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Deal of the Day: Touchstone Charging Dock for HP TouchPad - SOLD OUT 9

by Derek Kessler Wed, 19 Oct 2011 10:18 am EDT

Today only [19 October 2011]: Grab one for only $39.95 - that's 50% off!


Update: And the PreCentral Accessory Store is sold out. Thank for playing!

The HP Touchstone Charging Dock recharges your TouchPad on contact, without ever interrupting business. You can even use multiple Touchstone docks around your house or office to do different things while charging your TouchPad. View photos in the living room, act as a clock in the bedroom, and see your day's agenda at-a-glance at work. All without losing your notifications.



Love the comment on the ad "will not work for your pre"! That's awesome! If you have to tell someone that they shouldn't own a smart phone! LOL!

Some people's phones are smarter than the people.

Could NOT get TP; but would this work on 7" tablet?

will this work for my pre?


Is it possible to have it display different exhibition apps automatically based on which Touchstone you use? I remember hearing about this feature on new Touchstones, but don't remember seeing a setting for it.

Is it over?
Just headed to the store but I can't find it.

What happened to my comment?
I looked at the store but can't find it.

Alert, Alert. This is the same price (technically $39.75) as it is on Amazon and with Prime you can have it by Monday for free.