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Defender of the webOS community comes out of retirement 91

by Jason Robitaille Wed, 08 Sep 2010 1:59 pm EDT

Yep folks, he's back!  The self-proclaimed defender of the webOS community has returned from retirement to fight for our current cause: the burning desire to know the release date and specifications of the next generation Palm smartphone. As his newest video demonstrates, he's back to using threats and demands to try and provoke Palm into responding.

The ReleaseMyPre guy first made headlines way back in April 2009 as part of a viral campaign, voicing fans' frustrations at Palm lack of a release date for the original Palm Pre and quickly became an inspiration for us all. Well, an inspiration, as long as you ignore his threats and kidnapping attempts.

Since his first video, he's appeared a handful of times in more YouTube videos, notably his Mother's Day video. His outraged "PALM!!" scream became iconic in the wait for a release date. So much so, that we even had some fun contributing out own outrage in video form.

Now he's back to be our collective voice, pleading with Palm for new device details. He's even got a twitter account you can follow. At this point it seems to us like a win-win situation; either Palm gives in to his demands and we get new details, or Palm doesn't and we get to see more awesome videos.

As he says, "Palm, you are officially on notice." We suspect that his 79 hour deadline will go unanswered ....and we fear that we may ourselves be 'aggressively invited' in the next PalmCast. Stay tuned!

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I miss that guy. Might be the nerd in me, but his skits are funny as all get up.

I couldn't agree more. In fact he just gave me a great idea for a new Palm commercial! Have this guy hold the phone and talk about all the great things the new Palm Pre 2 will have in a similar way that Macho Man Randy Savage did with the Slim Jim commercials!

"...what? you're still using an Apple iPhone?!? ... get a PALM!"

childish get me fuckin flash and quick and stop wasting time bozo's

I wish i could set my phone to make his 'PALM' scream when it turns on

done! Well, at least the sound part. You can grab it here:

It was a great idea. Now someone just needs to create a patch to play a startup sound.

All those excited feelings from last time are coming back. Of course the jump back then from a Treo 700p to the Pre may not be as great this time but one can hope! :)

LOL .... 79 Hours PALM.... The defender has spoken get your butts in gear.

He sounds like a pro wrestler (or perhaps Mr. T) - Good Stuff!

Look, while a new Pre would be great, SOME of us who have a CURRENT Pre Plus would like to get our FIRMWARE UPDATE! Can we get that rolled out first before we clamor for a new device?! Sheesh.

or how about us non plus users getting a plus...

Yea... I love Mr ski mask. I just rewatched all the old videos from back in the day. Good times.

yea, those were freakin hilarious!

I'm in agreement with you. Why does the Verizon Pixi Plus get an update, but nothing for AT&T Pre Plus or Pixi Plus. As a Pre Plus user I would have assumed an update would come at the same time as the Pixi since its the older product...


well your "SOME" is not the "MAJORITY" whos had just a plain old Pre (no +) for over a year now and are sitting on our yearly $150 rebate for new hardware, not to mention it makes no business sense to release your stupid firmware update if they want to stay in the game, while apple, and the droids all have tech that isn't outdated, we need 4G and a stock 1Ghz processor (@ least) along with flash....oh and don't worry, your trash service provider Verizon should have the Pre2 roughly 6 months after we do and you can just tell yourself you got a firmware update when you finally get to purchase it, LMAO! 8)

Yeah, but they'll have the Pre2-Plus and we'll have just the crappy Pre2...

WTF? Never heard of this guy. This is odd. Like live action role play.

I second headgamer - Id like a fan video published begging Verizon and AT&T for 1.4.5

Ok, this video has me laughing out loud so hard right now...

The sad thing is, part of me was like "YEAH!!! Finally, someone is saying what I really want to say and do, but, my civilized side won't allow me to say/do it!"

YAY,- masked-dude-defender-of-WebOS-users-everywhere!

You rock.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled TV program.


Anyone know how long his ads ran last time before Palm revealed the new Palm Pre?


I think he only came out with about 5 videos before they released the Pre last year. Hopefully it will be a similar situation this time around.

it had absolutely no effect on the release date. As I recall it was release months after his videos came out. But I still love the videos.

We don't know if there is any causal effect since it only happened once. Can't make a statement like that with one data point.

I'm sure the release from Palm/HP will follow a similar time schedule, just don't know how big the delta will be.

Do we say Palm, HP, Palm/HP or something else when referring to these devices coming out now?

I think most people refer to it as H-Palm or HPalm or however you want to type it.

I think this guys is just timing it right. I mean its already RUMORED that an announcement of some kind will be made in a month or so. Weather it be WebOS 2.0, a new device or both.

HP kept them as Palm, so Palm it is for me. It's a strong brand name that people recognize (Palm Pilot, Palm Pre, Palm Pad...). They'd be crazy to change it at this point.

as strong as the Palm brand is HP is the #1 selling brand in front of #2 Dell and #3 Acer.....however i'm for (Just concerning the new Pre) bc HP is new to this particular market....Drum Roll Plz!.................The Pre-2 PHMLAP! The p & h & m & l & a & p are silent, sweet huh? I know, Thank you, Thank you....what can I say, some of us our more creative than others, ha!

