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Discounters blowing out Verizon Pixi Plus inventory 53

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 31 Jan 2011 11:18 am EST

After news that one discount site was selling the Verizon Pixi Plus on the cheap, we wondered if there was some sort of backchannel inventory clearing going on. Then we broke the news that the Pixi Plus has joined the Pre Plus in the "no longer on Verizon Wireless" club. Now: yet another daily discount site is selling the Verizon Pixi Plus on the cheap. 1saleaday has the little guy for $50 until midnight tonight without a contract to sign at all.

Which is to say, our hunch that inventory clearing is going on with what's left of the Verizon Pixi Plus fees pretty accurate just now.

Source: 1saleaday; Thanks to everybody who sent this in!


I wish I had an extra $50.

Is there a new pre plus for 50 dollars off contract? Anyone knows?

That site is slow as hell, can't even get through to buy one.

Yea i tried at about 11:30am and it didn't go through, But then at like 6pm I went on and bought it no problem.

I wish I could grab this for Sprint...

If it were the GSM model (to be unlocked), I would be all over this.

I wish I could get this and use on Sprint.

Site is slow as heck, but I finally got through and purchased one.

I'm tempted to buy one just to tool around with and serve as a backup to my pre plus.

How exactly does juggling your palm profile between 2 phones work?

You cannot have your Palm Profile logged into two devices at the same time. I hope this changes with webOS 2.1. You'll have to power off your Pre to use your profile on the Pixi.

I'm not on Verizon, but I would be interested in this solely as a wifi device.

Does anybody know if I'll have full access to the App Catalog if I never activate it with Verizon?

If you do an activation bypass, using the official guidelines from Palm, you do not get App Catalog access. I tried it on my spare Pre. I did a webOS doctor, then ran the activation bypass. The phone functions, I can connect to it with novaterm and can palm-install ipks to it, but that's about it. No app catalog.

I'm in the same boat. No Verizon account, but I'd love to use it a la an iPod Touch. I could use it as a wifi Boxee remote, web browsing around the house, etc. Oh well.

You have to run "first use" app. You can enable the app in preware. Than log in to your palm profile (or create one) and you're all set.

sounds like the deal of the century....a palm in the palm for that price.....sprint is such a Butthead

I'm trying to buy one of these, but that site must be getting slammed. It keeps crashing out.

Could that phone be plopped onto the Sprint network, or no? If it could, I might drop the remaining $7/month insurance plans and keep one of these as a spare.

It would be very hard. Sprint would need to allow the ESN on their network after you reprogram the phone for Sprint service. It's not a sure thing.

I'm taking advantage of this. It's only $50 and my sister in law will love the phone. And if she wants to put her fist through it, I'll just sell it to someone else or turn my girl's Sprint Pixi into a wifi enabled Pixi. Win / Win

Darn Thats a nice Deal 50 dollars for a pixi plus. (the market share goes up :P)

too bad i dont live in the US and a CDMA phone is worthless over here

I'ma try to convince my wife to get this. :)

can this be flashed to metro

Soo tempted.

Do you know if it works with Bell (Canada)?

is it possible to flash to metro pcs ?

I am by no means an optimist, but this has got to be a good sign for new phones in the near future - right? Please?

Who is going to buy me one? Any takers?

I bought the $60 one off Daily Steals, and it should arrive tomorrow. I feel bad for anyone eagerly awaiting it though, as they shipped them USPS parcel post. Luckily for me, they shipped it on Friday from about 5 miles away. Yes, that means 4 days in transit to get 5 miles.

That said, I'm on Sprint, and my company also has an AT&T account, so the Pixi Plus will be a dev toy only. I always wanted one, but it sucks on Sprint (no wifi) and I'm saving switching to AT&T on the off chance that the new superphone next week launches with them.

That said, we have a really bit Sprint account so I will try to beg and plead with the Sprint rep to let me activate the VZW phone. I don't see that going well.

I guess I'll have to see about getting a prepaid verizon account just to activate the phone (so that I have App Catalog access), and then re-up the pre-paid account as needed if I ever have to Doctor it. I'd be completely content using the Pixi Plus as my around the house mini tablet, wifi remote control for Boxee, etc but not without app catalog access.

They don't ship on the weekend... so of course its 4 days to get there...

I grabbed one just for the backup potential. If my Pre dies before I replace it then I can use it instead of being forced into a new contract. Can I doctor this and set it up for Sprint?

No you cant switch it to Sprint. And I bought it for the same reason. My Pre Plus has become good friends with concrete a few too many times and I want a backup for when it kicks the bucket. haha.

Why can I only see one comment in this news story but then once I post a comment a whole slew of comments appear?

I refresh the page to check on new comments and it goes back to 1 comment again until I post a comment again :(

Is it easy to activate this and sign into a profile without Verizon service?

You cannot access the App Catalog without signing up on a contract.

can you overclock these? this would be a GREAT cheap backup phone!!

You can overclock the Pixi. They have it up to 806Mhz right now. That's up from the stock 600Ghz that clocked down when the screen was off.


Looks like the website's down. /would love to purchase

I got the one from BEDeals the other day, got in the mail Saturday. My wife has a pixi, that has been dropped in water twice and was very temperamental. The one I got was brand new, but did not have webos 1.45 pre installed. Phone works great!

My Pixi Plus awaits me in the apartment office, I can't wait to get home!

Since I would like app catalog access, I'll be seeing about activating it using a prepaid plan.

Ideally I'd love to activate this using a prepaid data only package like their mobile broadband cards. On my Cr-48 if I go over the free Verizon Google included, I can just pay for a day, week, or month as needed to get unlimited data.

Just bought one, excited to be back on WebOS, even if it is going to be a wifi only device.

Man, I'm pretty tempted to do this even though I'll probably buy a new webos phone if they announce anything good on the 9th. Couldn't hurt to have a backup right?

EDIT: Welp, I went ahead and did it. This'll be my first smartphone too lolz

Remember, the Pixi plus is an entry level smartphone. Don't judge WebOS entirely off your Pixi Plus experience because that phone is running lower specs than the Pre + and even lower than whatever the next device will be! Long live WebOS!

Just ordered one! Missed out on the $60 deal last week.....wasn't gonna miss this one. Nice backup to the Pre Plus....gonna cancel my insurance now for sure. If I never use it, I just got a sweet phone for my 10 year old daughter.....when I decide to activate a phone for her....holding out as long as I can tho!

I resisted the $60 pixi plus... but couldn't resist this time. Ordered and on its way!

So how exactly would I use this as a VZW mobile hot spot if I'm already a Pre Minus user on Sprint?

You have to have a Verizon contract fool. But if you have a data plan on Verizon mobile hotspot is free.

sold. just got one with less than 30 minutes to go.

So long to the Samsung Omni II running Windows - which I have to pull the battery from at least twice a day. POS. Sorry - never been a fan of any windows phone.

They have a few over at amazon. i got one for 60.69+ free shipping and no contract. gonna keep it as a back up.

Could people please read previous comments or get some prior knowledge about cellular technology before flooding the comments with does this work on Sprint? NO IT DOESN'T. Stop posting it without reading. kthnxbai.

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This thing is taking FOREVER to ship. It took them a week to actually get it out the door and the ETA is the 15th =(