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Could there be a suitor for webOS? 201

by Derek Kessler Thu, 18 Aug 2011 8:24 pm EDT

We’ve been looking for a silver lining in today’s HP squall line. HP’s done making webOS devices, and they might continue working on webOS while exploring their options with what to do with the software. Those options boil down to three likely possibilities: HP licenses webOS to a mobile phone maker, HP sells webOS (or just Palm’s patent portfolio), or HP completely kills webOS.

Obviously we don’t want the last thing to happen, which leaves some other manufacturer to pick up webOS, either as a licensee or purchaser. And, frankly, any manufacturer would be downright stupid to license webOS from HP. The only way to do this can work for webOS to come back to life is for somebody to buy it and its associated patents (likely for even less than the $1.2 billion HP paid for Palm).

So who could possibly buy webOS? Amusingly, this is the conversation we were having a year-and-a-half ago and HP came out of nowhere and bought Palm. And if we were having this conversation a week ago, we’re not sure we’d have any possible suitors that wouldn’t be interested in only picking up the Palm patent portfolio (surely, Google or Apple would love to have patent #7555727: Integrated Handheld Computing and Telephony System and Services).

Google’s purchase of Motorola changed everything. Google says it’s all about the patents, but you and I and your mother all know it’s about more than the patents. Patents are the near term and eventually this whole patent lawsuits mess will sort itself out. Long term, Google has a reason for owning Motorola: they want to be able to control the Android experience from start to finish, so they can put out the phones that they want.

This has to be scaring the bejesus out of the likes of Samsung, HTC, and LG. They’re all Android licensees, and they’re all Windows Phone licensees.

Windows Phone isn’t going as well as any of them would have liked – LG has admitted as much. And now they’re all in the awkward position of potentially having to compete with Google. Not to mention those three also aren’t thrilled about Microsoft’s sweetheart deal with Nokia. Could any of them be interested in purchasing webOS and its patents?

Certainly. HTC’s been busy trying to differentiate themselves, what with their shacking up with Beats. Samsung tried with Bada, and, well, that’s not really catching on. They all are searching for what HP was searching for with Palm: the ability to truly differentiate themselves. They didn’t want to be just another Android license, so they bought Palm and webOS. And then utterly failed with it.

If anybody’s going to buy webOS from HP, I’m going to throw out another predicition and see if I can go three-for-three: Samsung. They have the money, they have tried before with their own OS in Bada, and they have the most to loose between Google/Motorola and Microsoft/Nokia. Apart from that, they also have the manufacturing know-how and facilities (they use almost entirely their own parts in Samsung phones) and are engaged in a drawn-out lawsuit with Apple where owning Palm’s patents could go a long way towards bolstering their defense.

Of course, it’s also entirely possible that nobody will pick up webOS for anything other than its patents. This isn’t a case of Betamax or HD DVD – people really cared whether webOS lived or died and tried again and again to have it succeed. Unfortunately, those people may have been the wrong people.

Right now, we’re stuck in the limbo zone of “is this yet another near-death experience, or is this the end?” We don’t want it to be the end, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure it’s not, but we’re just a blog. The questions boils down to how much HP asks for Palm. The goods – webOS and the patents – could very well be available, all we need is the right highest bidder (again).


It would take 12-18 months to release a webOS device if someone licensed it TODAY. And sorry, but no "new" platform stands a snowball's chance in Hades of success 12-18 months from now. I don't think anyone's stupid enough to give it a try.

No one will touch WebOS. Palm and HP never made a complete webos device. After two companies tried to make a fully appointed product and failed, no one will believe it can be done.
WebOS ends here. Now.

In a nice world, HP gives the internalz the resources and IP to carry on the name as a charity or for profit. But, HP would not make it that right.

how bout we all pitch in what money we have, make an offer to HP, and this way we KNOW results will happen since it will be coming from us, the consumers. i got some chedder to throw the way of webos...

So, here is a question. How much does a Touchpad cost at Best Buy tomorrow?

A billion write-off related to the killing of WebOS? Are they paying off the retailers?

I agree. If someone wanted to buy it/license it they should have lined that up THEN made the announcement. As it stands no developers will make a single WebOS app. They killed the fledgling ecosystem.

As it stands I retired my pre and picked up a motorola photon. At least I know the photon will be properly supported.

I am looking at getting the photon also.

I recently picked it up (the photon). I still way prefer WebOS to android,but the sadness of switching was short.Having some great hardware and a plethora of good apps makes the OS issue fade away.

And hey, now you don't have to spend the extra $100 to root it anymore.

i don't think anyone will either. then again business is full of stupid people. like hp. sorry but i honestly though hp buying palm was stupid. mostly because of the unreasonable amount of money needed to make it competitive. but it wouldn't suprise me if some fool thought i was worth buying. now maybe there are valuable patents or some other reason but i'd be surprised if anyone just decided to buy it just for phones.

people say samsung. i wanted samsung to buy them or htc but i think that ship has passed. they do just fine with android now. there are a few possibilities but most don't make much sense to me. Especially given hp's own statements that it would take a year of tons of investment and even then a profitable return isn't nearly certain. What idiot wants to wade into that after seeing HP try and fail.


not sure why. they just spent more time building their own operating system that already has more share at 7% then webos ever did. Its not doing great but i don't really see why microsoft would want it. And recently microsoft has been less idiotic so that would kind surprise me. plus they already made windows 8 like windows phone 7 and they are putting it on tablets so again. i doubt they'd do that.

