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CyanogenMod 7 enjoying dual boot Android alpha glory on TouchPad 113

by Derek Kessler Thu, 13 Oct 2011 12:22 pm EDT

It pains us to see this, but at the same time we have to admit that it’s pretty slick: dual-booting Android and webOS on the HP TouchPad. Ever since the TouchPad dropped to ridiculous fire sale pricing, the Android homebrew community has been hard at work getting their favored OS to run on our favored tablet. And they’re getting closer and closer to a viable platform with CyanogenMod 7.

The group, with the assistance of WebOS Internals, has managed to get Android 2.3 running in dual-boot mode on the TouchPad (i.e. you can shut it down and on reboot, you have the option to select webOS or Android). The port is still considered to be in Alpha, and while they’ve made considerable progress on essential items like wireless connectivity, accessing the USB partition, gaining multi-touch support, and more, there are still some very rough edges. For instance, when in Android, the battery constantly drains, and plugging in headphones does not yet mute the speakers. But that’s why it’s Alpha, and not Beta or Release Candidate.

The installation process isn’t exactly for the brave of heart either. We’ll admit it, we got a little light-headed reading the installation instructions. But if you’re really wanting to get Netflix on your TouchPad, this could very well be your only option. Given the massive enhancements the CyanogenMod team has made available to Android users, we can’t help but anticipate the future of their Android port to the TouchPad. Video of the torrid affair is after the break.

Source: RootzWiki; Via: Android Central; Thanks to everyone that sent this in!


As long as it's dual boot I'm interested. My wife has an Evo and it will be nice if we can install some of her apps on the TouchPad. I especially interested in Netflix.

As far as Android taking over my TouchPad... no. I didn't buy an Android tablet, I bought webOS.

"I didn't buy an Android tablet, I bought webOS."*

* Not available in any state.


but there is no webos

This is great news if the android market works, just for the apps alone. Touchpad has a very limited selection of quality apps vs what out there on Android and iOS. If webos makes it down the road, they should make an android app emulator or the ability to tap into that market.

I cant help but think this is a considerable waste of time.. couldnt they work on more useful things for the current platform? If I wanted an android tablet id get one... the main features in webos would be lost so maybe invest in tweaking the current os or making apps (i could care less about netflix but maybe they could have coded that app (working with netflix) instead of wasting time on android)

I'm not sure why you would think this is a waste of time. This is interesting to a lot of people.

These are Android developers. Nothing is being taken away from webOS because they would never have done anything with webOS in the first place.

What I am saying is they should learn about what the device actually does and consider adding whatever they think is missing. Pretty much every expert review I have read puts webos on tablets far above android. At that point maybe theyd be better off using the touchpad with webos and filling in the missing holes. If they are true developers (I work in tech) they should be agnostic.

I also question the "lot of people" bc I dont think most people bought a touchpad at the fire sale hoping for android. Even if they were by now I would question that again after they have used the device.

Im not against it - do whatever you want - but I question the value of the effort.

The thing is, that like Sweet Greggo said, these are Android developers, they are part of the Cyanogenmod Team, and as such work to bring the Cyanogenmod Android flavor to as many devices as possible, i.e. expand Android to more devices for Android users. That's their raison d'être.

As for learning about WebOS, and adding to the platform, well, others could do that, but it is a little hard to get yourself to want to given the fact that HP has all but abandoned the project.

Regarding your take on "a lot of people," I disagree. There are a lot of people who purchased Web OS devices simply because they knew that Android developers would work overtime to bring Android to the device. I was one of many.

Sure, there are other people who will keep their Touchpads as is, and that's great, but, for the many of us who purchased them in the hope that Android would be ported over, this is a great day.

That said, I like WebOS, but it is almost crippled by the lack of apps. There are so many of these I'd want to try, and which I have on my Droid X, but when i search the catalog, they are not there, nor do their counterparts exist.

Part of the reason the CyanogenMod team left made it dual-boot was because they thought that people who wanted Android, would also like the option to use Web OS. In this way, they do not detract from WebOS, but allow Android users to be able to use the OS they want, while also giving WebOS a chance.

