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A clearer look at the back of HP's mystery tablet 34

by Derek Kessler Mon, 06 Aug 2012 10:19 pm EDT

A clearer look at the back of HP's mystery tablet

What is it? Don't know for sure, but our assumptions from the peeks of this tablet we got last week still stand: It's HP's first Windows 8-powered tablet, and it doesn't look half bad. This clearer look comes from HP's new "Make it Matter" advertising campaign site, meant to show how HP technology can help you do better at whatever it is you do. Apparently what HP's ad people do is show off the back of unreleased and unannounced HP products.

From this clearer look we can see that the tablet has multiple ports across the top, including what we suspect is a headphone jack on the left end. There are also two curious raised pill shapes on either side on the metal portion - they're either strangely-placed buttons that'd be better suited for a full-size gaming tablet (like the shoulder buttons on a traditional console controller) or maybe something like little keyboard-style pop-out legs to prop the tablet up at an angle.

There are a few things we can say with certainty: this tablet has a screen in the ballpark of ten inches, the majority of the body is composed of machined metal (the way that it's shaped is just inviting an Apple lawsuit), and there's a camera with flash on the top right corner.

Oh, and we highly doubt it runs Open webOS, though thanks to the Linux Standard Kernel it's possible it could someday instead of Windows 8.

Source: HP; Via: Engadget, Phone Arena


It's seem too heavy to handle it with one hand. Hope new webOs will be installed on.

Looks like they're paying homage to their old slate design

Beats audio logo?

I am sorry for these companies trying to compete with the iPad. Windows 8 isn't going to help and I can guarantee that Win 8 tablets will flop.

I don't think so - Win 8 tablets have one big advantage over all the competition: the OS is multi user capable, so a family has to buy only one (or two) tablet(s) instead of e.g. 5 ;) Plus I won't have to worry if my kids read my mails, skype conversations or other private stuff (all of which isn't protected at other mobile OSes by default - well, I don't know Blackberry). I know some additional mail apps on iOS which allow to protect the mails, but these usually are bound to a specific provider.

lol no.

Oh what do we have here... an apple fanboy :D. You know in the past I was just getting angry about you guys. afterwards I have pitied you, but now I'm just laughing when I read something as stupid as "Ipad is the best!" or "nobody beats apple!".

You haven't recognized that Apple is going down hm? Slowly but for sure. The lawsiuts won't help. Besides, Apple is the one, who is imitating others:

- IPS Panel (like the first Asus Transformer)
- 7" form factor (like Everybody else)
- Bigger screen for the phone (well, like everybody else)

Oh and did you know that the whole IPhone 4/S design is stolen from Sony? It was a design for a mp3-player :D. I have just a german website to show, but you can see the picture:

For them I hope they will imitate the multitasking (not a big challenge is it?) and the easy plug&play. Maybe then the devices would be useful.

And for everybody who is still bitching around about HP, remember who built the first tablet ever over ten years ago (keyword: HP TC1000).

Oh what do we have here...someone hating Apple just because it's the "cool" thing to do.

Of course Apple is "going down." They arrived first with the iPhone and iPad and took most of the market share. There isn't anywhere to go but down...especially with the hundreds of Android devices released every year compared to Apple's one per category of product.

- The original iPad came out before the Transformer and had an IPS display. And how is using a certain display technology considered imitating others? Most high end tablets and phones use IPS displays because it's the best choice available. Even the TouchPad has an IPS display.

- Apple hasn't announced a 7" form factor for anything yet. Again, how would this be imitating even if they do? It would just be Apple admitting that 9.7" isn't suitable for everyone. They release notebooks with different sizes too.

- It's pretty much inevitable that the iPhone would get bigger since that's the market trend. No one claims others are imitating when they release different sized phones.

Apple has already stated that the "Sony" design was a design exercise to imagine what Sony would do in their position. It doesn't even resemble anything that was released to market.

The TC1000 was not the first tablet ever made. Tablets existed long before that.

I stopped reading your comment after "The original iPad came out before the Transformer and had an IPS display". And that's just not true. The third IPad is the first with an IPS panel. I assume after that sentence it was all just "bla bla bla" what you wrode.

