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Choose which email account to reply/send a message from 6

by Adam Marks Wed, 14 Nov 2012 5:34 pm EST

Choose sending email accountWith webOS synergy you can have up to 16 different email accounts loaded up on your webOS device. If you are viewing an email message or browsing the listing of messages from within a folder of a specific account, when you go to create a new message or reply to an existing one the sending email account will be the one that is currently up on your device. Alternatively, if you create a new message through Just Type or tap on an email address elsewhere in the device, the email will be automatically set to be sent from you default email account. But what if that wasn't the email address you wanted to send them message from?  Well, to send the email from a different account, all you need to do is tap the email address on the "FROM" row on the top of a new email message to change the sending address.

There are two main reasons why you would want to use this functionality.  First, as mentioned above, if you are using Just Type to being a message but don’t want to use your default email account, you can easily change it. Second, if you received an email message to one account, but wanted to reply using a different account, you don't need to jump through any hoops or find any workarounds to move the message between accounts. Just tap reply and then change the "FROM" address.

This tip works on all webOS devices and versions, from the original Pre to the TouchPad.

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Adam; Thanks for the tips.
How can I be sure that the name on my account does not appear along with my email address in messages I send or reply to? For example, if I'm sending an email to someone in a chat group I don't mind the receiver seeing my email addy but do not want to display my name.

Sure..there is a solution for this, and I will make it Friday's tip!  Not an ideal answer for you, but an answer nonetheless!  :-)


That is a good question, which I just happened to come across the other day. I won't make you wait though, as its a simple fix/edit:

Open email.
Drop menu to "Preferences & Accounts"
Select an account.
See the box that titled "Full Name" (it may have a grayed-out "Tap Here To Type" in it)?

That box is what dictates what (name/nickname/etc.) is sent along with your email address to the recipient.

Happy and safe emailing!

**Sorry to steal your thunder, Adam**

no worries... still going to use this as my text tip, though!  :-)

Thanks a bunch Adam and Monday. Now I have the control I need.