Regarding HP's statement that it would take tons of investment, well, duh. You would think that this would be a given for them to know when they bought Palm.

And HP's statement that they wouldn't see a profit this quarter or realize their insane goal of being number just a month after launch. More duh.

I'd have no confidence in them if I were a stockholder. It's just very surprising is all. As people on here have mentioned several times, HP is a big company. Can they really be this naive and seemingly inept?

Perhaps the most surprising thing was HP's actions this year. Why didn't they kill webOS sooner? Why even bother with the launches when they knew this stuff already? Why did they string people along? You couldn't ask for more negative goodwill and hits to branding & reputation. Just a disaster.

I honestly can't see a company willing to buy this OS and make a go with it at least not the way people here would expect. Not with all the investment it would take on top of it.

how about microsoft buying webos and dump the windows?


Lol unlikely though I wouldn't mind if they mixed the two :) unfortunately there's reallly only three things webos has over windows phone, the multitasking (which it already borrows some of), just type, and notifications. With mango, everything else who's had to offer is superior, though I really do think a design merge would be awesome, but Microsoft is all in with it's metro design. I'd hate Microsoft to buy it because it would likely die completely. I'm pissed HP is getting rid of their PC division as it did make the most sense and their pc's were #1

Once WebOS goes away, it will be that much harder for it to come back. If another carrier had devices ready to go in a few weeks, different story.

Bullshit, admit it, its over, so is this website and your advertising revenue.

Exactly. I'll look back here every now and then to see how many dumb articles there are (like this one) just to keep the site up. This will be Rumorville for all the stupid ideas of what webOS is gonna become.

Where's my shovel? Time to bury webOS. It's been real, we'll miss ya buddy!!

I'm going to stick around to read the fun articles on Best Buy/HP attempting to unload their stock of TP's, while handling all the returns. Maybe they can find the landfill when Steve Jobs dumped the LISA's. And they have to answer to all the customers who bought the TP and can't return it. What non-bankrupt company dumps a product 6 weeks after launch #drama

And the coming soon off-contract fire sales on the Veer and Pre 2.

And it should be fun to hear if HP ever got close to manufacturing the US Pre 3, which was weeks away from its supposed launch. I doubt it.

Although I returned my TouchPad yesterday and I'll be retiring my Pre Plus shortly, I still find myself visiting the various webOS blogs.

I'm not sure if it's morbid curiosity or some sort of dark comedy, but watching the community spin the death of the webOS platform into a positive situation certainly makes for an interesting read.

Don't get me wrong, I wish webOS wasn't dead but at some point we just need to face the facts and move on.

how do u feel about google buying the palm GBU and working it into android?

I'd rather webOS died than see it torn apart and pieced into android.

Not me. I'd kill to have a webOS EVO.

Google nervous system, WebOS skin, Motorola skeleton, Sprint service....where do I sign up?

sounds like a monster

Exactly.. All that Android needs,is webOS-style launcher build in & notifications. More focus on gestures would be nice, too.

System itself is more flexible and powerful already - only it is very geek-friendly (not user-friendly)

What would be the point, really? Even if the look and feel of webOS somehow made it into Vanilla android, HTC, Samsung & Friends would only bury it under a third party skin.

I'd rather see some of the assets of webOS go towards a platform that values the user experience, whether that be WP7, iOS or even what's left of MeeGo.

I think one licensee that no one has thought about (except Anand Shimpi) is Intel. Intel doesn't have a foothold in tablet and smartphone markets. If they can build an OS that works well on their chips, and offer it as a readymade solution they might have a chance. They tried it with Meego until nokia bailed and ran away. The core of WebOS can certainly be ported to x86: Linux kernel, Webkit and V8 all run just fine on x86.

How would that work with an os based on Qualcomm chip sets?

The OS is hardly based off on Qualcomm chips. WebOS 2.x ran just fine on TI chips. Plus the WebOS that runs in the emulator is already an x86 build of WebOS.

It isn't based on Qualcomm or TI, it's based on ARM processors. Which Intel x86 is not. And look how long it has taken them to try to port Android to x86. Not feasible.

The emulator has always run on x86.

The hard part isn't the CPU. It's the drivers for the graphics chip, wifi/3G, video decoding, etc. For embedded systems (both ARM and x86) it's usually proprietary stuff. To make things worse, Android has its own driver framework that isn't compatible with the standard Linux kernels.

Don't be so sure Nokia has run away from Meego. I still think they are hedging their bets with would make no sense to develop Meego to a shipping product and release the N9 if they were to run away from Meego. From what I have seen Meego is still the only shipping OS (after today) that does a decent job of multitasking and has a community similar to WebOS.

