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Cowboy Bebop Tribute 7

by eurrl Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:41 pm EST
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FINALLY! A theme worth downloading! Many thanks! Can you PLEASE make a Gundam 00 Theme in your spare time?!?!?!

nice theme!

Nice Theme man. This is the first one I'm downloading!

Very well executed. A few more icons and it will be a five star theme.

hey, i really like this theme, cowboy bebop is my fav. anime... but i have a problem. when i try to apply the theme, i wait for 1-2mins, then it says ERROR 4:null. something like that.. can anyone help me?

Its pretty sweet. I like it a lot. I wish I knew how to make one cause then I would make a Chun-Li one. lol

Really great! The only thing is, the buttons on the dialpad don't show up anymore ): Is there any way to fix that? (or is my phone just wack?)