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Derek's Sunnyvale Pilgrimage - what do you want to know? 84

by Derek Kessler Wed, 01 Aug 2012 9:07 pm EDT

Derek's Sunnyvale Pilgrimage - what do you want to know?

Tomorrow, I, your fearless Editor-in-Chief, will be boarding an airplane bound for Salt Lake City. From there, I will board an airplane bound for San Jose, California. And from there, I will get in a car and drive to Sunnyvale to pay a visit to the Palm Campus and the Enyo Hackathon on Saturday. (full disclosure: HP is paying for my flight and hotel for this trip)

No doubt I'll be running into all sorts of people on this trip, including members of the Open webOS organization at HP and plenty of webOS and Enyo developers as well. Being the social butterfly that I am (well, if you knew me you might contest that), I'm going to try to talk up as many of these charming, sophisticated, and doubtlessly dashingly handsome individuals as I can.

As the head of webOS Nation, I like to think I'm representing all of you who won't be able to make this trip. If I'm going to be your representative, I need to know what you want to know. So hit up the comments with your questions for HP and the developers for the Enyo Hackathon. I can't guarantee I'll ask them all, let alone get answers you'll like (or answers at all), but if you don't tell me what you want to know, I'll never be able to ask.


Of course I will be asking about why HP chose not to developer Open webOS for the TouchPad and if HP will be making any Open webOS devices on their own.

Expect a cagey answer to the first, no answer to the second, and a push to focus on Enyo.

Can you find out what is happening with Ares 2?

I dare you to call Sonal or Julie "dashingly handsome" to their faces. :-)

They do repond well to bribes, though, Derek.

Do they have any intention of finishing Ares2 in "the coming months?" It is slightly working now, but no where near being a useful replacement for the original Ares. I know they lost their main Ares programmers to Google, but I just can't get my head around Enyo and need the slight push in the right direction that Ares can give me.

Ares will be seeing a good bit of love now that 2.0 is out the door.

That's exciting to hear! I have a project that I want to start on... :) Any idea what kind of a timetable there might be on it getting some more polish? (I know firm dates are impossible but is it looking like weeks, a month, months or more?)

"In the coming months"  bwahahaha...  >cough<  Sorry, I don't have a time frame.

oh well, thank for the honestly :) It's good to know it hasn't been abandoned, I'll be watching Git and in the mean time I'll try to learn Enyo the old fashioned way.

Not expecting an answer, but I'd like to know what this mysterious "Chile" webOS device is. It's pretty strange with a 800px wide, 480px tall screen, and only a headset switch (doesn't have ringer or slider switches). Just want to satisfy my curiosity... lol.

I would also be really curious what this is.

...but why, this most certainly is a world-shaking webOS printer, that all gadgets freaks around the globe are just dying to buy

Can you find out if there will be (or why there hasn't been) a webOS 2.2.4 Community Edition? It is my understanding, unless I'm mistaken, that 3.0.5 won't work - at least as is - on the phones.

To me the smartphone (in my case, a Pre3) is the more important, and definitely more used, of the two webOS platforms, yet the smartphone is hardly acknowledged by HP these days.

This would be exactly my question. If they're not going to support 2.x or fix it or do anything with it, then at least give the code to the community so that we can maintain/improve it. How hard can it be?

+1. I'd also like to know if they have any plans on open-sourcing webOS 2, as there are still plenty of unfixed bugs on the Veer and Pre 2? If not, do they plan on ever doing one or two final updates?

+1 on that, "it is PHONES, stupid", but I do not expect too much in this regard, it is quite obvious they do not care anymore. It's just what customers wants, so...

what happened to Jason Robitaille ? is he still there helping the Enyo guys?
will Open WebOS have an update platform of its own or will it be preware/community based?

Jason's still (t)here, plugging away with the Enyo team.  He's an intern, though, so we have him chained in a cubicle and is only allowed pizza when he meets certain metrics.

Damn I wish we had a Like or +1 button just for that comment.


If you have a chance to meet the head of webOS team like Meg Whitman, Bill Veghte, Martin Risau, Itai Vonshak and Steve Winston, ask them to listen to the customer feedback and react quickly.

Their decision of not supporying Touchpad, Veer, and Pre3 in the next version of webOS have annoyed many loyal webOS customers. HP is forcing us to switch to CM9.

How can open webOS become popular without hardware? What a stupid decision it is.

No one is interested in installing it in android device or PC unless HP shows us how good this OS is. To present how good it is, HP needs to show it in hardware devices.

