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Coming Soon: TouchPad fire sale Part 2 144

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 22 Aug 2011 5:03 pm EDT

If you were worried that you missed out on your opportunity to get an HP TouchPad at the ridiculous price of $99 for the 16GB model or $149 for 32GB, then you're in luck. According to a tweet sent out by an HP employee and an article on International Business Times, HP has a warehouse full of devices that are ready to be shipped out to retail outlets in preparation for part two of the fire sale that's been going on the past few days.

No word on the number of TouchPads or other webOS devices that they have in stock, but if you keep hitting the HP website this week, you'll likely find that the "Out of stock" message is replaced with a "Buy now" option. Keep in mind that some retailers, like BestBuy, will no longer be selling the TouchPad even if there is more inventory available, so you'll want to watch other online outlets for news on continued discounts on the tablet device. 

So while HP won't be creating any new devices to push into the highly demanding market, the TouchPad looks like it will be staying at the top of everyone's minds and shopping lists for at least a few more days. Whether you're at HP webOS Headquarters in Sunnyvale (like in the photo above) or checking some other retail store in your area, get in line with the rest of us. You won't want to miss out on what looks to be the last opportunity to get an HP TouchPad.

Source: International Business Times, Twitter (BrynaAtHP); Thanks, Tobeaman!



Seems like the storm before the calm.

Once the Touchpad hits the magic number of $49.99 I'll buy one in a heart beat. Until then **** no!

That's because you're a BUM.

wow, you're pathetic.. You must really be under the apple mind control

Hey now. We don't know what his/her preferred brand is so, let's not fight fire with fire here.

I am a huge fan of Apple products but, that didn't stop me from buying a TouchPad during the Fire Sale. I also was prepared to pay $200-$250 for one--before knowing that they were going to drop all the way to $99--and I already own an iPad.

Yes, that comment is incredibly childish but, there's no point in being a child back. Not everyone that has a preferred product of choice is under any sort of "Mind Control".

That is all.

Gosh, it must really suck to be poor!!!

I just bought a $50 mouse trap, hardly equal too the awesomeness of a touchpad!

This comment seriously looks very smug, hence a lot of the negative replies. Even my co-workers read this comment and they were like "REALLY?!?"

greenlantern, they still wont accept food stamps, sorry.

What are you even doing on this forum then, bottom feeder?

It did with Staples USA - $99 plus $50 instant credit.

how would an individual go about buying a thousand touchpad?

I love touchpad. I believe in touchpad. I want to invest in touchpad.

thank you for any help.

All right! Lets bring it on!!!!

H/P make more TP's.

You know what would be interesting... If HP bump the price up by 50 bucks and see if sales still stay strong...
16GB for 150 and 32GB for 200.

That would be a nice little experiment, since the word is out on the TouchPad and they can hold inventory for at least a month or so. I don't see why they wouldn't try this, unless they are close to a deal with a licensee of some sort.

I think if they make a tab with similar specs and a price like that they would sell a ton of tp. They may lose money at first but in the long run they would make money and build up webos fanbase. It's HP. They've proven they can unload tablets at 99. Nothing else. As long as HP is in control of webOS, they'll lose money by the millions.

I though the same thing too. HP maybe popular with their computers and printers, but WebOS is not popular enough for them to justify a purchase of 500-600 dollars. Apple can do that, because they're Apple and people are familiar with iOS and trust it.

If HP wanted to be the next Apple (which they were trying to be) they should've started with a introductory price... $250-300 would be more acceptional for people to see this tablet as well as training the sales reps.

After you gain your userbase and fanbase, you then release a newer product with spec bumps at the same price. Then when you gain their trust and loyalty, then you start raising the price bracket that wont scare them.

It's the same principle with game consoles (sort of).

In the reality of things, HP was just a wannabe tablet maker that tried to be the next Apple. (one syllable letter/word followed by PAD).

