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by ryltar Tue, 09 Feb 2010 2:04 pm EST
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Checkbook Beta for webOS-enabled devices
Checkbook, a financial management application, allows you to efficiently track your finances on your webOS-enabled device. Checkbook allows you to create many different accounts, and each account can hold thousands of transactions. Track incomes, expenses, and transfers between accounts with ease, and back up your data with Google Spreadsheets. Checkbook is currently in development, with new features added often. *This is a beta application! There will be bugs! This will expire in the future.*

Download Checkbook Beta. Checkbook Beta is now hosted in the Palm Beta App Catalog as well as on

Checkbook requires that you are using webOS 1.4.0 or higher. If you are not currently doing so, please update your Pre. This may cause you to loose all your data because of how the Pre handles data storage changes with 1.1.0.

All feedback is welcome!
Please leave feedback on what works and what doesn't. If an error occurred, please let me know what happened and what you were doing when it happened. If you have a feature request, let me know! Others are probably interested in the same thing.

The full change log can be found at

Got a question about Checkbook or a feature request? Contact me and I'll make sure to reply as soon as possible. With my Palm Pre phone, I get your messages shortly after you send them.

Current Features Under Development

  • Recurring Transactions
  • Split Transactions
  • More reports and a better interface
  • Search System
  • Updated budget system
  • Automated back up
  • Custom auto-suggestion
  • OFX support

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Closed Source - Learn More


Beta is free. Paid version available via app catalog

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Probably the most useful App on the pre so far! Love it.

I love this app very simple but powerful

What is (code 1) im having an issue adding income

I sent you a PM so we can solve this issue and fix it in future version.

very happy about this app. Thanks!

VERY well done, simple and effective. I have moved this to the top left of my launcher page one. I am finding myself using this app most frequently.

Love the app except for one thing! Is there any way that a password can be added to the program so that you have to enter the password before any information is shown?

Under 'Preferences' in v0.5.92, toggle 'PIN Lock' and it will open a field where you can enter a 6 char code. This code will be your password to access the program and you will have to enter it before you can use the program. It will ask for the code every time you start it, but not when you have the application running in the background and you switch back to it.

I cannot enter a 0 in the pin. It accepted it when I set it up, but now won't let me back in since I have a zero in my pin

Using the physical keyboard will allow you to enter the 0. I'll be putting out a minor update this weekend with the fix for that. I forgot to put in an event listener. Sorry.

I posted the above comment but realized I hadn't logged in. Please help. I really love this app and just encountered this bug after the last update. Again, the pin that I put in has 0's in it and when I re-log in, the onscreen keypad won't recognize them so won't let me in.

Excellent app! I've been using it for a couple days and now log every transaction. It really makes you think twice before spending and has been very helpful! Thanks a ton ryltar!

I too am getting (code 1) im having an issue adding income. Help??

PM sent to you as well, lets see if we can fix this issue!

This app can finally be placed in the official app catalog. A+++

This is a great app to have. As a guy it is not always easy to carry around your checkbook registry wherever you go so this is a great way to keep track of your finances. I use Bank of America and they have the "Keep the Change" program. I think a great feature would be the ability to set your primary bank and if you select BoA and enter an expense in to the checking portion it will log that and then automatically round up to the nearest dollar and deduct that from your checking and add it to your savings. Kind of wishful thinking, but that would be very cool.

i have added all my expenses and income and its still not calculating my balances (still showing zero)-?- definately should be a balance.. what am i doing wrong?

This is currently a bug. Cleared transactions will not be added into the system unless you change the related setting in preferences. This is fixed in the version I am currently working on, though that version is not ready for release because I broke something else >.

Great app, I look forward to seeing it when it is out of beta!

I love this app, i have never ever balanced my checkbook before, and this actually motivates me to do so because of the ease of use, definitely a must-have app.

I'm getting code 1, help!

Sent a PM to work out the issue. Please reply to it so I can fix this error.

Sure, but what is a PM?

Super application, I use it every day as I always have my Pre with me, but never carry my checkbook, and when I use my bank card, I just update it on the Pre. Is it possible to add a drop down menu in the expense category with the select options for ATM, Debit Card, Credit and Check, as well as a place for the check number? Keep up the great work!

This was the only app I was dying to get when I got my Pre. I had a Checkbook app on my Treo and was missing it desperately. Wonderful app; waiting for a few upgrades, like a check no. column, but aside from that, covers all of the basics and works like a charm.

