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Chapura updates PocketMirror for TouchPad; Syncs Calendar, Contacts and more with desktop 14

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 23 Sep 2011 11:49 am EDT

Earlier in the year when we told you that Chapura had updated their PocketMirror syncing software to work on webOS 2.x devices, we were optimists that they would continue that trend with an update for the TouchPad. Today they've done exactly that; PocketMirror is now available in the TouchPad app catalog as a free download, with an additional free 7 day trial period for new users. If you've been waiting to sync your contacts, tasks and notes between your TouchPad and desktop PC (via Outlook), it's now as easy as connecting to a wireless network and tapping a button.

PocketMirror was designed with the "Getting Things Done" method in mind, making task management simple, and includes your typical webOS 3.0 features (like advanced notifications) to create that familiar user experience. The app currently does not sync your Calendar between PC and TouchPad, due to a limitation in webOS 3.0 (which requires an update from HP, still works in 2.0 devices), but you can expect to see a working sync for your notes, tasks and contacts just as you have with other versions of PocketMirror. Since the app is available for all webOS devices created to date, Chapura doesn't want you to have to purchase a separate license for each device that you want to sync with your desktop; it's just a one time cost of $39.95 for all downloads of PocketMirror, no matter how many devices you install it on.

You can get the updated version of Chapura in the HP webOS App Catalog now for free and try out the 7 day free trial, or head to the company website at the link below to read more details.

Source: Chapura; App Catalog Link: PocketMirror; Thanks for the tips, everyone!


Any indication they will be upgrading their Echo product as well?

Holy Mac! This is great news for me :-)

Ok, so how do you sync Tasks from Outlook when there is no Task app in TouchPad?

It has its own task app.

What you're seeing in the screen capture is the Chapura task app. As a Chapura user on WebOS 1.4.5, I'll confirm it's MUCH better than the (cr)App PIM tools provided by Palm.

Pity about the Calendar thing. If I had a touchpad, I'd definitely install this. Good-on-you Chapura!

Yep, apps STILL coming and BIG NAME DEVS to boot. App count currently at 491 from the 305 on launch day. Over 100 apps have been added SINCE the dump announcement from HP, (despite those to swore "not one single dev will make an app after the announcement."


hunting for a touchpad for my dad, and he uses outlook, so this sounds promising! (and luckily he doesnt use calendars! :-)

I've been waiting on this since the TouchPad came out! Such good news except for not being able to sync the calendar, of course... :-(

Chapura Rocks! B_Rad loves him some Chapura. This is the highest quality software on webOS. I have been a Chapura user since 2000 (on Palm OS). I am very sorry to see webOS on its way out but am happy to see how Chapura sticks with it's customers. Kudos to Chapura, you are good guys.

Grr.. calender is the main reason I love Pocket Mirror! Oh well.. more waiting.

No interest from me: I've been using CompanionLink for a long time and it's super easy. Everything's done via the cloud, so the Touchpad is automatically part of the process whenever its Wi-Fi is active.

Couldn't live without this on my Pre and now, finally, it is available for the TP. Still no calander synching but that is in the works apparently.

a pity it does not synchronize the notes/tasks from exchange server directly ? :(

Fully functioning 3, hooray