+1. Well said.

"How can open webOS become popular without hardware? What a stupid decision it is."

moreover, how can webOS become popular, if they always do everything they can and than some more, to piss off their loyal customers? To alienate everyone, who invested anything into webOS ecosystem? How they expect to attract customers, if they have nothing but arrogance neglect and broken promises in store for them?

That would be good to ask.

Precisely: What exactly are end users supposed to make of the July 2012 announcement regarding Open webOS only being for SOC: to wit, why should we care about having any Open webOS excitement when it's essentially not about end users anymore here on out?

(Important: "Eventually someone will make a tablet with it" is not an answer. Also, not answering the question, while telling us to get excited for you anyway has been the marketing tactic for the entire platform so far under HP's watch, so please don't fall back on that answer either.)

And if you can't answer that question, when is support documents, doctors and software for HP webOS going to shut down for good? We deserve that much honesty, because that date is coming sooner than later.

Thanks for doing this Derek, even if you're taking a check from "The Man" to do it.

I would like to know what kinds of new features we will see in webOS. For example:
What new services will be hooked up to Synergy out of the box?
Is the UI getting a glossy new makeover?
Is the wave bar coming back?
Will Flash still be supported?
Is there any kind of successor to "Touch to Share?"
Will we get Bluetooth File Transfer?
Any new functionality for Just Type?

I'll come up with more if I think of them.

1. How long will I be able to backup my webOS account on their servers? Both Pre 3 and TouchPad.
2. If I put Open webOS on another phone someday (I HOPE) will I be able to bring my current webOS account to it? And continue to use the backup feature?
Thanks, have fun!

Ask them if they there is a way to license the closed source drivers and have individuals pay for a software upgrade to defray some of the costs--perhaps a third party under NDA can help with drivers or the community can if they receive the appropriate permissions.

Ask them if they can start holding regular conference calls with webos-internals and the webos-ports guys so that they are not left in the dark and wasting their time and energy and good will.

Ask them if there is a timetable for the 3.3 kernel to be used on new devices and for drivers to be released.

Ask them on which devices are they testing/planning to test beta openWebOS this month.

I don't believe they realize how poorly they look to all of us and the tech community, a decision that will surely have ramifications for how openwebOS is received and for the community's enthusiasm to help innovate going forward. And could even spill over to Enyo.

They need to start fixing this.

We do work directly with the webosports folks.

Thanks Roy.

A good partnership would include trying to give good support to the community of developers who you wish to rely on to help drive openwebOS forward. To that community of developers, the current webOS users matter and they would like to have openWebOS be installable on current hardware (also for their own ease of development).

So can you work together and HP give the devs some of what they need for the current community so they feel supported in helping HP get what it wants too?

This would then start to mend fences with the community and show HP does care about the consumer. This might help HP build goodwill and sales down the line.As someone else said, besides tools like Enyo, HP needs to deliver solutions (which matter to consumers who then would be more willing to buy products when the products arrive).

"This would then start to mend fences with the community and show HP does care about the consumer."
But they don't, for that particular segment of consumers, as they have demonstrated over and over and over and over again.

If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, looks like a duck, it probably is not an unicorn. Everyone make your own conclusions, but for your own sake, focus on what they do/did, not what they are promising.

Can you ask them if they have actually tested open webOS on ANY existing hardware. Not being able to use any current webOS hardware with open webOS is kind of a big let down. Looks like the Pre3 and Pixi I want will just hold a spot in my collection.

Also ask them if they could make a limited run of the Sprint Pre2 devices you showcased a few weeks ago. I am sure there would be plenty of buyers :-)

Derek, my questions, in light of yesterdays announcements about the break in support for the current crop of devices when it comes to the future of webOS (which is for HP the open kind not the CE kind) are in terms of the value proposition for webOS, and how they expect to win in the marketplace.

As a user, why would I want to run a software platform on a 'generic' device? Put another way, if if Open webOS runs on the same hardware as Android, why would I bother load/hack/graft-ing webOS onto it? What's the advantage? Specially as Android matures to where webOS has been already in terms of synergy multitasking and OTA goodness.

Thanks for the opportunity, /mauro

I have but one humble request... to find the highest ranked HP employee and punch them hard in the gut.

If it has to be a question: is Open webOS seriously only in a VM? If they're not putting it on Pre's and Veers or other hardware they have to be running the stupidest sideshow I've ever seen. If they aren't going to put it on their own hardware they need to say from the release that it works on device A, B and C.