Nice app. I've already input a few accounts. I would also like to see a category option to group transactions (dining, groceries, entertainment, etc).
Looking forward to future updates...

That feature is in the queue. It is planned to be worked on once recurring transactions and import/export are finished.

having code 1 error! help!!

First make sure you are using the latest version of Checkbook and that you have the latest version of webOS installed. If you have both, then send me a PM on the forums with the following information: where you get the error, what information were you entering when the error occurred, the exact error message, and when did you last get the error.

I love this app! I use a checkbook app (splashmoney) on classic currently! Is there ever going to be a way to checkmark a box if the transaction cleared instead of going into the transaction to clear it? Also, it'd be nice to be able to show a cleared balance to match to ur online balance! One more thing! Scheduling upcoming transactions would be awesome! This is definitely an awesome app, with these additions it would be a must have!

All of those will exist, most in the next version.

Error Code 01. Going off what you requested from other users, I am getting the error code when I try to add income or expenses, I fill out the required information (Description, Amount, Cleared or not cleared) and it gives me the error. It says:

"Error was number of '?'s in statement string does not match argument count (Code 1)"

I don't know what PM is, so please contact me by replying or emailing me. Thank You.

First off are you using the latest version of Checkbook? (V6.0) Also, are you using the latest version of webOS? (V1.1 or higher)

If you are doing so, then could you tell me if any specific text is causing this issue to arise?

I downloaded Checkbook using fileCoaster, so I am sure that it is the latest version, but I am not using the latest version of webOS, which is downloading on my phone right now. I'll give it a try again when it is finished downloading. Do you know of any way to download the latest webOS from a desktop and transfer it to the phone (maybe using webOS Quick Install)?

Also, when you update the software do we have to check back and forth between this site or is there an automatic update?

Thank You for your quick response to the previous post.

I don't know about using webOS Quick Install... I'd just get on a wireless network and install it using Palm's utility.

As far as I know there is not automatic update system that I can use without being in the Palm App Catalog. I don't have a website (or money for one or a job right now to earn money for one) so I can't really set up a version control and auto updates yet. I might be able to set up a notification, but we shall see how things go for now.

I love it! It's probably my most used Pre App next to my news reader. I can't wait for recurring transactions and then it will be perfect.

This is my most used app, the only two things I use more are the Web and Texting. Google is close behind. I have this app in my quicklaunch bar. Great job ryaltar, keep up the good work!

Great application. I would like to see a posted balance at the bottom of the screen and a way to purge posted items.

Could anyone explain to me possibly how to get this app onto my pre? I tried logging into the website from the pre's browser but when I clicked "download" it said my pre had no way to open the file. I've sense downloaded it to my desktop on my personal PC, but if I transfer it--I still don't know what to do. I'm sorry, I'm new to this!


Go to and follow the instructions there. It will tell you how to install this app and any other from the Homebrew Scene onto your Pre.

With the newest update of 0.7.0 this is by far the best and most useful app on my phone. This was the one thing I have wanted and now its perfect. I haven't found any issues yet. Works great and I might donate again. This app is worth it. Great job...

I just started using this yesterday and I agree that it is AWESOME. Thanks so much ryltar!

One question: Do you anticipate that future versions will break compatibility or require you to start over with all your data? I saw the new google docs import/export feature, so perhaps that makes this concern irrelevant (I haven't actually tried the import/export feature yet)...

The new way I take care of updates should not cause any problems. The notice is there because I made some major changes in the past that required a total rewrite. I don't foresee doing that again because the DB is in a good place now.

I am new to the Pre: how do I install the APP once I've downloaded it to my Pre?

Go to and follow the instructions there. It will tell you how to install this app and any other from the Homebrew Scene onto your Pre.

Great app. Many thanks.

I noticed that import/export menu items appeared in the latest update... Have reccurring transactions been implemented and I'm just not seeing it?

Recurring transactions are currently throwing a fit whenever I try to get them in here. I'm working on them. They'll be in here soon.

im not a developer but i need help understanding we want access to thing with the least amount of work, its called productivity.

how come you cant convert this app to ..pull all credit cards savings, and other cards into a live feed or update. one can set they prefrences to pull from all the accounts and view what they have in real time as oppsed to texting wells fargo, logging into amex and checking their savings all in a ten minute span. why shouldnt i be able to view all at once???

