succeed, only if this next product blows everything out of the water. If it's just going to match what everyone else has, well.... then this may be the last Palm device we all own....

[might I also add that they should also sift through the iPhone forums and grab all those "public" ideas flying around that Apple shrugged off. That would really get the attention of the iPhone-rs]

UPDATE: I just finished posting in another thread how commercials can be made to really get the audience's attention. I'm sure all of you remember this commercial:

I believe this is what made the Droid (along with the stealth fighter commercials) that arrived just weeks before Droid was released. It got everyone's attention and everyone knew something big was coming. There ya go Palm - make something like this - release it with a movie like Transformers or whatever big movie is coming out this summer and just watch how everyone will recognize your name again....

Launch was late, Sprint was the wrong launch partner, Palm initial (weird chick) was horrific, in the UK they launched with O2 (sellers of the iphone - wrong partner), apparently Sales execution with Verizon has been terrible, stupid "mom" advertising - mistake after mistake -

yes the product is great (Rubinstein is probably involved) but the problem is sales and marketing (not Rubinstein expertise).

Elevation - protect your investment - some changes need to be made - especially in Sales....hilarious - in his email, Rubinstein says they are sending brand ambassadors - why now and not before the VZ launch -

Honestly...this is the worst example of execution in years....

man you are truthsayer yes you are right these palm boys maybe good geeks or techs but lousy and loud business failures

the way palm was sold is lousy to use the french word merdedique why they thought is it wise to put the french market out so long beats me wasted a lot good grace just stuck in one carrier do they know how stores apple has in france !!! all four big hitters here carry iphone and we have to wait for march even then no date set yet

Merdedique is not a French word. ;-) C'mon, you know exclusivity is an anti-consumer practice which customers in American hate as well. In France, the Orange had to be dragged to the Conseil de la Concurrence (anti-monopoly commission) before the iPhone was opened to other carriers.

Hm...based on that, I don't know why that decision doesn't apply to the Pre (Plus).

Then again, Palm might be able to make an ecnonomic argument: they aren't large enough or have enough cash to market the phone themselves, not create enormous stocks in the face of unconfirmed demand, so they need a solid partner.

Sort of like listing your house for sale with only one agency; you can be reasonably sure they'll push it more. Whereas if each are aware that another is selling it, they'll be a bit more cool about it. There's that whole "flagship" product concept as well.

At least they chose a powerful partner. I hesitate to say "good" because their "unlimited" mobile internet includes mail at 10 EUR more per month, and that makes them 20 more than the cheapest unlimited carrier. Supposedly Free will be a mobile carrier soon with killer prices, although Orange and SFR are supposed to readjust this year.

Recommendation: do a one-year contract if that's what needed and possible to get the Pre Plus, not a two year one.

yes the palm geeks did a merde job and orange is shock and awe giant with lots of money firepower hence apple won easily we still do not have a firm date for pre and pixi quelle merde et brothel les palm way

Doesn't seem to be that much recommended, at least if you believe in statistics you haven't falsified yourself, as a guy named Churchill once said ;o)

I don't trust Techcrunch a lot. I remember some FUD articles against Palm last year.

As with the other poster from the UK Palm needs to get its act together here in the UK and offer the Palm Pre Plus in a big new campaign when the app cat comes out of Beta here. The big thing holding back the Pre in the UK is tha lack of apps such as TFL (London underground app, UK Radio apps, UK travel apps etc etc) There are very few apps that i use on my Pre and i was expecting the likes of Skype, BBC I Player, London Underground app, UK Travel app with train times, BBC News app, Sky News ap,Ebay app etc etc etc. Now instead of releasing a phone that can run apps with some pretty poor apps in the app cat they should of got all of the above ready to go out of the box instead of nearly nothing which may be the reason the Pre has not done very well at all here in the UK. To have the big games in the US only hasn't helped either, why would someone buy a phone when the big and best apps and games aren't there to be used? Palm need to attack the UK market and offer the Pre on all the networks here and get the apps sorted out too.

jobs is not a tech guy but i take my hat off what a salesman what a money maker look a WOZ a great tech geek but not a salesman like Jon RUB good techs but lacking in selling eh oui

Make better advertisement! webOS is the most amazing os out there!
Show the cool features webOS has that others haven't!!!
Multitasking with cards
Universal search
Gesture area
Touchstone charger
3D games
etc. etc.
Is it so difficult???????????

And for God's sake sell it in more countries! I still can't buy one in my country!!!!!

Up there with "Make better advertisement" is...

Fire Derek Kessler and get somebody who can focus on those cool features that you just pointed out for us, as opposed to stock prices and sighing at the number of apps released for an OS that had only had an open App Catalog for two months.

.... ACTUALLY.... would *you* like to be the new PreCentral editor?!?

Unfortunately, it's going to take more than training a bunch of Verizon sales people. The metaphor of WebOS is great. But feature for feature, which is what most people are going to compare, the Pre and Pixi family fall way short. And the hardware is still a weak spot.

Palm needs to step up and really improve the platform, hardware and software, if they expect to stay in the game against the likes of Apple, Google and RIM.

No question WebOS is simpler and easier to use, and more elegant than Android. Also no question Android simply does far more, has a stronger application development environment, with a stronger SDK, has a far superior selection of applications, and a much better selection of hardware. With new hardware appearing almost daily, it seems.

I'm not sure Palm can survive as a independent company. Palm needs far more cash to develop the platform, and compete with far bigger competitors, than they have now.