In reality, WM7 is still yet to make any decent inroads into the mobile space (look how many Android handsets HTC/Samsung have released compared to WM7 handsets). If Nokia are smart, they will continue to silently keep Meego bubbling away in their skunkworks....just in case ;)

Shame to see WebOS shelved. If they had released the Pre3 *first*, they may have had enough sales to justify continuing the project. Look how many posts were on here over the last 7 months of people wanting the Pre3 to replace their ageing Pres, compared to the other products announced.

"It would make no sense to develop WEBOS to a shipping product and release the PRE3 if they were to run away from WEBOS."

Did I hear that right?

No one stood a chance against Palm, Winmo or Nokia once upon a time.

No. Why would anyone license this when the perception of "there's no apps" is so prevalent in the public eye and Windows still backs their Mobile OS with development and updates. And we all know how well a license offer will compare to Android... (Money or free? Sorry, Chuck, I'm going to have to go with free.)

HP repeated the mistakes of Palm almost blow for blow, and the more people waxed poetic about hope and design superiority, the more HP floundered on software updates and hardware releases. (Hear that Verizon? Still waiting for my WebOS 2.1... guess it's never coming now.)

Most likely outcome: HP will offload the Palm/webOS IP to a third-party patent troll.

What I'd like to see: there's an enthusiasts' community for webOS here and at Make a bid to purchase the software part of it and open-source it under the Linux Foundation?

Yeah, that's not going to happen... Linux isn't in the Mobile phone business either. webOS is getting sold off and killed. It's over.

For the record... I hated Glee before, but I really hate Lea Michele now.

I wouldn't rule out the licensing. HP could indemnify users of webOS with the Palm patents. Android is in a really bad position, legally. I don't think people realize just how bad of a position it is in, as Apple really wants to pull the plug on it by forcing injunctions on products into the US (HTC appears to be pretty much in this position, and Samsung could be next). Google bought Moto Mobility, but Moto's patents have been on a major losing streak and may not provide the cover Google hopes it will.

If HP were to license webOS for a small fee, one smaller than WP7, and provide patent protection, then I could see Samsung and HTC license it. Maybe even LG. Quite frankly, I think having 2 or 3 big players license webOS is much more likely to get it to a point where it can survive, than just having one. But Samsung and HTC would be the best candidates for outright buying it. I don't think HTC would want to kill it anymore with all the legal troubles Android is in.

We'll see.

HP doesn't want to support WebOS.. If I was another company I wouldn't pay money for abandonware.. no one will want to license it...

WebOS' only hope is to be bought.. Please Samsung, we will buy your TVs, blu ray players, fridges, etc... IF YOU BUY WEBOS AND GIVE US A NEW DAMN PHONE AND TABLET!!

Please and thank you.

My experience: Samsung is more of a rat **** to smartphone users than HP is: my phone before this was the Samsung Moment... visit Sprint's forums to see why that phone lost them a lot of mindshare.

If they did license through Samsung, I'm out.

My husband had to get three Samsung Epic phones replaced in a year for various reasons. We noticed a design flaw in our Samsung frig after using it for a while, AND I found an error in the manual for the frig. It took me forever to type this post on my husband's Samsung Galaxy tablet's laggy keyboard.

Seriously, do you think HP has the competency to operate as a software provider with modernization and consistent updates for a licensee?

An even better question is would any successful hardware company like HTC or Sammy believe that HP could after watching this joke of an acquisition?

Tons of Palm creativity jumped ship before, during, and after the acquisition. That which remains is lorded over by idiots.

WebOS is finished as any significant player in the mobile space. It's checkmate.

* lights slowly dim *

"Seriously, do you think HP has the competency to operate as a software provider with modernization and consistent updates for a licensee? "

...exactly... they do not stand a slightest chance against Android, WinMo, as a licensed OS providers. Not with this development pace, developers relations (please, someone do me a favor and tell that clown Kerris how big clown he is, kindly)

I think you might be hurting a little bit too much from the webOS news, and wanting Google to feel some of your pain.

The current litigation will likely result in an overhaul of the current patent system, rather than actually seeing Android removed from the shelves.

Android didn't really take off till they found the right combination of hardware and software and each manufacturer customizes it their own way. It makes picking out a new phone confusing as **** but helps them sell products based off silly specs and buzz.

Android is not free. They just don't pay Google.

Still cheaper than WP7.

I just want webOS to be dead. I am sick of waiting and hoping. Even now, you could say there is a 2% chance someone licenses webOS. I don't want to have to decide whether 2% is worth hoping it works out. I just want this thing done and over.

Anyone waiting for webOS need their head examined.

...well, if it helps you, it IS "done and over". I haven't been wrong here for the last year and a half, despite being ranked about -100 on average post, and I am not wrong today. Trust me, and feel liberated.

My bet's on Samsung or Sony Ericsson (it has a stronger ecosystem than Samsung does with it's media library) but the Korean companies have been on a tear lately.

