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Deleted a default TouchPad app? Restore it with Internalz Pro 8

by Derek Kessler Tue, 06 Mar 2012 7:03 pm EST

Deleted a default TouchPad app? Restore it with Internalz Pro

Sometimes, for reasons we've yet to determine, the built-in first-party apps can disappear off an HP TouchPad. It's rare, but it happens, and for the average user it's annoying, frustrating, and confusing to have a basic app like the App Catalog or Calendar just up and disappear. Thankfully, HP has made it relatively easy to restore these apps, and you can do it all on your TouchPad, though some homebrew magic is required.

First things first, you'll need the excellent homebrew file browser Internalz Pro installed on your TouchPad. Our how-to install homebrew apps guide will give you a step-by-step of how to install Internalz (or any other homebrew app, for that matter).

Once you've got Internalz Pro installed, open it. If this is your first time using Internalz, it will open to the "/media/internal/" folder.

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This is the "usb drive" partition of the TouchPad and where your files are generally stored. The top list item is an open folder with two periods (..), tapping that will take you up a folder level.

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Tap the up-level folder twice to go up two levels to "/" (the root directory).

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Select the "usr" folder, and then "palm" followed by "ipkgs".

You'll be presented with a list of folders titled "" along with a handful of files below that. All of the built-in app installer files are in these folders, selecting one will display the app icon, a .ipk file, and maybe a few others. The only exceptions are Memos, which is under the "" folder and the App Catalog, which is listed as a standalone file below the folders (

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Select the .ipk installer for the app you need to reinstall and select Open from the menu to install the app. Depending on your settings, this app will be opened to be installed either with Internalz or Preware, but either way it will be restored with no further fuss.

As always, our thanks to Jason Robitaille for tools like Internalz Pro - without it a lot of the homebrew awesomeness and guides like this wouldn't be possible (or would be a whole lot harder). If you too appreciate Jason's work, feel free to send a donation his way - he does this all for free, you know.


Excellent info to know...Thanks!

great! This info can come handy in the future.
great job guys

Not aware of this happening on other platforms.

Great information but Jason or someone has to correct the links so that we can download internalz to the touchpad.
I had to buy Gemini, and not happy with it.

I've helped several people in multiple threads that could not get Internalz Pro installed on their TouchPads....and other webOS devices for that matter. Try searching around in the forums, there's at least a half dozen threads on this issue, and how to solve it. Look up a thread called "services misery -FileMgr and SysToolsMgr Access In Preware ( 1 2)
by patapoof" I think post #7 gives direct links to the two necessary dependencies. Use Preware to install them, then install Internalz Pro. Done.

Thanks for sharing this tip. It is very helpful.

Strange happenings on Pre2 webOS 2.1.... My Pre2 died day before yesterday and Verizon sent me a replacement (it was under mfg warranty). The new phone came with WebOS 2.1 complete with the HP maps app (based on Bing... as I regularly use on my TouchPad.) Shortly after the activation process and all my purchased apps were reloaded, before I could install Preware, the System Updates app notified me of an update to WebOS 2.1... which I was already running. I tried to figure out how to delete the notices, but they kept coming back. So I decided to allow the thing to update assuming nothing would change.
Fact: HP maps app was replaced with a Google Maps stub app that tells you to upgrade to HP maps.... Ok. I did. On the next restart, the stub was back. I tried to delete it... and it came back. ....this happens over and over again.
I'd say I was crazy but my OLD phone was doing the same thing! ...then I blamed it on Preware but this was a perfectly CLEAN Pre2 that came to me with WebOS 2.1 already on it.
Supposition I hope you can confirm: A feature of 2.1 is the ability to create multiple pages to distribute your apps across. I have 6 pages: Voice & New, Applications, Extras, Games, Preware, and System. This is held in my Palm Profile and restored when I activated the phone. Could that be the problem? Could the "update" that is suppose to remind me to replace Google Maps with HP maps be so dumb as to look on a specific page to see if I need the HP maps installed?
I don't know what else to think. I just give up using HP maps and use Navigator instead. ...I think this is a Verizon specific issue unless I hear from you.
Maybe they are just pushing the $10 per month Navigator or someone in the Verizon support group really, really hated the switch from Google maps to Bing maps and sabotaged the process.
Any suggestions on how to ...once and for all... delete the Google Maps stub and permanently load HP Maps?

Thanks for this the QuickOffice issue has been bugging me for the last day or so and this tip just illustrates how well this community work together! :)