I beg to differ, they stole a lot of tablets from people who would love to get a $99 or $149 tablet running webOS with their promise to work on a Android port. It's bad enough we got idiots buying to sell on ebay at 4x the price, if Android supporters start buying these as well they will newer get cheaper.

Um, how is it stealing when Android users will be using the Touchpads with both Web OS and Android? Just because we like and want to use Android on them, does not mean that we don't like Web OS, it's just that unfortunately, Web OS never really got off the ground.

What would have been your solution? In order to buy a TouchPad for $100 you have to promise not to install Android on it?

My solution would be to register those ordering TouchPads centrally, making sure that no one got more than one for each member of the household. After all if you only have one to play with, you will give the default OS a try before starting to risk making it a brick.

But then again I might be biased because I was cheated from getting one.

That's not bias; it's just sour grapes.

You weren't cheated out of anything - it's called capitalism..first come first serve.

If anybody cheated you it was HP and the resellers, not folks wanting a cheap tablet to run android on.

Installing right now. I am not Android's biggest fan, but I have loved tinkering w/ webOS all the way back to my first Pixi. This is just for fun.

Ooooh I see a boot screen. Nice.

How much space does it take up?

The installation instructions say that you need 2 GB free for the new partitions.

I'm not being snide but is there a place I can see a list of quality apps for the Android that would sway me to change. I'm just curious to see what I am missing. WEBSOSOS!

It's dual boot so you won't be giving up anything. Only adding.


Try Android police, they have a weekly round-up of the best apps for Android. Since the port is for Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) most apps should work fine, they will just scale up without much need for modification. It would be different it they had ported honeycomb b/c the apps have to be specifically coded for it. This will change with Ice cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) as it will bring combine the tablet and phone OS.

If you check Rootzwiki, they have a process for adding all the Google Apps, including the market. If you can't get that installed, try downloading Amazon's app store, as well as getjar. Both have many of the same apps as the Android Market. The Amazon app store gives away a paid app free everyday, while Getjar has a set of apps it gives away free every week, so even if you install the Android Market, these are also worth a look.

Also remember, this is still an ALPHA version, so there will be a lot of bugs and some apps may not work. Unless you just want to play with it, without expecting it to be a full release candidate, I'd wait about a month so that they can iron out all the bugs and get a stable version out.

I absolutely love webOS. I would not trade it for any version of Android. That said, it is still nice to this ability to dual boot. Running Android apps in a card would be even better, but only if the performance was acceptable. Splashtop already lets me feel like I am running Windows when needed, but of course you need to keep a connectable windows machine running all the time.

Will this have access to the Android Marketplace? If not, is their an equivalent of preware/homebrew on Android? How large is that catalog?

The whole point of installing Android for me would be to get apps I can not get on webOS.

yep, market works. Its not on there out of the box for legal reasons, but you can legally download and install it seperately on the Cyanogenmod wiki. You can also sideload the Amazon app market if you want.

I love watching Netflix on the Touchpad: just connect to Splashtop Remote.

+100 Splashtop Remote has given me all the possible apps and programs I would ever need. Netflix, hulu, and pretty much any other video service available. Not to mention I got it for free during the promo code...thing.

It works well, but sometimes stutters. That problem goes away with a Netflix app. I have it on my Droid X, and it works great.

I never have had that problem with Netflix running through Splashtop.

My Windows machine (admittedly purchased for gaming) runs an i5 Intel CPU at 3.3ghz with a 7 mbps wireless connection, which might have something to do with it.

The only drawback to that is you are limited by your upstream speed which in turns affects playback. A native app will cure this.

HDMI out on TouchPad?

Interesting little comment on the CyanogenMod7 page.

"What can possibly work:
HDMI through Micro USB (The System-on-a-Chip has the required hardware, have to find which pin #) (webOS 3.0.4 may have HDMI support, and if so we can reverse engineer the process, stay tuned)"


handy having dual boot, just a shame it doesnt help webOS 1 bit, id prefer the other "in card" attempt tbh.

even more so when its down to just wanting specific/more apps rather than the OS itsself.