But non of the companies mentioned are experienced with software OS's.

My bet is on nobody.

SE isn't in great shape. If they licence Webos i predict they get eventually become the next Motorola

I'd like to see it licensed, but if HP really wants licenses to succeed they should have gotten someone onboard before announcing they are discontinuing the pre/veer/touchpad so developers and users don't abandon the platform or worry about buying the existing stock.

Only hope is to license the Synergy and cards out to be used as a skin for droid or Windows. Basically, sell the rights to them. Beyond those to concepts, there's not much going on with WebOS, and still huge gaps in certain disciplines.

WebOS will die without every having editing a document, Slinged a touchpad commercial, or identified a single song from a ten second clip.

WebOS had three pre-pubescent decades in phone years, then died when it's first curly showed up.

License? Windows already copied those features without penalty.

...not to mention the Playbook, it roams free and unperturbed by a single lawyer from HPalm.

(and BTW, opens a full-screen popup advert every now and again on P|C, funnily enough :) )

While I feel sad about this news, I can't say I didn't expect it. I've been a long-time user and supporter and was excited about the Pre3 after its announcement. When that didn't show, I lost interest and have had an emotional disconnect from HP and WebOS ever since. I'm now patiently awaiting the Galaxy SII. Goodbye "Palm".

"(...)and was excited about the Pre3 after its announcement. "

...everyone was, apart from idiots that were making decisions in HPalm.

Perhaps Amazon could be suitor. They are rumored to be developing a tablet and webOS may provide a better alternative than licensing android or starting from scratch.

Anyhow - this sucks. I've stayed for the ride since my Treo 600, but this may be curtains........

I think so too. If Amazon is serious about entering the tablet war, they better have something as good as webOS onboard.

downloading phonegap right now. Best scenario as a developer - write once and launch multiple devices. Hopefully webos survives and my app can launch, if not then to android or iOS

webOS is dead and Leo seems to be bent on killing HP as we know it. Why spin off the one part of your company that made you who you are today?

I have an HP Veer, HP TouchPad, HP dv7, HPE-270, my wife has an HP Mini 100, and we have an HP printer. According to Leo, only the printer is worth selling.

Leo, don't you think it was because of the computers you sold that made the printer worth their name?

Well, because that is how the tech industry works. Listen, there is ONE company that was among the 10 most profitable in the world in both 1900, and 2000: General Electric. Do you think they would have been so successful for so long if they took the attitude that you suggest. Look at how well IBM has done since they dropped their hardware division.

Was that after they dropped a billion on a flailing company only to drop it 13 months later?

Plus it's not like their hardware was costing huge losses.

If any.

come on guys. please stop. it breaks my heart to say this but just stop giving false hope to people. its over :( we all saw the decline, the false promises, i'm just as upset as all of u but its time to move on. the question now is wtf are we all gonna settle for :( my upgrade is in a month and i have NO IDEA.

Thank you. I totally agree.

I'm going for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 on Sprint coming soon: excellent physical keyboard, touch screen, new OS, practical.

I feel like that is jumping from one sinking ship to another one that isn't too far behind. Hope I'm wrong though I do like the new torch.

pre|central is just gasping for air. They know that this spells the end for them, too. But that isn't easy to admit.

I went for WP7, and I'm really enjoying it. I bought an HTC Arrive off contract on eBay to play around with it, and I've been very impressed. It doesn't stack up to webOS in terms of multitasking, but it matches or beats it just about everywhere else. Check out some of the feature reviews on Mango, which will be out soon, and tell me it doesn't look like a perfect webOS substitute.

Please allow me to vent!!! Fuq you HP! Fuq you, Fuq you, Fuq you!!! I've also been for the ride since the Tre600. Now I've got a $600 dollar paperweight and a Pre- that's on it's last legs... I guess I'm not leaving Sprint after all... I'll get an Android phone because I hate iOS... Just keeping my fingers crossed that Samsung or someone willing to put in the time/money/effort gets WebOS...

Take a few moments of your day to leave a one-star review for the TP on Amazon or Best Buy. I was at Best Buy today and discouraged an imminent purchase of 4 TP's.

Who would downvote him? He's helping people not get pissed off because they find out months down the line that their tablet isn't supported.

Don't you think HP would have announced this today, instead of "Hey, we are colossal F***-ups and don't know how to sell s***, so we are walking away." There is no suitor lined up. If one appears, they are just after the IP, not the OS.

Would it be best if Amazon bought webOS?

I mean, they are rumored to be making some sort of Kindle Tablet or just Tablet, (though webOS in the Kindles would be nice...) and Amazon would put out a great device, they'd have a great price, and they have the biggest online retailler to advertise on!

Plus, amazon has already dabbed it's feet into webOS. And Amazon just seems like a perfect fit... Yes, it would take a long time to get an actual device out, but Amazon has the resources to make it good! Amazon could get developers to make apps so it has a decent launch!

