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Clarifications on the TouchPad early adopter app rebate 27

by Derek Kessler Thu, 18 Aug 2011 11:58 am EDT

A few weeks back HP announced that they would be giving TouchPad early adopters $50 promo code for apps as a thank you/sorry for being an early adopter and taking the $100 hit when they subsequently dropped the price not long after launch. While the vast majority of customers have seen the $50 code hit their accounts, a few have not. PreCentral forum member and official HP webOS tech support guru HardBeatZ dropped in to offer some clarifications on the rebate. Here’s what you need to know (at least in the US of A):

The $50 promo code is only available to customers who purchased a TouchPad from a qualifying retailer in the Untied States between July 1 and August 4, 2011. You only need to enter it once and it will be stored in your profile until either it expires or runs out. If you’re not sure how long the code is good for, you can log onto your HP webOS Account and under Promo Code it will give you the code, remaining amount, and when the code expires. And no, you can’t redeem it for cash, accessories, or anything other than apps in the App Catalog.

For those of you that haven’t received the promo code, you might want to look into what “qualifying retailer” means. QVC is the only retailer that doesn’t qualify as qualifying, and that’s due to the $110 they gave back to customers automatically (and thus they’re not $100 poorer than newer TouchPad buyers). If you think you bought from a qualifying retailer, you can contact HP support for assistance, just have your webOS Account email address and proof of purchase handy.



yeah... bought from on july 31, still haven't recieved it... calling them now. incidentally, what's the touchpad support line?

I purchased it on 7/1 from an Office Depot and they are now requiring a proof of purchase from me, it sucks why I have to do this and no one else had to.

I'm in the same boat (mine purchased at BB) and your not alone...I also had to do this (send in proof of purchase) and hope to hear from HP ASAP! Sorli...

You're not alone and at least you've got a receipt showing July 1 on it. I pre-ordered mine on June 19th, and Amazon shipped on the 30th - so I have nothing showing "July 1" on it. Someone's looking into it, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Sucks to be penalized for pre-ordering.

I'm in that same boat, techinically... I ordered mine from the army/airforce exchange online, on 6/22 and got it on 7/5. I have not gotten an email, or a code showing in profile. I have been on the phone with HP and using the chat on the touchpad. They want me to fax in stuff. I don't understand why they can't see the date I activated the device from my profile and just manually send me one. They had to refer me to level 3 support "engineer" who's supposed to call me back. I've waited patiently, and I am fed up. Especially after today's news, I wasn't in such a nice mood. The official press release about the credit did say pre-orderers would also qualify for the $50. *sigh* I honestly don't think we should have to jump through flaming hoops to get this. Plus, I've been holding about about the crack I have on the case near the usb port that is now touching the bezel near the screen. Same type that people are getting around the speakers. I don't have money to give them while they send me a new one...

I've got my code...what I am wondering and can't seem to get a straight answer on from HP is what happened to my "Make it Right" rebate, since I also had a Pre- (still have it, just not using it).

Has anyone that sent in the required documents for that been able to look it up on the HP Rebate Center website or have you recieved it yet?

I had forgotten about their rebate website...I have not received my Rebate Check yet, either.

I was told it takes 4 weks from when they get it to hit their system. Check back in a cpl of weeks. You know how this rebate **** is?

Big thumbs up to our local HP Support and forum contributor HardBeatZ.

The last week has been a shuffle of news and information and HardBeatZ has been here day in and day out help where they can and trying to provide as much information as possible to fix issues and make things right.

I appreciate the help and thank you very much! Sorli...



I could care less about a tablet. Give me an early adopter credit on the next phone - if you ever put one out.

I head some people that got it qvc got codes

lol, i bought mine on qvc and logged into my device management and the code was there so ive been using it. I still have like 10$ left. and I also mailed in the $50 back for the HP credit, and have already seen the 110 make it right credit from qvc.

where is "device management"

Google "palm profile" and it is the first URL in the list.

I purchased mine from Office Depot on Juy 1st and got my coupon code. My only problem is, I can't seem to find any apps worth buying. Too bad I can't use the credit to buy movies from the HP MovieStore.

Is this different from the $50 HP rebate for owning an old Palm phone? Just trying to understand. I bought mine from QVC as well. I'll check to see if I am as successful as j-baca! :)

Yes, it is different. The rebate is a cash/check back to you (haven't received mine yet) for purchasing the TouchPad.

The $50 Promo Code is an App Store Credit for those who bought between July 1st and August 4th to appease those of us who were early adopters even though HP quickly dropped the price of the TouchPad by $100 recently.

I purchased mine from QVC and got my promocode the day it was announced, plus the $110. I don't know what ur talkin about that QVC doesn't qualify.

Definitely consider yourself fortunate.

HP is REALLY screwed up on this one. I've got a poll going in the TouchPad forum, and thus far, 32% of the respondents have not received their promo code or email yet (I'm in that group, too).

maybe I am lucky. Or maybe since QVC gave thhe $110, HP decided to pull QVC froom the list., and I jut got mine before QVC announced the refund. The timing seems to fit that theory.

Yeah I got my QVZ and HP credit.

I ordered mine on the 31st from with a heavy discount.

After my second customer service chat, they have again confirmed that my account qualifies for the rebate, which should arrive in my email "soon".

how did they confirm this for you? i'm not trying to be a d*#k I'm just curious. Did they ask you to fax anything? Proof of purchase? Because aside from me feeding the guy information about why I qualify, he just kept appologizing, and saying I should get it soon, IF I do qualify. So fricken messed up... *sigh*

> You only need to enter it once and it will be stored in your profile

Every time I purchase something from the catalog I get a prompt to re-enter the promo code. I wish it remembered it. Profile does remember it, but Catalog doesn't seem to know that. I've had to enter that code many times.

I've had to enter the code several times too. The nice thing about webOS, copy+paste works phenomenally.

I got my TouchPad on June 29 from Germany and did not get the Code :(
So I got it before July 1.