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Customize Compose Email view options with Email Mega Mix patch 27

by Adam Marks Wed, 05 Jun 2013 10:18 am EDT

Tweaks - Email Compose View optionsThe email app on your webOS smartphone does not offer you a lot of options on how to customize it to your liking, with your only options available are to set your notification sound, set an email signature or reply-to address, adjust your sync and retention timeframe, or choose your default mail folders. However, thanks to the webOS homebrew community you now have some additional ways to adjust your email app experience. Homebrew developers Momouton and anseld1986 have released the Email Mega Mix as a Tweaks-enabled patch that took many of the best email-related patches available and then improved on it even further. 

While there are a variety of enhancements available in this patch, one section that you may find useful is the "Compose View Options." In this section, you can adjust six different tweaks for when you are writing or replying to an email. Three of the tweaks allow you to display or remove buttons on your email, while the other three will give you a pop-up confirmation screen depending on the action you want to perform.  To activate any of these, just install the Email mega Mix patch (available in Preware or webOS Quick install) and then open up the Tweaks app on your device. Navigate to the Email section and find the "COMPOSE VIEW OPTIONS." Choose any or all of the following:

  • Display Priority Button: Add a "!" button to toggle the importance level of the email, thereby marking it as "urgent" to the message receiver
  • Display Discard Draft Button: Add a "trash can" button to quickly discard the current email, instead of having to needing to swipe down from the top-left corner to bring up the Email Application drop-down menu and select "Discard Message" or using the Meta-tap D shortcut
  • Display Save Draft Button: Add a save button (it looks like an old school floppy disk) to save the current email draft. This just saves the current progress while still leaving the email up for editing
  • Require Send Confirmation: Add a confirmation pop-up after you hit the "send" button to confirm that you would really like to send the email
  • Require Save Confirmation: Used in conjunction with the "Display Save Draft Button" above, you can add a confirmation pop-up asking if you would like to save the draft.
  • Require Discard Confirmation: Used in conjunction with the "Display Discard Draft Button" above, you can add a confirmation pop-up asking if you would like to discard the email when you tap the trash button.

Once you toggle any of these tweaks, you will need to close and then re-open the Email app for them to take effect. There is no need to restart the whole phone.

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A new article on webOS Nation??

Thanks Adam!

Can always count on Adam to bring the newness. Thank YOU, kind sir.

Thanks to the developers and Adam for highlighting this patch - it looks pretty useful!

Think I just saw a tumbleweed roll through this site...:P


Does anybody else find installing this tweak on the Pre3 screws up the account settings view in the mail app? I have to uninstall Email Mega Mix to adjust account settings.

Indeed, it's a known bug but the developper never fixed it.

nope. works fine on my Pre 3. what's happening in your case?

Adam, thanks for taking the time to feed the blog!

There's only one article left to write folks, lets be honest....the goodbye article.

you need a dose of creative imagination.

Thanks Adam!

Thanks for the tip, Adam, and to the developers for keeping webOS relevant. I'm happy for the added functionality.

Dear WebOS community, HELP!!!!

My Email has stopped working on my UK Pre3, since 4.30am this morning (Greenwich Mean Time).

Can't seem to send or receive emails since then.

Is it do with the Email Mega Mix patch I downloaded (and since removed) or the latest HP Update (today) that I downloaded or is it because of something else?

Anybody else have this problem?

Any ideas on how to fix?


There may be a few tips out there that may help...but email has been a bit of an oddity at times with webOS.  What exactly is happening?

here are those tips:

Good luck!


Hi Adam
Many thanks for your reply.
I have already tried both your tips (stuck email links), but in vain. As it happens I always shut down or restart my UK Pre 3 everyday.

You have asked "what exactly is happening."

Basically no new emails (gmail, aol, yahoo MS Exchange) are coming through since about 5am Friday 7th Greenwich Meantime. I since discovered I am not receiving SMS text messages either. In addition if I compose a new email or SMS and hit the send icon, then these do NOT get sent.

It seem weird and maybe coincidental that this has started since both the Email Mega Mix patch and the HP APP "root certificate" Update was made available in the last day or two, both of which I downloaded.

I have tried removing and re-installing the patch. I have also re-downloaded the update via the HP App catalog. However neither seems to fix the email and SMS issues. I have also shutdown the Pre3 and restarted.

The only thing that works on my Pre3 are phone calls in and out and internet.

Are you able to start a thread in webosnation forum (or tell me how - sorry I don't know how to) to see if anybody else has the same Pre 3 problems as me or knows of a solution?


Sadly, I know this bug as well, as it hit me a month or so ago.  I think its my Pre3's way of telling me that it knows that I have started thinking about switching from webOS!  I tried LOTS and LOTS and LOTS fo ways to fix this and the only thing I found that eventually worked was a webOS doctor!  :-(  

You see, I am thinking that this has to do with some internal database being full or corrupt. I found it odd that when I tried to even delete text message conversations, they wouldnt really delete becuase as soon as I reopened the Messaging app, they would reappear.  So, I did a webOS Doctor, then immediately tried cleaning up things on the device like odd SMS threads and even clearing out my call log (which was over 3 years old).

Actually, do me a favor before doctoring.  can you try clearing your call logs ( )

Then, here are some links that may help with doctoring and resetting your device: (if you need this, too)


Good luck. Please drop me an email at for quicker responses or to try and figure out other things to do to help


Hi Adam

I have just gone into my email "Preferences and Accounts" and the chose my AOL account.

So in the Account Settings for AOL I notice that in the section "Sync" the two boxes underneath are "grey and blank."

I am pretty sure this was not blank before and that I was able to choose for example the frequency and method of email synchronization.

Any ideas on the problem and a possible fix?


it's exactly what we were talking about a few comments up.

"in email settings : no sync times available and no signature available.

Same as those guys :

But it seems not enough people are complaining about it. May be a conflict with another patch but nobody knows for sure.

There's only one article left to write folks, lets be honest... Rebel Mouse com

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