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by webos catalog Mon, 21 Mar 2011 6:23 pm EDT
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This app does NOT require an internet connection.

Now you can place a sticky note, list or reminders directly on your desktop/home screen wallpaper to stay organized. Choose from more than 15 different designs and sizes, change font size, colors and positions on your screen. Never miss an appointment, meeting, birthday party, due dates... Have all your ideas exactly where you can always see them.

Desktop Notes will automatically save your last notes so you can pick up where you left off.

We respect your privacy and bandwidth: no data of any kind are transferred to the internet. Everything is processed and saved locally. Desktop notes are static widgets & are not compatible with wallpaper switchers or other similar programs.

New in 1.2.0:
+ 3 new widgets;
+ more text colors;
+ opacity change option;
+ easily restore your original wallpapers;

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Does it work on 1.4.5?

Yes it works on 1.4.5.....

"Desktop Notes lets you slap sticky notes all over your wallpaper, with options for sizes, colors, and fonts."

Not quite. Precentral nailed it that it's wallpaper editing, but you can only have one note on said wall paper.

You got a choice...multiple notes with sticky and half a line per note ..or one note with lots of text with them both..but will go with Desktop for now.

i liked the app. pretty cool. but how do i not use it when all my 'notes' are done. how do i turn it off?

does this not work for HP touchpad?

it's not free. :sad