I just think it should be done by Amazon... Because all of the GOOD manufacturers have been gobbled up... Samsung, LG, Asus, etc, make the worse quality phones... It wouldn't be an upgrade to any Palm or HP hardware previous.

Too late for amazon. It's committed to android already. I feel really bad for us the beleagured webOS fans, webOS developers, and even webOS division in HP which seems completely blindsided by this news.
Even if Samsung buys or leases webOS, what about us legacy TP users and the lingering few webOS phone users? I hope contractually quickoffice finishes their product and last update or two comes out so at least my TP can die a whole dignified death.

I wonder how the heck HP plans on hiring talent now. They seemed to have f'ed over several talented people (many of who were smart enough to leave). If I just graduated with my CS/human factors/whatever degree, no way in **** would I take a job with HP. Microsoft sure (they actually treat their employees well), Apple or google, fine, but HP. F that. You'll just get blindsided/canned.

I'm assuming that you're saying Amazon is committed to Android already simply because they have an Android App Store and wouldn't want to have its own mobile platform competing.

But Amazon has its own eReader - the Kindle - and yet its been selling the Sony Reader, Kobo, and Nook.

Amazon would love to sell their own products - but they are also a retailer, and what to make money anywhere they can.

I'm with you a 100% on this. I think Amazon could use webOS to differentiate itself from both Apple and Android, its biggest competitors for digital media.

Amazon is probably the only company that could give webOS a truly fresh start. Hopefully they'd rename it to break the connection with Palm/HP entirely.

At the same time, the Kindle is proof that Amazon is committed to producing quality hardware and I believe they would follow through and make a strong device and the right price point.

Probably wishful thinking though, since everybody seems to think Amazon will be putting out an Android tablet this fall.

Amazon doesn't exactly have a good reputation with developers right now.

See: Amazon App Store

If you believe any of this, then I have some property in Florida to sell you, and I have a bridge to sell...interested??

I agree with the author, the better choice for webOS is Samsung.

WebOS is dead and buried right next to HD-DVD.

Thanks for reminding me how much I hate the slabphone form factor. I could care less if a phone is a little thicker just as long as it feels good in the hand. It doesn't even have to be thicker...just as long as it isn't that same generic rectangle shape.

You know what form factor really rocked? The Palm V. Thin AND it managed to look like it was actually meant to be held in one hand. I guess I don't like any of those, but the Samsung looks the most "Touchpadish", and if HTC has beats on smartphones, that seems to make a lot of sense there. In fact, when I thought about it earlier, HTC getting exclusitivity over Beats on smartphones was coincidentally announced very close to HP's announcement today that they wouldn't make the phones.

In a weird way, Apotheker is a software guy...he takes the job as CEO of HP (a hardware company). He acquires software company after software company, transforming HP in a manner not unlike IBM. He jettisons his hardware units...presumably to be produced by other companies. That would have a vested interest in using HP software, of course. But right before he announces all this, he and HP work something out with HTC and clue them in, which leads to them getting exclusitivity with Beats Audio because HP figures it won't matter...HTC will be making the phones and running their software/using their services. It's kind of a win win for everyone, especially now that Google appears to be going vertical market with Android.

We don't know what problems HP ran into trying to improve the OS. They had enough problems that they had to dump Mojo and fragment the user base badly in the process. It may be they determined that the OS wasn't viable with today's hardware. Look how laggy the TP is, after a year of development.

I have been with Palm since the original handheld. I just got my TouchPad last week and love it. With the WebOsInternals patches it really is fast And works great. I still have my Pre- and am wondering what to do now. It is on its last leg.

I will continue to enjoy my TouchPad for the next couple years. But after that it looks like I will have to change platforms. I am still holding onto a glimmer of hope that WebOS still lives on. But it is just a glimmer.

I applaud your resolve to hold on to the Touchpad. I too bought mine recently and loved it as well. But, after today I boxed it back up and returned it to Best Buy before they closed. I hope WebOS continues to support you as you choose to continue to support it.

Do HP a favor and return it. They obviously gave up on WebOS months ago and played you and everyone else who bought one.

Dead or not, if the TP gets liquidated (maybe $150?), I'll buy one.

Open source it!

That's not worth much without hardware to run on. Symbian tried open source, but that did nothing for them. The same can be said about Maemo/Meego. OpenSource, but without hardware not really relevant.
Don't even get me started on OpenMoko stuff.

It was fun while it lasted it but it appears over. WebOS was the OS that really got me into smart phones and such, beyond just a casual consumer. With Preware I started making all the non stock changes to my Pre I never tried prior. The Pre made me into a sort of techie when it comes to phones. I eventually had to say bye to my crumbling pre minus and roll with Android with this Evo. Maybe their just isn't room for more mobile OS'es. It'll be like computers with PC's vs Macs. It will be just iOS vs Android. With those 2 powerhouses and the head start they have it seems almost impossible to successfully compete. Or at least no one is willing to invest the resources it would require to do so. Android is pretty good, but so is WebOS, and many things WebOS does better. They never had the benefit of being on HTC quality hardware. I wish WebOS could of survived, if only for the increased competition which would fuel innovation. Its a shame such a great product appears dead. What did HP think would happen, the TouchPad is clearly not ready for prime time..ok, but lacking compared to others mainly its too big and heavy. I figured they would just take a loss now to build the foundation for something greater later. They really thought they would sell millions of them??!!?

