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CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 brings Android 4.0 in rough form to TouchPad 42

by Derek Kessler Wed, 18 Jan 2012 10:24 am EST

Last Friday we got our first glimpse of CyanogenMod 9 running on the HP TouchPad. For the unfamiliar, CyanogenMod is an Android homebrew development community that has taken the Android Open Source Project and ported the latest version with their own tweaks onto a number of devices. Version 9 brings Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich into the fold, and Alpha 0 of CM9 for TouchPad has now been released to the public.

This isn't Alpha 1 - it's Alpha 0 (Alpha releases being feature incomplete, Beta is complete but possibly buggy), so the rough edges are enough to give yourself a minor abrasion. Missing is hardware video support, so you'd be best not to jump in yet if you're hoping for Netflix or HD YouTube. The microphone and cameras don't yet work, and DPI settings are screwing with what's available from the Android Market. And the hardware problems from the older CM7 (Gingerbread) port are still present in CM9. It's Alpha 0, after all. If history is any indication, these kinks will be worked out eventually, but it's open source homebrew development. It takes some time.

For those that are thinking about taking the plunge, there is some good news. The new ACMEInstaller2 installer release still supports multiple-boot operating systems. So you can still keep webOS around, or rather, you can use webOS as the default and have ICS sitting on the side for when you really need it.

Source: RootzWiki; Via: Android Central


It would be really nice if we could get some people porting webOS over to other devices instead of wrecking a perfectly good TouchPad by putting Android on it.

Now I'm not an android guy by any means. (I really don't enjoy using it), but come on you have to applaud the effort those guys are putting into it! I think it's great to see ICS on the touchpad. I like to have android as an option on my touchpad.. though I mostly use it for games... and to show off a bit :)

That can't really happen in full force until webOS is ACTUALLY released as open source. Saying that it's open source doesn't automatically make it so. you take the most popular OS with tons of available apps and growing functionality with a solid future and port it to some cheaply available hardware...

or do you take an unpopular OS with the most anemic app catalog and questionable future and try to port it to normally priced hardware.

I guess we should let the tech community decide....and it looks like they've made a decision!

if the earth ceased to exist at this very moment, you would be correct

that is all

What would happen if webOS new hardware ceased to exist? Also, if I wasn't going to use the tablet this year then you might have a chance.

My god.

How many times must WebOS flop before people stop playing the "something big is on the horizon, I swear!" card?

I'm having a hard time hearing you over the sound of my eyes violently rolling over.

Seriously though - ICS on the touchpad is a HUGE step towards improving our touchpad experience. There's no arguing it - ICS adds lots of functionality to your touchpad that webOS lacks and isn't likely to gain anytime soon. What's more, it doesn't "WRECK" anything, it sits happily as a dual-boot allowing you to use webOS to your hearts content before booting over into ICS when you want to do something you -cant- otherwise do (like watch a show on netflix, for example). Granted right now the ICS port isn't ready for prime-time, but once it is there will be exactly ZERO reasons not to have it installed.

Complaining that people aren't porting webOS to other devices is even more silly, especially when HP hasn't actually released an open source version of webOS that we can work on porting. **** we can't even share cobbled-together meta-doctor .jar files without potentially breaking copyright laws for gods sake. I'm sure porting efforts will commence once a full source is released for use.

This sums it all up.

Except for the one reason that there are some of us are perfectly happy with WebOS, which you've refused to accept as an argument before, because we all have to use our toys exactly the way you do, or you call us luddites as you've done in other threads. Sorry, I don't desire a netflix app on my touchpad. I prefer to watch blueray quality movies on my 60" TV. But I guess I'm a Luddite in your book because I don't want to load Android.

Does it bother you we will install android? I too was a webos user but it has been almost 4 years and what has it produced? A bunch of mediocre apps, bugs that existed since launch, terrible web browser, slow loading apps, limited features etc etc. WebOS is basically the same as when it launched in 2009. No progress.

Install whatever you like on yours. Just don't expect that I have to install it on mine because that's what you think should be done to all touchpads, or throw insults just because I don't use my toys in exactly the same way you do.

How exactly are you "wrecking" the Touchpad by allowing somebody port ICS to it without messing with WebOS in any capacity? Come on now, don't get so fanboyish.

A nice option to have! I just can't wait until we can get a cranked up webOS on a new high power "super phone" so we can see what webOS can really do.

Did you mean to post this two years ago? A lot has happened since there was talk of a webOS super-phone. Chances are that even if webOS is ever "cranked up" on a modern smartphone, it's the super-features that won't work. Plus, I think we know what webOS can really do. It's been on new smartphones since 2009.

I would love to see HTC make a smart phone supporting webOS I wouldn't hesitate to buy it

I always wonder why people go to fans' websites and **** about what others like... if webOS is pain in your **** just don't read articles about it.

please bring it to the pre 3 as well!!

