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Coming soon: The Great webOS Nation Giveaway 262

by Derek Kessler Fri, 05 Apr 2013 6:56 pm EDT

Coming soon: The Great webOS Nation Giveaway

Hear ye, hear ye.

To all that be present at this reading, it is with great exhilaration and felicity that her majesty the most majestic Lady of the webOS announces the bestowal upon this great webOS Nation of a gift to be apportioned amongst its denizens both loyal and magniloquent. The elements of this most gracious of endowments are many, and are comprised of but not restricted to the following items of note:

The conventions by which these most plentiful of tokens shall be disbursed has not yet been imparted; the Lady of the webOS requests your presense in the coming days at this same digital venue of bulletins and forums for the recitation of further instructions. Petitioners seeking pecuniary acquisition of or bartering for these charitable offerings for the citizens of the great kingdom of the webOS Nation shall be summarily denied and excoriated with severity.

So endeth this proclamation from her majesty the most majestic Lady of the webOS, Queen of All She Multitasks.




free webOS devices make me giddy

I'd happily veer straight towards a Veer!!! :)
Not to mention a Touchpad/Go/WindsorNot... ;)

Thanks verily to the Queen, her court, and nation for yon upcoming opportunity!


me thinks my participation is requested.

Can I get a translation of this in plain english lol

Translation: we have to clean out our inventory so we're giving this stuff away.

Not "giving" per se. I'd wager a nifty charity auction is in order.

Can someone explain this in American ENGLISH. I don't speakest the Queens English nor understand the folks across the pond.

They're giving crap away.

That's an oxymoron ;)

Haha. :) I'm up for this! :)

ROLL ON !!!!

Get hype.

Sounds great!! Love WebOS.


Woohoo! I still can't believe it's been almost 2 years since new hardware!

This is most exhilarating

Great Scott!
This is awesome and I'm ready!!!


This is so awesome.

Zounds. I art verily ready for this.


This is great. Hopefully I art worthy of a prize.
webOS forever!!

I hope her majesty finds me worthy

I would love a new device!

I need a new pre 3 badly. I hate thing android price of crap.

I would love a pre 3! !

SUPERB writing Derek!



I like the idea of having the chance to win a pre 3 or touchpad. Who would have seen this coming???

Ooh I really need a pre 3 to complete my set. Cant wait

the search for the holy grail has ended. If I have to fight the black knight I can give him a flesh wound, if it is the knights who say ni I can take them, just don't guard this with the rabbit caerbannog. I need some webOS goodness.

You may need to find a shrubbery to exchange

The HP TouchPad is my holy hand grenade. Long live WebOS

Sweet! I just bought a new Pre 2 to replace my old one with a cracked screen. Now I can't get gmail to work porperly. Maybe I can win a sweet new Pre 3 and solve my problems!

yeah... it doesn't work very well on the pre 3 either... well for 5 or 6 months it did, but then. yeah, i had to a manually set it up, and gtalk don't work no more :/


oooh I want...

hhm is this 4Gable Tableau also getting high speed depeches overseas in the land of the ol kingdom of kelts and germans?

I actually got more excited looking at that picture than I was when I pre ordered my HTC one earlier....I miss these days....

Wow awesome picture!  If I could understand what this article says, I might want in on it. :P


I want the Verizon Pre 3 soooo bad

Yes my pre - has about had it.

I always wanted a touchpad too do be my pre3's companion. Ooohhhh or a veer as my backup.

Nation of a gift to be apportioned amongst its denizens both loyal and magniloquent. singapore printing shop

Looks nice!

Awesome giveaway for the remaining few that're truly dedicated to webOS. I'd be so torn if I won the Pre 3 cuz I'd have to switch from Sprint =/

Make it rain



I need a proper webOS device back in my life! iOS just doesn't cut it, and my Touchpad died 8 months ago.

Awesome. I'd love a webOS smartphone :)

Queenie, Make it REIGN ! ! !

I have dreamed with a Pre3 for years

I would love any WebOS smartphone to replace my aging "dumb phone"

yes I want it all I don't want a pecuniary aquisition !


Nice! Does the queen have any royal wizards or magicians? If so, please get them to brew up a few Touchpad Go's

And Sprint Franken Pre 3s


See how the human being works: if you give the finger, he want the arm! Hahahahaha

Best Regards... B-)

...and so Christmas arrives, maybe? Thankyou your majesty!

hm.. is it regional only or worlwide palm pre plus holder could got this? wondering...
:).. me, brother in law & my wife had used them for almost a year.. oh, did i have to mention that we are living in Indonesia (South East Asia, near to Singapore, for those who may not know where is Indonesia ...)

count me in my queen ......... :)

awesooooome!!! :P

Funny how no one has commented yet about why anyone want such old hardware. Quite a lot of comments usually are about that kinda stuff here on the articles section.

Anyway, I'm excited for this giveaway. webOS rocks! :D

I agree. If were so excited over old gear imagine if they announce new gear!

Despite the hardware (like the Pre3) showing it's old age, I'm still considering on " WINNING MYSELF, IF I AM WORTHY ENOUGH OF MY QUEEN' to give away one of those beautiful Pre 3 devices. Please, can't wait for this Giveaway.....Hope I WIN!!!!!

Ohhh! fantastic. This is great news. I hope this kind of news can be weekly :)
WebOS Long live, long live webOS Nation.
Personally I think a Pre3 would be nice to test the progress of the development of my applications :) I am preparing the room for when that time came as if my future son;)
Dreaming is free, for now!