Could there also be a webos 2.1 on legacy hardware in Q1 2011?

Oh yes, HP is sure to make it right with their customers. After all they keep their promises.

Im staying tuned for about a week to a month. If there isn't anything by then, especially by the end of the year, then I dont expect it to happen, and will be removing my bookmarks and GReader subscriptions to PreCentral. I would then expect the site to disappear (similar to Nokia Experts) around September of 2012 (if the world itself hasn't collapsed before then).

But I have to agree with some of the others. There isn't any point in stringing people along with false hope, only to follow it up with another article some days later to rip the floor out from under them again. Its inhumane.

WebOS is deceased. The only thing left this site can do is maybe help to ease the transition, and to continue to report on the Pre 3 release, as well as the different TouchPad models, if they are even being continued at this point.

What I would also consider as well, are contingency plans. One plan, to obviously, shut down the website, a second, to create a new website not centered around "Pre", in the event that WebOS does get a licensee (and to also get the bugs out of the system, since PreCentral seems to be the one that has the most bugs out of the whole SPE network).

WebOS is dead, sad to say. No way any manufacturer is going to pick up WebOS, especially after HP essentially killed the entire community/ecosystem with today's announcement.

Don't mean to attract a bunch of hate--

I love WebOS, had to get rid of my pre- after the 6th swap.
Got the EVO, I hate android.

I was so excited for the Pre 3. But, HP continues **** things up for me.

I am a mac, I don't really like iOS. But considering the synchronicity and the apps. I may be purchasing the 5th gen iphone.

I'll be back WebOS, If you're still alive!

for now i guess i'll be an iphone :(

I just put this in the forum under the poll: keeping, returning or tossing (keeping my TouchPad). About 10 years ago HP took on another company that had a mobile device, remember the Ipaq from Compaq? How long did it take before they killed that one off? Seems to me that history is just repeating itself here. I have to agree with zullnero and his comment about the agreement between HTC and Beats, seems a little too coincidental. HTC or Samsung seem to be the most likely to take on WebOS as they have the hardware and it is just a matter of putting WebOS in them. The Amazon thought is nice but the time to market would be too long to keep WebOS alive without some type of announcement like yesterday, just my opinion but we've waited two years and most of us are tired of waiting and Amazon isn't likely to come out with a phone before a tablet. I am still on my original Sprint Pre from Nov. 2009 (still in very good shape) and don't plan on replacing it until something new WebOS comes along or until I have to!

Actually, HP was offering an iPaq device up until it bought Palm. That's why I find today's news so shocking; it doesn't make any sense. HP has never been like this before. They are known more for their slow marches to power than their quick successes.

I wonder whether the board's choice of Apotheker as new CEO indicates that they wanted to repeat IBM's move away from hardware and hired accordingly. Before Apotheker dropped webOS he wanted to license it, which would have allowed HP to quit being a webOS hardware vendor itself while retaining the benefits of being the centre of its ecosystem.

Last night we were laughing about Ipaq. Said it was funny how fast they whittled down WebOS phones available on three networks, to being a poorly presented product, stuck in the back pages of the ATT Wireless catalog. The Veer was the next generation of Ipaq.

What is "scale", is it some sort of digital poison?

I agree. Why would you not just keep deeply discounting the devices until they are roughly gone, say nothing and let it just die out? The way they did it, I immediately took my 13 day old TouchPad back to Staples and they will be left with thousands upon thousands of devices that nobody will pay $200 for. If they had stayed quiet and never released another device, they could have sold some thousands of these at Xmas time for $240 bucks or something (just advertising it as an eReader alone!) Why the heck would you just put a gun to your head and commit suicide like this? It shows that they never had any heart for competing. HP deserves the same death that they have given WebOS today. I will never buy anything from them again. They truly are run by tards.

You wont have to, the whole pc division is going.

I sure appreciate what Derek has had to say on mobile nation. I will hold out for HTC.

Been saying it forever...HTC + webOS = PERFECT !

Let it die. Just let it die. It was over the day they removed the Palm name from everything. Nay, it was over the day they announced all these hot new devices in February and then let them die on their beurocratic vine. Nevermind, it was over the day Palm put itself up for sale. Pick one. Its dead baby. I am going through the stages of grief today and I am now on acceptance.

Hey Derek, can I still get one of those free skins you were giving away? Would love to have a nice wrap for my iPad 1! It might fit since the TouchPad was a copy of the iPad 1 after all. It just came out about a year late. Sheesh, HP you are morons! Sheer business morons.

Heh, if he's till giving them away I'd like one too.

HP just walked WebOS out to the shed and shot it in the head, Old Yeller style.

