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Coming in March for Open webOS: WebGL, hardware abstraction, and more 14

by Derek Kessler Thu, 01 Mar 2012 7:30 pm EST

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With yesterday's release of the Enyo 2.0 UI widgets bringing February's code commitment for Open webOS to a close, it's time now to look forward to March. webOS CTO Sam Greenblatt took to the HP webOS Developer Blog to lay out what we can expect in the month ahead - and it's right as the roadmap said it would be, though fleshed out with som additional detail today.

March's release will expand the already-released QtWebKit framework to incorporate Open GL ES and WebGL graphics libraries (the latter having taken far too long to make it on to web-based webOS), 3D audio API OpenAL Soft, and streaming media framework GStreamer.

We'll also get our first look at HP's implementation of the Linux Standard Kernel (v 3.3), which they'll be supplementing with a new hardware abstraction layered called "Nyx" that provides access to layers not available through the standard driver set. What exactly Nyx will provide access to (cellular radios? advanced sensors?) isn't clear at this point, but HP's got 31 days to clear that up.

Database-wise the Open webOS implementation of LevelDB will be released, as well as the developer-facing MojoDB/DB8 abstraction layer. Lastly, later in the month, we'll see the open sourcing of the Novacom USB driver, which though not yet open source is readily availabile already.


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where, exactly, is the source code for Novacom?

Novacom tarballs appear on the open source page you link to, but did you actually extract those archives and see what they contained? There's a PDF license agreement and a binary installer. That's it. No source code in there.

That said, it's great news! I can't wait until the next code drop!

Novacom has not been open sourced before. What you see on that page are binary driver packages.
-- Rod

Is that the official logo for Open webOS?


I like it. The word 'open' is open. Lick a snozberry, it tastes like a snozberry!

yes, but the font could be cleaner (same with

jeez lighten up dood

So, pure speculation, is Nyx meant to abstract the closed-source binary blob drivers in a way that will make it easier to port Open WebOS to new hardware (and mean it could share all the existing drivers for Cyanogenmod ports, for example)? If so, that is very cool!! If not, what other possible reasoning could be behind this?

...other than that, it might be because they seem to LOVE adding one abstract layer on top of another one, and focus primarily on irrelevant but breaking background libraries and technology changes, in some bizarre effort to chase what is "best", and neglecting what is essentially needed? I have this feeling since a long while, given their track record.

really hoping with the standard linux driver supposedly coming this month we will either get better Bluetooth functionality or be able to replace the palm bt stack entirely with the standard bluez one. So we can do things like tether the tp over dun/pan, etc.

Will any of this make webos operate any faster?

I sure hope this combined with QT and newer DB driver will help make webos snappier.

Is a complete version of webos going to be released that we can build and install
on our devices?

Or, is it just going be a bunch of random pieces that don't fit together?

If it is the latter, I just don't see the point of this whole project.