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by Adam Marks Sun, 20 Feb 2011 10:37 pm EST

With the release of the Pre2 and the announcement that all legacy devices will not get an OTA update to webOS 2.0, for the first time we are faced with a indefinite period of time where webOS users may be running different versions of webOS. Currently, all Pre, Pre+, Pixi and Pixi+ owners are running webOS 1.4.5 and Pre2 owners are running webOS 2.0.1. It is extremely important to know which version of webOS you are running since new applications are being released that only run on webOS 2.0 and later, while other apps that worked in 1.4.5 may not work in 2.0. So, you need to be aware of which version you are running because you do not want to purchase these apps just to find out that they will not work on your device.

If you are not sure which version of webOS you are running, find that out is really easy. Just open the "Device Info" app () and look at the row labeled VERSION. Now that you know which version you are running, make sure you read the app description or reviews to ensure that your device is compatible with that app.

Also, now that the Verizon Pre2 has been released and more users are starting to use webOS 2.0, some of our tips will start to focus on 2.0.  But don't worry, we will clearly label if a tip is specific to 1.4.5 or 2.0.


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ridiculous this even has to be done!!

I agree

What a mess this is.

My condolences to anyone who like me, went with this phone based on what was coming and are now stuck in contract.

All this good HP news is not so good for most of us.

Still only two versions to deal with. Imagine the pain of android users, me being one of them :)

But at least they get some benefits for their agony. There's a lot of nice hardware to choose from, a gigantic community and a much more robust market.

At the moment webOS isn't giving users any benefits for the fragmentation. It's just plain silly. This platform is small enough, we don't need it chopped in half.

Not all Pre users. Telcel Mexico users are still stuck on 1.4.0 (i.e. without paid apps)

People keep forgetting poor Mexico.
There are apps out there listed with a 1.4.5 minimum that really could run on 1.4.0.


According to the leaks, that was a Beta version given to devs.
Beta versions of an OS never count.

And I doubt anyone wants to use Beta software as their main phone.


iPhone here I come =)

I am not going to purchase any more apps. until the new device comes to Sprint. This Pre- is done. No WebOS 2 to this device no more apps, so I am waiting, and waiting...

Palm/HP/Sprint-"Yeah, let's screw over everyone who bought the Palm Pre, Pre+, Pixi & Pixi+. Our whole current consumer 'fan-base'. Lets string them along and give them false hope. Then when they are expecting Great news (Can't believe they actually wanted us to 'THINK'...Guess what I'm 'THINKING' Now!!!?), let's tell them that if they are current WebOSer's, they are now SOLer's."
We stuck with them believing the empty promises & coming soon Flash updates.
Love the platform! But as a loyal OSer ( I should just put an 'L' in front of the OSer, because I'm definitely a LOSer for keeping up my end of the contract, & passing on any upgrade) I just feel Used & Abused.

The Quote--- 'In the Coming Months' causes me to start having 'Flash'backs (Pun intended).
I happened to meet a Sprint Store owner @ a local Casino/Sportsbook here in Las Vegas.
His advice to me when I went to visit him for my 11th Pre replacement (this time-No WiFi working, several screen cracks, upper rt corner button stuck, etc...) was to quote "Get away from this phone." I said that I was hooked on the WebOS multi-tasking platform & he admitted to being hooked to his BlackBerry.
Bottomline is, I can't find a current phone I want to switch too & adjust to.
I can only pray that HP will learn from the past & that the Pre3 will be made available on Sprint this Summer w/ some sort of special deal for current Pre Owners (maybe Day 1 (free phone), Month 1 & Year 1 users should be given different degree's of discounts).
Just hope Sprint makes that deal.
It's Ironic, the definition of insane is doing the same thing over & over & expecting different results.
Call me insane then.
I will let my contract expired & go month to month til I decide what to do about the Pre3. Insane?
We were promised 'In the Coming Months' Updates that were never delivered. Just wondering, is there any kind of Class Action Lawsuit happening yet?

Ironically, I moved from Android to webOS to get away from multiple OS versions and lack of updates. Silly me.

This is quite funny and sad all at the same time. More funny though

Sent from my HTC EVO 4G

Unfortunately I'm only too painfully aware of my Phone's OS version. Thanks for the reminder.

Wow, thanks for directions on how to slap myself in the face...

Slap yourself in the face? I just head butt a telephone pole.

I am a newbie (activated yesterday) and may just be looking in the wrong place, but where can I find the device info app?

I wonder would it be good to upgrad to webOS 2.0 on the Pre+...