I would love to be a part of this giveaway.

Great news! I would be glad to have one.

Count me in!


Long live the Queen of Multitasking and the King of Synergy : )

Long life webOS!!!
God save the Queen!!!

Let us turn thoughts away from the language spoken and give us our gifts.

Great! I finally have the chance to replace my already aging, poor old, but loyal and best partner, my 5 year old Pre Plus. Poor guy has withstanded everything, and I think its time to retire him. I have been thinking about an Android phone, but I just can't give my back to the beautiful queen of WebOS! LONG LIVE WEBOS!!!!!

I am excited and add at the same time. I want the best for webOS and would love some hardware, but I hope this is not a bad sign.

Sad - not add

This will be a nice trip down memory lane.

My body is ready

I'll take one of each... Oh h3II, give me 2 of each.

we are an awesome community under her majesty's guidance.


Awesome giveaway. Count me in.

Please, please, please...
My Pre+ keyboard is going. I couldn't figuree out what to do.

Can I get a pre 3? Ill save it till I'm 87. That's 50 yrs from now LOL

Sweet. Been here since the beginning.

please please!!! my 3 broke,

I want in! I've got an original sprint pre- and would love an upgrade! And a touchpad!!!

I want!

This looks sooo awesome!

Derek, may the Queen Knight you

Count me in!!

that is a beautiful photo!

Wow im excited for this :D

Good hope for a Pre3 :)

wow! I cannot wait... My battered and bruised Pre3 is working like a mule everyday. I always fear the day I break it or something.

viva webOS, do you hear the people sing, singing a song of webOS, it is the music of a people who will not be slaved to non open OSs!

okay that was turrble

please send a pre 3 my way, my beloved pre 2 gave up the other day! I fear the day webOS is no more.

A backup Pre2 or even my dream of dreams a Pre3 would be awesome sauce :-)

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! I wisheth to partaketh in such give-a-wayth! Thank ye your majesty! O Gracious Derek of Kessler please bestow upon me a Pre 3. I promise to use in honor of you.

I'm in. Pre3 to replace my BBZ10 would be much appreciated.

If you don't win, hit me up if you'd be interested in a trade ;-)

After 3 pre2s and 4 central, I'd love to move up to pre3. Just the opportunity to have a chance at one is exciting.

Don't understand..But if it's a long winded way of saying WIN STUFF..I am in..

I wouldnt mind some webOS stuff since my touchpad broke :-(

I'm compelled to webos nation almost everyday, still. Loyalty has its privleges - I hope.

I would, in a heartbeat, trade my Nexus 4 for a Pre 3.

Love my Pre3, touchpad, and still have my Pre2, and two pluses in case my daily user ever dies, love to have a chance for another Pre3 but I can't help feelin greedy for those who still have not had a chance to own one.

I'd love some webOS gear! I'm an Android user, but I'm sure I could find a place for a nice new Pre 3 in my life.

this is great. All those items can be put to good use.

My launch day Pre- on Bell is falling apart. I would love to get my hands on a Pre 3 or Pre 2, or even a veer!

Ooo that is a sexy picture.

Im in. Ill gladly trade my s3 for one. Anyday.

I loved these... but somehow this "close out clearance" feeling saddens me.

yeah i really hope this isnt a webOS dev's personal stash being wiped out.

I'm up for this, rock on

Would be great to get a new Pre as my Pre 1 "daily dialer" face is cracking from two corners!!

Love the OS - want it to rise again someday.

count me in and thanks!

Friends don't let friends mainline dried, condensed, concentrated Shakespeare.

Derek obviously needs new friends.

My Veer could use a new friend. Thanks for the chance.

That said, I'm looking forward to this.

Oh yeah! I'm soooo loving this idea

Please let me win all that WEB OS Awesomness. Web awesome

Touch pad touch pad touch pad. The great and oh so underrated TouchPad. Better than I pad

Please let me win the TOUCHPAD.

I have 3 Pre-, 2 Pixi- and a "preordered" 32GB Touchpad (that I still use all the time. I WOULD LOVE TO WIN a Pre3 or even a Pre2 even though Sprint never supported anything past the Pre- :'(

oh and also 3 touchstone charging docks :-)

To sleep, perchance to Dream

I hope they find a good home.

My HP Touchpad could certainly use a friend, for sure.

That's quite a collection in the picture...
Derek, you are too generous!

My original pre just rose from the dead yesterday. Must be pre-Easter!

That's a nice collection. I always wanted to try a Veer.

I want to change my Veer to Pre3

I am still rocking a Pre 2, I would love a Pre 3!!!

Verizon Pre3 ....DROOL!!!!

This would be one awesome conetest. Lets make it happen

id take a at&t pre3 and a touchpad.

I would love to get any GSM Pre and a touchpad too :)

Cool! Can't wait to hear how this is going to go down!

what are the rules

Across the invisible bridge, I chose the Touchpad with cellular.

I am told "You have chosen wisely".

count me in.

I would proudly trade some shrubbery for another Touchpad!


thou hath lift thine spirits

Ni! Ni!
Since my Lumia 900 was obsoleted (is that a real word?) right after I got it, I'd love a Pre3.
I only got the Lumia because the Pre+ took a dive and broke anyway. Still WebOS!

I've dreamed to own a pre3 and a touchpad go forever I love webOS it's still the best os out and that says a lot long live webOS typed this on my day one touchpad. I still have my day one pre to.

until death do us part