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CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 2 brings Netflix support to Android'ed TouchPads 24

by Derek Kessler Thu, 23 Feb 2012 5:54 pm EST

CyanogenMod 9

If you've been looking for a way to get Netflix support onto your HP TouchPad, listen up. It takes some doing, but the homebrew CyanogenMod 9 project to port Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to our favorite webOS tablet has seen a bump up to Alpha 2 status. So while there's still plenty of work to be done, there's also plenty of progress being made. As note on our Android-loving sister site Android Central, CM9 Alpha 2 for TouchPad brings improved video support to the table, including HTTP livestreaming for apps like Netflix. We're not likely to get a webOS Netflix app anytime soon, so if you want Netflix, here's your best option.

Source: RootzWiki; Via: Android Central


It really boggles the mind how netflix is available for EVERYthing but WebOS.

And BlackBerry.

This is cool, and as someone with two Touchpads, I'll be anxious to soon put Android on one, but I've been streaming Netflix to my Touchpad for a long time using Splashtop. Yeah, a native app is better, but it works very well.

question, IF this ISIS Browser gets up and running and able to download through PreWare.. Would it be able to work w/ Hulu & Netflix?

Hulu maybe. Netflix, no - they user Silverlight, not Flash.

I swear the ISIS announcement stated that it would support HTML5 natively, with both Flash and Silverlight supported via npapi plugins.

Both would be great. I could live w/ just hulu though.. .. I won't have any need to go android at all if this ISIS browser does what i'm hoping w/ hulu :) and possibly praying netflix

Installed. It works!!! Netflix on the TP. Great work guys!! seems like the next logical name to this site...

game on, need to tackle this NOW. Hope I don't break anything.

I think I'm gonna crack and end up modding my TP with Android once it reaches a more finalized version, if solely for more apps and Netflix. Since HP support has been poor at best so far, not to mention webOS still being seen as dead likely.

I was using CM7 and now I upgrade to CM9 and, I cannot regret.
It works very good, the camera still soes not work but the rest, runs smooth.

It is not difficult at all to install it and in a couple of minutes you are dual-booting your Touchpad.

I don't change webOS for anything but just to have more apps, or games, it's great.

The CM team has done a beautiful job.


i added ICS to my TP but was unable to get wifi to work. Any thoughts?

There's been some discussion on the Rootzwiki HP CM9 fourms with regards to issues about wifi - everything from ensuring your router uses Channels 1 to 6, ensuring you're using WPA encryption and if you have a dual-band router (2.4/5GHZ) to disable the 5GHz part. I downloaded Wifi Fixer from the Market and that worked for me as my TP with CM9 Alpha0.6 would disconnect after an hour (if your Wifi doesn't work in ICS try finding and downloading the .apk file using webOS). I am using Channel 1 and don't have 5Ghz and am using WPA2 but give Wifi Fixer a try. Currently Running CM9 Alpha2 and Netflix and YouTube work great.

However, I am looking forward to webOS as it is now being open-sourced and I think the TP will only get better.

Haven't had Wi-Fi issues on Alpha 1... and I use 2.5/5Ghz, Channel 11, and WPA2-PSK. I'm going to install Alpha 2 tonight, will sound off if it breaks my Wi-Fi.

i have an old linksys wrt54G. Using WEP encription and have all else on default. The webos works fine. I can't get ICS to connect at all.

it has some issues with wifi, try with another network or delete and add it again, and soft reset the touchpad.

Works pretty well. Still love WebOS but it's nice to have the option when I need some netflix.

how to install CM9 on HP Touchpad. I know I can search on net; I want to know the URL from someone who had installed it already.
You all have experienced installing it for the first time... please give me a good URL

@ khurramsh22
Use this link for an EASY tutorial. I had CM9 Alpha 2.0 running in 30-40 minutes, and I was taking my time.

I was extremely skeptical installing an Alpha version, but holy cow, am I glad I did. Sorry, I love webOS. It has some neat features, but CM9 (ICS specifically) blows webOS out of the water. Not only are the features and multitasking great, but the device literally runs about 300% faster. PDF's load super fast - no more lag of death. Video runs great too! The stock calendar is probably the best one I've ever used too.

For an Alpha, this release feels VERY stable. To be honest, webOS feels way less stable than this. The camera doesn't work yet, but I'm not missing it.

im just happy that works on my tp. dont care for netflix and hulu could kiss my @$$.

Here's how I get NETFLIX, HULU, Cable TV, and everything else on my webOS tablet.

I have a PC connected the internet and cable back home running Windows 7 Home Edition, using Media Center to record whatever is on the cable or over the air.... TiVo free.... And of course it can display any and all media services.

Then I run Splashtop Remote on my tablet and remote to the PC! I've done this from all over the country; anywhere I have broadband WiFi for my TouchPad.

I don't know how Splashtop does it, but any other remote desktop solution I've tried simply cannot keep up with live HD TV coming off the cable and streaming back out across the Time Warner cable modem to my tablet.

This is fact. Do it all the time. Better than having Netflix on my tablet since I can see the news and weather from my local TV stations as well. And of course, have access to all the Office tools available on that PC too. And I don't have to learn the interface to a bunch of new apps since the apps run I run via the tablet are the same apps I run at home via the keyboard and mouse.

The happy dilemma: get apps on my tablet or my tablet as a remote terminal to my PC?

Just sayin! ...there is more than one way to skin a cat! ...SplashTop is awesome.(My TP is running Uberkernel at 1.8Ghz plus other homebrew accellerations, but I've tried it on my wife's vanilla TP and see no difference.)

Of course, this technique works for Android and iOS tablets running SplashTop, I expect.

In one sense, SplashTop is the only application you need. There are a few improvements I'd like to see. The traditional "remote desktop" features available in Windows (i.e. print on local printer, virtual disks, flexibility as to which way the sound goes, etc.) are not in FlashTop. Further, to simplify the interface, it would be neat if the SplashTop people would setup profiles for use. I.e. "Remote Media Center" profile would launch a remote connection ONLY running the Media Center interface; "Remote Office" profile would launch a remote connection ONLY running Office software and virtualizing the disk storage to a cloud device shared between PC and tablet. None of this is hard to do.

And no.... I have no financial interest in Splashtop!

I have cm9 android running is there any reason at all on why my netflix sound and app run but upon play you can hear the sound but are unable to actually see the picture.....? Please respond I need my netflixxxxxxxxx!

I have a HP tablet.Can I not see full free movies on it through Netflix?how do I get that?