Seems more like FacePalm these days.


His videos ended when a release date was given.

I wish we had a Verizon WebOS Defender. "VERIZON!!"

Think how many EVO sales that Apple preempted by the "loss" of their IPhone4 prototype. People will hold out if they think the wait will be short or if they think the wait may be longer but that the new phone will be a BIG improvement, but not many will wait indefinitely for an unknown.

I will take my Epic 4G back so quick it will make your head spin if they announce something soon. I give them until September 30 when my 30 day return window ends! PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLM

Why can't they just tell the webOS defender that the new smartphones will have an OMAP 4 chip and the tablets will have the Tegra 2 chip? Wishful thinking? Plug the smartphone into the tablet via hdmi and the smartphone becomes a controller for the the nice size tablet screen. Ahhh I'm dreaming.


To Palm: I Would do what he says.

To Masked Defender of WebOS Community: I Think you should tie a Pre to a tiny chair and hold it at gun point in your next video. Threaten that you will shoot off some buttons and send them to Palm if your demands aren't met.

Also, Jack Bauer would be able to figure this out in 24 hours... just sayin.

oh man that mother's day vid was epic... I almost ROFL'ed at work... :P

I am hollering right now!!! These are hilarious ....Mr Ski Mask dude...if you need a culprit ..count me in!!!!!!!!

Is anyone else hoping that Palm has actually hired the guy this time and that we might actually get some real news soon!?

Oh geeze that is funny! I'm following this guy on Twitter!

Derek? Is that you? :)

and Amanda an... PALM!!!!!

I choose to believe that HPPalm hired this guy then and now and is going to announce specs on Saturday afternoon. And I further choose to believe that they will also announce a release date in time for the holiday's. And i further choose to fantasize... errr believe that it will be released to Sprint by October 1st.... :D

And if i'm wrong and we don't have a new phone by Halloween I vote we all dress up as Pre's and go trick or treating at our local Sprint stores! Or even HPPalm headquarters!!!

I always kind of wondered if that guy was part of Palm's (failed) viral campaign. If that's the case perhaps Palm really is getting ready to ramp up new devices. Here's to hope.

Did world of the masked Palm guy make to other sites like Engadget the first time around?

Is this guy stupid or what! Apparently so. It doesn't take a genius, just read the news, that this world is full of psychotic, delusional, narcissistic crazies that live hidden amongst the public only to be exposed when one of their victims escape or they get hunted down by the law. Does this guy expect himself to be taken as a friendly Disney character? No!

My reaction would be to

1) Call the FBI.
2) Put Palm on alert.
3) Immediately hold personal safety awareness meetings for all Palm staff.
4) Implement a buddy system for Palm employees (i.e. walking to car in parking lot, etc.
5) Double inspect incoming mail.
6) Increase Security at Palm head quarters.

This guy needs to be caught, injected full of nerve burning mind bending drugs and shipped to Guantanamo Bay for being a TERRORIST and INTERROGATED!

You don't get out much do you?

CMercs, that is a pretty perfect reply


i'd guess neither does the guy that made this video.

A. Your link only works if you lose "/index"
B. Didn't I see this on an episode of Weeds?

Loss of "sense of humor" is the first step to socio-pathy. You seem to have some anger issues of your own.

Yeah......(lifts large net, waiting to pounce)...he's the crazy one, you're ok though. Hold still!

LOL. I was about to come here and make fun of Echto who put a worse message on the Youtube page of the video.

If you take the video seriously, then you should take the following seriously: I have hacked into the precentral site to find out your ip information. Then I found your address and I sent it to the defender of WebOS to do to you as he sees fit. Thus you better start having a buddy system at home and hold your safety awareness meetings.

I think you deserve what's coming your way.

hey guys, I think it's safe to say that echto is just joking...but if not. Lord be with him...for the wrath of the Defender may soon be upon him!

LMAO. this dude is such a loser. everyone go to youtube and rate his comment down. This guy needs to be on failblog!

Dude tripping.

lol. this guy is a genius.

Yes, genius. I love the retired on the beach bit a la Rubi :)

oh man, good one!

Does anybody think this might just be a viral marketing campaign? Angry Palm guy could be the next Old Spice Man.

lol, may wanna re-read the article ;)

this guy is a tool....but I love him. lol.

Palm should use this guy for its would be better than the crappy commercials they had in the past.

very funny!

I'm confused, isn't this a Palm-funded video series? Didn't they have a craigslist ad or something similar before the PRe came out searching for someone to star in a staged super-rabid-Palm-fan-esque youtube video (and isnt this it)?

Does anyone else remember this???

lol, people really need to read the article: 2nd paragraph, first sentence.

yeah, I read that sentence. Where does it say Palm is behind it. Viral campaigns can come from fans, too. I'm suggesting Palm is behind it, even though the article does not say so.