Handing us all this stuff is nice... but it is a huge cop out to have the homebrew community make it something working and installable. Forget the phones and tablets... my next laptop and printer purchases are going to not be HP because of this. I'd piss on HP calculators in store if I wouldn't go to jail for it.

My question would be - besides being zealots and trying to spread the word, is there anything the faithful can do to help the Open webOS team, now or in the future?

Find out why they expected to release such terrible products and expected them to sell. Veer and touchpad.

For those like me hanging on to my partially working sprint frankenpre 2 and keeping our upgrade available until we know what hardware device is supported for open webOS.. What device should we be looking for to upgrade to? Or for those with Touchpad users that want open webOS what tablets should we be looking to purchase? Finally will we be able to run android apps on on Webos CE on the Touchpad with openmobile's work or will that only be on open Webos?

Again they won't support old hardware, but we all complained that it wasn't that good anyway. The best of the hardware was the TouchPad and the Pre 3, but again these are already falling behind in spec's, etc so why worry about supporting existing hardware?

Just need to know when to use my upgrade and what phone to buy to get open Webos. Then how much money I have to save up to get a tablet that will support open webOS.

thanks to all webOS dev's, webOS Palm (HP) employees, webosports, Phoenix international communications, and webOS internals along with webOS community! Good things come to those who wait. ;-). And wait... And wait........

I, too, would like to know how I can continue to help develop, if I don't have a development platform. I'm quite irritated that my Touchpad will not be getting Linux 3.3 kernel drives, and left in the dust.

Furthermore, I'm curious what sort of platform development is being done for the desktop side. I would install Luna on my netbook and never look back. I'd probably^N^N^N^N^N^N^N^Ndefinitely even install it on my work computer. However, that brings about even more questions of AMD, Nvidia, Intel and other graphics drivers. Furthermore, relying on the framebuffer as such limits you to a screen resolution set by the framebuffer. What sort of X11-like integrations can/will be done, to support not only current large-format displays of all resolutions, but also enable non-SDK and non-PDK apps to run (ie, Chrome, or any other Linux app)?

What devices does hp expect us to use webos on?

Is HP and Open webOS working with PIC (Phoenix International Communication), If so what are they doing to help?

Find out if there is a plan for openwebOS and recruiting hardware partners or is it throw open webOS into the wild and hope someone/anyone takes it somewhere. Is there a plan? Or is this all an exercise in futility?b

Agreed, this is my biggest question/concern...

WebOS as a whole needs improvement. Expecting HP or the community to do everything is unrealistic. I have not heard any rumors of HP working with anyone to help better webOS and its ecosystem. Is HP working with partners for webOS?

By partners I mean...
-hardware partners
--music providers/services
-app support (Open Mobile)

Speed. What are they doing to increase speed. Not just hardware, not just overclocking, but what are they doing to eliminate the lag? The slow start up response? the slow app opening response? The slow shut down response? The slow everything. Love the OS, have been using iOS after turning in my Pre(-), and still think webOs was the best OS out there, app support or no app support. But the lag and the lack of speed would kill me. Always thought that webOS was feature rich (gestures, notifications, synergy, multi tasking, universal search) but it was too darn slow. What are they doing with the new code to eliminate the lag?

They've been making steady improvements, but to some degree a platform based on a web abstraction layer is going to be slower than a platform coded closer to the system's processor.

As they put webOS is on faster processors that are already out there, you'll see significantly less lag. Keep in mind that you are comparing a Pre- that is 3 years old to something newer (I presume and iPhone 4). I have a Pre 3 and it is plenty fast and even that is hardware is as fast as what they have out now.

Ask them, if that Android runtime environment from that other company will be ready and running on Open webOS 1.0.

Ask them, on what hardware devs should develop? Hey, on what hardware do THEY develop Open webOS? Emulator is not good enough.

My question (or questions) ...

Can past hardware specs for Pre3, Touchpad, Veer and projects that were under development, be licensed out, or sold?

Can the Touchpads' hardware configuration be adapted to handle the Linux 3.3 kernel?


1. How are they planning to attract new mainstream users with Open webOS? No hardware, No support for their legacy devices, bare-bones app store, and declining overall product support...

2. What is their daily driver for phone/tablet? (bet most of them are Android or iOS)

3. What is their plan after release of Open webOS 1.0?

4. Are their resumes up to date?

5. What is their 2nd favorite OS?

6. Their thought on TouchPad fire-sale from a year ago...

- will open webos support PDK applications, or only be enyo applications!

