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Complete Browser brings tabs, anonymous browsing to webOS 33

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 18 Mar 2011 11:45 am EDT

A new browser has hit the webOS App Catalog: Complete Browser. It brings several features that power-browsers have long wanted to the platform, including tabbed browsing, anonymous browsing, and faster access to some core features like clearing cache and cookies.

The UI is a little un-webOS-like with its multiple, difficult-to-tap buttons and the fact that the back-gesture isn't mapped to "back" on the browser. You can slide the tab-bar around to view all of your open tabs. If you're not happy with launching multiple cards (and with webOS 2.0, grouping them), it might be worth your $.99.

Source: Complete Browser; Thanks to cantaffordit and wellwellwell11 for the heads up!




Useless. WebOS 2 has stacks... that is our tabs... :'(

I found that a lot of links aren't clickable (you click them and nothing happens)

You might wanna pass on that one.

It's still a good news that there is a non-official browser available though.

Also, you can't put it as default browser in the default apps section (in device info preferences)

the only links that seem to fail are those returned from the search bar. If you search from or just open a web page (such as the links should work for you.

It's pretty sweet! Renders pages faster than default browser!

I think it's hilarious that underpowered, poorly coded stuff like this is 99 cents, while about 5 full powered, great browsers are available for FREE on Android.

The whole OS is based on web technologies, so having multiple browsers is somewhat pointless. This probably renders the page with the same webkit engine but adds inconsistent buttons (the left 4 at the bottom look good and then then there ugly gradients on stuff like the home one) and tabs (which are pointless when you can just open a new card for a new site and possibly stack multiple cards).

It crams the traditional **** all into the window wasting space, how is that any better than the default browser? If its quicker like someone said then I wonder what exactly they are doing differently.

Then perhaps you should release a properly coded full powered browser for free, you can do that right?....or just STFU. Also, sorry that $.99 might break you.

Oh, I didn't realize that every person that points out problems with things, also needs to be able to do that thing better. Movie, music, and food critics should never write another bad review, then. Nice try at making a zinger, though.

Wasn't trying to make a"zinger." You didn't point out problems, you just ripped the app by basically saying it's **** and Android has free browsers that are better. Pointing out problems would have been, "hey the google links aren't doing anything," or "the UI is too cramped together on the bottom." You know, things a developer might find useful and try to correct with updates?

Here's something the developer might find useful... stop wasting your time on webOS.

And here's something you'll find useful after coming to a WebOS-centric site: Stop being a troll and leave.

links on the PreCentral site work, but within results from the search bar they don't. But if you start at, they do.

lesson: ignore the built in search bar.

If anyone figures out how to bookmark/set as homepage a full version website, please let me know.. I go to PreCentral, then hit the Full Site link, then add to bookmark but it still does the mobile one.. I want the full..

That's why devs need to get in now. I remember when all the good apps on Android were pay apps...the junk was free. Then after 15,000-20,000 they started being free (with ads) due to cheap-o's wanting free before buy. Soo my point is...devs make a decent app and make a little money...when WebOS app cataloge takes off many will have to do business differently (ie free) to get there apps downloaded.


That cos we are living in the strangled wishful thinking world of 'WebOS' - the one where we dare not utter the words 'theres an app for that' just incase someone actually asks to see it and then falls around laughing at the result...

The only apps im proud to show off other than the operating system itself (yes O2 UK, we are still on 1.4.5 grrrr) are the Facebook App, AccuRadio and ReWeather...which are all FREE and awesome work. Yes I know their maybe other apps in 'butcher yer phone' online weekly but that's kind of losing sight of the issue of the rubbish we have to put up with as standard...that being said I am totally cool with people who write apps, unfortunately most of them need to tune into planet 'need' and write something worthwhile.


"the one where we dare not utter the words 'theres an app for that'"

No, instead we utter this: "There's a patch for that."


Kudos to that! Plus, I find the platform that much more engaging and customizable by having homebrew easily accessible to the average user.

Will someone please tell me what that icon is supposed to be???

It looks like a globe centered on North Africa (did Mohamar Qadhafi design this?) but I can't figure out what's in the background on the right.

Any ideas?


...are ya using the downloaded 'Precentral' app which takes ya to the mobsite? if you are then it should default to the main site next time ya use it or at least mine does.

on that note, can someone at PreCentral looks at the mobsite and tell me why sometimes after clicking a link from the mobsite, it then renders the new page, zooms in slightly and then won't let ya read the right hand side?


Not sure I follow you, yes I have the beta version of the Precentral app which opens up the mobile website.. I'm talking about wanting to bookmark the full Precentral website in this Complete Browser and it keeps going to mobile.

Update: Oh weird! I loaded that Precentral app and closed it and then loaded Complete Browser and now its going to the full website, is that what you meant? I got a weird popup message that said "Downloaded partial file".

@red5hark Perhaps you are tapping the text surrounding the link more than once in an effort to click the link itself (it's tough sometimes if the link text is too small), and it is being interpreted as a double tap.

Double-tapping on a piece of text will cause the browser to zoom in on the text a little. It's actually a feature I use all the time to make the page easier to read.

Try using pinch-to-zoom first, then tap the link.

One of the app reviewers in the App Catalog mention that it supports flash? That cant be right.

That confused me too! All I get is the little question mark empty boxes while Flash works fine for me in the Palm browser..

It probably uses the same rendering engine as the default browser, so that means if you don't have Flash on your phone, you don't get Flash from this app.

I do get flash on my default browser..

wow universe going into beta, complete browser released.. From no 3rd party luna browsers to 2? Nice, bring it!
I'm ready for prefox to be updated and opera to give us a word tho! I don't mind if they're pdt.

who wants to start a pressure campaign on Opera with me??

It's really nice to have such initiatives and products comin'...but isn't the App Catalog being a little loose?

According to the App Submission Checklist:

"If your scene contains buttons that perform actions:
There are no more than 5 commandMenu buttons at the bottom of a scene that contains them." Source:

And then Complete sports like, let me count, 9 Command Buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Seems like going toward tabbed pages in apps is a step backward. Stacks is nicer, and makes tabbed pages redundant.

This is stuff Palm should've done a long time ago. Kudos to the developer.

I have been testing universal browser and one thing I really like is having the history icon. I think history is very valuable, more so than bookmarks. I wish we could at least have an option if we want bookmarks or history down there at the bottom.

The browser seams ok. I personally wouldn't use tabs a lot on WebOS, as I prefer the card metaphor and stacks. Some ideas look good, I have some issues though that I get errors (couldn't connect to server) when I enter an Adress in the bar above.

The rendering seems to be a bit faster than that one built-in into WebOS... Might be also just a different algorithm of how and when he is showing the loaded pictures ;)

Does this Browser support Flash? I just ran some Flash-Videos on my Pre Plus and am not sure if it was the browser or my Flash-plugin working :)

I'll take the built-in browser thanks. Less screen real estate wasted, gestures rock and I actually prefer stacked cards to tabbed browsing, wish I could get that UI element on my PC browser.