The hyperlink in that sentence; click it ;)

Holy guacamole Jason, I don't know how I missed that line. I didn't realize this video was all Palm's doing!

Nice vid. think we all should do something like this just to get HPALM to give us some info. One person can not make that big of a difference but the entire webOS community? Now thats powerful. Everyone go buy a ski mask if you dont have one and start making some videos! :)

And put the ski mask to "other" uses while we are at it. Just saying...

LOL joking aside, that is a good idea that 504 stated

So the 10th at ten o'clock is the deadline? Am I doing that math right?

I'm sorry, but I just keep coming back to watch this guy lament over coming out of "retirement" and leaving his women, and, amidst listing them and the life of leisure his left, to see his frustration mount and release it in yet, another wailing of "PAAAAAALM!"



i can tell you im getting tired and am close to jumping ship. i need at least something to make me feel like staying is worth it.

i dream of the day my phone, palmpad and palmtop all work together for me to get what ever i need done, done at the time i need to work on it and get done.


This was the stupidest video I ever half-watched. I really really really really really wish I could have those 40 seconds of my life back but I can't. I died a little watching this worthless piece of crap.



(Just today I was wondering what Jason Robitaille was like, considering all of the great patches he has come up with in PreWare. Now I know.... crazy demented total genius!)

I'm looking forward to finding out what the new phone will be like by 79 hours from now!

PS - the video inspired me to buy Neato to send myself the link. Love the Pre!


Very GAY!

I would like to enlist the services of webOS defender. Ask verizon and ATnT when 1.4.5 will come. Then follow up question: How long after webOS 2.0 comes will it be for them to release that

The problem with calling this "viral" is that "viral" has come to mean most anything these days.

Originally, a "viral" video was a professionally-made advertising item that gave an impression of being 'real', i.e. not a paid-for commercial.
THESE DAYS, people will tell you about 'that new viral video on youtube with the seven kittens' - it can be any video that a lot of people have seen because word of mouth (tweet of hand?) has spread.

So I think it is interesting to know whether this is 'viral' the first or second sense of the word, or something in between.

Is it an internally official ad, ordered by a manager and planned by PR people?
Is it a bored Internet guy with a ski mask, a camcorder, a sense of humor and a hankering for new Palm hardware that does it for kicks and giggles?
Or was it made by a bunch of Palm employees as a totally unofficial fun project for those times where Google engineers would play pinball in the cafeteria. Have some fun shooting it, have more fun seeing the ripples it makes on the internet, and possibly even enhance job security by helping along your company's success.

"Originally, a 'viral' video was a professionally-made advertising item that gave an impression of being 'real'"
Sounds like this video pretty accurately. :) Check the link in the 2nd paragraph.


Just too funny! Almost spewed coffee all over my desk...


The first series of Viral Videos with Angry Palm Guy was produced in Seattle...and HP's Rahul Sood just came back from... some western city where there is a Space Needle and the Gray's Anatomy/Frasier TV shows were supposed to take place.

Could it be Rahul wanted to watch the production?

Now, "VEEERRRIIIZZZOOONNN!!! Release the Update!!!"

Hopefully, Palm comes out with news soon, since this video is made by them. I only had my pre on sprint for about 8 months because waiting for my contract to end to get an upgrade, so I am relatively new to pre as other people, but I love my phone and there are just a few things I hope for when the new device(s) come out. Battery better be way btter that we shouldn't have to buy a bigger one to just get through the day. Faster, with less too many card errors. Bigger screen, because when notifications come up it wouldn't be so much of a screen taker. Say stay with keyboard and have a virtual keyboard already implemented with the original web os so we don't have to get a patch or buy one so we can type in landscape. But all in all can't wait for the release announcments.

Screw the new device, where is 1.4.5 on the Pre on Verizon and AT&T?

I thought that was AG for a sec but then he didn't drop any F-bombs. Funny guy.

I wonder if palm is mocking us, by getting this guy out of retirement...

What is it that he says at the end. I can't understand his rambling when he's making his threat if his demands aren't met.

there was this guy on public access tv in the 90's (the show was called Thunderbird Theatre) called Mr. Ski Mask who threw fits and ranted like this OTHER new Mr. Ski Mask who hawks the palm phones. It came out of Buffalo, NY and was on in a bunch of other cities on cable back then and made newspapers and magazines when the city common council tried booting him off the air in 2000 for offending local politicians with his rants. Anyhow, it was an underground classic and was on about 10 years. So is this where the idea for this "viral" video came from? It seems just too similar! Some of the older, earlier Mr. Ski Mask is up on youtube as well. Check it out and see what I mean!

The more I think about it, he reminds me of El Duce from the Bay Area metal band, the Mentors. The black mask, the fat belly, the gruff voice, the method of delivery. Tipper Gore & the PMRC hated the guy in the 80

there is some dude with pantyhose over his head like a robber screaming about Cricket Track Phones on youtube! What the heck? And 50 Cent made a song called "Ski Mask Way"!!!