Good thing HP decided to take a step backwards with the stupid home button - or whatever it is called. (partial sarcasm intended)

If the apps are not forthcoming, this will at least allow me to adapt and use the TP the way I want/need to. Getting Sling alone would allow me to stop carrying two devices and get down to one very useful device.

This is absolutely a big pile of AWESOME!

I love my Touchpad for what it does well.

And why not give it the capability to do more?

Exciting stuff and I can't wait to see how the internalz team pulls it off!

It actually looked pretty cool. I especially loved that wallpaper and ripple effect. The fact that Netflix and Skype worked is a plus as well. Not sure if I'm skilled enough to install this without bricking my TouchPad...

"When will this be ready?"

"It will be ready when it's ready..."

"Pretty please?"


Even in it's current alpha-state it provides me with the apps I need (Evernote - proper tablet app which is really nicely designed, dropbox and a PDF reader that works*), access to things like one-click change of user-string (rather than having to patch), so it's a win for me.

I wouldn't currently recommend it for the faint-hearted but it's pretty stable (and fast!) for a Alpha and I look forward to see it's progress.

* However I must say that if anyone is struggling with PDFs on webOS - check out the patches offered in the forum, a couple of the developers are doing excellent work trying to bring basic functionality to the platform.

"But if you’re really wanting to get Netflix on your TouchPad, this could very well be your only option"

You know whats a better, very stable option?? Buy Splashtop and stream it from your PC, just saying... Netflix works great with splashtop, so does slingbox, fire fox, IE9, Office, heck you can even get your ZUNE service to play over your touchpad, so why waste your time with this ****? the word "c r a p" is edited on here?? lol lol

As others have noted above

"The only drawback to that is you are limited by your upstream speed which in turns affects playback. A native app will cure this. "

Android is also a pretty awesome OS. I like Web OS too, but find it a bit limiting in what it allows me to do, even with all the homebrew apps.

Not to mention the little downside of needing a PC to be completely focused on playing back the Netflix stream. At least with other stop-gap solutions like Play On, the PC can serve the content in the background. With Splashtop it needs to be front and center.

Don't get me wrong, splashtop is a good app. But you're kidding youself if you think it is a better solution for Netflix than a native app.


I think Robdmau was saying it wasn't the only option as emphasized in the post, not better. We'd all love a native Netflix app. I'd also love a Pre 3 to run on Sprint.

what If I am not home on the same network? While at home why would I want to look at netflix streaming from my PC to a touchpad when I have an HDTV?

you dont have to be *home*. i have a pc in my dorm but can connect to it from wherever i am. think of it as logging in to your email. very similar concept.

I cannot see how this will be a good experience having to leave your pc running netflix then streaming it over your home internet connection to a remote touchpad. I can't see how you would recommend such a solution to anyone and I cannot imagine how poor the quality would be.

Stream from netflix does in fact play good
Even a DIVX HD movie playing on your computer to your TouchPad is also very good

It must work good for him, it works good for me. I am sure it works good for many.

This is why he would recommend it.

It works great. Quality is very good. You don't leave your PC running netflix. You log into your PC and control it via the TouchPad.

quick question - will this work okay on an oc'ed touchpad with f4 or f15 kernel installed?

if you look at his previous video (the one where green demonstrates installation), he mentions that whatever setup you have for webos will not affect android.

I will be more happy to see if we can port those apps rather than porting entire OS. I'm really happy with my 4G touchpad with Webos, just need more apps which are present in Andriod.

Anyone who bought the Touchpad expecting HP to have or create a flourishing app ecosystem didn't do their homework. The Touchpad is a dead-end system - even if HP sells off WebOS, it's hard to say how/if the new owner would support the Touchpad in terms of software updates, etc. There is not a huge future in developing apps for platform where a limited userbase exists - the business model doesn't make sense. There are apps out there currently that have flaws that I don't imagine will ever get fixed because there is not a huge incentive to do so anymore.

