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Did HP show off an upcoming tablet in a new commercial? 26

by Derek Kessler Fri, 27 Jul 2012 7:20 pm EDT

Did HP show off an upcoming tablet in a new commercial?

Sometimes HP does okay with advertising, sometimes they do poorly, and sometimes they shoot for the aspirational and miss the mark. The latest sixty-second spot from HP (after the break) does a bit of all three, and in typical HP fashion has done little to explain to me why I should want, let alone buy, HP's gear. But what it did do was show off something we haven't seen much of to this point: a new HP tablet.

Seen only from the rear and twice in the commercial (once from afar and barely on the screen around 0:34, and again up close at 0:56), the tablet appears to be in the 10-inch screen-size ballpark and has a metal body with a big black plastic antenna window along one side. Even though the glances are brief, we're kind of getting an 'Envy' vibe from the tablet.

Seeing as there's no seeing of the front, there's no telling what software the tablet's running. If we had to guess, it's probably got an Intel chip running Windows 8. But fear not, webOS fan, for all it takes is one recollection of HP's decision to use the Linux Standard Kernel in Open webOS for us to conjure the possibility that this hardware could also run the upcoming open source successor to webOS.

Or it could just be HP's mad men making things up, as they're prone to do…

Source: HP (YouTube); Via: Engadget


Sad it's come to this, desperately freeze-framing a video about a windows tablet (let's be real, HP aren't going to flush another couple of hundred million down the webos pit) to try and suggest that it could be a zombie OS rising.

and to answer your comment webos is never going to die its the best os out there period lol

by the smile in his face, I cannot think he would be using anything but webOS...
having said so... I find pretty sad that the main note here is about a tablet that might or might not exist and very likely won't be using the OS we all came to love

I wasn't happy with HP buyin Webos n Im still not expecting shit from them!

If I was running the show you's see "Enterprise webOS Linux" running on those x86 table. For god's sakes HP, or SOMEBODY, unleash the power of desktop/enterprise computing on the tablet form factor....

Or maybe that's just a new HP scientific calculator...


HPUX team should be bringing that enterprise unix experience to webOS via a collaborative relationship, but I'm sure those teams might has well be in different dimensions for all HP cares...

It's running WebOS!! Look at the way he's smiling. 


What a pity that there's no 'Like' Button here :D

Looks like they copied the old 3DFX commercials, and made them serious. oooh..... all white meat chicken.

So they're running this during the Olympics opening ceremony...Who are they trying to impress? Microsoft beat them to the punch with Surface & Google followed up with the Nexus7 so where is HP? Once again left hanging back & blundering the intro. Hello world we are HP, sorry we blew it last time. Will you give us another shot at this tablet thingy?. Hell no if I wanted a Windows 8 tablet why should I buy yours?. What's in it for me, THE CONSUMER?

Hard to say that Microsoft beat them with Surface until you actually see one in the wild. Surprised if they announce their new tablet fairly close to the availability date after the long delay with the Touchpad.

Guys, had nobody seen the phone used in 0:23? What does it look like? It's the Windsor baby!

Nope. It's something in a case, but whatever it is, it's not the Windsor. The one in the commercial had a side-by-side camera/flash arrangement, while the Windsor was vertical.

Damn, you're right. The 'soft touch'-looking edges and the glass-looking back made me believe it's the windsor. But what could it be? Do you really think it's a bumper/case?

Good image.. looking at the way she is holding it, the tablet looks as heavy as the TouchPad (possibly as thick). Hard to tell by a picture, but her hand makes it look as she is holding up a device with some weight. Personally, I don't care... I just want them to surprise everyone and put webOS on one, but that's not happening with this one.

Would be nice if it was a open webOS tablet, they could make some with windows. And
Open webOS let the customer. Choose which one, some netbooks came with windows and linux option, as I own Touchpads and pre2/3 phones, all working well, would I buy
New HP Tablet/slate yes, and HP has made some updates for webOS, unlike some manufacturers.

"If your going to do something. Make it matter."

Not exactly how they treated webOS. That sound bite really is upsetting regarding webOS.

I'd like to believe that HP will allow Open webOS to be installed onto their tablets, as a sort of undocumented/subtle/unadvertised-yet-official feature of their tablet. I would TOTALLY buy it for that reason... and I can't help but feel that HP is aware of this as well!

That is to say, it'll be specifically sold as a Windows 8 tablet, but it'll be preset out-of-the-box to allow a dual boot between Windows 8 and Open webOS, and a version of Open webOS will be made available for the tablet on HP's website for download and installation...

Windows 8 RT, doubtful. It'll need to be hacked to make that happen.

Windows 8 for Intel, simply shut Secure Boot off and you can do anything you want with it. (Something tells me HP won't bother with getting a signature from Microsoft to run secure boot with a digitally signed Open webOS.)

I like one.

Good video, would have been great if webOS would've appear somewhere though.

I smell a lawsuit from Apple. The top of it apes the iPad 2 a bit.