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Change views/layers in Google Maps (homebrew) 9

by Adam Marks Mon, 01 Oct 2012 4:05 pm EDT

Google Maps viewsAlthough webOS has officially abandoned Google Maps in favor of Bing maps, the homebrew developer Jan Herman (72ka) has been actively working on a homebrew Google Maps app that not only surpasses the official Bing Maps app in many ways, but also the old Google Maps app that we used to have. One feature of the app is the ability to select different views or layers of information that are visible on the map. If you tap the Google Maps views button button on the top of the screen, you get a pop-up to choose between a Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain view, just as you would on the Google Maps desktop app.

But that is not all, as you can tap the "More..."option to show some additional options for layers to go on top of the map, including:

  • Night - Switch to a "dark" these for the maps that is better when viewing at night
  • Traffic - Overlays a red, yellow or green identifier over the road to indicate current traffic conditions
  • Transit - Show subway or transit options
  • Bike - Highlight any bike paths on the map in favor roads
  • Weather - Show weather icons and temperature indicators throughout the map (currently only shown in Celsius)
  • Clouds - Overlay current cloud cover over the map, but only available when zoomed out to show a large area of the screen

With the different map views, you can only choose one view type to show at any given time. However, you are able to toggle one or more different layers within the app at the same time. A check mark will appear if the layer is selected, and just tap on it again to deselect it

Google Maps is available in the webOS Nation homebrew feed in Preware and is compatible with all webOS devices running webOS 1.4.5 or higher

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I'm thrilled with how clear it is, how well it works, and with all the nice features! THIS IS FANTASTIC, especially right now with the maps fiasco over at Apple. THANK YOU!!!!!!

This app is just smooth and handy!
Thank you for developing for webOS (since Bing is just as...well, no; it is not as bad as iOS maps!) ;-)

+1 Awesome work, much appreciated!

Hi, thanks to the author for this article. The app isn´t perfect, but I´m doing what I can and I really appreciate the support of this great webOS comunity. Many features are done and many ToDo´s still in the schedule...

You are very welcome...I have a few other Tips for this app that I want to publish in the future, too!  so keep an eye out! :-)

Also, can you please give us an option for Miles per hour and Fahrenheit!  kph and C doesnt help me much!  :-)

Hi, switching between metric/imperial units is the next task. I'd like to start on it tomorrow.

And don't forget 72ka has a donation account too!
I threw in $5 a while ago -- certainly worth it for this awesome dev.

I am sooooooo happy to be back around my webos nation/pre central friends. We have come such a long way from the original pre until now. Truth told its great to know your not the only one that truly understand the lurking web os phenomena. Nobody may not be on it as of yet. But once HP sees how valuable it is. They will revamp there thought process.