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China Telcom webOS ROM leaks out? QuickOffice in tow 51

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 18 Jul 2010 4:36 pm EDT


Over at treo8, fvbhyt has posted some screenshots from the ROM that looks destined for China Telcom - we were expecting the Pre to launch on that network this very month. Interesting bits: we're seeing an icon for QuickOffice who hopefully were convinced by our voting and are jumping in where DocsToGo feared to tread) and another screen showing Handwriting IME input. The slightly updated look of the menubar is also notable, as is some Chinese character interface bits on the memopad.

Hit up the source link for a few more shots, that handwriting input screen is after the break!

Source: Treo8; Thanks to Brrrr for the tip!



I'm hoping quick office will be included in the us release of 1.4.5, what else could be holding it up? The pdk issue has a fix, the developers just have to update apps

No way.. it's probably the carriers that are holding the release. Just a guess, but Palm said they are releasing it the way it is. And here in Germany everything is fine, except the PDK apps bug.

Interesting! Especially the IME input, that means the OS is ready for a nice on-screen keyboard, right?

The OS has always been ready for it in my opinion.

It's almost there with the symbol "keyboard", so I don't get why they didn't just go all the way right from the beginning.

What's probably going on here is that Palm has an update backlog. Remember, webOS 1.4.5 was supposed to come out in late may, I believe. It's been done for a while. They have been working on other things. This rom probably has much later build of webOS. Soemthing we won;t see for a while if they are planning on rolling it all out in one big 1.5 update.

Hand writing is a much more a literal term when talking about a capacitive screen. Palm is trying to bring back some Palm OS features.

that makes more sense than my post, i'm a bit loopy from lack of sleep lol.
hopefully we get 1.5 by sept.

1.4.5 is already out. the carriers in the us just aren't pushing it out yet. the guys in europe already have it.

Exactly, we here in Germany were the first because I think O2 put some effort into it.

However, I don't know why it's taking them so long now in the US and everywhere else.. I mean, if they are waiting for a bugfix, it's not coming. Probably it's just until Palm has approved the necessary updates for some PDK apps that were crashing. I guess you will get it tomorrow..

yet again, as I said in the forrums, this looks fake, the alighnments of the arrow buttons are horrible. If it is real, then yikes!

Yes, fake indeed...
Is it just me that thinks this is just some screenshot of a KIRF version of WebOS?

In those screenshots there's no indication that it's actually WebOS and not a copy.

looks KIRF to me too.. if just because of the dual reception bars and dual sim indicator

The only thing horrible is your spelling. Also, if anyone was going to fake something, why wouldn't you fake a screen of the app running or something revolutionary.

lol while my spelling really does suck normally, my pre has been double typing, missing letters, or using a letter next to the letter I actually mean to use. So can't take credit for those typos, but can take credit for not proof reading :) I like the concept a lot, don't get me wrong. the launcher background looks so much better then just plain grey, but the alignment is off on the arrows and while I also cannot understand why one would fake a launcher screen, I can't understand why the alignment would be off anything, and why the phone displayed the signals differently. Looks like it would be more confusing to some. (believe me I know plenty of people who that would throw off) Maybe it was a concept someone from china made, kinda like what happened with the concept someone made of the c40. They probably wanted to see what the launcher should look like and made a concept and some article wrote about it. Then again why would some of it be in English and some in Chinese. I wish I could figure out what the deal is with this but I just can't see why it would be so far off alignment wise. I am studying to be an architect, alignments are easy to notice so I think most people probably didn't notice maybe? Hope palm sees this and uses the design though. I much prefer that look for switching pages then the current one. maybe the creator of the patch rename pages can make this happen.

Or the alignment issue could simply be because it's an early build.

I really like the dual signal bars up there. Can't wait for that to be ripped out and available in patch form!

i really hope they change the buttons, mayb have a glass effect it looks very dull with it being grey and green

This is the kind of stuff I'm really waiting for. Really hard not to go get the EVO or other Android phones, but holding out to see what hPalm has coming up. Not just hardware, but also in software. WebOS 2.0 needs to be kick-ass! Another innovative input system (like this handwriting screenshot) would be awesome. I hope though that going with a better input method does not mean that the size of the Pre will stay the same (or that another 3rd larger form factor wont materialize). Onscreen keyboards wont be needed if they can perfect the handwriting input method.

Unfortunately, this is not an innovation, because iPhone can already do this. It's handwriting recognition is pretty impressive. I hope WebOS is going to equally good or better.

Oh really? I didn't realize iPhone or iOS had hand recognition. Is this what you mean? Now i now. Thx.

They have at least had it (Chinese handwriting recognition) since the second generation phone. Don't know about the first one as I have not tried it.

It's very well implemented and the only thing that's stopping me from trying to force my wife away from the "bldy iPhn".

man the galaxy s running froyo looks bad ass!! I'm almost sold.

so I have 1.4.5 and now no over-clocking is available.. I want the 1ghz O-C.. can anybody help? and will it work with 1.4.5?

Myeh. It's Android which means I 'd have a hard time stomaching it.


Just watched the video, looks sweet. It's not launching with Froyo here in the US. It is launching with 2.1. Android 2.2 a la Froyo will come soon.

I think IME handwriting recognition has much less to do with Palm OS nostalgia and a lot more to do with webOS being released in the Chinese market. The Chinese love a PDA/Smarthphone that has Chinese character recognition usually accompanied by a stylus. So while this may be the style of webOS 1.5 and while 1.5 may have the underpinnings to do graffiti/handwriting recognition, I doubt her seriously if we will see those features here in the US without some kind of patch.

