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Classic on the Pre: PalmOS Screenshots! 17

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 09 Apr 2009 9:10 am EDT

The Classic PalmOS Emulator seemed really swell when we broke the news to the world, it became more than just a dream when it was confirmed, and when we got a live video demo of the Classic PalmOS Emulator, well, we got a little giddy.  Now MotionApps has passed along a handful of real, live screenshots of some PalmOS apps running inside Classic on the webOS: Agendus2, Bejeweled2, and SplashID!

The basic install process, if you don't recall, is very straightforward.  Plug your Pre into your desktop and it will appear as a USB drive.  Inside that USB drive is an extra-special directory called "Classic."  Put your Palm .prc files into that directory and whammo: PalmOS apps running on the Palm Pre.

Next up from MotionApps: they're still looking to help developers confirm that their apps will be compatible with Classic at launch.  You'll want to get in contact with them by April 10th1 to have a chance to become a 'Launch Partner' whose app will have guaranteed compatibility.  They won't be able to work with everybody, but so far everything we've seen indicated that there should be a wide swath of PalmOS apps that will work with Classic.

1. Important note: people taking the April 10th deadline as some sort of clue towards the Palm Pre Release Date ...shouldn't do that.   Seriously, there is no relation to the Palm Pre Release Date.


au contraire
there is a relation
it pretty much rules out a 4/9 relase date
and makes anything before 4/16 much less likely than it had been without this knowledge

But without the ability to sync, this is seriously limite. I use Passwords Plus, and without syncing to the desktop version I guess I'll have to enter everything twice, which is a recipe for a mess.

Will Agendus2 and other apps running under Classic be able to access the Pre PIM data?

the pre pim data will not be available to classic apps according to the people doing the demonstrations on the videos that have been released.

Well, MotionApps and iambic must have something up their sleeves. Why bother developing a PIM app if you can't access the PIMs?

I don't think they've developed a new PIM app, just emulated the PalmOS environment and bundled the core PIM apps that you would get on a TX or similar.

I'm sure there will be people who will be happy just to use the old calendar app in favour to the new one.

WebOS syncs calender access to the cloud, I believe, which includes Google calendar. Perhaps you could use GooSync on the PalmOS side to keep the two calendars synchronised, should that be important to you.

I want to see a screenshot of The Quest or Warfare Inc. running. Then I'll be impressed. ;)

I'd like to see Bike or Die on there too. Last I checked, Access' Garnet Virtual Machine for the Nokia n800 didn't work properly with it.

If warfare would run in 480x320 I'd be impressed... ;-)

By the way, nice to see SplashID! Very nice! How is it supposed to talk to the SplashID Desktop?

I agree. These are games that would look great on any platform. Don't forget EDGE - now that was the last great PalmOS gaming title.

I hope Classic includes sound on release, too, but the video demos, so far, seem to have none...

EDGE was a pretty great game. It could really benefit by a 1.1 release to patch up all the little issues, though.

Still, totally great engine that should have been used to build more great stuff.

I've got a question for you all...If the Pre is not going to have video record capabilities, will the PalmOS Emulator allow you to access the video recording through the PalmOS camera software?

I requested mApps to ensure compatibility for the Centro's 'Camcorder' app.
Not that I think it is possible, or, better, wanted... ;-)

How is Classic going to handle apps that use a reg key dependent on HotSync ID? (Like, say, Bejeweled?)

in the demonstrations they show a utility to set the hotsync id in the emulator for just such usage.

This is encouraging. But without sync it'll be of very limited use to me. Syncing apps:

Pocket Quicken

Playing old licensed games is fun, too bad the productive stuff still won't work. Maybe when the 32GB Pre3 w/ expandable memory is released they'll either have sync working or crucial apps will have been rewritten for WebOS.

n the demonstrations they show a utility to set the hotsync id in the emulator for just such usage.