Here is a question: Why? My Pre 3 has a 8-GB hard-drive. There is really no room for another OS and if I really wanted an Android phone I would buy one. There are tens of options and they are more accessible than Pre 3.

hmm...might have to try this just to do it and have bragging rights that my pad and do all kinds of **** to the people that would just look in awe, awe , awwweee

I love my TouchPad especially with the tweaks and patches the HomeBrew community has developed. I also love technology and learning about new OS's and having access to many. I myself am a fan of technology and not just one specific brand. I will dual boot my TouchPad with Android and WebOS.

This is against the TOS. Where are the mods? If you mention Android on the forums, your threads are locked by a mod. It should be the same here. Hypocrites.

Android, the other dirty "a" word.

Some of the mods on the forums are WebOScentral's version of SOPA/ PIPA.

Yep, but lookie over at Derek is a proud iphone owner doing a review touting it the best phone ever on sprint. What happened Derek? Surely such a webOS fan (not to mention being the lead voice of perhaps the most prominent webOS community) as yourself would have a Pre 3.

I do. On AT&T.

The iPhone 4S on Sprint is for people who want to be on Sprint. And as I want to be on Sprint, it’s the iPhone for me. - Derek Kessler,

I just thought that looked interesting juxtaposed with your AT&T comment. That is all.

sick burn
sick burn

sick burn

I thought you were being a bit unfair to the forum mods, so I started a thread about this article.

It was quickly merged and hidden in the basement - so even if it's posted on the the front of WebOSNation, it can't be posted in the forums...

I'm curious how they're doing a tri-boot, I didn't think /boot was big enough.

if there's a hack around it, exciting! And hope somebody can figure out how to get Meego (or whatever you call it :) booting in a tri-boot!

I wasn't too keen on the gingerbread alpha releases but I'm installing this as soon as a stable version is out. ICS is pretty exciting.

I honestly can't wait till ICS is ready for Primetime. As it currently stands it's still where the first Gingerbread Alpha was, and as such, not fully usable. I'm happy to wait for Dalingrin and the rest of the Cyanogen Team to finish up the port. Putting Gingerbread on my Touchpad was the best decision I've ever made. It's my daily driver and has been since Alpha 2.0.

I liked WebOS but due to the lack of apps it is so limiting. I wish it was different, but it is not. Hopefully, once it is Open Source, that will change.

Same here. As much as I love webOS I just kept running into too many brick walls with 3.0.4. Web sites that would load were the big problem. If Opera or Firefox where available on webOS I wouldn't take a second look at Android, but as it stands I've barely rebooted back to webOS since installing CM7.

The live wall paper is what has me changing my mind. We have no apps. More importantly we have no popular apps. The ones all your friends use, the ones they talk about, the ones that are fun. These devices are for everyday users, if you aren't thinking that way, you get cancelled, then given away, then put in pergatory. Once this is more stable it will be my forray into the world of Android. I won't have this Pre+ for much longer so I can test it out now. HP/Palm is that horse you bet on because you love horses, but cry because you have to put it down because it's broken (its leg that is).

I just installed it and it works surprisingly well! With this manual it is also very easy to install:

why have we not seen webOS put onto another device then surely we want it that way round to get it working on other tablets!

I would like to see the same thing done to WebOS that's been done to Android. I really don't care about fragmentation at this point either. I just want to see WebOS get a foot hold and prosper.

I cannot believe people are still talking about porting webOS to Android devices like the problem is with the hardware. The problem is webkit makes webos slow. Even the makers of webOS came to that conclusion. Even at 1.7ghz dual core processor webos is slow on the touchpad. Android ISC runs like butter on the stock 1.2 ghz.

Do you think it is possible to do the same with my HP Veer as well? I mean doing exactly the same thing with the same files...

I now installed Android 4.0 with Cyanogenmod on my Touchpad and I'm really happy with it - even though the mic, the camera don't work and the headphonejack works, but not loud enough.

I put CM9 on my TP last night. I have been using my TP since the week of release almost everyday. I love WebOS

After messing with a buggy CM9 for an hour I can honestly say this is already a better experience then WebOS. This is a huge step forward.

For those who have never done this before here is an easy guide.

then watch his CM9 video to make sure you have the correct files.

You can dual boot and you don't lose a thing with WebOS

Agreed. CM7 was very nice, but seemed to be laggy, especially when scrolling in the browser. CM9 is much better. It's a pity, because I love webOS and have been here since the beginning. But it doesn't even have a good e-reader app for crying out loud! On a pad that's ridiculous. There are still things that webOS beats Android in, but those aspects are dwarfed by the functionality of Android. And in ICS, the app switching is just as easy, if not easier, as in webOS. The apps that I didn't think I needed are soooo nice to have.

What happened to webOS is a shame, and I still look forward to the possibilities of open-sourcing it. But the CM9 experience on the TP is just so much more refined. And it's a f'n port.

I have read everyone's comments and please forgive me if I missed something. But if people want the ICS experience why not buy a tablet designed with android on it? Why buy a webOS touchpad to then put android on it? Anyways it is just my thought on the subject.

ICS is incredibly fast on the touch pad considering its an alpha 0. Kind of a reversal as my pre with webos is much faster than my ics nexus s. I'm actually impressed with android for once.