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CyanogenMod 9 to bring Android Ice Cream Sandwich to TouchPad 68

by Derek Kessler Fri, 13 Jan 2012 1:49 pm EST

We've touched before on the work being down to hack Android onto the TouchPad, with the last thing we saw being CyanogenMod 7 bringing the meant-for-phones Android 2.3 Gingerbread onto the webOS tablet. Today we're getting a demo from RootzWiki developer green showing off the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-based CyanogenMod 9 on the TouchPad, and while there's still plenty of work to be done, it does work. In fact, one might expect it to work better than CM7, given that ICS is designed to work on tablets without any front-facing buttons (where the TouchPad has just the one).

Source: RootzWiki; Via: Android Central



I wish we had that animated screensaver/background fish tank thing on WebOS...

Sucking up the battery for no good reason? Strange wish.

Would look great when its sitting on a touchstone :)

A waterfall would be better in that case.

So why, exactly, would someone with a TP want to continue to wait for webOS functionality and apps which probably won't ever arrive when they could install Android ICS so easily? Elegance and multitasking only go so far when you are in a platform with such limited support.

Furthermore, if a TPs are that much more capable with Android then why would you ever want to run webOS on some other tablet other than just as a novelty? Ordinarily, you would say that people buying new units will be using webOS on a TP but there won't be any new units going forward.

Ummm, because the TP has amazing functionality and the apps are already here???

HP is still supporting the platform. New, highly functional apps are still being released daily. I don't have a lot of Android experience but, from what I've seen, it's still a bit of a mess, interface-wise. Maybe ICS will fix this, but don't hate on WebOS because it doesn't have an app YOU want. Most of us are having a pretty good time (last time I looked, I had over 100 apps, that's a lot more than I have on my desktop)...

Get your head out of the sand. There is an entire world of functionality that is and will be enabled on the major mobile platforms. webOS, limping along, simply won't cut it unless you can convince yourself that what you already have is just fine. This is a way that people who bought this discontinued hardware can take advantage of more current functionality.

I have an android tablet besides my webOS and guess which one gets more use? My webOS. This is a beautiful platform and I love the way it displays webpages. It may not have as many apps as android but, it has enough for me and I know that the app catalogue will keep on growing. It's a shame that HP did not give it a chance and didn't know what to do before giving up on it. I hope mine will last me for a very long time because after it's gone, I will dearly miss it.

What if there are ppl who, for whatever reasons (philosophical, political, privacy/security) choose not to use Android? Why insist that they do what YOU think is better for them?

Sometimes its good to leave well enough alone. Evangelizing is effective only to a certain point.

Because besides my WiFi issues with CM7 Android on my TP feels like driving a Pinto through a mud pit. I just deleted CM7 from my device the other day. It was terrible. (Kudos to the the team for getting it working though)

Despite WebOS having a sad app catalog it's still more elegant, easy on the eyes and more enjoyable than any flavor of Android on a tablet.

I'm limping along? I can read newspapers, magazines, and books, surf the internet, check twitter, use my TP as a reference device in my profession, watch videos and play games. Plus, I'm using the best tablet GUI on the market today. If you want to limp, try a pre-ICS Android tablet. Then, you get the excitement of trying to figure out whether the downloaded program will actually run on bizzaro HP Android device, the craptastic GUI that is Android, and the hardware incompatibility associated with hacking a foreign OS on a TP. Good luck getting HP to fix your TP with Cyanmodgen on it...

Just get yourself a cheapie Android tablet if you want Netflix.

I'd rather have elegance and multitasking for 99% of everything that I need to than what inelegance and odd multitasking for that rare 1% that I almost never need.

That said, I haven't used ICS, perhaps it's better than my experience with Android to date.

Remember that webOS was much more capable than iOS when it came out with multitasking, synergy, over-the-air updates, etc. People seemed to go with elegance of an iPhone over the capability of a Palm Pre.