That being said, I absolutely love my Touchpad and WebOS, with apps being the only Achilles heel. As long as Android is dual-boot I welcome the addition - choice is never a bad thing.

if there are a million sold touchpad tablets...thats a pretty sizable market esp when there are few apps to compete with.. I know developers ONLY coding for the touchpad bc they have a chance to make good money. Supply of apps is relatively low (Altho more than android for tablets) and 1 million users.. the math makes sense.

True enough. I guess my issue has to do more with long term app support/development. Say I've paid someone $2.99 for an app that is a niche app, unless someone makes a better app there is little reason to maintain much support. I know some apps just work and don't require much retooling but there are some that need updates, however I see very little coming from most developers sites about future plans or updates.

In the Android Marketplace there are a number of apps that have overlapping features/purposes. The developers work to create better products to compete for consumer capital. I'm hoping more apps become available in the WebOS ecosystem in order to ensure active competition.

agree 100%. Finally some you gets it.

How could anyone complain about some bright guys working hard to make my Touchpad even more useful and cool than it already is...FOR FREE?
Having WebOs and Android on the same tablet only makes my Touchpad purchase all the better.

Kudos to developers on both sides of the issue.

its interesting to see all the people so threatended by this. They have to leap up and say something like "i don't want android" "i'd have bought android if i wanted it." So threatened that they'd rather NOT have the choice. They really just want everyone to like only what they like.

the funniest thing i've seen is any discussion of a touchpad with Android on it is move to "other tablets" by the mods. Lol. like the cyogenmod on touchpad. the mods so don't like the idea that it's now not a touchpad when discussed as possibly having a dual boot option. Like it's all of a sudden not a touchpad.

just buy an android can get them cheap..esp by the time this is done and stable. the older android tablets are not much cheaper than the fire sale touchpad...see galaxy tab. Unless you are really starved for money I see little value. Again theyd be better off making apps for the touchpad which tehy could sell or if they wanted give away for free to fill in the void instead of trying to port of an entire os that for tablets is worse than the one you bought. Just doesnt make sense sorry.

Actually, no they are not. Try finding a 1.2 GHz Dual core, 32 GB, Android tablet for under $200. Won't happen. The Touchpad is now in the same status as the Nook Color. BN did not make it to be a cheap Android tablet, it wanted it to be a cheap e-reader. Cyanogen turned it into one of the best cheap tablets on the market for Android.

Check pricing when this android port is actually as stable as the oem ones..they may be around 275 now on ebay but in a month or so lets talk...
I cant say it any other way..theyd be better off spending their time learning/enhancing webos with the apps/patches they need or working with the preware folks instead of this much time to get an effing alpha.

Further if you are worried about 50-100 I cant comment.

And as far as the nook.. I wont comment on that either...

the question is were their 99 dollar tablets of that quality at the time when the firesale hit.

Not now. prices change. **** between now and the touchpad price drop a new kindle has entered the market changing the market. so markets are not stagnant.

but when the touchpad went firesale there weren't comparable android touchpads for 99 bucks. And even if there where why are you so offended that they want android on it? Is it that them wanting android you take personally as a rejection of webos? If so why do you care? If you like webos and are happy with it why isn't that enough for you? I bought a Mercedes. I'm not trying to make everyone else buy a Mercedes and not buy Fords.

+1 i dont understand why some people just keep wining [like little girls] that others "should get an android tablet"!? WHY are these people so against OTHERS to have options on their own TPs??? WTF!!!??? i got my 32GB Touchpad during the Staples sale for 400 and im very happy with that. I HAD A CHOICE: TP or Iconia A500. i wanted TP because of WebOS! now suddenly i have an *additional option* to use android too when i need to, and that is great!

*you can downgrade my post, so fk it, i dont care. the fact is that it is MY TP, not yours. and WHY shouldnt i be allowed to have options available? you dont want android, thats fine i dont care either, no one is forcing you to use it.

dude you ok? Its just a tablet....if you want to stay with a dead OS and crappy apps please feel free. No one cares.

i think you missed his point. he is in favor of options.

i don't know how he could have missed that??? 0.o

You have got to be kidding.