At least Verizon has a great commercial out that shows the capabilities of webOS. It will go a long way I think. I'm surprised Palm wasn't more upset with Sprint for having such terrible advertising.

Unfortunately, Palm's business model of making both the software and hardware doesn't work well in such a competitive market where google can give software away for free because they own the world. It works for iphone only because Apple had already dominated with the ipod and pulled from that huge fan base with hype upon hype.

Also if Palm can speed up the OS maybe it would get better reviews.

I know a marketing person at VZW, she told me that the person training them on new smartphones was going on and on about how much she preferred Android Devices over webOS, even though the Pre Plus hadnt even been ported over yet. So lame.

From the NY Times:

"Lawrence Harris, an analyst at CL King, said that while weak advertising at both Verizon and Sprint had hurt sales, he saw a deeper problem with the phones themselves."...

you go girl! FIGHT THE POWER!!

There are lots of phones that do 2, 3, 5 and 6. 7 is bogus, since WebOS is on fewer carriers than BB and Android, and the user doesn't really care about multiple carriers. They only care what's on their carrier.

Other phones are implementing features imilar to Synergy, including future releases of Android and Windows, so Palm won't have an exclusive on 1 for long.

That makes the gesture area the only really unique thing about the iPhone. Frankly, while it's nice, it's not nearly enough to sell a phone compared to others with greater feature sets, bigger app stores, and a wider variety of vendors, form factors and carriers.

maybe Palm's having trouble selling their Pre and Pixi products at VzW because everytime some innocent customer comes to check em out, a VzW representative pushes them to a Droid. -___-" I swear. go to a verizon wirless store and stare at the Pre plus for 10 seconds, and see if they won't start yapping on about the Droid

Here's entirely about the update and flash support. As soon as you announced these phones were going to be receiving a huge update, people who would have bought Pres and most likely even broken their current contracts to get them decided to take a "wait and see" approach. Not only that, this time of the year is always slow because people blew their savings 2 months ago. If Palm had launched on Verizon in December, there would have probably been a bunch more phones sold. If Macromedia can get flash working soon, a bunch more will be sold. I personally know a few people with Droids that would do almost anything to drop that phone for a Pre, but aren't doing it because they read about all the stuff that Palm is releasing (but haven't yet), and are waiting to see if that happens.

I'd love to see some analysts at Palm think about spending that $500+ million "cash on hand" on some ADVERTISING.

Like, what about a 15 second spot at the SuperBowl? I'm sure that would've easily gotten their money back, on top of those people buying more accessories and apps, which Palm would've again made some money off of.

At least Jon is now focused on sales. That is what counts. Recognizing reality is the only way you can see the solution, and it seems that they've finally done this.

Heck, how about a late-night infomercial?!? Their marketing team didn't think that 30 sec was long enough to inform people about the phone (err.. look at iPhone and Droid), so they came up with the crazy lady. Well... what if those people had THIRTY MINUTES to teach people about PreCentral, Preware, etc.??

I'm convinced that this education process is the only thing that can save Palm.

Heck, they could even get Sprint & Verizon to pitch in some money for this late-night infomercial. Get them to pitch in the majority of the money, in fact. Are people really not this imaginative??

I went out at lunch today, and visited the local Verizon store. Walked in and looked around - no Palm Pre visible on any of the display cases or on walls. Asked to see a Palm Pre and the young man went into the back room and dragged out a brand new one, which had not been put into service. I asked if they had a live one, so I could see how it worked. No, they had only two in the entire store, which was the only ones they have received, so I was told, and the sales person went on to say they had not sold either of the two they received. I mentioned it is kind of difficult to sell a high techie phone if you can't demo it in the store. He agreed.

He did offer to set up a new account and give me the 30 day trial period to try it out and return it if I didn't like it. He also told me that through the end of the month, they are waiving the $35 activation fee, and also, through the end of the month, they are selling the Palm Pre for a flat $100 with a mail-in rebate of $100, so essentially giving the phone away for free (which admittedly, is the best deal I have seen on that phone.)

The sales person knew not much about the phone or Web O/S. He was definetly not "pushing" the Palm Pre. In fact, if I had not already known that Verizon carried it, and specifically asked to see one, a person would never have heard the Palm Pre mentioned.

We discussed a Family Plan for 700 minutes for $99.99 with the need to add another $40 for the unlimited email and web access. When we were discussing a possible phone for my wife, he never mentioned the Palm Pixie as a possiblity.

To wrap this up, if this store is an example of Verizon "pushing" sales of the Palm Pre (or Pixie) I feel the folks at Palm are going to be very disappointed. Really is sort of sad that they have this great product and can't even come up with a live demo unit!!

After really wanting a Pre but needing to have Verizon (buy the network then the phone) I feel VERY ambivalent. I love the form factor and the intuitiveness of the Pre BUT since I'm using a WinMo phone that works well with the windows apps we use at work. Now with WP7 AND that my new every two is twelve months away I'm thinking I can't pull the trigger yet

As far as VERIZON is concerned they ARE to blame for not moving a VERY easy to use and great Smart phone. I've been to Verizon stores a few times to play with the Pre over the last two months and no-one EVER approached me about my interest in the Pre. Let alone, I knew way more about the phone than the people on the floor. I also probably sold a few of them by walking other customers through the ease of the use of the interface. I think one was a Berry user the other WinMo.

Every-time I spoke with a Verizon rep they wanted to sell the Droid or a blackberry and said the Pre was OK. Yeah Verizon could have done better.

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