I seriously doubt Open webOS will only run Enyo/web applications.

Q: WebOS Community Edition will come as a regular system update for any Touchpad, or WebOS internals team will have an official build of the binaries (sometime in the future?!) and experienced users will be able to install it?

Say "Hi" to Markus if you meet him :) My questions are:
- Would you please at least fix the memory leak in the Pre 3? (or whatever causes it, that it slows down and has to be rebootet daily!) 
- When will the App catalog bugs get fixed?  (No "All apps" category for the latest apps in Germany, the message "this is not a valid..." is showing up VERY often)
- Is there any progress / talks going on to get OpenMibiles ACL running on openWebOS?

Ask when they will release the Beta of open webOS ... August is now, so ahhh get ahold of that... and while your at it what the hell are we supposed to do with this beta? Is there a single device in the world that open webOS can be installed on?

I would remind them that from the commercial (, "You do what you do because it matters." and "If you are going to do something, 'Make it Matter'"

With that in mind, ask them to explain why webOS matters without an announced hardware plan? As a commenter said above, it won't matter if it is just on virtual machine or even left to hobbyists to put on hardware that comes pre-installed with another OS as the default.

I'm not looking for much here. I just want to HP to say that they are working on webOS hardware again and targeting Q whatever of year whatever. If HP isn't doing that, then I want to hear which hardware partners they've lined up for Open webOS over the last 9 months or more and which quarter of which year are they expected to churn out a webOS device.

I'm not particular on the specs of the hardware, so they can keep all the that information secret (as they tend to anyway). I just want them to put out formal plans to move forward in some capacity. If they can't even officially make this type of announcement, they aren't living up to their promise of "Making it Matter."

However, if I could get the ability to request hardware. I would ask for a Kindle Fire-like device of last year (with a camera and bluetooth though) that should cost around $120 to make next year using the tear down here ($157-BOM-Teardown-Reveals.aspx). Sell it for $99 and be willing to eat $200 million dollars to put 10 million of these out there if you have to. (Make up some on app sales, accessories, partnerships with search engines, maps, and content stores). If they can't get it to run all the basic apps (Netflix, Shazam, etc.) then include Open Mobile's ACL thing so that you can sell it as running all Android apps (which they claim it has). Give people the SD storage that a lot of other companies aren't willing to give. The option for a better flagship device will present itself in the future after a Vizio-like success of breaking the triple digit barrier for a tablet. (Final thought: perhaps package a webOS tablet with computers for an extra $99 if the above it too tough or *cringe* $99 after rebate.)

HP knows that their PC sales are slipping. People don't need printers and paper as much with very portable tablets. HP doesn't have a mobile strategy and nearly everyone else does... including their partner Microsoft that is now making hardware. When Google and Microsoft are making hardware and HP is not, it's a big problem for a hardware company. They've got zero growth prospects that I can see other than webOS.

"I'm not looking for much here. I just want to HP to say that they are working on webOS hardware again and targeting Q whatever of year whatever"

...yep, they definitely work in secret on a new killer hardware - and that is exactly why they have already closed up the hardware division.

Although I don't think they're working on hardware I find your comment very ill thought out. The Palm hardware division was laid off, but HP is a huge hardware company. They still have a hardware division that can produce whatever they want to produce.

Re: the division of Microsoft Hardware folks and webOS Software (see prior webOS Nation article) Short of hiring a floor to dock hardware unit specifically for Open webOS, they can't use ANY of their current hardware resources to make a webOS Tablet at all thanks to a agreement they made for Windows 8. (Essentially a non-compete arrangement: most likely if HP does any hardware for webOS at all, it would be completely outsourced.)

And that's assuming MS doesn't come back 3 months into Windows 8 sales and make a new agreement stating if they want service packs like Dell, Lenovo and the rest will get, they need to shutter, spin-off or sell webOS altogether.

"A social butterfly I am" lmao.

As mentioned, developing open webos on just an emulator wouldn't be realistic. They must use some hardware to delevolp and test open webos. what kind of hardware is it? nobody has heard about any hardware with the 3.3 Kernel.

What is the plan? Okay, in September, there ist Open WebOS. Great! And now? They're spending money in developing... for what? With no 3.3 hardware what do we do with it?

3. Lust but not least
Openmobile. Will Android apps be running on Open WebOS? Will the Application Compatibility Layer be preinstalled?

