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That didn't take long: Verizon Pre 2 now available for free 61

by Derek Kessler Wed, 09 Mar 2011 9:39 am EST

If you’re willing to sign on the dotted contractual line, you’ll be able to get quite the deal: a Verizon Palm Pre 2 for free with a new or renewed two-year contract. The deal comes to us through the price slashers at HP (wait, what?), even though the Pre 2 through Verizon still rings up at $149.99. We have no indication about how long the Pre 2 may stay free on contract through HP, but if the rate and which we got from $100 to free is any indication, they might just be paying you to take one in the near future.

Source: HP Wireless Central; Thanks to William and tungstenheaven for the tips!


I hope they at doing this because of new hardware coming soon.Hopefully on sprint as well.

If the Palm Pre 2 for verizon ends up being sold for say $100 off contract like the Pixi did, I'll buy one for sure.

"I hope they at doing this because of new hardware coming soon." put the PrePlus ATT and VZ up for free on July 3, and seven months later Pre2 released on VZ. So, apples equal to apples, Pre3 releases about six months from.....NOW!

I'm sure this is about as scientific as astrologoly, but optimism has gotten us nowhere so far.

next they will be giving you a general grant to take the phone lol

that was to be expected i mean who the **** is going to buy a dated device? that is not even close to other phones on Verizon, that was just plain stupid selling this phone this late in the game.

Better than that, who can buy the new apps in the catalog with all of the legacy devices abandoned by HP. "Don't worry developers, we'll have customers, in coming months". This is a drop in the bucket, but they need beta testers for 2.x and the new apps. Nothing better than discovering a nine month old o/s and app is **** on launch day for Pre3 or Veer.

HP Palm, where everyday is Beta Day!

MOJO apps will work on the newer devices for awhile. Not sure on the length though.

How many devices are out there for the Enyo developers to get paid by? How soon are they expecting more? A handful of Pre2s and a handful of hacked Pre+s. And how happy is VZ to have a warehouse with Pre2's, HP pumping out all of their silly PR for Pre3 and GSM/Veer and undercutting them to zero on the Pre2?

Goal for Apotheker in 2011: Make one friend in the world.

Better yet ... 2.1 was just released to the public today yet the SDK is still under NDA. Makes no sense.

How abour charging a $100 with a Free upgrade to the Pre3 wen available - They might be able to sell some then.

I actually thought that they would go that route initially. I would have gladly paid $200 for a Pre 2 if I got a free upgrade to the Pre 3 when available. In fact, I might have even paid a premium above and beyond that. Although, it doesn't matter since I am on Sprint, but you get the idea.

How about you get a free Pre2, but you have to sign a contract saying you will buy the Pre3 when it comes out?

Aw shoot, not eligible for upgrade until December of this year. :(

Great, now do you think you can give the legacy users one for like 50 bucks (no added contract) so we don't have to risk blowing up our phones trying to get the latest OS (which they promised we'd have which the community had to hack up). How bout that "SOMETHING SPECIAL"?

I wish the price would drop commensurately with the GSM version. I'd pop for it as a holdover until the Pre3.

So if I accidentally broke my phone and the insurance plan issued me a Pre 2 instead of my Verizon Pre Plus, would I then lose my free Mobile Hotspot?

I was wondering the same thing. Fortunately, they just gave me a new PrePlus two months ago on warranty. I'm hoping it lasts until my update in September.

No, I don't believe that would be the case. The mobile hot spot software is there on both the Pre+ and Pre2. In order to use it you have to have the feature on your account. What you pay for the feature is determined by your contract with Verizon, not by which phone you have.

The fact that they no longer give mhs for free to new Pre2 customers doesn't change your existing agreement with them.

And yes, for those wondering, MHS continues to work fine on VZW Pre+'s upgraded to 2.1.0.

I have purchased (gotten for free) 10 pixi's in the last 10 months from sprint......Why do they love verizon :(

what is taking so long with the "make things right" statement. Really, is it that complicated, HP?

Promises of flash, 12 month road map, webOS 2.0 coming to legacy devices, the Feb 9 debacle, and the "make things right" pledge...what does it take for people to understand that Palm and HP are just stringing the market along to buy time as they try to figure what in the **** they are doing.

