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Change purportedly coming to Sprint Premier, you're not going to like it [rumor] 77

by Derek Kessler Wed, 19 Jan 2011 1:47 pm EST

Rumor has it that Sprint’s popular Premier program is due for some changes, and chances those of you that are Sprint subscribers aren’t going to like it. If you’ll recall, our favorite benefit of being a Sprint Premier member was that you qualified for a $150 discount on a new phone every year. That benefit still exists, but it’s going to be reserved for the new Gold tier of the Premier program, with the lesser Silver tier being less enticing.

Here’s how it breaks down: the Silver Premier level will be set at the current $69.99 individual plan (Everything Data with 450 minutes will suffice) and drop to $99.99 for a family price. Silver members will be eligible for a $75 upgrade credit at one year, at $150 at 22 months. The upper tier Gold plan will require at least an $89.99 individual plan (Everything Data 900), $169.99 shared plan, or at least 10 years as a Sprint customer. Being a Gold Premier member means you get to keep that $150 annual voice credit. If you’re thinking about upgrading from Everything Data to a plan that will allow you to be a Gold member, crunch the math first: it’ll cost you an extra $240 a year to save $150 on a new phone (assuming you want one). Not worth it, if you ask us.

Combined with Sprint’s recent levying of the $10 premium data fee on all new smartphone purchases, it’s starting to look as if Sprint’s efforts to save money are coming up short and they’re having to turn to the customer base (you know, the people that pay for service) to help finance continued operations and network upgrades.

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this a rumor not fact dont believe these sprint haters like derek...

Please tell me the "..." was implied sarcasm.

It's not a rumor guys/gals. I just spoke with a Sprint rep. It is effective 4/1/2011. I know everyone says "I just spoke with a Sprint rep", so don't take my word for it. Call them.

Fortunately for me, it doesn't affect me much for 2 reasons:

1. I'm at 9 years now so my 10-year is just a normal upgrade cycle away.

2. I don't force an upgrade every year unless the phone I have has been giving me major problems.

taharka! I did called Sprint,it`s truth the change it`s there,but am a gold premier and am in my 9th years,I do have 5 family lines,and 1500 mints.


Update from Engadget.

Update: As before, you'll be able to skirt the 10-year requirement with a minimum spend and at least six months of service; that minimum will be $89.99 a month for individual lines at $169.99 a month for family plans. Whew!

Previous rumors didn't mention being a customer for over 10 years qualifying for Gold.
I'm pleased with that since I qualify! One of the very few benefits of staying with Sprint so long.

The Sprint rep told me "A qualifying plan" OR "10+ years". Take that for what it's worth. She could have been confused, I could have misunderstood or there is really an "OR" there.

It is still better than other networks.

but yeah, I don't think $75 is an attractive proposition, especially if other network were to have a new WebOS super phone.

Given that VZW just killed their new every 2 discount entirely (, and ATT is jacking up ETFs etc..., and both charge $25-$30 for data on their smartphones, Sprint continues to be a good value.

Sprint is a business and has to make good financial decisions to stay in business. Given that VZW and ATT are leveraging even more draconian fees/policies against customers, I think Sprint is doing a decent job of doing business.

this guy makes sense.. +10

Far be it from me to tell Sprint how to run their business, but since VZW and AT&T are making those moves, wouldn't it be smarter for keeping things the same? I mean to me it looks like they are doing this because VZW and AT&T are making changes. The $10 thing was fine because I know I am still saving a boatload of money. However splitting us in to the tiers based on what Simply Everything plan we have? Really? My plan fits me like a glove, so now I have to suffer because I don't upgrade to a gold plan? Seems like a slap in the face to me. This won't make me leave Sprint, but it doesn't endear me to them like I used to.


I had the same thoughts but couldn't have put it better. Well said.

This change isn't a deal breaker for me. However, if the new WebOS phones being announced on Feb 9th are not available through Sprint, that probably will be.

The $75 upgrade option is not the same as the $150 upgrade option. $75 means 75 always and everywhere. Where as $150 upgrade allows you to qualify for their specials that they run from time to time.

Take an upgrade to an EVO for example. The base price is $450. With the $75 eligibility, the price becomes $375. With the $150 eligibility, the price is $200. Why? Because with the $150 eligibility you're also eligible for the $100 mail-in rebate that you're not eligible for with the $75 upgrade.

Moreover, if you want to avoid the mailin upgrades by going to bestbuy or wirefly, they simply don't honor the $75 upgrade at all.

Frankly, I treat the $75 eligibility as entirely worthless.

YEah, There's gonna be a change to Sprint Premiere alright. Its gonna be me leaving if they keep this sh*t up. I feel some kind of coup between the carriers is happening.
I qualify, but give me a break.