Because with the ability to boot to both webOS and Android, you get the best of both worlds; elegence and superior multitasking and access to vast catalog of apps when you need it. It's not that different from the way Mac and Linux users will dual-boot or run emulators so they can have access to Windows apps when they need them.

why are you even a member of this site if you dislike webOS so much? There is no point.People here like webOS and enjoy it. Yes it doesn't have the support that android or iOS have but its still an amazing os plus now that its open source things can change quickly for he better. If you don't have anything helpful to say then syrupy

Add synergy, a cleaner interface and yes most of the USEFUL apps are there. Once you eliminate all the chaff from the app markets, the real advantage of Android becomes much less significant.

Keep in mind that unlike with most pads, the CM folks have made Touchpads dual boot because even they like WebOS.

Now all that being said, to me the BEST solution would be to get the Android-app-on-a-card functionality that's been touched upon elsewhere in this forum out into the wild. Having webOS able to tap into the Android market would be a win-win all the way around.

The CES demo indicated that it had to go through a manufacturer. My question is "WHY"? If you can install it on a Nook Color and give instructions on how to tap the Android market, why not do the same with WebOS??

"Now all that being said, to me the BEST solution would be to get the Android-app-on-a-card functionality"

...that would be an absolute killer, I agree, and it is doable - see Alien Dalvik project by Myriad. I do not think it will happen, though, not in the current state of affairs, with HP clearly as a day bailing out of webOS, and I am sure anyone sane in the remains of webOS team doing exactly the same.

elegance?????... omg android has no elegance. i have an HP Touchpad and a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab running Android 3.2 and let me tell you, WebOS wins in elegance.

android seems so cheap and tacky, yes it might run more apps and its mainstream, but its ugly as **** u can theme it all you want, but its like putting lipstick on a pig.

WebOS on the other hand is very classy, elegant, smooth and runs amazingly. The app catalog is 100x better than the android market, it takes me atleast 10 minutes to install an app on my android tab when on webos its instantly installed.

the only reason i even use android is for the netflix app. if that where ported to webos in the words of the fabulous Nancy Downs (Fairuza Balk) from The Craft, android "would even exist to me".

i dont like android but for netflix its kk and ice cream sandwich looks eh ok i guess

When there's a stable release, then I will definitely install just to get a feel for Android.

I agree once a stable port of ICS hits in about 3-4 months I may try it again. CM7 was just not a good experience at all.

I'm excited. I love the Touchpad but the lack of apps drives me crazy.

webOS faithful for life - boo to Android...

Nevertheless, I would like some Wine-like solution to run some Android apps on the Pre3, at least until the powers that be decide there are enough of us to make it worthwile to write native versions (Waze, Whatsapp,etc)

I'm looking forward to when the WebOS source is released and we can start porting it to Android hardware.

So are you saying "we" because you will participate in the coding or are you using "we" like I do when I talk to people about how we won the national championship when I was in college. I'm just not sure I can see whole teams of people wanting to spend a lot of time doing this. Usually, one replaces the existing OS of a given device with something more useful, not the other way around.

Oh wow - you were in college at the same time your school won the national championship? You're so awesome!

Or perhaps he means "we" in the same sense that there are a lot of Linux users who do not actively develop that OS but who install it on their Windows PCs because they like it or just enjoy having something different to play with once in a while. And people have been installing Linux on their PCs since it was a pain to get it to run at all let alone get it to do something useful.

@inertia1 well there is at least 1 Android phone running webOS currently... Take it as you will

so what 3 people would do it

whats interesting was the announcement about android apps running on other platforms like webos (as soon as an OEM brings it)

I guess what I am stating is that time would be better working towards compatibility of apps (this is one reason why the browser makes sense) then hacking android to run on the touchpad.

In a few years, I think many people will look at Apps like how they looked at the Wii a few years ago. They were kind of cool, but when everything can be done in a browser and work cross-platform it is clearly the way to go.

How many people are using Gmail vs. say Mozilla Thunderbird? (I won't count Outlook because most people are forced by their employers to use it.

LOL, I had someone tell me the other day that they lost the e-mail we sent them when their computer crashed and I was like WTF.