Once people get used to the fluidity and ease of use that is the webOS UI, the customizability that is patches, the ease of data integration that is synergy, why would they boot back to Android other than to run a must-have app that doesn't exist on webOS?

I use my TouchPad at work and at home. It serves me well in both environments. My wife and 3 kids each have their own TPs as well. At $99 a pop there was and still is no better value.

Android is the icing, but webOS is still the cake.

i don't want a tablet of any kind. but there were no $99 android tablets on the day of the firesale with the same specs. And i did look for them. Because someone said the same thing in the forums. That's bs. that 99 buck android tablets were abundant at that time and people could just easily get one instead of a touchpad. And when challenged to to provide the link to such a tablet with the same build quality and same specs available during the firesale i got silence. No response. the posters just conveniently decided to stop responding. Crickets. That's what you heard when they were asked to give proof of all these other 99 dollar android tablets. But why are you so threatened by a dual boot? They still wanted a touchpad. why do they need to act like it's no longer a touchpad? why do the mods freak so much? Why do they try to crush any discussion by moving a discussion that's clearly about a touchpad to "other tablet?" That's hilarious. Moving touchpad discussions to "other tablets" like its' not a touchpad anymore. People are so afraid to just let webos stand on it's own that they are trying to quash people from even talking about other platforms around them. I find it an interesting comment on the mind of the webos fanboy.

exactly! it just makes the TP so much more powerful!

you cant have webos on an android device (id love it on my Epic 4g), but you can have android on a webos device! and that is fantastic!

yeah it does make it better. IT's a great option. you can have two operating systems not just one. It doesn't keep people from using webos. But the people mad are so afraid that side by side someone may not like webos that they'd rather not let you know it exists. They don't want anyone to have the choice. They want you to like what they like. They want validation.

A Big Downgrade... :-))))))

Best Regards... B)

Pretty Awesome and quite a lot working for just an Alpha Build :)
Dual Boot makes it all the better
Kudos to the developers

Very happy with dual boot to CM7 on my wife's Color Nook... Can even buy n2a sd cards at Amazon or see

Love WebOS but no one should be surprised at relative ease of port as Android and WebOS are both running over Linux kernels on essentially generic hardware.

We all know the future is migration to HTML5 apps on browser on top of a Linux/unix-variant kernel. WebOS makes a great touch shell over Linux and all similar systems. The "cards" model will become wide spread either by GPL, licensing, or downright rewrite as Apple and all others continue the evolution in the direction Palm pioneered.

I am chomping at the bit myself, knowing how easily the "cards" model could be extended to include many nice features.

We're simply sitting here waiting for HP to either get on with it or get out of the way.

Compared to webos - Android, to put it simply, is an awful OS... that's all I gotta say.

Can´t agree more! Wan´t apps? Just install debian or ubuntu and there are more apps one can handle.

webOS is so great that it failed. webOSOS!

webOS didn't fail because of webOS. It failed because of mismanagement, poor marketing, and a terrible business strategy.

So if I install this and an updated beta release comes out, how does one go about installing the beta version? Will it be a mess? Or is it an easy upgrade? Anyone know?

You install it using clockwork like every other android device.

What is amazing is how much faster Android performs on the touchpad. Apps load in no time and it boots in about 20 seconds. even in the alpha state it is really good and I have not had any major problems. I don't think I will be booting webos on the device again.

Cyanogenmod is neat and all. But then the video shows exactly what I think is the biggest Problem of this Platform. It looks more like a multimedia toy than something I'd do some serious work with.

Yeah, I know, I'm boring. All work, no play...

I spent nearly an hour per day for a full week to get my Galaxy S into useable condition (can only speak for myself).

I did it... it works great... dual boot works too... I still love WebOS better but there are some apps I have to have on the Android side... Besides I am coding for both so this is now a good complete hardware for me...