Well I already have The 1500 Family Data Plan so I am unaffected! But that does suck tho for everyone else.

But Sprint is sucking much less than Verizon about now!

YOU ARE WRONG. I also have the 1500 min family plan and been with Sprint for about 8-9 years. Called them today and Affective April 1st I will most likely be a Silver Member. Now thats crap. I am having them research my account to verify my customer length of time to make sure I am under 10 years.

So THIS IS NOT A RUMOR, and YES everyone not a customer for 10+ years or not having an unlimited calling minute data plan will get dropped to a 2 year contract for upgrade.

My wife is due for her yearly upgrade in October, and they told me she is going to lose that also. {sarcasm} GREAT! {sarcasm}

where on sprints site do thy state this??? i would like to see solid evidence.. i called sprint and they the guy i talked to said he hasent herd anything...

The yearly upgrade *only* applies to the primary line on the account. It does not apply to all lines on the account. Never has. So, unless your wife's line is the primary line, she won't be eligible for a yearly upgrade in October. I found that out the hard way, too.

Works for me, been there for well over ten years. Some people should just stop their whining of carrier plans and switching back and forth and just go to cricket.geez.

i like how this stupid site only posts rumors about sprint... this is a rumor dont belive it until sprint comes out with it...

"Its Not A Tumor" (rumor) its on the sprint site. there.

thats not sprints site, and the title says rumor... lab partner its on a blog site not sprints offical site... i love how this site treats rumors like news/facts

Care for some cheese?

I used to like Sprint more...

So, by waiting for something new from Palm, I'm missing out on using the extra discount.... Just another "bonus" of being a loyal customer.

“Don't tax me; don't tax thee; tax that fellow behind the tree.”

Everybody wants something for nothing. You can't blame them for trying to stay solvent.

However, it has always bothered me that wireless companies have always seemed to value a new customer much more than a loyal customer. 10 years is a long time; 5 years seems more fair. But, I'll be at ten years in a little over a year. So, I'll survive.

That Premier credit was my number 1 reason for staying with Sprint...I like being able to get a new phone every year at a new-customer price. This would really make me reconsider.

this is a rumor people and a negative rumor. some verizon fan boys prolly made all this up cause verizon is doing the same... gota make the big v look better every chance they get... how many verizon phones did precentral get for righting this artical???

if sprint uses the additional revenue to improve national coverage, great. Sprint's pricing still compares favorably for anyone who can get reliable signal, and cdma call quality - even with low signal - has always been better than gsm in my experience.

Sprint is looking less enticing with every post.

Can everyone here just take a deep breath and calm is a difference of approx. $6.50 a month for a extra $75 credit.....they are not asking for your first born child...if you don't like you can leave Sprint at the end of your contract!

Except many people used the Sprint Premier program as a reason for signing up for Sprint.

They WILL see a law suit, and they WILL see people leaving their contracts ETF-free because this is MATERIALLY ADVERSE.

It's more actually. You don't just get an extra $75, you also qualify for the $100 mail in rebate (something you don't qualify for at the one year mark if you are not a Sprint Premier member).

So it's actually $17.50/month (to get to the extra 10 months it takes to qualify for the full $250 discount).

even tough sprint is still the cheapiest provider out there the are still lacking with selection ... They only have 2 options Droid & BB leaving us with little choices... Even the selection of droids is less than vzn.... I'm not to concerned with sprin being the underdog network but a little variety would be nice

+10yr customer so I'm still good. Looks like I'll be going from Premier to Gold.

Also, now that Verizon is doing the same with their upgrade plans, Sprint is still a better deal for me. Still saving $120 a year over Verizon which works for me.

not the sprint (rumor) news I was hoping for...

To all just FYI, I called Sprint *2 today and asked about this rumor. Unfortunately it is TRUE. Kinda sucks! Effective April 1st also. So hopefully Palm/HP get something out soon for people.

"...crunch the math first: it’ll cost you an extra $240 a year to save $150 on a new phone (assuming you want one)."

It's actually worse than that, if you crunch the math you'll find that the extra $240 a year only saves you n extra $75, not $150.

The $240 figure to save $150 is not entirely true. Often that $150 savings also is in addition to various rebates and discounts only offered at that milestone contract date. Quite often, after 22 months, we would find ourselves paying maybe $50 for a phone that lists at over $300...but if we'd at 12 months we only would have gotten the $75 discount, thus paying upwards of $225. The numbers are not so clear cut and incentives and rebates often accompany a contract milestone for renewal.

i don't know what your talking about because according to the upgrades I have received and the current wording of the upgrade policy the savings on a phone is $150 off retail price or the two year contract price, whichever is cheaper.

