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by Adam Marks Thu, 19 May 2011 11:17 am EDT

One of the most requested features that users have asked for since webOS 1.0 was released was the ability for some form of voice dialing functionality. With the release of webOS 2.1, those users' wishes were granted with the inclusion of the Voice Dial application. While it works quite well, there were also some unintended consequences of adding this functionality. Plugging headphones into the headphone jack often activates Voice Dial, and the Voice Dial app can even crash the MediaServer which can kill your system sounds. Luckily, Xanadu73 from our forums posted an article on the WebOS Internals Wiki that provides instructions on how to either disable or completed remove Voice Dial from your device.  

The Wiki shows three options that you have as it relates to Voice Dial

  1. disable the service that calls the app from running
  2. completely remove the application, with no way to reinstall it later
  3. completely remove the application, but backup some key files that are unavailable in the webOS Doctor in case you want to re-install at a later date.

Unless you are very comfortable with running Linux commands and know what you are doing, we suggest that you stick with the option of simply disabling the service as it's easily reversible and does not alter any system files. All you need to do is enter the single command listed below at the Linux Command Prompt, either by accessing it directly on the device with an application like Terminus (though you would need to create a script first, since Terminus your can't type { or } ) or SDL Terminal, or by using the novacom drivers to access it from your PC:

luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.systemservice/setPreferences '{"enableVoiceCommand":false}'

Once you run that command, reboot your device.  This will essentially render the app useless (but still there). If you ever want to re-enable the service in the future, just run that same command with "true" instead of "false" and then reboot your device again.

Source: WebOS Internals

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cool, will try it right away. I just hate the voicedial killing my sounds ! Thanks for giving us this...

ah yes Terminus... Another app that doesn't work properly. Getting webOS to work is a painfully painful process...

That is on the app, not webOS. Although from a developer standpoint, both getting an app to work (developing it) and getting webOS to work (developing it) are painfully painful processes.

I don't know why Terminus was mentioned specifically. SDL Terminal exists and works on webOS 2.1 (key mapping is a bit tough to get used to, though).

SDL Terminal Forum

You have to get the IPK from there, though. The author still hasn't updated teh package to be able to be installed though Preware, that I'm aware of.


updated it to include SDL Terminal



so frustrating that they can't just "get it right". homebrewers to the rescue again. nice work homies!

Anybody know how to enter a '{' character in Terminus?

I have a Sprint Pre Plus and my voice dial just disappeared. I had it before and after reading this article, I couldn't find it haha. I held the volume button up/down and typed voice dial in just type and its gone. I never tried to get rid of it but its gone. Not that I care cause I never used it. But great tip :)

That's weird, I've never had it launch when I plugged my headphones in.

I had it happen all the damn time. That's why I diverted some brain space to getting rid of it. I stream audio in my car via Ampache Mobile, and use the music player at night when I go to sleep. The headphone jack gets a LOT of use on my Pre Minus.


leadtrumpetdave is correct... The accolades "{ }" cannot be typed from Terminus prompt, neither can a paste from text copy.... Forget Terminus and use Novacom only.

you can always create a script in Internalz Pro and then just run it from the prompt

things like this move me closer and closer to Android :(

hi Adam, great tip. I know nothing... Have created file in internalz pro... What do I type at prompt to run it ?

never mind Adam, it worked. I killed VoiceDial ! We got him !!! Thanks all for the great suggestions !!!!

shoot, rebooted and the horrible voicedial is back.... We need a patch !

Are you sure you typed that luna-send correctly? Maybe try copy & paste to avoid mistypes.


Never had any issue with it, didn't even know there was a problem until now... I use voice dial all the time, love it...

always nice to have options though...

Still on my Sprint Pre- so I don't have WebOS 2.1, but it seems like some enterprising patch writer ought to be able to add this to a system menu somewhere.

A lot of Pre- users are running webOS 2.1


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Thanks, that's a relief.

Can someone explain to a non-technical user how to do this. I want to implement this fix to address the lost call notification bug. Thanks.