Reminds me... Hmm... When is webOS going to get the latest Angry Birds Seasons update?

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE webOS and it is and will always remain to be the best mobile platform available, but that doesn't mean that Android doesn't have a place. Until webOS can catch up on apps, games and some other functions, Android is a great addition to have on the TP. I'll probably install it once there's a more stable release, mainly because there are a few apps that webOS doesn't (yet) offer, but I'll always love webOS and it will remain my main platform.

netflix, hbogo, skype full client, reason enough for me. the hbogo webpage is pretty unreliable with webos browser.

seems like netflix is pretty much the main "major" app that is driving people nuts... cant believe they wont deliver it already.. probably could charge 50% more than on other platforms..

50% more than free? Hmmm...I like that idea!

For me its really Evernote. During my short stint with a Nook Color turned CM7 I started heavily using Evernote. It is one of the few Android apps that worked like a tablet app in Gingerbread.

There is a WebOS Evernote app, but its a Mojo app that someone has (thankfully) patched to work on the Touchpad. But it doesn't support offline storage. And the Evernote has adamantly rejected further webOS development.

Everybody waiting for Sling and PDcoughANet left a year ago.

Will we have the option to dual boot into either webos or ics?

The video showed it. Let that be your answer.


I just can't get myself excited for an Android release for Touchpad. All the times I've used Android it's felt really gimped.

It is kewl hearing about these kinds of projects though, nice to know there are people still willing to hack away at systems like this. Good job on all the work.

Getting the camera to work would be really great. Almost none of the current Android apps work with the TP camera.

Would really like to have the 2D barcode reader apps work.

Still haven't found an Android mail app that comes anywhere close to the elegance of the webOS mail. The webOS browser is definitely superior to all other non-iPad tablet based browsers. Keep up the good work.

I completely agree with you about email. In fact when people ask me how to get their email on Android, I usually tell them to just forward all their stuff to Gmail and use that instead. That's how bare the Android cupboard is in terms of email.

But Dolphin on Android makes the webOS browser look like a toy. The webOS browser needs much better bookmark handling. I want to be able to use my Last Pass bookmarklets damnit!

We didn't get to see much, but it does look a bit jittery. Not sure if that's just something they haven't optimized yet?

What I really wanted to see though was the new user interface - I'm curious if it lives up to the hype I've been hearing...

Not really that big a deal anymore. CES saw a good stream of cheap ICS tablets announced at price points from $79-299. They aren't just from the Viewsonics and Cobys of the world, either. Asus has the $250 Eee Pad Memo with a superior display over the Touchpad and equivalent RAM and processor.

Nook Color and Kindle Fire also have been hacked to run it. You got options galore for cheap ICS tablet love. I guess you'll eventually be able to hack WebOS onto these too?

Just nothing special about even a firesale Touchpad or even Android ICS anymore.

The Asus for 250 is Tegra 3 it smokes the TP duel core

Thanks for the processor correction. It is indeed more powerful. Built-in stylus too, plus it's coming in Q2. So is the iPad 3 which means iPad 2 units will get a price drop from Apple.

By Q3, these resold Touchpads will be a pretty bad deal, even if you want to dual boot Android.

For most people a Touchpad costs $0 because they have already bought it.

Cute, but not true for a variety of reasons.

First, "most people" didn't buy a Touchpad. In fact, most tablet buyers didn't buy a Touchpad. In fact, most non-Apple tablet buyers didn't buy a Touchpad.

Second, most Touchpad purchasers effectively got paid to buy it because they got in the firesale and resold it at a profit. The funny thing is, the supply never dries up because many don't keep them even at the ridiculously low prices they bought them at.

In the local Craigslist, 10-12 used, "like new" Touchpads go up for sale every 48 hours. On eBay, only a little over half the listings for both the 16GB or 32GB models are actually NEW. Everyone else is trying to get rid of this junk that has no value to them even with the ability to run Android and at 60-80 percent off the original retail price. In the first page of 50 completed eBay listings for HP Touchpads, a full 25 percent of the listings had NO bids and went unsold - and they were at the same $199-$280 range that everyone else sells them for. That's a eBay sellthrough rate a little higher than used 2010 gen 1 iPads, which have a much higher resale value, BTW.