I just sold a new 32gb on ebay sun for 285 bucks . Id say demand is strong. yes thats over 100 bucks than i paid lol

I hope you get hit by a bus

I got to the game late, since I was on vacation this weekend, and have been trying everything I can to get a TP. It's been a frustrating ride today. Here's to hoping that HP contacts us to let us know that they are going to begin selling again soon.

Well, maybe some of the backorders will get filled then. And hopefully they are smart enough to limit sales to 1 or 2 per address.

Hey, look at the picture! There's already a line outside HP headquarters to get a TouchPad from Firesale Part, I hope I can get over there soon...

Rockbeast, that's the line of people who just lost their jobs at HP, waiting for their severance package, which consists of a free Veer, with two-year contract, of course.

i would say check your local stores first, because my local walmart said that they were supposed to get around 80 more, just not sure when because it all depends on how quickly HP ships them out, but said to call back every day if i was determined enough... just so you know

This is the Message on for people who placed orders over the Weekend:

Thank you for your interest in the HP TouchPad

HP Small and Medium Business Customers

We have received unprecedented orders as a result of the tremendous discount offered. This is clear confirmation to HP there is huge interest in building a webOS community. We apologize for any difficulty you may have had in ordering on the web or through the phone this weekend; it was as a result of selling out of our current inventory.

Your order has been captured and you should receive a confirmation over the next 48 hours.

Additionally, some of our customers may have experienced a pricing error while purchasing on August 20th and 21st. We are in the process of ensuring every order is honored at the discounted price and will send you confirmation via email.

Should you have any questions, we can be contacted at 1 800 888 5858 option 1: Though we are expecting significant call volumes with extended wait times over the next 48 hours, we ask for your patience and we are committed to our relationship with you and to delivering the best technology solutions for you and your business.

Your HP Small and Medium Business Team

Same thing I got. Hopefully they will get all these orders filled first and then allow people to order again for whatever they have left over in the warehouse.

What about the warehouse of Pre 3s that must also exist?

I wonder the same thing. How long does it take to get a few hundred thousand of those things produced? If they were aiming for a mid-late September release, would there be very many already made?

True I would take a $99.00 GSM Pre3. I have a go phone that would be perfect for it.

They are selling their Pre 3s now in Europe. The reduced price is 79 € (including VAT) which should translate to $ 79 (excluding VAT).

Mine should arrive me by tomorrow and I also ordered a second one for my sister.

You have a url for a 79 euro pre3?

Limited 3G on AT&T or Edge on Tmobile. I'll have to pass on that..

But will you be able to swap the comm board and make a Sprint FrankenPre3 out of it?!? That's what I want!

HP was selling their entire stock of phones over the weekend for $49, it was phone sales only no online deals or advertising. As of Monday they said they are "sold out" but you can ask for a call back when they receive more.

I ordered one from CDW on Sunday, their price was still $499, but I have a strong business relation ship with them, so my rep called my first thing this morning 8am cst and said they still have 1000 of them. Now their website says call to order, worth a shot if your still looking for one.

I'd be super happy to snag 2 even @ $150 and a pre2 at $100 or $50 off contract.(as long as I still get my free hotspot :) )

Once it went out of stock they cancelled my order and told me they were not going to hold orders creating a waiting list. So if the above comment about is correct about people getting confirmation on their orders in 48 hours that isn't exactly fair to people whom they cancelled orders on and telling us there would be no list and we just got to get lucky. I guess I have to hope I get lucky or someone who bought one to make sure they get in the hands of people who are supporting the platform instead of the hands of a scalper will sell me one. I posted in the market section thead so anyone with one hook me up please.

my B/N one was just cancelled...

have two more possibilities...or else its the greed of ebay in my future

I "bought" 2 on the BN site last night. Just got cancelled too. What, your system can't freaking COUNT?!?!?

Does QIK work on the Touchpad?

