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by zinge Wed, 07 Oct 2009 6:52 pm EDT
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Very simple app. All it does is toggle your Data setting. This way you don't have to open the phone settings preferences to toggle between having Data on or off. When you press the app icon, you will feel a short vibration and see a banner telling you whether Data is on or off.

Made by request from a couple people.

You're welcome to suggest additions/changes to this app, but for the moment my other app, Brightness Unlinked, is the priority.


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Free until it hits the App Catalog (if it can even be put in the app catalog)

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why can't i download it when i log in?

Mee too !

where are the admin of the site ?

This app will save me time! I'm putting it in my QuickStart ribbon

great tool!

It's only available in Pre Ware.

how can I get this PRE WARE on my mobile

I just installed the 'no vibrate' version to a Palm Pixi Plus. It always turns ON. Never OFF. So, I still have to turn data off the regular way. In other words no toggle, just turn on. The message at the bottom always says 'Data On'
I don't know if it makes a difference but I didn't use any data.

any chance of creating a blue tooth toggle? it's getting to be a hassle now that I'm using blue tooth in the car to connect hands free for the phone. One toggle will fix that problem.

is it there in app catalog

pre jim can I get pre ware on my mobile