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Cycle Email Dashboard Notifications (TouchPad) 13

by Adam Marks Wed, 13 Mar 2013 5:56 pm EDT

This tip is only for HP TouchPads running webOS 3.0.5

Cycle Email NotificationsWhile dashboard notifications have always been a hallmark feature of webOS, the ability to stack notifications in webOS 3.0 on the TouchPad was a great enhancement because it allowed you to do things like view and dismiss one email at a time instead of all the new emails that recently arrived. Unfortunately, you still needed to view the email notifications in the order they arrived so there was no way to keep a notification in the dashboard while still moving to the next email. Your only choices were to leave all the remaining notifications in the dashboard, dismiss one email notification, or dismiss them all. But, as is another hallmark feature of webOS, the homebrew community created a nice workaround for this issue.

If you install the Cycle Email Notifications patch by GMMan, available in Preware or webOS Quick Install, your email notifications will automatically scroll from one message to the next every 5 seconds or so. They will cycle while you are working on the TouchPad, in exhibition mode, or even on the lockscreen. While it may take a little bit of time if you have a lot of notifications, this will at least allow you to keep or dismiss only the email notifications you want.

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Installed... Thanks!!!

Looks like a great feature, can't wait until I can install it and test it out.

Phone patch is also available though probly not in preware as yet. Great work. Thanks GMMAN

Awesome work GMMan! Keep up the amazing support.

Here's the original thread of the patch, where you can also download the phone version.

This patch may be usable on different webOS 2.x versions, so please try it and leave a comment with your webOS version if it works.

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