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Dash Weather brings double-height weather status to your notification area 9

by Derek Kessler Sat, 01 Dec 2012 6:27 pm EST

Dash Weather brings double-height weather status to your notification area

One of the things we wish has been utilized more in the webOS notification area was the option to display a status bar of some sort. There've been a few apps, like Weather Dashboard (and its TouchPad-sized variant) or the Sports Live! apps to display sports game score alerts. But by-and-large, the quasi-widget status potential with the webOS notification area was never fully realized.

The homebrew LunaCE improvements have breathed new life into the dashboard potential for the TouchPad, offering the option for taller, and thus richer and more interactive, notifications. Taking full advantage of that is webOS Nation Forum member and developer Garret92c, who has whipped up a nice clean dashboard app for your weather, appropriately titled "Dash Weather". The app lives in your notification area and is compatible with both webOS tablets and smartphones. Dash Weather uses webOS's location services to get your local weather, so even GPS-less TouchPad users can get localized weather information thanks to ballparking it off your Wi-Fi IP address.

On a smartphone or standard TouchPad, Dash Weather displays the current temperature, forecasted high and low, and two other bits of your choice, including the location, current conditions (cloudy/fair/etc), sunrise/sunset, and more. But what really makes Dash Weather is the LunaCE option, allowing you to have a double-height dashboard widget. With that taller space you can display more info at once (duh), and it thankfully carries over onto a LunaCE-enabled TouchPad's lock screen too.

Dash Weather is available for free from the webOS Nation Homebrew Gallery, and through Preware and WebOS Quick Install. If you happen to like it, we recommend sending a donation the way of Garrett92c at the source link below.


Awesome article! Thanks Derek.
The version I had in the App Gallery was 1.1.0, which didn't support webOS phones. I just submitted the newest version (1.2.0) though, so it should be in the feeds soon. I'm also working on 1.2.1, which will bring some behind-the-scenes improvements as well as more options. :)
As always, I'm open to all suggestions or ideas you may have for the app. Let me know over in the Dash Weather thread!
- Garrett

Sorry Derek, you should make better recheres. These fact is known for longer time now. As Garret point out, the older Version does not support phones. I'm looking forward to next update. Once again Garret: Thx for your great work!

No, he was right. The currently released version (1.2.0) supports phones with Enyo. The only issue was me forgetting to submit that update to the App Gallery (which I just did).
You can download 1.2.0 from the forum thread or App Gallery page right now. I'm sure the update will show up in the Preware feeds soon as well.
Dash Weather 1.2.0 is now available in the Preware feeds! You can find it at the top of 'List of Everything' or by browsing to Available Packages > Application > Weather > Dash Weather.

How to change Fahrenheit to Celsius ?
Okey there are a settings where we can launch widget:)

Awesome app. good to see new apps in WebOS!
even works with Hebrew city names!

This is the first good news I have seen on here in a long time related to the HP TouchPad. Awesome work! I haven't downloaded this yet but I fully plan to. This looks fantastic and would have been nice to be in the OS from the start...

Can't wait to try it!

i use the famos weather dashboard v. 1.4.0 since 2009 and it's awesome.

I don't know if its just me, but when I go to the App Catalog, and search an app it says "Action could not be completed" and the "featured" apps in front are blank. I cant download any apps or click on catagries without getting this same error over and over. does anyone else have this issue?

Hi All,
I love that there are new things coming out for WebOS!

One thing that took me a couple minutes to figure out was how to get the double height notification to work. I needed to set the Preferences before I clicked the "Launch Widget" button. Once the widget is running, you need to dismiss it (slide to the left like any other notification) and then launch it again.

Love love this.

Would be even more amazing if there were little buttons or something to pull up tomorrow's forecast.

Thank you!