No, but Skype does ;)

What's really annoying is that so many people purchased the TouchPad to simply turn around and sell it on eBay (check it out for yourself). I'm hoping the individuals who really want one (myself included) can wait for the second round of the sale instead of supporting the capitalist a**holes selling on eBay.

I agree I want one because I am a college student and do not have the money to afford a $400 tablet. This is the perfect price and makes it so I dont have to lug my laptop around all the time to class to take notes. Not to mention be able to take and watch movies on when I am traveling.

It really is the worst of human nature....but then again...I should have been an early adopter..have two more chances.....but not looking promising on either one

... instead of supporting the OPPORTUNISTIC a**holes selling on eBay.

There, fixed it for ya.

hit the pre2 forums and call hp small business number. Ordered 1 gsm(when I travel abroad) and 1 cdma for franken pre. Unless they have sprint pre3 I think I'm good.

There was an article earlier today regarding the Touchpad's #1 status on it's also in the Movers and Shakers category.

the 32gig is at number 2, previously ranked 7,111 up 355,450% 16gig is at number 1 previously unranked.

Sitting here pressing "Refresh" as i read....

I was able to order 6 today, but they have to "confirm my credit" and asked me to check back if I have not heard from them within 48 hours.

I ordered on sat. but could not complete the transaction. This morning it work.

and you really need six????

WTF do you need with 6 ... some of us can't get 1. Greedy bastad.

He wants to sell them probably. Kudos to him.

I bought 3 but probably will just unload one of them. I think of it as a coupon. Should pay for the other two.

and you are another greedy **** ..congrats...
was a little frustrated when I wrote that...I do understand the capitalism side....but its still frustrating...I have three on various places....most likely none will work out....if I do get more than one...I will sell it at cost...may not be the bargain basement but it wont be ebay gouging either

where did you order from?

Got through and was able to order the 32gb tp Sunday morning, but the site crashed during processing. Finally received a email 36 hours later that I should receive a comformation letter in 24 to 72 hours. I might get a Touchpad after all. Woot!

man! thing must be the fast selling tablets after the ipad. Every single UK retailer is out of stock.

Everyone go here and vote YES for continuing support of webOS:

I want a Pre3! Preferably a Verizon version.

Apparently no one at got the memo. Check this out:

Anyone paying these prices for a Touchpad now is an idiot. LOL!!!

cnet just put out an announcement about the Pre3 not coming to us but has sold out in Germany.

Sad really, but I am super excited about this news, first time I have said that in the last 18 months as I Pre- first adoptor...

Went to the HPalm Website and of course they are out. Signed up to be notified as soon as they have them back in and yes, a Touchpad for $99? **** yea, I'm getting one. :-)

So where are you suppose to by it if places like BB aren't going to restock? The CAD HP website still hasn't dropped the price. :/

Got a question...the new pre3 is a CDMA2000 1X version. Spring uses the same radio which means....why the **** not could us pre users buy one and use it?

amazon is still listing it at £349..

Oh this is fantastic news...since my order on Amazon OnSale may fall through because of lack of inventory. Heck, I know 3 people who know want one.

More webOS users the better! Sorli...

My brother also purchased via Amazon/OnSale. He hasn't received a cancellation email yet...

Hopefully the UK people will be able to get them.

Anyone else think HP should make it right and make sure that previous owners of webOS devices can get their hands on these dirt cheap devices now?

(And maybe make sure the devs get a more free ones passed around!)

I'm signed up to be notified on both my e-mail addresses. Soon as they are in, BAM. GETTING ONE!! HELLO AGAIN, WEBOS!!!! :-)

Lol at an HP SMB Rep telling me that them having more Touchpads in stock was just an internet rumor. He then mentioned he heard on the internet that Obama had just been shot.