Could you be a little more clear with what you are looking for? I do not understand your comment.

umm, You are being greedy. Checkbook is not How many people want their information connected from a cell phone directly to all their accounts? productivity yes, security thing again.

your right. iphone has an app for it. thanks for turning me onto

--on a side note is it possible to make a virtual keyboard app thru fileshare??

I am a big fan of your app, use it constantly...I have been waiting for Splash Money, but if you continue to expand the functioning of this app, I say "go screw Splashdata".
3 quick things I would love to know if they are coming in the future...can we look forward to downloading information from banking institutions?
Also, is there any chance of getting catagories and being able to get reports of those?
For instance I use 1 credit card for all transactions, but label expenses for different catagories and that way I know how much I am spending on different items (entertainment, dining, utilities etc.)?
I have found a work around, but it does take slightly more time, I actually just make a separate account for each of my categories and only total the credit cards amount, so I can see the total on top, and the individual categories underneath...makes it hard to reconcile though.
Also, I was wondering if there will be a purge cleared transactions option...right now the only one I see is purge all?

I LOVE YOUR APP, MAN!!!! Thanks, and if you accept donations, I will be glad to send something your way

I am definitely going to have transaction categories and a report system. Those functions are currently in the program, but empty. I am working on making them work.

I hope to be able to download from financial institutions someday, but will take a lot of work. I want that function in there though. Pretty much the only thing stopping me right now from working full time on it is the fact that I am a student with 17.5 hours of courses this semester and I am paying my own way through college. That sadly doesn't leave too much time for things I enjoy, like working on this program.

I will be expanding the Purge and add a Combine function. It is just a basic implementation right now.

In addition to being able to link to your bank account will you be able to sync with Microsoft Money or Quicken. I have used SPB Finance and the things mentioned in the earlier post would make it similar to SPB Finance.

Thanks and good luck with school.

An issue with the latest update.
When setting a default account, if you have a PIN set to open the app with, with default set, it will bypass the PIN window initially. Once you go past the initial window, it will then ask for you PIN.

That has been fixed. The program will ask you for two pins if your default account has its own pin code. One pin for accessing the account and one pin for accessing the rest of the program.

The best application in the app store or homebrew

I have "Keep the Change" on my checking account, which means whenever I use my Debit card it rounds up to the next dollar and puts the change in my savings account. Would it be possible to implement a feature like this in this app?

I have it on my feature wish list. Once I finish with what I see as mandatory features (like recurring transactions and expense categories), I'll look that that list.

Firstly this app is absolutely GORGEOUS. Secondly, its simple, functional, practical, and safe. Better than most of the official apps.

Oh this is great. As a MS Money 2007 user, I was able to export the data on Excel and upload the document to Google Docs. The app really took no time to find the file and imported into the Pre. The import time it was lengthy but as expected it downloaded 2545 transactions. Mind that was over the Sprint Network speed which over WiFi would be even faster. This is a great app.

The download time does take a little while. I can only grab about 200 records at a time, otherwise the network likes to time out. So each grabs takes a couple seconds and then it takes another second or two to save the data.

I am glad you like the application though. I am working to make the import/export system and many other current features run better in addition to the other new features which I am working on. I also hope to speed the entire application up as well.

An excellent app. However, it is fairly annoying to use every day.

Some crucial items that would make this an everyday app for me:

The ability to view the Balance and Cleared Balance side-by-side so the checkbook can be balanced instantly, and

The ability to "Purge Cleared," which only purges the cleared transactions. This is essential as the number of transactions grows, as I am never in a state where everything is cleared and the "Purge All" option is actually useful.

"Purge" should maintain the current balance. It is a "rollup" type function. OR, implement a separate "rollup" which removes cleared transactions and maintains the current balance.

Keep up the good work!

Those features are under development right now. Purge is being upgraded and a rollup feature is being added. A rolling balance and improved overall balance is being upgraded.

don't take the lack of star rating personally - i can't evaluate the app because i don't have it yet. from what i'm seeing, this is going to be an everyday app for me once i get my pre (a month or two - WebOS needs yahoo for me to make the final, enthusiastic leap).

however - quick questions about functionality: does this handle account reconciliation? and does it have a filter for transaction status (e.g., open/cleared/reconciled)?