There hasn't been any clear strategy for almost a year now, and it still continues. Chalk webOS up to another great technological innovation that failed in the market because of poor management.

Inventory clearance?


I noticed two of my 34 stats college students now have pre2s.

This sucks balls. I want this to replace my Pre Plus before it totally falls apart and I have to pay a deductible with Asurion (since the one year warranty is out), but I can't get a 2-year contract price for another eight months.

Yet another indication of an impending Pre3 release on VZW! Personally I've had my Pre2 (off contract) for a week and I love it aside from no front facing camera it goes head to head well with every phone I put it up against (iPhone4, Droid X, HD7). The Pre3 will be outstanding and I will be there release day!

Still overpriced.

I concur, they need to throw in a free Veer or Pre 3 then I would think about it other than that they can keep their failed Pre's.

No thanks. My Pre Plus is running fine. My VZW trade up window isn't open yet. And I want a Pre3 instead.

Hmm, I guess this is a bit cheaper than the EPIC 4G I just bought off contract on eBay to replace my Pre-.

Something special in the coming weeks.
how many weeks are we supposed to wait. I can't affod to bork my phone or profile with meta-doctoring to 2.1 so I'm still waiting on HP's something special for pre-/+ users.
they've had plenty of time to thik about it. Time to walk the talk.

just upgrade your phone and be done with it. the profile converts fine now, and the chance of 'borking' your phone is about as close to zero as you can get. I've not seen even one report of that happening yet. even if the upgrade really does go wrong, you can always doctor back to 1.4.5.
I've doctored my phone 3 times with 2.1.0, each time without incident (the first was with the early script that had no VZW apps, the second had the apps but was still using the 1.4.5 profile masquerade, and the third was using the final VZW script with all apps and 2.1.0 profile support)

Unlock this and price it at $150 or less and it will sell like crazy in the pre-paid market. A Pre2 on Pageplus would be an amazing deal.

Also, comparing this phone to the other phones available from verizon in this price range and the Pre 2 looks like an incredible option. Everyone can't afford to buy the latest and greatest phone. There is a market on the low end and the Pre 2 could dominate it with the right marketing approach.

I think all future Pre's will be know as cheap budget phones and no one will consider them a flagship device. The word out will be if you wait it out the price will drop soon because no one wants the misfit phones. Hey maybe Rudolph can save the Pre from the island of misfit phones.

Correct. And the pricing of the Pre 2 was fairly predictable considering the timing of the launch. Charge $150 to skim the loyal webOS fanatics that had upgrade eligibility and just had to have it, and then give it away once all 10 of them bought the phone.

Dominate like the Pre did... oh wait it didn't.

I half guessed this was coming. When I got my PrePlus, a scant 6 months ago there was a similiar price point - of course it included the free hotspot back then.

My Prediction: The Free hotspot is coming back for the Pre 2 in 1-2 months as sales numbers don't rack up as fast as Vzw wants.

However, I think to make it worth it, right now for consumers: they will need to not only throw in the free hotspot, but also a discount voucher for the Pre 3 / Veer when they come out.

Heck, I might even bite for that, offer - and I swore off any new contracts with Big Red after this last time.

If I could upgrade I would but not able to till Dec. Guess in the long run that's a good thing. Now if only the Pre 3 will be free by that point I will be a happy camper.

Just wait a month or two it will be.

if only the hot spot were still free. . .

it'd be nice if some one reviewed the thing.

No wonder none of the carriers seem to want webOS devices. They all drop to a price of zero within a couple of months.

Its the the new misfit devises. If you think this is a fail wait until the veer comes out in a world of big screened phones. You saw the reaction at the Feb 9th event.

Sometimes, I wish I could quit Sprint.

Conversely, it might be smarter to save and switch to Verizon if and when they get the Pre 3. Or wait with googly eyes pointed at HP for their 'make things right' plan.

I am right there with you. If this was on Sprint, I would be all over it. Now I just have to wait and hope the Pre3 pops up on Sprint sooner rather than later.