I just stopped being so mad. I love a good irony and I think if webOS is going to die off then it should die appropriately kicking and screaming by whatever thread of consumer demand keeps it alive. In other words, that it appropriately finds it's user-base as HP stops trying and despite whatever the market analyst clairvoyant geniuses there think. The market is speaking, are you listening this time, idiots? These guys would do better forecasting the weather in Texas. Texas Weather Tip: Look out the window.....Idiots.

It's a wrap fellas!!! HP is not taking any new orders.. atleast that's what i was just told. I was told to see if i could order from Costco or Sam's Club!! Oh well!!

I want to know if the mythical 64GB guy appears in this wave. Now that the idea of dual-booting honeycomb is out there, I would want the additional storage space.

Two things:

1. just got my email from Hp that my order will be confirmed in 24 to 72 hours. We'll see how that pans out. Anyone get this email AND a confirmation?

2. For the early adopters...anyone buy their TP from newegg and if so whats the word on those customers getting a refund to match the fire sale?

Well, I'm disappointed. I just received my cancellation email from BN after ordering one online shortly after midnight today. Since I hadn't received the email others had talked about, I was hopeful. I'm still keeping that optimism alive, hoping I'll have another opportunity to purchase one in this next's too great a deal to pass up.

I wonder - if it's a computer ordering system, can it not COUNT?!?

Mine got cancelled, too.

Android port to TP is just too good to pass up, IMO.

I would have thought the same thing but with so many people purchasing the same product at once, their automatic inventory system probably couldn't keep up...that and they also probably assume more inventory is coming in and instead of cancelling, they would normally let us know the order would be delayed. Let's see what happens this. Like I said, I'm remaining optimistic about being able to purchase one. I became a webOS fan since the initial Pre came out and would love to get one of the TPs.

I wish I had jumped on this yesterday. If I don't get an e-mail saying that they have more in stock ready for sale, I will be disappointed, but will get over it. This is a great opportunity for HP to make some quick cash. It's in their best interest to get them out of the warehouse and sell them to us.

I'm beginning to wonder if this is just a trick to artificially inflate demand over the next couple of days and then allow them to be sold on their website on say, Friday? At which point everyone and their brother, sister, mom and dad will jump on and buy at least one, if they limit sales to one per or two per. All of a sudden, the Touchpad will become the hottest selling Tablet of all. I think it's a trick. let's watch and see.

If it's a trick then webOS is playing dead.

Got any TouchPads for $99?

Hey...just thought I'd ask. ;)

why don't you fire sale some of those pre3's in my direction >:(

Stopped by my Best Buy to pick up a case for the TouchPad I bought yesterday. They actually had them out on display along with keyboards and touchstones. While I was looking, a sales person came up and mentioned that they will be getting more in stock this week and expects it to be another crazy day with people wanting to get the TouchPad.

Hmmmm.... But the Best Buy website says they are not selling them any more.... Interesting...

YES! I was at my dad's house, disconnected from the world when this happened. I won't miss it a second time!

hi, having 3 ipads and 3 laptops in the family I didnt need a touchpad. Bought one tried it and returned last week then bought the 3rd ipad. I just felt it was lacking compared to the ipad for 100 difference in price. Well for 149 I decided to give it another chance. Glad I did. Its not bad if you take the time to learn how to use it. Well I like it. In some ways its very fast compared to the ipad. Its better with videos, facebook has more options, easy to close programs, nice notifications for new emails and facebook across the top. Well will post more if any interest otherwise enjoy your tablet choice.

I'm curious, are iPads enough to grace with the price Apple is charging...especially after seeing what other tablet makers are doing?

I just can't see owning a iPad with IOS being so limited OS wise and I'm hopeful that Apple finally steps things up with IOS 5 simply because they've been stagnating for a while and have no reason to innovate. Maybe I'm wrong, but as an iPad user you have too notice some of the glaring things iPads are missing.