Checkbook does allow for basic account reconciliation with pending and cleared transactions. It does not currently grab account data from your online accounts. You must take care of it yourself, though it may be a future feature if I can steal enough time away from college and work.

I don't currently have any filtering available beyond basic sorting. I will be adding that in though. As said in the description, this application is still in the beta stages.

I am always willing to add new features so long as I can understand what is being asked for and that it makes sense :)

first thing: college, classes, and work come first. us lazy bastards out here begging for functionality? we're less important than your education.

as a fellow programmer (lansa, alas, not web - or WebOS) i undertand vague and often unreasonable requests. i also understand beta software and encourage the heck out of you to submit this for full approval to the store.

when i finally go WebOS (soon gwasshoppah, soon) this will be one of the first apps i try.

This app is awesome, It replaces me having to get on the computer and try to remember what I spent, Great stuff.

I tried to download directly to my Palm pre and I keep getting the message "Unauthorized call to open an ipk" What does that mean?

Thank you,


What install method are you using? I have only used the developer access and file coaster to install checkbook on my system and haven't seen that error before. I may be able to help troubleshoot it though.

I LOVE this application!! I tried to balance a checkbook before but never could succeed in keeping the registers. Now I am able to keep up with my purchases on a daily basis since I always have my Pre with me. Finally no surprises!!! Keep up the good work and looking forward to the updates in the future.

Also, good luck in college!!!

Hey there,

As a long time user of SplashMoney I'm looking forward to trying out this app when I get my Pre.

I have one a feature request/question that I haven't heard mentioned yet... My wife will also be getting a Pixi once it's out because we plan to sync and share calendars between each phone. (She works nursing shifts and I travel a lot on business.)

I wondered if Checkbook would be able to take advantage of Synergy to allow accounts to be shared and synced with other webOS devices?
This would be very useful for our shared accounts!

I would love to make Checkbook more of a cloud application. I am currently using Google Documents as the storage point for when people want to back up their data.

I am looking to purchase my own web server space once I can afford it (most likely funded by Checkbook user's donations and purchases of the application since my job has pretty much quit giving me hours -_- hate looking for a new job) and transfer the hosting there. Once I have the space, I will be making checkbook part of the cloud (since I can make sure the data transfer is secure).

I love this app, but wish it would hurry up and be official on the app catalog--I would gladly pay for it!!! Would love it if you could see a cleared balance as well as the running balance. I like to check off cleared transactions and make sure my balance is correct each day. Thanks!

I'm working on those features and trying to get them running properly :)

As to the submission, I sent it in to Palm but haven't heard back yet. Apparently they are swamped with requests.

This program looks like just what I need, but the homebrew thing kinda scares me. I had some bad issues with a palm hack years ago. Any idea when it will be available in the app catalog?

Nevermind. It helps if I read all the posts! ;)

Hopefully Palm will accept Checkbook into the app catalog soon.

A really great app - a must have for every palm user who uses money ;)

But i would love to change the currency symbol - for me as EURO "user" is the dollar sign a bit confusing.

It is on my todo list. I haven't done much in localizing yet.

I downloaded a theme for my phone and was wondering if there is any way to alter the color of the checkbook logo?

I haven't made any themes so I am not sure how they work exactly, but I think they just replace images on the Pre. If that is true, then the only way to change Checkbook's logo is to modify the .IPK and load a new icon.png into it.

While I don't suggest doing it since you could accidentally do something wrong and loose all your checkbook data, it is possible. I also don't support any altered versions of checkbook since it is a closed source application.

So, I gave up on waiting for it to be in the appcat, and downloaded from the Repository. So far, it is awesome. Every improvement I would like to see made has already been addressed. Can't wait for it to be finished. Thanks for all your hard work.

Hopefully Palm will get back to me soon. I originally sent it in to them back in early to mid September...

As to feature updates, I am working on them. Hopefully I'll be able to come out with a few more features soon (provided I don't have another exam soon).

when i try to inport an accounts data i get an error it's "feth erorr:typeError: cannot read property '0' of undefined

any one got the same thing going on?
if so do you have a fix\work round

This is a known bug in Checkbook Beta. I am currently redoing the import system to function better and somehow two fields slipped in that shouldn't have. I believe the bug can be 'fixed' by adding the fields "gtLinkId" and "gtLinkedAccount" to your spreadsheet. If that doesn't fix it, I'm sorry. You'll have to wait until the next version.

my mac will not download webos doctor what do i do

Sorry, I don't know webOS Doctor... I do most of my testing/homebrew installations via the command prompt. You may ask the guys at webOS internals, they are pretty handy with most things Pre.