And please do not just concentrate on the Touchpad. I think the phones are much more important.

Even if you think phones are much more important they are 100 times more difficult due to them having to appease carriers to reach the mass market.

Considering that we have no hardware or announcements of coming hardware, it would be very unrealistic to expect them to start with the most difficult thing, phones.

Sorry, I have to call shenanigans on the speed thing, I have my touchpad overclocked. That hardware is plenty fast and capable but webOS still runs very slow. Still lags. I have heard this before, as much as we all love webOS (wouldn't be here if we didn't) its slow, and besides lack of app support, its is biggest dis tractor for many people. Being a fan of a platform does not mean you have to be an apologist all the time. Next thing I am going to hear is that it must be my particular hardware unit that is slow because yours is not having any lag issues? HP needs to address the lag issue, it obviously not hardwares fault. I learned that when I bought the touchpad.

I guess slow is a very subjective term. Again, webOS isn't likely to ever be as fast as iOS or Android simply because it depends on HTML, javascript which requires a layer of abstraction above a native app.

I have not heard that webOS is slow when it logging has been taken off, over-clocked and other optimizations are put in place. And while you can say that the processor is "plenty fast and capable", it's a year after launch and probably 18 months after the TouchPad chip was chosen. There are quad-core chips out there now, and Moore's Law says that if they were to start up new hardware today (they won't) the chips would be twice as fast. So I would counter that it is "plenty easy" to drop an even faster chip in it.

There are software improvements as well like the QtWebKit which "bring enhanced stability and performance to Open webOS" (source:

It's not being an apologist, but being a realist. Don't put high expectations on Open webOS to come out much improved from the webOS that you know, unless the standardizations help performance. With a reduced team working on webOS they are most likely focused on getting Open WebOS out by the deadlines they set... Open webOS version 1.1+ can advance the speed issues from there.

I agree there are improvements they need to make to speed it up more. However, I'll take a little longer boot and a little lag to be able to multitask. Trying to copy/paste between apps in Android and iOS is a pain compared to webOS.

I'd like to know IF there is a webOS 2.2.4 Doctor for the HP veer, containing the promised Touch-to-share A6-Firmwareupdate, lying on their servers (and you could sneek out a downloadlink)

As our representative, please wave a BIG Banner with the inscription:
"Get the Openness to our TouchPads, Pres, veers and pixis!" (You can alter the inscription)

Otherwise I'm interested in merchandise from the old Palm-Brand. Caps, Bags, Buttons, Pens, Stickers with Adora's counterfeit - everything is welcome (one of these Smart-cars?). Maybe they release their property of the Palm-brand to webosports, webosinternals or phxdevices - so we can have a next Palm-Superphone :D

I would like to know when openWebOS is fully implemented, then what. What are HP's hopes and goals at that point.

From my perspective I would like to be able to get a smartphone running openWebOS.

Will HP launch a smartphone and tablet that can dual-boot openWebos and say a Microsoft platform or any other?

Please ask them WHEN the decision to not support legacy devices was made. Was this the plan from the outset? Or did events unfold that forced them to make this change? What were these events?

Also ask about if support of the gesture area is in Open WebOS? I'm looking to see if there was ever support for the phones intended or if this is only being developed for tablets.

What are their intentions after the release of Open WEbOS 1.0? Does that fill Meg's obligations and they are done or will they continue to put resources into WebOS?

I realize that this ship has already (probably) sailed, but perhaps you could share with them the consternation of their thus-far loyal fanbase (but who are experiencing this decision as more of the kind of kick-them-when-they're-down antics) upon hearing that the new Open webOS will not be supported in current-generation hardware (especially Touchpad & Pre3).

It seems to me that building up a following for an OS from scratch, especially without hardware to run it on natively, is an all-uphill battle. Thus, I would think that it would be in their best interest, and the best interest of Open webOS generally, not to alienate or sacrifice the userbase that they have in favor of one that they may never get.

So, after all that preamble, I guess my question would be this: What would it take to have them find a way to make Open webOS backward-compatible with existing hardware (by whatever means necessary)?

I don't pretend to know/appreciate the nuances and issues involved with accomplishing this feat, but I do know that it is important to the survival of Open webOS. After all, we've already seen that the "If you build it, they will come" mentality does not work in the mobile OS market space--even when you arguably have the best mobile OS out there (IMHO). If it is to have a chance to succeed, Open webOS needs more--including the goodwill of the "ambassadors" that the platform already has--and which HP places at serious risk for losing if something is not done to support them.