Either way, I'm glad HP is releasing more units and hopefully the Ebay sharks don't score them all before webOS fans and new customers catch a break. Sorli...

sad to say in many retailers there was no limits on how many you could buy. Many of them will be on Ebay asap but thats the free market. I will buy 3 or 4 16 gig as gifts if I find them. Since I can show whomever I give one too how to use it it will make an awesome present. It will do 85% of everything the ipad will do at great savings. Side by side their fun to use and compare. Take care.

It really would have been nice if HP had put out a 1 or 2 per customer limit; it wouldn't have been binding on the retailers, but most would have gone along. Alot of us actually want one of these to genuinely use as a WebOS device, yet can't get one.

I admit I managed to score one, but I really want another for my wife... she never gets a new toy. I've told her the one I got will be hers if I can't get another, but she knows it's really mine so it's just not the same. certainly doesn't have 85% of the apps available on the iPad. I disagree with your statement. But anyway, for the things it does do, it's awesome! I have an Acer Iconia A500 Android Honeycomb 3.1 tablet and though that one has tons more apps available than the TouchPad, I find that the TouchPad is FAR more stable, responsive, and enjoyable to use.

This is gorilla marketing! hp: Throw your stuff at the walls, see what sticks, bring attention to yourself, act as if you have nothing/everything to lose. Force all players and consumers to pay attention. hp has thus made tablet tech a commodity driven exclusively by price as evidenced by sales and comparisons to Apple(almost) but for a LOT less thus a BETTER deal. After hp incidentally stretches this "firesale" out for a couple weeks while devs are cranking for the new user hordes and new users have a chance to taste a different flavor of ice cream (yes, tech DOES come in different flavors not just i-Vanilla) and it is good. Hope the servers for webOS Roundup and Precentral can handle the strain, Captain! Warp'ed Drive! Thanks hp, for being the billion lb gorilla in the room and tossing your defecation with such artful abandon. Let's see what sticks.

Where is the elusive White Whale 64GB?

my distributor had 299 of them (they had just gotten them in on Black Thursday), but they apparently sent them back to HP. They all disappeared sunday night with no price drop (along with ~5000 32gb and ~3000 16gb) so I'm pretty sure they weren't purchased. Bummer too, I really wanted to get my hands on one, but obviously not for ~$600.

I suspect HP will eventually do something with them, but who knows what. Maybe release them at $299 or something after the current frenzy is over.

Of course the REALLY class thing to do with them would be to sell them really cheap to the WebOS faithful, those who still have an ACTIVE WebOS phone. That's me, of course. Dreaming, I know.

yeah, that'll happen...NOT!

Looks like I was wrong, my distributor is selling their touchpads. No stock quantity ever appeared, but I just got my 32gb back-order filled at the new price (less a TINY dealer discount). I can't tell what happened with the 64GB though - they're not showing any price reduction on those. HP hasn't announced any price drop on the 64gb, so they're all probably tied up in open-orders waiting for the price drop.

and if anyone is still reading, it looks like the 299 64GB touchpads have been priced at $199 and sold. so there are a few out there. now I wish I'd put in a back-order on one when I had the chance.

in fact if I knew Saturday morning what I know now, I would have put in a back-order for 2 16gb and 1 64gb touchpad, and just relaxed all weekend instead of joining the silly touchpad hunt. hindsight is always 20-20.

I guess I'll go ahead and put in a back-order for a 64gb, on the off chance more show up.

I'm not taking any chances. I went to BB today and got my $450 back from my day 1 tp purchase then went to ebay to and picked up a veer for $190. I would prefer the pre3 but without any clear indications that they will be available I'm going to settle with the Veer. My contract expires in a year, if WebOS is still alive in a year I sill get a new WebOS phone then.

Ever feel (fear) that we are the Chicago Cubs of phones?

The Chicago Cubs have been around since 1876. If my Pre- lasts that long, I'd call that a pretty good run. "Second place is first loser" is so overrated :)

What is up with They had 16 & 32gig TouchPads on sale for the discounted price. They took their website offline as I was ordering. An hour later, the website is up with the same 16g & 32g at drastically higher prices, $536 for the 16g and $605 for the 32g. LAME!