Like I said...not really much of a deal. Be happy you have a cheap tablet that runs WebOS. That's the only way it was ever going to sell.

Mods should ban this article if they are consistent on their "no android topic rule".

Superseded by the "We need front page clicks" rule.

I for one am more then willing to give ICS a try. All I ask is that its as easy to install as was everything the folks at PreCentral, and Preware have done.

People us the world "elegance" around here when what they really seem to mean is "what I am used to"

I switched from webOS to an Android phone months ago - I'm totally "used to" using Android now and can still easily say webOS is incredibly more elegant than Android. too. I've tried hard to like ANdroid, have used numerous launchers/home screen replacements (my favorites are advanced Go LAuncher and/or SPB 3D), virtual keyboards (best IMHO is still Swype in swiping mode after a little of getting used to), but still, switching back to my Pre 3 makes me wanna cry "why oh why", because in everything it does, it does it SO MUCH BETTER than Android.

The tricky part is " everything it does", because there is so many apps on Android that simply smoke webOS' ones.

The system itself, I found it still in a different league than Android, or frankly anything else (haven't tried WP7 for long enough to judge it, but I don't really like the philosophy of a "wizard" everywhere, it is good for retards).

And the "elegance" and "seamlessness" is something that describes UX on webOS best.

So unfortunate.

I'm agnostic. I like webOS and I'm sanguine about its future, but I'm prepared to accept ICS later this year, since both can coexist on my TP. For $150, I have a high quality, high end tablet, and that tickles me pink. If webOS takes off, then I'll have a truly great webOS device. Otherwise, I'll still have a great Android device. It's win-win.

I am most happy when I have a great bargain. And the TP certainly qualifies.

High end for early 2011, maybe.

I love my 2 32gig TP's with webOS and android over 200 installed on webOS an 250 on android, o an I add probably 4 more apps a day to android. From angry bird to media remotes, splashtop, Bluetooth apps, several games tho its gameloft don't work but lot others do. TP way better quality than a cheap arse looking kindle fire or n e other 199 tablet. Just like having 2 tablets in one. So if cm9 works better than cm7 omg worth every penny I paid for touchpad, so go CM9!

been using CM7 for weeks now, android web surfing is so much better than webos browser its unreal.

there is no reason to go back to webos at all, the browser is horrendous and still has major flaws still not fixed from release, there are still certain websites you cant visit because webos browser just doesnt cut it, and doesnt offer the functionality of android.

Roll on CM9, i will be installing.

I just like the future options - open-source webOS and CM9 on a tablet. Sure its not Tegra3 quad-core but so what. For $99 or $150 from the August firewall, best value for money.

I like the UI and UX of webOS(If I could set widgets it would be ultimate experience).

Hate Android interfaces, they are stupid, not sure how much common sense is needed to get a UI/UX correct but they don't seem to get it even after copying the ideas from webOS and Meego, well, sort of copying.

I own N900 which is even better experience and it is 2+ years old UI. And dont get me started on iOS, I couldnt go byond the first screen i.e. the home screen on a friends phone.

+1 for the widgets... I wanted them since the very beginning, too, but that would not be entirely consistent with the "cards" metaphor... I would like them, anyway

I could only see someone doing this to use Netflix or to get at other Android market apps.

For normal use, webOS is 100 times more elegant, intuitive and easy to use than any version of Android out there.

I should know, I switched to a GS2 and can't stand it.

elegant webos is, lacking better/more apps no, ICS working full speed nice = better deal for my touchpad firesell! awaiting for more updates.

I don't know what all the fuss is about. Some of you much have too much time on your hands or you just can't sit still. My TP with WebOS does what I want and with the latest patches, I'm pretty happy. I probably don't know what I'm missing because I'm having too much fun enjoying life.

Just sayin'

What is that at 0:15? Power!!!