I'm new to the Pre (one of the first in the UK). I'm interested in your app. When I try to download and install on the pre, I get "cannot find and application that can open this file." What do I have to do to install it?

To install a homebrew application (which Checkbook Beta is), follow the instructions here

This app is a must have. I used it for a mission trip I was on. I was the treasurer! This was so helpful for keeping track of expenses. And the google doc export was a lifesaver! What an amazing idea. thanks again!

I am having trouble downloading this app. When I tap to dowload I'm getting a pop up replying unauthorized call to an ipk. What do I do? Thnx

I'm not sure. What program are you using? You may also try asking the maker of the program what is wrong; I do not control any of those utilities.

This is exactly the app I was looking for! I have been spending way too much money lately and needed to keep track of my finance better. This couldn't have come at a better time!

That said, I have a few minor suggestions for improvement. First of all, please allow the user to change the currency symbol to the Pound Sterling and Euro also. Not everyone in the world uses the dollar. Also, please change the app's icon to something a bit more slick and consistent the webOS design and may be change the app's title also to something that is more universal for a finance management application.

There are also minor cosmetic improvements that can be made to the drop down menu, and also add a bit of margin to content on the screen as some text currently appear adjacent to the edge of the screen.

Overall, just make the application look more consistent with the webOS interface. I'm pretty happy with the core functionality it offers and I can't wait for the calendar integration.

This is an AWESOME app. sooo happy i found it

I recently started to use Checkbook beta. Now it won't let me access. The app is telling me to:

Please Update Checkbook

This beta version expired on January 1, 2010.


I've searched for an update, and can't seem to find one out there.

Please advice. Thank yoU!

It seems some people aren't seeing the update. You'll have to install in manually. The version with the expiration date is 0.8.224 and the current beta release is 0.8.605. I can only assume that it is related to how Palm changed where apps are stored.

If I remember correctly, the same thing happened to me when I had that app on my pixi. Try going to the "updates" app on your launcher, and it should give you a list of the apps that need to be updated. I think thats how I did it last time.

hey I'm new to pre and I do not have a personal computer and I'm trying to download music player remix to my phone from my phone and it tells me unauthorized call to open an ipk and sorry if this is not the right place to ask my question. Any help would be great thanks

I'm sorry, I do not know how to help you with that. It might be more helpful for you to post on that app's page or possibly in the forums as well. They may have more experience with the issue.

LOVE THIS APP! Had it on my Pixi, but then exchanged that phone for the PRE yesterday, and havent been able to install it since. I click on "download for free" it says "installing..." and will stay on that. It wont install. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I JUST got it! I went to "fileCoaster" and clicked on the "download" option there, for a second it said "installing error" (or something like that) but then a second later it said "Installed. Tap to launch". And BAM! it worked. Soo happy =]

Sounds like a problem that is plaguing a lot of people since webOS 1.3.5. Wish I knew a constant solution.

How do I set up my accounts?

A first start guide is currently being written. But here is a bit from our FAQ which will hopefully help you.

How do I add an account?

Either click the (+) button in the lower left on the Accounts screen or go to

I've been using the Beta for about a week now and I really like this app. I will definitely pay for it when the time comes. So far, no problems/bugs at all. This is a really convenient app for keeping track of checks, credit card transactions, etc. I've been doing this manually in a spreadsheet for about 10 years, now I have it all on my phone and may have to retire the old spreadsheet if all continues to go well.

Thanks to the developer. Keep up the good work.

I just got this app. Now is this like a check book to were i have to put in all the data myself like deposits into my account and withdraws? My self or does it get connected to my bank and does it automaticaly? How do i get started useing it can some plz explain it to me my e mail is thank you very much guys

It is like a pen and paper checkbook, you must enter the information yourself (at least for now). A simple guide can be found at I am working to update it when I have free time.

This is an AWESOME app, I absolutely love it. I'm currently just using the beta version, and one complaint I have is that I can only seem to create budgets for the CURRENT month. Like, it's the end of May but I can still only budget for May 1-31. I would love to be able to create budgets for future months. Is this perhaps included in the official release?

Thanks for your great work!