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Change the default Mapping application 9

by Adam Marks Mon, 10 Jan 2011 11:42 am EST

By default, clicking on a contact's mailing address or mapping a calendar event location will open up Google Maps to find that location. However, if your cellular carrier provides built-in navigation software (e.g. Sprint Navigator, Verizon Navigator, etc), you can override that Google Maps setting and have your carrier's Telenav software be your default mapping app.

To change your default software:

  1. Open up the application launcher
  2. Swipe down from the top-left corner of the screen to bring up the Launcher Application dropdown menu and select "Default Applications"
  3. On the "ADDRESSES" line, if Google Maps is displayed in black letters you can click it and a pop-up will appear with your default application options. (If it's grayed-out, then you can't change it, sorry)
  4. Tap on your preferred application to select it
  5. Swipe up to go to card view and close the app
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does anyone know if it would be possible to make this a different app? I like BFGMaps, but it's not listed there.

Same problem here. I would like to utilize BFGmaps as the default mapping application. It's much faster and more feature rich than google maps. There's got to be some sort of configuration file that lists mapping applications.

I wished it worked for 3rd party apps. I would love to click on an address in an app like Yelp and have it launch Sprint Nav. They all just default to Google Maps- regardless of the setting.

There's also a bug that's worth noting here: If you bring up your contact's info by clicking on their name from the Message app, clicking on their address brings up Google Maps regardless of the app you chosen in Default Applications.

This works well for the address book and calendar apps. However it doesn't work on the Google search site which always brings up the Google map app. Maybe someone can write a patch for that.

I appreciate the tip, while investigating, I found something better:
"To override the default application setting when looking for the map location of an address: Press and hold the orange key (or silver key), tap the address, and tap an application."
-help documentation

Works great!

Love it.

Does any of you know how to fix when instead of default application appears all zeros. Email, youtube, mail links,preware links, facebook link, even neato messages arent opening. I already search in precentral and other pages but the only solution i found is doctoring the pre, is there something less radical i can do? im using webOs 2.1.


Does it run on hp touchpad ?