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Developer pricing finally expands to Europe: £245.00 for an unlocked Pre 2 15

by Derek Kessler Wed, 25 May 2011 3:40 pm EDT

It was just a few days ago that the Veer joined the US developer device program for webOS, and now our developer friends in Europe are finally getting in on the game. Previously they could buy an unlocked Pre 2 straight from HP for £370 (US$530). Now, with the developer discount in play, that price is knocked down to a nice £245 (US$350). As with the Veer, you’ll have to request and be approved for developer pricing (instructions at the source link), but if you’re a developer it generally isn’t a problem to get that discount.


what about Veer for Europe?

This post isn't about the Veer in Europe. Why are you asking? You expect to get an answer? If there was one, don't you think you'll see it on this site's front page?

Usually questions express a desire for expressing information, so while i'm not the original poster, yes, i expect that he wants an answer, along with many other people.

I'll even give you a little secret: HPalm employees read this site..
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the question is already answered: next month.

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Still waiting on my Pre 2 that I ordered 2 weeks ago via the Developer program. My order says it is back ordered - but it still shows on the site "Instock, ships within 24hrs"! Weird.

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has palm still really no clue that majority of webOS developers in europe is not using the british pound but €? would perfectly fit in their history of ignorance...