Seriously, what company would use WebOS for anything now?

it took enough long for the palm and HP buy out to take place and for them to execute the touchpad. Personally i have had enough, moving onto a OS that i don't have to worry about get screwed within 2 month of product launch. Even if someone buys it or license webos, its going to take at least 6+month for something to come out of it i dont think my pre- will last that long and i dont really want to. HP, largest bullshitting tech company in the world, ''look at our scale'' we sell 3 pc a sec... F U

I just got the return authorization for my touchstone and cover from HP. I am currently wiping my device and tomorrow, back to Staples. If webOS (through some miracle) does survive, I'll be able to pick up one of these touchpads really cheap. If not, I've got my $400 back. Those new golf clubs are looking better all the time. At least, if they **** up, it wasn't the company that sold them to me!!!

Nice try, P|C. webOs is likely dead now. Certainly any existing devices are of limited usefulness since there'll be no more development or enhancements forthcoming.

Really wondering whether throwing my Touchpad at the local Best Buy and getting arrested is worth the effort.

Though it may make a good serving platter.

Actually that backs too slippery for that. :-)

First thing I'd do if I had a time machine is go back and stop HP from buying Palm in the first place. What an epic screwup. We all thought HP buying Palm was so great, and now look...

I'd force them into the WP7 fold. I was a big HP fan because they always made quality hardware. After today, I don't even know what brand my next computer will be.

Meh, forget brands, just get one custom made.

If you're into laptops HP never made one that was worth it, not even the Envy line.

Guess you never had a EliteBook. Definitely one of the best notebook series out there!

I've got 1 year in contract with my EVO 3d. I'll see where Webos is next summer. If anywhere.

If it is still around, I'll come back.

It may still be around ... at Big Lots.

It's dead, guys. They shot it today and for the first time in it's short relationship with Webos, HP hit the target. Dead and gone.

Last one out, please turn off the lights.

i think you need to make that trend on twitter
#Last one out, please turn off the lights

wow i was amazed at the somber attitude biting the hand that feeds in some of the posts here of late and maybe that's because the op knew something was coming. cant say im surprised which is why i picked up an android when the evo3d came out which i still love. sorry to the faithful who doubled down and got the touchpad which most likely wont see anymore updates and apps. as a bonus i dug out my pre- the other day and used the mirror to see the underside of my break pads as it fit perfectly through my 22" rims. found a piece of metal that didnt belong wedged in there. at least its good for something.

Honestly this is sad because webos had so much potential, but was never really given a fair chance... Every major release was rushed and the development just never grew... It was always behind and the faithful still backed it because, given all the modern features and apps of other platforms, it would have kicked **** Unfortunately I can't see anyone investing in a company to actually. Use the os... Android has over saturated the market... Is it as good as it sells? No. But because so many devices come out all the time, it's easy for anyone to get whatever android device they want. Look at every carrier.... You can get probably at least a choice of 6 or 7 android phones compared to like 2 or three webos total, 2 carriers with iPhone, and like 1 windows phone on every carrier except AT&T... I don't want to be grim... But realistically... The patents are what are going to be more desired and if anything a webos layer over android or something. He'll google should buy It and replace their os and use all it's features. Then it would actually be better. My best advice is in the sad event webos does die, if you are looking for a platform with potential and similar integration as webos, go with windows phone. As a webos for two years owner, it's the only os I have used that compares. With Magog everything is basically synced, you have native doc support, netlix and lots of apps, developing is pretty easy to pick up and we need a community like I had over here so we don't fall to android and iOS. Damn... And I was gonna get a touchpad soon. Guess the only option is still keeping my iPad... Argg I want a better option lol.

So, how many lies has Leo told us so far?

There is no way anybody buys enterprise products from Leo now, hardware or software. He's gotta go. The HP-Invent moniker has to go. The HP logo has to go.

Hewlett and Packard should be suing Leo for defamation of character.

yeah, they done finally killed the webos hardware side after picking it out of the gutters. What a shame. I loved webos. Ddaammnn, You! HP!


Samsung/HTC licensing for a steal $$, OR

RIMM buyout for the patents and the ability to freely make QNX work completely like WebOS does, for like $.5b

There is no way HP will take a total loss on this - they have become very focused on the fact that thier business plan is in jeopardy, and will likley lose money long before they figure out how to start making money again.

LA was the CEO that put the final nail into HP"s coffin.

I'll take RIM ftw! love the crackberry form factor. Please!

Yeah, HP is toast. They couldn't make a phone complete. How can you trust them with your enterprise when they're willing to just turn around and walk away. Credibility and integrity is essential in high tech service.

Sounds interesting. The question is if RIM has that kind of cash. It's probably better to implement WebOS features and just pay patent licence money to the future patent owner.