Hmm... it seems that ALL THREE versions of the iPad have had an IPS screen in them since day one:

  • http://support.apple.com/kb/SP580
  • http://support.apple.com/kb/SP622
  • http://support.apple.com/kb/SP647

    Considering that Apple has been using IPS displays in their products for years (laptops, iMacs, displays) it really wouldn't make sense that they would go with the less-than-stellar TFT display for the iPad now would it?

  • Logged in just to let you know you are wrong as well as being high and drunk.

    This shows how clueless you really are. All iPads have IPS displays. The third iPad is the first one with the "Retina" display. Again, you're just trying to hate Apple because it's the "cool" thing to do.
    Keep in mind that if iOS never existed, webOS most likely wouldn't exist either. Palm and many other companies laughed at Apple when they announced the iPhone. Unfortunately, look where Palm is now...

    sorry but look at the numbers apple makes more so well it is better you might as well just leave tablet designs have been around for over 100 years they were just really shity before...

    Tablets have been around for over 100 years? You mean like the kind Moses had?

    why couldn't the use metal on the TouchPad ? .... Idiots

    Touch Stone

    Good point!

    So it would be safe to say that this new HPtab will not be using an inductive charger? Shame if true, it is one patent that they have which can differentiate the new device from the rest (most).

    Cheaper to make it without metal!

    I think it looks awful!

    Based on the screen capture, it definitely looks like a ruggedized device one would see in a hospital. Which also means that it's probably going to get dinged upon review for not being as svelte as the current-model iPad/Android devices.

    not enough here for me to judge "looks" or functionality of the product.

    But re; Ipad vs Windows 8: the weakness of the IPad is that it is essencially a consumer targeted product. Imaging, app installation, patches, security all are administered in a manner that is fundamentally different than "standard commercial/ business" devices (laptops/pc's, apple Macbook Pro's etc) - the possible advantage of a Windows8 device is that it work "play nice" with commercial software (Office) and 3rd party "standard" applications as well as Active directory in a server/client standard business infrastructure. Also - Ipads have a reputation of being fragile compared with standard buisness hardware. the marketing pics we've seen so far show the HP tablet in business environments (not coffeeshops) there is the niche that Apple has not yet conquered - any comparison is litteraly apples vs oranges - lets hope HP builds a good orange

    "the way that it's shaped is just inviting an Apple lawsuit"

    I doubt it. Considering the Envy never invited a lawsuit, I don't think this will either. Of all of the companies Apple has sued, they never went after HP. In fact, as I recall, Steve Jobs was one of the few executives at Apple excited to see HP launch the TouchPad. Not for him to use, of course. Jobs was always a private admirer of Hewlett and Packard.

    Apple and HP have always had a weird business relationship. Even Apple's Air Print was HP exclusive for a while.

    You missed the half-joking, half-serious point that Apple is trying to sue Samsung because they have a tablet. Apple would have sued HP if it continued to make TouchPads and posed a legit threat to their iPad business.

    Apple and Samsung have a weird relationship as well. Many of Samsung chips were in Apple's previous successful products like the iPod and I think even the iPad.

    "though thanks to the Linux Standard Kernel it's possible it could someday instead of Windows 8."

    No, it's not. Microsoft has set a rule that any device which runs Windows 8 on ARM, MUST not allow any other operating system to run on it. They HAVE to secure the BIOS so it will not run any other OS.

    It's probably worth noting that the commercials are showing off two different tablets... or at least two different versions of the same prototype. This makes me think that it is indeed something that are working on (the tablet, probably for Win 8).

    They probably wouldn't devote the resources to make different types of prototypes for the purpose of showing in commercials.

    Am I missing something? I thought HP didn't want to make tablets? If they do want to make them then why did they pull the plug on the Touchpad? What's really going on here????

    Where have you been, since Meg took over?

    Not paying attention to HP. LOL

    I can't wait to get one of these on HP's next firesale so I can put OpenwebOS on it! Lol


    I remember when people used cellphones to make phonecalls, a tablet was somethin you wrote on, "nerd " meant you where smarter than everyone else and a "troll" lived under a bridge

    "positive thoughts and actions yield positive results"

    I agree that this photo makes it look like that tablet would weigh a ton.

    Bonjour, je vais installer Windows 8 sur mon TouchPad.
    Merci de me dire si cela est possible ?

    It's a Elitepad 900!