Now it says "Call for availability" at .... Hmmm...

I guess this is one way to force Apps to be made, when the feeding frenzy for the Touchpad is looked at.

Realy hope they do offer up more for sale and this time around it will at least be somewhat easier to get. Got a 32GB shipped to myself from only to make a bonzai trip in the middle of the night to see if they had them at Walmart before ordering a second because my dad wanted one too. I didn't expect them to sell this quickly. It was literally 15 minutes. Ever since I have managed to strike out every time at both B&M stores and online. Not to mention I've been loosing massive amounts of sleep to check every few hours :P Oh well I might wind up having to give mine to him.

On, the Touchpad "not available for purchase at this time". Coming up empty everywhere. I honestly think this is a ploy by HP to artificially increase demand then in a day or two they'll let us all know they are "available" and see everyone jump on this like there's no tomorrow.

The numskulls who bought two or three and are attempting to profit from them by adding $199 to the price are in for a rude awakening. Everyone knows the Touchpad has been sold for $99. No one is going to pay $300 if there is the slightest chance they can get them for $99. LOL!!!

I don't understand why buy something dead. What about when you have a problem with it like a crack etc..

It makes no sense to purchase something DEAD.

I hear what you're saying, but there's two senses of the word "dead." The first is "discontinued." The second is "non-functional." The TP is discontinued, but it's fully functional, and with the sudden influx of many new owners there's now a higher probability of old apps being maintained and new apps being developed. Even if official WebOS support goes away, there's unofficial support from WebOSInternals. And even if that goes away, the device will still work, and there may be other options such as Ubuntu or Android.

On the hardware side, my experience is that electronic devices are generally very reliable. I've bought many over the years, and returned very few due to problems, and of those, the vast majority of problems manifested early on. I expect that if a TP is defective when I receive it, I can return it and at least get a refund. There is some long-term risk, but at these fire-sale prices, I'm willing to give it a shot. For you, the risk might not be worth it, and that's fair enough.

Yeah I've seen the projects about how loading Android and Ubuntu on there. The first goal with Android is to get Android 2.2 on it with Cyanogenmod. Apparently the source code for Honeycomb isn't available at this time. But any version of Android would get you access to a lot more apps. I'm not sure how Ubuntu would work on a tablet. It's probably not optimized for tablet use/touch. Either of these options seem like a shame to me because what makes the TouchPad great isn't the mediocre hardware, it's the OS! A project I'd RATHER see is a way to sideload Android .APK apps onto the WebOS TouchPad and get them to work. That would RULE!

The TouchPad is not dead. I'm certain that HP would honor the limited hardware warranty and they're planning to continue to support the OS itself. For $99/$149, people know that this tablet is an incredible value even if you only get what comes in the box and the functionality that exists today. But I also think that with 500,000+ units in consumers' hands already there WILL be new apps coming too!

I still want 1 or 2...Missed the boat in the chaos following the announcement.

My thoughts are not that this thing isn't dead. But a very good device (not great maybe) that will last 18 mo. to 2 years and do 80% of what most people do with them. Kindle, some games, web bargain. in that role

In the interim sit back and watch the battle of the Titans (Apple vs. everybody else) and see where the tech world goes. Lot to change in 18 mo. **** BlackBerry was the king of the universe just 3+ years ago.

If the adoption of the TP's is any indication, there is now a market for the device and the software in the near term. The question becomes more what happens 6 mo. out. If we are all lucky, licensing or open source takes control and there is future. If not, you have a Treo or other now obsolete device that served you relatively well and you got your $$ worth.

They have the 16 gb version still for $129.

I want a 32gb version but, 30 day return policy so all is good.

Out of Stock

circuit city still has it at 399

Found a new spot for getting the touchpad 16gb version.....

Got one ordered! Thank you VERY much!