Right, but you also probably got a $100 mail in rebate. If you had done it after only a year (non-premier) you would only have gotten $75 off and NO $100 mail in rebate. That is, you would have paid $175 more than someone who waited the full 2years.

their service kinda sucks in my area and they want to charge me more money. hmmm time to move to another carrier i guess

Some people really need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and put things in perspective.

Sure, NOBODY likes price increases. But look at what they are facing.

Unlimited Data: Technology is now at a point where everybody is using high volumes of data now. My parents didn't used to text message...and now they shoot video on the pre, and send it by text and email.

There is so much video content that is easy to stream on more devices.

So, with more people accessing much higher amounts of data, they need to charge more to keep up that service offering.

Besides...they are STILL much cheaper than the alternatives even with the increase.

Sprint Premier. Again, do the math. Not a huge deal comes out to like 6 bucks a month if you are a super phone swapper. I don't meet the 'plan' criteria, but I have been with sprint for 13+ years and have been happy for the most part.

FINAL NOTE: if you drive a BMW (or even if you don't) sign up for the BMC CCA (car club of america). Included in part of the $50 a year membership is the ability to get a 15% discount on Sprint/Nextel recurring charges (ie, not phone purchase).

Yes, I want a new WEB-OS phone, but am willing to be patient because it isn't worth switching to a more expensive carrier at the moment. Hoping for good news soon.

Good thing I have my 10 years in with them!

Sprint is still a better deal than VZW or ATT by a long shot. I really don't have a big beef with this. The Premiere status really wasn't so "Premiere", pretty much everyone qualified. I've got a couple years to go until i hit 10, but since I'm not the type who feels the hyper-consumerist NEED to buy a new phone every time the next something shiny comes out, this doesn't bother me. I'll have my original pre until it stops working, then, as always, I'll evaluate my options for carrier plans, then pick a device on the carrier that makes the most sense. If that's Sprint and there's no WebOS option, I'll deal.

I just hit 11 years in December. Gold is good!

Oh no! You mean sprint is actually going to start charging us for stuff! That's just bad business...

In all seriousness, we knew this day would come. How long could we expect them to stomach the massive loss of customers AND the massive discounts they offer their customers compared to their competitors. Now that they finally have flagship products and services, it's time for them to start stregthening their network. Quite frankly, that costs money.

Sprints strategy, is to undercut their competition. Verizon and ATT continuing to screw their customers allows Sprint to undercut without taking the same kind of losses. There's nothing wrong with that.

With that said. If they don't carry the next Palm device, i'm going with whoever does...

Sounds like Sprint is transitioning their plans for an anticipation of selling Iphones.

I have to disagree. Sprint doesn't want any smart phones that are NOT 4G.

iphone isnt coming to sprint. damnit. its an awful phone.

whew good thing I have been with Sprint for over 11 years.. That's if I read that correctly on the requirements for Gold status.. If I read that correctly I don't have to go back to the everything plan and stay at 69.99 because I've been with Sprint over 10yrs.. Been on the Premier plan ever since the Palm Centro was released.. The actual Sprint employees didn't even know the Premier existed then until I came in with my accessory coupon. Lol now everyone is on it...... Guess it pays to be loyal sometimes even through the bad times... (nextel merger.. What a mess)

Haha. Good point. Finally being a loyal customer has it's benefits. I thing Sprint is doing a good job here and if people realize what you are getting with Sprint over the other carriers then you wouldn't be complaining as much.

Well, I'm not a quick updater. I only update when I need to not when I want to. Even though I'll still qualify (Everything Data family with 3 lines), with the new $10 fee per month per smartphone for upgrades, I'm really hoping my Pre Minus lasts a LONG time!

Otherwise, Sprint still has the best service, price, and call quality of the big three, so I'm not going anywhere!

Derek you might as well put this story as confirmed b/c it is.. I had to call Sprint today b/c they had an error as to when my contract is suppose to end.. I ask the rep about Premier thing and the new $10 smartphone charge and she didnt give me the "we cant confirm or talk about that" run around.. Its just as you wrote.. To be Gold status for 1 line you have to have a plan of 89.99 or higher and 169.99 or more for 2 lines or more..
Which as we can see in the math anyone who is a premier customer now would be a fool to jump on to this when your not saving anything at all.

As far as for the $10 smartphone charge that also is true.. What I did ask her about that was "what was going to happen to this $10 for 4G devices?" She said that they doing away with that and charge the $10 to smartphones across the board. She said that it was the best idea Sprint could come up with in order to continue giving us unlimited data and not caping it like the other carriers are doing.. I'm cool with that. My contract ends in June (HELLO Pre Minus owner Lol) as long as I have my 25% discount still in tack.. I'll stay with them. But at anytime that I see more fee's and I see that the difference of what Im paying btwn Sprint and Verizon is only like $20.. I might just jump ship simply cus of their stronger network..

