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Contract-free Sprint Pixi available today only for $29.99 37

by Derek Kessler Sat, 03 Dec 2011 8:22 am EST

Looking for the smallest and lightest webOS handset you can buy? Want one on Sprint? Okay without Wi-Fi? Then have we got a deal for you - the Sprint Palm Pixi has popped up on daily deal site for the low low price of $29.99 without a contract. Sure, these day's you'd probably have to pay any self-respecting smartphone nerd to take a Pixi, let alone use it as their phone, but if you're looking for a cheap smartphone for a kid or just want a standby in case your trusting old Sprint Pre kicks the bucket, a thrity dollar Pixi wouldn't be a bad choice (though we wouldn't say it's a great choice either).

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How hard would it be to use one of these on T-Mobile?

It would be impossible due to the different carriers using different frequencies. You would need an AT&T Pixi plus. Even then the best you would get is "2G" with T-Mobile. Here is a link I found for the same price. (Newegg)

I'll take that trade.

It is not like the price was ever the problem. I can think of about 100 things I could blow $30 on that would be more useful than a Sprint pixi.

The Pixi (especially the Sprint variant) will go down as one of those "New Coke why?" questions. Why create a class of devices that almost equals the Pre for video output. Why create a device that lacks wifi. Was it not enough the the CPU was lighter? Why cripple it and create a fragmentation class for developers and users to choke over?

I remember the IBM PS1 class that launched well AFTER PS2 did well as full fledged hardware. Most of the computers in PS1 lacked hard drives to make the machines cheaper and "more appealing" to consumers!!! It's one thing to choke back horsepower and offer value, but to drastically compromise function? WTF???

Yeah, the WiFi decision was inexplicable, especially when the Pixi Plus has it.

Actually, you couldn't even pay me to get a Pixi.

I had a Sprint Pixi for about 3 months (free replacement) after my Sprint Pre- broke and before I picked up a Pre 3 and switched to AT&T. I wasn't expecting much, but I really grew to like it.

It's more solid than the Pre- and has a better keyboard. The screen IS small, but that wasn't nearly the issue I thought it would be (just a bit more scrolling).

Yes, there's no WiFi, but that's not really an issue with a Sprint unlimited data plan. To me it seemed to be the-little-smartphone-that-could (albeit slowly!).

I very much recommend it as a first phone (or as a cheap way to maintain both Sprint and webOS...which is why I got it), or just as a simple, no-nonsense smartphone.

Agree, the keyboard is the best I've used in a smartphone.

are they gone cuz I can't find a 29.99 n e where...

If it were an unlocked Pixi I would have bought it...

*Sigh* Too bad for no WiFi, it would work excellently as a calendar with an EXCELLENT keyboard, that can surf the web and pull in Email while I'm on the go if I don't want to lug around a Pre. Sort of like an iPod touch if you will, but because of webOS, much better!

"Lug" around a pre? Because it's such a huge phone, right?

Thanks for the tip! I was able to snag one to replace my Daughter's Pixi. Yes, the Pixi has some shortcomings, but I'm raising my Daughter to be a WebOS girl, so i have to keep the dream alive. She really likes hers...

You're a good parent! :-)

I wonder if I should buy one as a collectible... Not like I can use it anyways up here.

I thought the same thing, then I realized it would just collect dust like the Veer I grabbed cheap off eBay recently.

its a nice "phone" if all one cares about is calls, texting, and calendar maybe? I don't see how anyone can really brouse internet on that thing, or the veer.

I would rather go back to my sprint pre though. Its working just fine.

the funny thing about your post is that U is no where near W on the keyboard.

That's the difference between a misspelling and a typo

heck yeah I just bought one for $30 - I like my original Sprint Pixi (modded with the VZW wifi board) - but some day it'll die on me but I still have 7 mos to go on my current contract . . .

This "just-in-case" phone will buy me more time to either wait for a Sprint LTE android phone (I knew WiMax was gonna be DOA from the beginning) or wait for the next iphone

Trust me folks - texting on this pixi is way way way easier in "those situations" when you're not supposed to use your phone

Just grabbed one for my daughter to replace her non-functioning original Sprint Pre.

woooooohooooo bought me 2 Pixi's well worth it hope hold til HP brings a new webOS devices of some kind back...

I got a pre- for 10.50$...

*gets ready for down-voters*

One of the many decisions that helped kill Palm was releasing the Pixi with no wifi. I know Ruby said it was Sprint's call, but they should have nutted up and told them no wifi was not an option.

if it was an unlocked gsm pixi-plus, it'd be well worth getting just to have... it could be used as a wifi-only device, or with a voice-only prepaid plan. but a wifi-less sprint pixi doesn't have much value to most of us... you can't do anything at all with it without a sprint voice and data plan. that of course is why it's available for only $30.

Grabbed two...wife still has a Centro - a definite upgrade for her. She's been eligible for an upgrade but not sure if we're sticking with Sprint. This will buy us time. Other one is a backup for my Pre. I have an EVO & Pre, both active, but ever since I bought the Touchpad, I hardly use my "smart" phones, mainly talking & texting. The Pixi is perfect for that.

Hurry, sale ends at Midnight EST.

The Pixi is a great little phone! If you want a small device with an awesome keyboard to meet your basic needs, look no farther. It might not rival an iphone 4, but it sure fits in the pocket nicely!

Ugh, why is it always the CDMA version on sale for $30? When are we gsm folk gonna get our new $29 pixi plus?

I would highly recommend you avoid this phone!

It's so underpowered for webos. Get yourself the Pre at the very least.

Or if you insist, you can have my old pixi - it's probably at the bottom of my drawer.

i could find a paper weight for a lot cheaper.......

I wish Verizon would do this with the Pre2. Then I could put Android off for at least another year.

Say what you want about the Pixi, but he keyboard is better than the Pre's (even pre 2's) and call quality is like 10X better than the Pre line. **** I have a Nexus S 4g now and the call quality on the pixi is way better.

I had to use a pixi for a few weeks and the experience wasn't that bad. My wife has been using her's for about a year and a half and I hear almost no complaints from her. Doesn't even mention getting another phone.

I did love my Pixi, due to how easy it was to use. I thing if HP going to continue with the WEBOS they should make more pixi instead of the veer with better specs that is comparable to the Nokia E6 at least. What made me give up my pixi was the poor hardware, and the fact that the WEBOS was not as feature rich as the symbian^3 os. Now using a Nokia N8 but missing the WEBOS. Hope HP makes a good decision on WEBOS. Please don't leave it for dead!

I love my Pixi, especially since I stuck in a Wi-fi chip. I don't want to switch at least until another Sprint smartphone comes with a similar footprint.

I really liked my Pixi. I would still have it, but...I didn't have great call quality with mine, echoed, garbled voice at times.

I just wish they would have bumped up the size by 25%...bigger screen, etc. And not called it a Pixi.

The Pixi 2 could have been a really great device.