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Craigslist Pro 4

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 7:03 pm EST
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- Correct reported bugs
- Add screen for choosing current city for search and keeping it for future search

- Add new functionality to display pictures faster (options in preferences)
- the button share is displayed in every scenes contrary to the current version
- fix a bug for minimum price
- fix bug in posting: some cities were not displayed and thus not accessible for the user
like San Francisco
- Add previous button when we search without key words. Currently it's possible only to
see the next page.
- Stop spinner for button remove deprecated and clear cache
- Change default category in posting (for sale instead of job offers)

Best Craiglist Application for webOS Palm’s Pre and pixi. Optimized navigation for ease of search and posting :
- Multicriteria search
- Define cities and perimeter on which you’d like to search
- View results by picts
- List management : Save your searches, save specific Ads saved your notes and coments
- Optimized navigation (text size, up/down, change background) and several view modes
- Login with your account and post ads
- Clear cache and remove deprecated Ads, select screen orientation… and much more features

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Thank you for updating and working on the social networking apps, I pray the next one will be FB chat/Friends requests..Go HP?PALM nice post 210 nice post 212 Nice sharing information 181