This is not a rumor, this policy is set to beign April 2011.

I'm with sprint for over 8 years now so I will be afected, but I understand every carrier needs to do changes to keep in business and offer their best services.

stay loyal and you will benefit down the road.

those who likes to keep switching back and forth like grasshoppers are the cry babies, they switch and then when that carrier makes any changes, they jump again. You will always stay a new customer.

well it was a matter of time imo. With the new webOS phone coming out the only thing will cause me to reluctantly leave Sprint is if they have none.

I'm no expert or anything but Sprint looks like they ain't feeling or ain't getting any webOS love. Notice with the tablet leaks that AT&T and VZW were mention as carriers. That I'm concerned about. Unless HP/Palm screws up I'm with webOS all the way. So send out some ray of hope Sprint otherwise cheapest or not I'm gone.

I am holding on to the words that Dan Hesse said a couple months ago about Sprint possibly working with HP to carry some of their products in the future.

Sprint confirmed it to me too yesterday. Did an online chat and asked about info on the change. The rep laid out all the details just as stated in this article. A note on the $10 premium data fee: It doesn't just start when you buy a new smartphone, it's anytime you change smartphones. That includes TEP replacements.

Also, with the Premier change, if you have a full $150 upgrade available when the change starts you DO NOT lose it. It wil still be there for you to use

That last post may be confusing. What I mean is that if you have a new every 12 upgrade ready, it won't get pushed to 22 months

sprint better be coming out withsome pretty serious phones if they want us to be locked with the same phone for 2 years.the selection they have sucks compared to what att and verizon offer and are going to offer. Even tmobile are stepping up their smartphones. I hope sprint get good phones to choose from before this takes effect.

Besides calling Sprint - how can you tell how long you have been a Customer? I know it's been YEARS - just don't know how many

I can understand the adjustments, if you are going to have a cloud orientated device per the HPalm rumors. I'm good as "Gold" 11+ years. Been waiting on my upgrade since June with my Pre- in tow. PLEASE HPalm, have some kind of flagship device for Sprint!!!

The main complaint here is that they used this feature of giving you the full discount every 1 year instead of the industry standard of every 2 years, to get people on their, everything data plan.

Offering a special perk, and then taking it away is much worst than never actually giving them the perk in the first place.

Almost same issue with the $10 premium data now on all smartphones, at first they enticed and forced smartphone users to go with Everything data plan, and now they charging another $10

What really makes me mad is that when forced off my sero plan to get the pixi (which 4 months later they allowed on sero plans) I opted for the regularly available $69.99 plan, instead of the similar new refferal plan of $59.99 so I can get the upgrade in 1 year instead of 2 years.

now some may wonder why would you pay $10 dollars extra per month for a year, just to get additional $75 off; well its more than $75....if you are eligble for 75$ discount its $75 off the msrp, but if you are eliglibe for the $150 discount its $150 off msrp plus instand and all mail-in rebates, and any promotioal specials at the time.

So those of us with Sprint for 10 years can be gold at silver prices? That means I'll save money on my monthly bill (family, everything + 450 for $99), and still get the upgrade? Sweet!

All this new hardware at CES and the carriers are stifling their adoption by limiting upgrades. The manufactures will have to streamline costs and introduce less models. The OS suppliers might have to absorb some of the cost as well(If they are making money on advertising).

All the phones are starting to look a like anyway. How much better than a duel core are they going to get anyway? If it was not for gaming how many times would you really need to upgrade your pc?

It is not that big a deal for me. I have been with Sprint for 10 + years and typically upgrade every 2 years or so anyway. I am still on my original Pre and am running strong with it.

I can understand what they are doing and why. Not that I like it, but I can certainly understand it.

Unless something really bad happens with Sprint, I am not going anywhere as my service with them has been fantastic!

Here it is. Verizon messed up their upgrades just in time for the iPhone. Sprint is messing up their upgrades just in time for the new palmPhone....... Wishful thinking maybe.....

so with this change, does that mean they are breaking the actual contract and we can get out of it without any etf ?

No, because the Premier program isn't part of your contract. It's a perk

i only been with sprint for 4 years so am screwed but even tho i love my old beat up palm pre amma have to call it quits. sprint has poor signal at the town where i work at so even if they raise the prices its doesnt work fine with me. good thing i get a discount from my work on att so am gonna have to sell out for a year with the iphone and then see what hp has later on sad but true

Update from Engadget.

Update: As before, you'll be able to skirt the 10-year requirement with a minimum spend and at least six months of service; that minimum will be $89.99 a month for individual lines at $169.99 a month for family plans. Whew!


So if my Pre breaks later in the year after the Pre 3 is offered on Sprint wouldn't I just get that as my replacement phone?

Just saying...