Just my 2 cents. Thanks for the opportunity, Derek. I hope you have a great, and productive, trip.

@treodoc755 - well said!

Derek... no questions for them, but could you take a peek and see if all of the copper has been ripped out of the walls yet? Kind of a good indicator at this point. ;)

Two questions:

1. Are they planning on back-porting the battery improvents they made for WebOS in their kernel to the standard kernel in OpenWebOS?

2. Are they allowed to help (and by help, I mean answer questions, provide pointers) the Pheonix team with their efforts to get OpenWebOS on existing WebOS devices?

As many have asked in the comments time and time again, what is HP's long term Open webOS strategy?

So far, this new OS doesn't actually operate anything - is it HP's strategy to let the community make that happen?

Thank you!

**** ****

Plan B to Windows 8

ask them what they did to the Palm building sign and if you can take it home ;-)

Question for HP: Why do they think it is a good idea to abandon their *ENTIRE* existing userbase with Open webOS?

Face it... HP is not interested in good ideas.

For instance:

1) Feb 2011 they abandoned their *ENTIRE* existing userbase in favor of WebOS 2.0 and 3.0 running on new HP branded hardware in the "coming months".

2) Later that year they stopped production of the new HP branded hardware after only a couple months. And now this year they finished the task by abandoning their *ENTIRE* remaining existing userbase in favor of OpenWebOS running on virtual hardware and physical hardware coming in "infinite months".

3) Soon HP will abandon it's virtual OS running on virtual hardware if their sugar daddy's (Microsoft) new Windows 8 Metro takes off. Face it OpenWebOS is only a plan B to Metro.

HP has long abandoned creativity and good ideas in favor being pimped out by Microsoft. With Microsoft losing their mojo HP is dying... their PC sales are lagging... their printer sales are lagging as people print less often in a mobile world... and HP's corporate Server sales are suffering as Oracle no longer supports Itanium.

Palm, in its prime, was fantastic, will go down in computer lore and garnered a very loyal fanbase. HP has done nothing to deserve this loyalty and has made every effort kill the ailing Palm and alienate the fanbase.

Ask them to port webOS system apps (email, calendar, etc.) to iOS and Android, etc. It would a great way to introduce others to webOS and show them how great webOS is. Plus I'd love to have the webOS email app on my Android device. I still try to swipe things to delete emails.

Ask them to please license the Palm patents to Samsung & Google, while keeping ownership for any future plans they may have. I want my Galaxy S3 to keep Universal Search & "eat iphones for breakfast"!

1.-I would like to know about New Hardware
2.-How long HP will be supporting existing devices

General questions that are killing us....

Derek your are our last chance to know because HP sucks!!

Walk in the door slap the first person you see and yell out I'll be handing out doses of act right all day long till someone shows me some top of the line hardware running open webos that's going on sell for the holiday season!!!

Tell them to support the homebrew community if they don't care to make openwebos compatible with legacy hardware themselves.

Can you find out if that win8 ARM "back to school tablet" that they decided not to release in Sept is based on Linux 3.3 kernel?

Now THAT is a very interessting question.

And finally, when will I get an update for my Palm Pre running 1.4.5? I've been waiting for over a year now!

@treodoc755 - @TPFan - @Rennock - @jmccarry -@i2y4n - @bluenote What You Said IS EXACTLY ON POINT. Thanks Derek for going over there. My question is to Meg are You @ HP just another "averge CEO?" who IGNORES average people with little money = customers = developers = employees = who have the CAPACITY and insight to make HP and YOU a SUCCESS." IGNORE THIS EXTREMLEY IMPORTANT POSTING . OR are YOU a SUCCESSFUL CEO? & BUSINESS PERSON WHO WOULD LISTEN + WORK WITH THESE PEOPLE SO THAT YOU CAN LOOK BACK AND SAY SURE GLAD THAT I DID. LOOK AT HOW SUCCESSFUL WE ARE TODAY. ? WHICH ONE ARE YOU??

open sourcing webOS does not make webOS devices. With all the work being put into open sourcing webOS, what is HP doing to ensure a manufacturer is going to take it on and put it on devices so that work is not all wasted? Without hardware webOS is dead, open source or not.


open sourcing webOS does not make webOS devices. With all the work being put into open sourcing webOS, what is HP doing to ensure a manufacturer is going to take it on and put it on devices so that work is not all wasted? Without hardware webOS is dead, open source or not.