Thanks for all the info on Android apps everyone! If it dual boots, I guess that would be cool. I've never veered from webOS, pun,.

So when will an Android device dual boot with webOS? That's what interests me more.

I don't see the point of that. The problem with webOS isn't the hardware but the unoptimized software. Android on the touchpad is much smoother than webOs on the touchpad and it is just alpha.

That is the saddest thing. clowns never seriously tried to optimize webOS, living it in alpha state for 2,5 years.

unfortunately not until Google will buy it. i would love for that to happen!

^^^a genius UI(WebOS) with live cards, synergy, and etc, on a powerful platform(android)= WIN!!!

***WHY do people love WebOS?

1) UI, *live* cards
2) preware/wosqi = easy to customize.
3) synergy

if google did this, even those wining about android would be all over it.

Yea, that was one of my pie in the sky unrealistic pipe dreams; the Android speed, app catalog etc. under the hood with a webOS interface UI. But, it's just a dream sadly.

I read somewhere that the boot into Android won't work if you've updated to the latest version of WebOS. Did anybody hear anything about that?

where did you hear that?

in his previous video Green states that android is not affected by whatever setup you have with WebOS. and since he is the "in the know" i trust what he says.

I can confirm its not true.

Good to hear. I can't remember where I read it but I was holding off on updating webOS. I guess I was mistaken.

you mean your TP is still on WebOS ver 3.0.0? if so than yes you should update. latest official is 3.0.2, although 3.0.3 exists in the wild and even a 3.0.4 but from what ive heard 3.0.4 is not complete yet. ive heard 3.0.3 runs nicely though.

so yes you should update

This is not such good news.... Soon most TP out there will be running Android... People will then most probably boot always into android for apps, so they'll eventualy forget about webos apps, which will cause a decrease in webos apps demand which will cause a decrease in webos apps development

But who cares anymore, right?

Bought a Pre2 on ebay 2 months ago... Awesome phone... Not much of an app guy, just NEED one, and we'll probably never get it

I’ll probably sell my Pre2 in a couple of months.... I'll through in my pre-, plus all accesories in the deal... I thought I'd never said this, but iphone 4s is looking good

Damn you HP.... At least do one thing right and sell the darn thing ASAP

webOS is dead and gone please get over it. I'm going to keep repeating myself until everyone accepts that.

I don't agree they will go to Android and forget about WebOS. While waiting for a 7" Touchpad to be introduced, I bought a Nook Color largely because it does support dual boot to CM7. I have had a lot of fun with it but unless I want to watch Netflix or run some other app not offered on the BN side, it is normally booted to the Nook version of Android because it is more "polished". I occasionally dual boot to Linux on my PC for specific activities too, but Windows is still my primary OS. Based on my experience with my TouchPad, I doubt most folks will abandon WebOS for CM7.

Wow I cant believe how well this works android market and all only problem I have had is wifi can even overclock it already runs real smooth for alpha. been playing games like Dead Space,Bruce Lee,Battlefield,Madden and many more WebOs will never see great day to own a TP

So why don't we see webOS running on Android devices?

Um, because it's not open source. :p

Best thing about the Touchpad is really webOS. The hardware isn't all that spectacular. And honestly, dual-booting is pointless. It'll take up a big chunk of your flash, and if you need to go back to your other OS, you have to sit through annoyingly long boot times. I'd probably consider an Android emulator that could take full advantage of the second processor core, but that would probably end up with someone getting sued by someone at some point. I mean, I wouldn't use it day to day if it didn't work with Synergy. That's the thing that gets me my contacts and appointments, and I have no interest in copying all that stuff over to google unless someone paid me to do that work. I'm sure this will piss off some Android fanboy, but I'm telling you, it's not worth the effort to set it all up for dual boot.

Not much effort at all took all of five minutes to do webos and android boot up pretty fast. space is not a problem either i have over 50 webos apps and about 25 android games. This tablet is now the best out there duel boot is awesome

This is my first post (at least I believe so...) and feels appropriate since this is such a leap in progress. I don't have an ipod or anything that runs android, so WebOS is all I've experienced and I love it. I am excited to have the best of both worlds on this device, though. Hopefully it's not crazy complicated to install.