We'll, I should have seen it coming. Just like typical HP operations, they have no patience with any new product. They were in and out of the television and camera businesses so fast that most people still don't know that they were ever in those businesses. Mr. Apotheker is showing that the only vision that he has is for software, and not a grand vision for a great IT company. Just as the portable market is looking for a great innovator in the commercial/enterprise space, he is willing to give it away to Apple and Google who are looking to succeed in the business space by default not by design. When enterprises/governments entities look at tablets and phones, they are not looking for an iPad or iPhone with hundreds of thousands of apps, but something secure and capable of running their in-house apps. Maybe it's time for HP to start a search for a more visionary CEO.

Does anyone remember the HP iPod? That didn't last very long either.


please sell the WebOS to Sony, Sony have a good history of help palm OS to innovate in the past, e.g. the "High Definition" (from 160x160 to 320x320), adding MP3, adding Memory stick etc.....

First off, HP better fire Mr. Apotheker A** ASAP. What a stupid businessman! He just put the final nail in HP's coffin.

I knew I shouldn't of been a day one purchaser of the touchpad. I'm so stupid for doing that. Craigslist is flooded with new postings today of people try to sell it for $300. What a huge mistake. I just sold a couple people on it just yesterday and had to call them today and tell them to not buy it. What a freaking joke.

I'm not sure where HP "doubled-downed" on WebOS, if they truly had, they could of turned it around. You canNOT use 6 weeks of metrics to decide to shut down something this large. I was feeling really good about Apps as they have been pouring in new touchpad apps on a daily basis. It really felt like it was starting to gain traction.

On another note I guess HP made the choice for me about whether to stay or leave Sprint. I'll be picking up something shiny and new from sprint shortly.

If some other company can come along and turn WebOS into something, maybe I will return (I'm assuming 2 years down the road?).

Goodbye and goodnight! Hope to see everyone again on the flip-side.

Sad day indeed...
Which now leaves me looking for alternatives.
Anyone know what mobile platform I should choose that lets me easily modify the underlying OS? I'd like to do things like overclock and run an unauthorized tether app on the device. I'd like an ad blocker for the browser, and maybe adjust the size and spacing of the app icons. I'd prefer that this be done via a seamless alternative app/patch catalog. Any suggestions?

You can do that with a rooted Android device or a jailbreaked iPhone.

Thanks - that's encouraging! Glad to hear there's a simple way of patching that's analogous to Preware on both of these platforms. I wonder why the folks at even bother.

This is how it should have started when they 1st introduced WebOS!! By now you would have had at least a fighting chance. Now the best hope you can do is try to take the BlackBerry market for the Corp Enterprise users.

Like a man with no arms... you can't hang!!

android isnt so bad. its highly customizable. i would switch over if they had a phone with portait sliding keyboard

I can't beleive I'm saying this but it is truly over. I packed up my touchpad and accessories and returned them to Best Buy just before the store closed today. I have sold my Pre- and my Sprint Pre Plus to Gazelle. I was hartbroken to do it. I take no pleasure in either action. I realized today I am a WebOS fanboy with nowhere to go. No more support for 1.4.5 and now no support for 3.0.whatever. What App Developer is coming to our current gen hardware with a 20 meter cattleprod? Derek, I appreciate the brave face and the will to "soldier on" but we are lost. We are caught in the wake of a larger decision and direction. I will truly miss WebOS as it worked best for me... And I will NEVER support HP going forward. I'm just one person but that's my decision.
Fare you well Derek.

Maybe Mr. Apotheker thinks he's still at SAP selling Software and Services?

I have two Amiga Death Watch T shirts. I used Amiga for 13 years. I own a BeBox. I loved that OS too. Now I have a PalmPad (TP) to go with my other dead systems.

I'll look for a Nokia N9 to go get enthusiastic over.

Amazon should buy this for their tablet and as an OS for the Kindle.

doesn't make sense when their tablet is going to be releases in a couple of months. Too late for that.

Crazy. I was considering blogging the exact same idea: Samsung buying webOS. Now that would shake up the mobile scene for sure seeing as Samsung makes some of the best Android devices.

i would like to see a rom built for android devices because with all the termoil in the webos world (and the fact i held on my palm pre for 2+ years.... i was in line on day 1 june 12 2009)i had to go with the evo 3d. and since webos can now run on dual core devices i think with the right team (our loving and devoted homebrew community)we get this done with the quickness. i have seen amazing stuff come from these people with my pre. i prefer webos over android anyday. and i have flashed roms running on my 3d right now. so i see no reason why we cant get it up and running on any device. So lets get this going. and i know i will be more than willing to donate any time or money to get this happening.

im sure others out there are wanting the same thing to happen

The reason why you can't just install it on any device is drivers and hardware. Legally there would be no way of course.

If HP are smart, they'll knock on the door of Huawei. They make a number of smartphones based on Android, but aren't as well known as Samsung/HTC/LG. Those three will bargain too hard with HP to license WebOS, plus all three make phones for at least 2 platforms. There would be outside pressure from Google and MS for those companies not to license WebOS.

Huawei on the other hand only make Android smartphones (they do make "feature" phones, but who knows what they run on). They have much more to lose than the other 3 if Google end up being hamstrung in the courts with Android. Something to think about :)




O yea, Leo and Jon, I hope u both burn in ****