Too bad not 32GB version, but ordered mine, thanks!

ordered mine..lets hope its not a mistake. shows estimated ship date 8/28

my order status changed from "being processed" to "approved". sounds promising right?

Don't bother. I spoke with HP about this. They said it was a website exploit that allowed it to go through. He said all of those orders will be canceled within 24 hours.

$22 Shipping here? That is high. Ordered one too. Thanks for the link!

Just ordered mine. I hope it wasn't a mistake on their part.

I am guessing it is a mistake.
Regardless, trying to order, but the site won't respond now.
Probably too much traffic.

This may be a crazy thought...but maybe HP is blowing out it's inventory (at almost free) to create market share and buzz to get users addicted to WebOs. Its like drug dealers that give kids free drugs, so they become addicted to that drug for future purchase. Is this step 1 in a diabolical plan to revive WebOs? Brilliant!

I was thinking the same thing. And now e have another fire sale (part 2). This will be GREAT. I hope this is true. I'm a big webOS fan since day one.

Had one in a cart from about an hour ago. Just made the purchase and it's charged my credit card...

(Referring to Tracy's post)

Edit 8/24: It's no longer listed in my credit card charges; I guess that site was selling them in error...

Is still giving away 50gb of storage space?

Just picked one up at my local best buy. the product is no on the floor, ask at the customer service counter.

Man you are lucky! My local Best Buy sold out the first day this fire sale started. I've been reduced to stalking websites lol. Congrats!

Damn it! i was on vacation this weekend and didn't know of this until too late...

What they should do, to "make things right" for us early webOS adapters, is jump us to the front of the line for round 2.

At this point I can't even get on the "notify when it becomes available" list :(

When is this Round 2 gonna start? I've been searching everywhere for one and can't find it!!

I too missed the chance... what a bummer.
I had the Palm Pilot... I want this last product. Otherwise I'll wait till demand dies down (no way will I pay double the retail price)

Well that's new. Now at least when you go to you can actually sign up to actually get notified when you click the notify link.

minuscule progress, but progress nonetheless.

I would like a Bodyguardz Carbon Fiber armor to help protect my HP Touchpad while using it out in the field while I am working. Who wouldn't want to protect a valuable gem like the Touchpad? It is just so easy to use to make notes and record times on each job. Thanks for the offer.

wrong thread dude.

I dont know if anyone already posted it but if you head to Office Depot stores they are taking $40 off of the Touchstone and the Keyboard. If the price in store is still the original then tell them the price online changed and they will price match I just picked up one of each.

i spoke with Costco corporate today about the pricing. They are issuing an email to all stores tomorrow to offer a $350.00 instant rebate for the touchpad for those who want to keep their touchpad. All we have to do is bring in our receipt, and pricing yet...with a case. Just thought you should know so you don't take it back and miss out. Also the guy said to wait a day and give it time to sink in at all the stores so you don't have to argue. Now I'm a happy kid. Bought one from Costco 2 weeks ago for $479 and got the one and only from staples this weekend for $149. Now I own one for the wife and I for under$300. Thank God for and all the homebrew community. We'll keep WebOS alive with or without hp

Although the website is down for whatever reason, updating blah blah feature does work. My local area Best Buy's are listing a few stores as having Touchpad's available "as of close of business yesterday." Everyone keep a watch out for them. It looks like it's about to begin again!

It looks like is now putting their accessories on sale as well. It has the HP TouchPad Case (FB343AA) on sale for 24.99 W/free shipping when its regularly 49.99 at any other store. Just cancelled my order on Future Shop and bought from HP instead.

Anyone else notice the HP Website now says coming soon, instead of out of stock!

they must have seen your comment because now it says Out of Stock....

Yes. I noticed that this morning. Clicking "refresh" every few minutes to see when it becomes available. FONDLE SLAB COMING SOON!!!

i was just chattin with a representative and she informed me that the policy has been amended to only on TP one customer/household.