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by nxltsoft Thu, 17 Feb 2011 10:23 am EST
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For a limited time: on sales for $0.99 (regularly $4.00), try it out and tell your friends.

With Crypto Lists for the Palm Pre you can keep your notes, passwords, lists, outlines, checklists and more with you wherever you go. Keep personal data encrypted on your phone and look it up whenever you need it.

Crypto Lists combines the features of a notepad, password manager, outline creator, and list manager in one application. You can keep your data as free format notes or as structured lists. Make outlines with as many sub-levels as you need. Turn any list into a checklist with one menu command and optionally hide checked off items. Take any checklist (or any other data) and turn it into a re-usable template. Encrypt anything you want, even your templates. Use native cut and paste to copy data from existing notes or E-mail. Use drag and drop to order your outline or list items and swipe to delete items. You can even backup your data over USB.

Also, you can optionally edit, manage, and print your unencrypted data online (15 day free trial included; one year subscription same price as app) with our CryptoWeb application. CryptoWeb features the same intuitive editing interface as Crypto Lists, but uses your browser. Create your notes and lists on your computer and securely sync it to your phone.

Great for securely storing your passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive personal information. Make packing checklists for vacations and save them as a template. Make outlines or take notes when you are away from your desk and use them online when you get back to your office or any web connected browser. Make shopping lists or to do lists online and look them up on your phone while you are out.

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Cryptonotes is much better and not to mention FREE! Actually I find that app the best one so far for passwords. Nobody comes close yet.

They are not responding to my you know how to get them to respond? I like the software very much..but I can not get onto Crypto Web?

The CryptoNotes I see in the Palm app catalog is not free, and has less features than CryptoWeb. It may still be a great app though. I would not know since I have not tried it.

You can contact us using the contact link at However, if you are the same Lynn S we already worked with, then I think we solved your problem (and thanks again for the nice rating in the app catalog).

Just to clarify, CryptoNotes is free for the homebrew community (via WebOS Quick Install or Preware), but can also be bought from the app catalog (for the general population).

Different apps for different needs.

This is just a useful app to me. It's good to have this thing running here. - Chuck Sugar