I really hope I can rip it out of the China Telecom doctor and just put it on my Bell unit. I've been dying for a way to input Chinese, and the web UI method isn't exactly elegant (lack of arrow keys for keyboard for character selection and completely in the dark if no Internet).

you probably wanna try justinput, very stable and well written

This would definitely remove a big sore point I have with WebOS. Right now, I have to find a PC to write emails in Chinese. It is not very bad, because I don't write that many, but it is a hassle.

My efforts may finally be paying off. Sweet success is at hand. =)

Duplicate posts drive me nuts, tho.

Feels fake to me... Like one of those counterfeit iPhones or something. Arrow alignments are all messed up and what's up with the signal bars?

If it's real, it's surprisingly un-polished...maybe a super preliminary build?

QuickOffice would be really welcome though.

Why wouldn't quickoffice be shouting this from every corner? I don't see any reason someone would be withholding this info.

I really, really hope this isn't a fake... QuickOffice on webOS would be a serious milestone for Palm and webOS. I also like the dual signal bar there... one for the phone radio, one for data connection. Man, that would be awesome. I've never liked the notion of "bars" much to begin with but if we're stuck with that system, than this would make it a lot more useful. But there's a few problems here:
1: There's no QuickLaunch bar at the bottom. Why would they take it out? Wouldn't that be a major UI change- if they even would do it (I hope they don't) then wouldn't they wait tell a more significant release of webOS?
2:The word "carrier" randomly at the top of the launcher. What the hell is that doing there? That's not right.
3: The icons. There are the usual App Catalog and PDF View icons, but lots of the other ones there look... off. Not like webOS icons at all. They look like cut-and-paste from a quick google image search. And they're blurry. Seriously, what the hell is that about?
4: The font on the apps which have their titles written in Chinese instead of English all have a slightly different font than the English ones. The English titles are in bold- the Chinese ones are not. Palm is pretty typographically conscious- just look at the Cocoanut/Prelude font on the lockscreen- and it's kind for them odd to do that. I think it's Rubinstein's Apple heritage that gives Palm that quality. Ruby worked with Steve Jobs for many, many years (he worked with Steve at NeXT as well as Apple) and Jobs is a major typography geek- he dropped out of college but he kept on taking one course- calligraphy. But I digress...

Maybe this is just a screenshot of a very early build... but if it's launching in a month, that's impossible. Could it just be a screenshot of a build from months ago? I guess we'll find out...

The Chinese font disaster is real. Anyone in doubt should try visiting an Asian website with your very own Pre. For example, try a Yahoo URL that ends in either "" or "". You will see that no matter how Rubinstein is typographically conscious, that consciousness only applies to our own Roman alphabet. Heck, within one single sentence, you see a mix of two fonts. The loaded Asian fonts in webOS are downright horrible. I guess they just took whatever open source unicode font that's packaged with some Linux build.

In fact, a hot topic on Japanese and Chinese Palm enthusiast websites is how to load your own fonts.

It's an eyesore that screams "we don't care about your language". I hope this is not a real screenshot. With that horrible font loaded, I don't think webOS would sell too well in China.

That's distressing to learn... my first instinct is to give Palm a pass because how small they are (or were that is, up until HP bought Palm) and that they need to budget their time. But when you're planning to actually release a product to the public, in this case it's China specifically, these things should get to the top of the list. I can accept them not making Asian language support and fonts a top priority when they weren't going to have a webOS phone on the chinese market- that's pretty understandable. But given that they're supposedly planning on releasing the Pre in China soon, they have to get to work on this. Of course, we don't know when this screenshot is from... it could be from a very old build of webOS. I really hope webOS in Chinese isn't going to look like this. Thanks for making very good points- I had never even thought about this before.

It's definitely just a shell over windows mobile or some shiat, look it's got an icon for windows media player! I can't believe this got posted on the main page of p|c as real!

It's actually not a windows media player, but just a carrier-specific video on demand service software. For the icon, well , you know, some Chinese UI designers like to rip icons here or there, if you've paid attention to the Chinese M8 on engadget

Need QuickOffice NOWWWWWW!

As long as it has the same auto correct that Scratch has. That truly ROCKS!!!!!!

Need QuickOffice NOWWWWWW!

As long as it has the same auto correct that Scratch has. That truly ROCKS!!!!!!

Looks fake to me. Too many pixelated icons, I see the launcher is open but we don't see the favorite icons.

pixelated icons come from the carrier. Don't expect much from a second-tier state owned carrier

I think it's a Photoshop job. You can see where they tried to blend the background in (right under of the imusic icon) but the colors don't match.

It's definitely not a straight screencapture.

If you visit their official website and zoom in their icon, you can see there's a very light shadow under the bubble. This is probably what you see as blending the background in. But it's just my guess.

I've uploaded a screenshot and drew a red line as to where you can see the different color.

Remember when the news about the "new, unreleased App store" and the video of Need For Speed came out?

Wasn't that post full of 100 something comments about how horrificly fake the video looked and how doctored the screen shot of the app catalog looked?

Remember that?

I'm not saying this is legit, I'm just saying everyone needs to chill out and just wait to see if this is legit or not, instead of trying to find scientific proof about how misaligned the arrow is or how improperly bolded the font is.

Just saying...

This ROM should be legit and under alpha testing stage, since some Chinese components are still in monster code and not yet localized.

First thing that makes that a KIRF are the dual SIM!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why would a Pre have 2 reception bars???

Well, if the Pre is/will be manufactured and assembled in China

I'm not saying that the screen shots are fake-looking, but why isn't the launcher's background transparent? And what's up with the arrows, anyway? I looked at my launcher, and all you do is slide your finger around to navigate to the next menu. I feel the sheer presence of the arrows is counter-WebOS. Oh, and the right arrow is slightly darker then the left arrow, maybe its under that gradient layer? Or someone set it too transparent... Just my two cents...