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CyanogenMod 10 for the TouchPad almost ready for prime time 14

by Derek Kessler Fri, 09 Nov 2012 10:40 pm EST

CM10 for the TouchPad almost ready for prime time

Back in August, TouchPad hacking mastermind James Sullins released a really early build of CyanogenMod10 for those of us daring enough to try something that is far from stable in the Android-on-your-TouchPad world. At the time this early ROM worked but was missing several key elements like sound and hardware acceleration. Despite missing some fairly important things for the typical daily driver, James' early build showed a bunch of promise and oozed the buttery smoothness that is a staple point of Android 4.1 (aka Jellybean). However, after the initial release James disappeared, leaving us all craving for some more Jelly Bean action. After several months we were starting to think the project was dead. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, a new build of CM10 hit the interwebs and to our surprise it's amazingly stable, despite being carrying an experimental pre-alpha build label.

So what has changed? First and foremost, CM10 now has sound and hardware acceleration, so Netflix and YouTube lovers will be happy with their video framerates and, well, having audio. This build also has working microphone functionality, which has been a sore spot for CyangenMod 9 TouchPad users due to the proprietary drivers needed for our beloved tablets. During our testing we have found that mic functionality is a bit finnicky, especially when trying to use Google Now. It's still pre-alpha, so take that performance with a grain of salt. Outside of that, almost every app we tried from simple Twitter apps to graphically-intensive games all worked without a hitch.

With all this goodness in tow you are probably wondering why this hasn't been released as an alpha or an official nightly. Well, that's because there are several kinks that still need to be ironed out. For example, many people from the various forums following this build have experienced several different battery and charging issues. During our testing of James' newest build from November 8 we experienced fantastic battery life in comparison to what we've experienced with CM9. That said, our TouchPad on this CM10 alpha wouldn't take a charge without turning on USB debugging in Android's developer options. Don't ask us why this managed to fix the issue, but it did. In addition to battery and charging issues, users may also experience the occasional force close of an app and no camera support (no surprise on that one, and not a great loss considering the quality of the TouchPad's lone front-facing camera).

Outside of the above-listed issues we have found this build of CM10 to be pretty darn stable. So much so that we probably won't be moving back to CM9 anytime soon for our Android needs. But that's only because we've already got it installed - like all things experimental (see the Open webOS porting process onto the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone), we aren't yet ready to suggest you dive in with CM10 as a daily driver operating system. But if you are the adventerous type, just hit up the source link below for more info. As soon as something more stable is released, be prepared for full walkthrough on how to get your TouchPad up to date with CM10. If you have yet to take the plunge and dual boot your TouchPad with webOS and Android 4.0, be sure to check our our great how-to on installing CyanogenMod9 on your device.

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It's almost there.

I haven't experienced the random force closes I had with cm9. However, I HAVE had random reboots both while idle and while in use. I'm sure that'll be ironed out.

The camera is functioning on a test cm9 version and the dev working on THAT is currently committing the changes to cm10.

So, within "two weeks" we should have cm10 working 100% which is better than many officially Android tablets released at the same time!

Now if only there were something I could do about all the cracks on the case :(... My TP was a refurb from Woot so the warranty is long gone.

Any chance this will be an "update" to GooManager to make the upgrade/transition seamless? Or should we hold out hope for the possiblity of being able to "triboot" (though I am sure once we try the CM10 we won't want to go back)? but initially it might be nice to know that there is that "fall back" option?
Thanks to the awesome Geniuses that make this stuff possible!

I have 9 and my mic has always worked fine. It was the front cam that never works. They get that working yet?

Read my post below for an update that will make you a very happy camper...

Thanks for the timely article. I was looking around a couple of days before this article to see if CM10 had progressed since August. Looks like it's making strides. I'll be one to upgrade once it is ready for prime time. Not that I use CM9 that much but it's nice to have the latest and greatest. And better battery life doesn't hurt.

I'm sad to say that this is the first news on this site, since webOS was opened, about a port that I really care about.

Dorregaray has worked his ass off getting the camera to work and it DOES work - quite well actually in CM9.

RolandDeschain79 has a video of it proving it works:

Read the rest of the thread to find out the latest...

The camera works and it's getting better and more stable over time...then they'll have something to test in Jelly.


I have installed it using ClockworkMod Recovery on my 32gb Touchpad and it is very stable. I backed up CyanogenMod 9 first to be safe. Also had to install the new Gapps file which meant some apps failed until I reinstalled them. Everything I tried so far has worked and the battery life seems better - v9 was not good and it would randomly reboot too. Camera is not even an icon in the Apps so not even there to try, no great loss.

Good show

Got it running, thank you for the battery tip. I've heard there may be no return from a dead battery with cm10 loaded. Dice player won't work, but bs player seems to be just as good! Thanks for the article.

Yay, besides the TP not loading on the Touchstone which is no blocking point, finally:

- working browser with locally stored bookmarks that are NOT transferred without your consent to a 3rd party web service for generating snapshots, working drop-down selections/lists, no random reloads, etc. etc. - i could go on for weeks

(Hell no, actually _more than one_ working & good-featured browser! Could you imagine that on WEBos?)

- very nice UPnP-/SMB-capable media players that support more than MP4 and AVI containers, with HW decoding, and even some more obscure formats
- file managers with better network integration (SMB, NFS, WebDAV, FTP)

- real Torrent clients, not just frontends for controlling them on a desktop computer

...and and and.

All in all: good riddance, webOS! Finally. Oh goodness, lost 3/4 of a year fighting against its limitations. A tablet that operates under a stack with "web" in its name, is oh-so-elegant according to webOS-fanatics, but actually sucks at all basic web-/network-related tasks!

(Maybe not for Email, the TP client is quite ok, but good luck actually _retrieving_ self-signed server certificates before even thinking about to import them - better prepare that on a real desktop machine).

So my thanks actually go to all tinkerers that helped creating finally something valuable out of the TP. Oh the irony that it originally started as an Android device...