Out of curiosity (since I'm very new to all of this), I won't lose my current webOS apps after the switch, and don't need anything else to install android other than the device itself, right? Thanks, and hopefully I'll follow all of your posts from here on out!

no you will not lose your apps everything works the same. but now you have android as well

Running, I got 98k with 1.7ghz android, and 64k on 1.8ghz webos.

This alpha version is remarkable. I can't wait for ICS.

I love it! So easy to install. I love parts of WebOS but from an app point of view, this tablet just got sweeter. There are few quirks but this is such an early release, I can't wait to see where they take it. The best part about it is, you still keep your WebOS!

I installed CM7 yesterday and played with it all evening. It's seriously like having a new device. And even though CM7 is alpha, it still runs better than my other Android tablet (which I gave to my son). I'm happy to have access to all Android has to offer, especially GPS via bluetooth and all its navigation apps, rather than waiting for that functionality in webOS. Of course, now I still have webOS for other things.

I traded my Pre of two years in for a Nexus S 4G back in July and returned my $500 TouchPad due to my change in allegiance. I love Android now, but I did miss owning a tablet in some form so when this thing got fire-saled I jumped right on it. I didn't hate webOS but I also knew at some point people would attempt an Android port to match my new phone.

Now that its here, I think its fantastic. to those who think its somehow morally wrong to install this or that we should buy Android tablets instead, ask yourselves where else can you get a tablet of the TouchPads handsome looks, powerful internals, and runs Android for the same awesome price?

Aside from applications, who in their right mind wants Android over webOS?

Why can't and Android emulator be written for webOS?

You really can't quit apps without taking several steps. "Just type" is as good or better than iOS or Android's glorified save states.

Yes, real multitasking is extremely hard to give up. Email, text messages, music and Angry Birds all running at once and quickly switching between in them is unparalleled by any other OS.

"Just Type" is as good as "save states."

Why do WebOS users know so little about technology?

I am a webOS user and I find myself to be pretty knowledgable about technology.

I suppose your question could be responded (not answered) with a question.

Why do some people categoriz an entire userbase to be ignorant on a subject based off 1 users post?

The questions is, "who in the right mind wants webOS over android?" Android can do what webOS can do and even more and better. The only good thing about webOS is the cards, but HC/ICS has something very similar too.

I don't think it makes sense to say "Aside from applications", because apps are a REALLY BIG DEAL. You can have the best OS ever designed, but without enough apps to allow people to be productive or have fun on the OS it's going nowhere - and that's exactly the position a low of TP owners find themselves in now...

An Android emulator could have been written for webOS, if HP hadn't pretty much killed it. It's doubtful that the real hardcore developers who could create a good emualator are going to invest the time in what is (for the moment at least and possibly forever) a zombie platform.

Real multitasking can't help you one bit if you don't have the apps that perform the tasks you want to switch between in the first place.

Once again, had made the Step by Step SCREENSHOT Instructions for CyanogenMod Alpha Installation. It is far better than the pure TEXT instruction. If you tried their Overclock instruction before, you won't be disappointed with this one.

Great Work!!

Wow. I really like webOS, but have to face the reality that HP has dealt it what could very well be a mortal blow. Even if they were to reverse themselves 180 degrees today, or sell it to a company that wants to make the most of it, it'll still take months to rebuild the webOS team, more months to get developers on board and start building apps for it, and months for those apps to be completed and released. From the look of this alpha, CM7 on TP could be stable and performing like a champ in just a few weeks, and giving us access to all the apps in the android market, and all this from a team that is absolutely dedicated to pushing the envelope and constantly working on improvements and new features.

It looks like my TP is going to be running Android for sure, and I can't say whether there will still be a reason to boot into webOS other than for the sake of nostalgia...

choices..choices. Anyway what is that little black orb device he has on the left.