Let's hope this is a sign that the new hardware will be distributed to carriers soon. Very soon.

this is pretty much a signal Pre3 is coming within a couple months

Yes, the easter bunny is handling distribution.

HP had a fire sale like this on the Sprint Pre back mid last year... that's when I finally jumped on board the webos bandwagon. Anyway, the thought was they were clearing inventory for something new and we can all see where that went.

Let's hope HP has a better plan this time around... afterall, they are no longer announcing product unless it's ready to ship (sarcasm intended).

I have two phones on veizon contract. Can I upgrade both for free? I have never done somethink like this.

Seeing this today, I stopped by my closer, though less friendly, Verizon store to have a little time trying the Pre2. In typical fashion, the rep didn't seem to interested or knowledgeable about WebOS or the Pre2. He was unaware of any offer to get the Pre2 for free and didn't even seem interested in seeing if I was able to upgrade to it. In fact, the phone sat in the furthest corner of the store and was battery dead because of neglect, so I looked at the iPhone and few Androids, which the rep was very interested in showing, though he mentioned that with all the 4G Androids coming, it might be good to wait.
I went back to the Pre2 and worked with it for a few minutes and found it to be a nice phone. Pages moved quickly and cards loaded fairly fast.
Thinking more seriously about one, I asked about Mobile Hot Spot and the rep quickly said that this was no longer included.
Think I might go to the more Palm friendly store tomorrow and see what they have to say. Especially since my third Pre+ has a worsening oreo effect.

You'll like the speed. webOS 2.0.1 is buggier than 1.4.5 on your Pre+. There are issues with pop3 email, browser bookmarks, all-day calendar appts, reboots, and temporary UI freezes. I have encountered all of these myself.

I'm still happy with the Pre2, but I wish I could downgrade it to 1.4.5.

I'm told fixes to 2.0.1 will be released on Verizon in the next week or so.

for those that are concerned about losing their wireless tethering, you can always use the beta homebrew app called "freetether" it has bluetooth and wifi sharing for free, even if you can't have tethering according to your wireless carrier. (btw, it's in the beta section, so you need to enable the beta feed in Preware.)

oops i accidentally thumbs-downed rather than marked as 'spam' the previous comment, and apparently i can't change my "vote".. somebody ??

Anyways, I just kinda doubt that folks are unaware of freetether when they say they want MHS. MHS=5gb more data than freetether provides on a data package.. We probably all know this, but just incase anyone else was curious why there are so many wishes for Mobile HotSpot..

Damn.. I read this article all sorts of wrong. I was thinking you could get a Pre 2 with a new contract.. The moment I saw this, I bolted over to the Verizon Wireless page and saw it still for 150..

Not that that is a bad thing... I just get my tax money tomorrow and already have things I want to invest in. Eh. My Pre Plus still works.

The $0 price is not available directly from Verizon where it is still $150, you have to order direct from hp online and their third-party wireless service provider... I received mine in 2 days (when it was $29 + free shipping) so turnaround time is quick & painless - my Palm profile transferred right over/no issues... (but still waiting for the "porting" over of my old number from Sprint which was initiated ~12 hrs ago...).

Keep in mind that Pre2 is likely only an interim product, it will go away as soon as existing inventory is gone so it will probably have the shortest lifespan of any mobile phone model ever, a couple of months or so - the back case still reads "Palm" on it so you know it's not here for long...

Capndan3 - since the Pre2 is still here, it lasted longer than the Kin, which I believe holds the title for "shortest lifespan of any mobile phone model ever" !!

I went on and I am looking at $99 for a Pre2. I'm on sprint, but I figured I would check out Verizon, God forbid Sprint decides to do away with HPalm all together. I refuse to be on android. Says $99 for me.... Anyone??

Same here... looks like free was only for a couple of days.

I'm seeing the same thing. Promo is over, I guess. I have to check my RSS feed more frequently!

I noticed that Rogers in Canada also dropped it to $50:

I think they are either making way for the veer, or just clearing the inventory that no one is going to buy for $100 on a 3 year contract.

That was a very short promotion. I wonder how many Pre2s they sold.