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Dock taking Exhibition-style Enyo to iPhone and Android 22

by Ryan St. Andrie Mon, 02 Apr 2012 7:30 pm EDT

Dock taking Exhibition-style Enyo to iPhone and Android

Perhaps one of the coolest features webOS users have enjoyed since webOS 2.1 has been Exhibition mode. There is something inherently awesome about having your device do something useful during charging/idle time. When we set our Pre smartphones and TouchPads onto a Touchstone charger we have "at a glance information" of everything from news to weather to Twitter getting fed actively and passively to our glancing eyes. The rest of the world, meanwhile, has little to no relationship with their devices while they are charging. Their iPhones and Lumias and Droids just sit there and charge. That is about to change for our Exhibition-less fellow smartphone users, all thanks to one of our favorite webOS developers: Inglorious Apps.

Anyone familiar with Inglorious Apps' flagship TouchPad app Glimpse should recognize Dock immediately. Dock is basically just a repackaged version of Glimpse's Exhibition widgets, built for smartphones. The Enyo-based app allows you to view streaming stock market data, RSS feeds, your Google Reader headlines, Twitter and Facebook streams, the latest news, a clock, or the weather while your iPhone or Android device is idle. Unfortunately, thanks to the design of Android and iOS there is no way to have Dock automatically load when you plug in your smartphone to charge, so you'd have to get into the habit of manually opening it up upon plug-in (some Android devices may support opening Dock as part of a "dock mode" or "car mode", but there's no universal Android way to do it that we're aware of).

Even though Dock is a repurposing of bits from an Enyo app, it's the first Enyo app we've seen launch for non-webOS devices before webOS. Sure, you can buy Glimpse for your TouchPad and get these very same Exhibition widgets, but you can't do that on your webOS smartphone. Either way it is nice to see more Enyo goodness on other platforms and is a good indication of things to come with open webOS.

This neat little app is currently available in the Google Play store for $1.43 and is currently routing its way through the iOS App Store approval process (hopefully to not meet the same fate as Inglorious Apps' Glimpse port Panes for iPad). Don't have an iPhone or Android device but still want some Dock up on your Pre or Veer? Inglorious Apps may not have yet created a version of Dock for webOS phones, but says that if there is a big enough demand they'd be more than happy to submit it to the webOS App Catalog. The comments away for your display of "I want!" Also, you can check out an iPhone emulator video of Dock in action after the break.


would love to buy this for my Pre 3.

Holy cow, as non TouchPad webOS user i have been waiting for such an glimpse like app on phones. exhibition mode is a way too underrated feature on webos phones (in app catalog). bring it on.

I'm in, would definitely buy for my pre 3, still hoping it makes it into IOS so I can get it for my iPad, as long as it is like my TP version.

I have an app that turns itself on whenever I plug into a battery. This is on three of my Android phones. I do not see a reason why the app can't do it on Android..

This app is called up whenever I plug my Android device up. Is it because I'm rooted?

This is probably different but i love this idea. It's part of htc new sense UI and it's a car dock mode. I guess it has simpler or bigger controls but i'd like to have that as my phone is basically my car stereo now. i'm talking about the interface not the physical dock.!

i want!

I think any webos dev should not ask or wait to see if webos users want such a great app, it's made with Enyo, and I think that's enough reason to make it available for webOS. And of course before the competitors...


>>'s the first Enyo app we've seen launch for non-webOS devices before webOS.

I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of that.
Wasnt the point of opening Enyo to make apps available for webOS by default?

Sadly, you work for where the money is...

Well, there are several surveys that tell that webOS users are more purchase_friendly than android user. Off course respecting users base proportionality. Be it because webOS user know that developers would only stick around if their app are purchase (if they see reasonable money movement to secure cost at least) or that android has too much free apps that do the same job as the paid ones. But either way, if they give a good_useful_workable_webOS-UI_app, webOS community is very likely to purchase and market it. And at the end, this will help the webOS ecosystem to grow and attract new users (provided the porting issue or new hardware), I hope.

"I want" Dock please for my UK HP Pre3

ps going a step further I would like a "car-mode" WebOS user interface where the "icon" buttons are bigger than normal, so that while the Pre 3 is in car phone cradle, it is easier to use.


i WANT it....i use Glimpse and would buy a pre app in an instance


I have to agree with BlueRQ and not so easy on the devs as he was.
I think it's a total and brutal lack of respect to webOS users to do such thing as making an open_source enyo app not available (unless reasonable demand) to us. Since HP "unplugged" webOS, you (and us too) have been asking them to give it to the community so we could make it grow and show them the real capabilities of what they have thrown away; Now that HP open source it, devs are behaving just like HP did when they decided to stop webOS "Hardware" development. They did it for the same reasons (money, "not enough demand", better pastures (platforms -user based speaking off course!-) and we criticzied them for doing so. So, there is no way you're getting away with this one without your respective one! NO! NO! Sr.! You don't do that! Launching it first on other platforms that don't have "exhibition mode"? That I could understand in time; expressing your willingness to "submit it" to the HP webOS App Catalog if there's "enough demand"? You have got to be fucking with me (us)!!! Is an enyo app! I think that as we have stand for our webOS and its developers (in any way we can since the catalog is way too restricted for lot of users to buy apps -geo_restrictions, non_supported countries, etcetera, etcetera!), this time we have to state clear our position and let Inglorious Apps know they are wrong by doing this. And we know they'll know if we post our disagreement here! Yes, we want it, but this way can't be tolerated from a webOS enyo developer! Us last! And webOS Nation, you have been backing us always, so it's a little surprising you see this with good eyes! For the rest, is good to share the love with the blind ones (iOS and android) although they ride the sickest Ferraris (hardware speaking). LONG WILL LIVE webOS!!!

and i think it's a total and brutal lack of respect to the dev community to demand something that should not be in your control at all

to put it in perspective, you just asked some random person you don't know to do a favor just for you. it's like asking some dude at home depot to come fix your washing machine because you deserve it.

not. cool.


p.s. whether you realize or not, any and all enyo apps released on any platform regardless of whether they are released on actual webos devices or not benefit webos, whether you realize it or not.

I don't quite get what you're trying to say here, but I do see you are trying very hard... Jajajajaja! Na, just joking! But I do not understand what you want me to realize; the rest is just kidding. UPDATE: oh! I get it now! Probably yes, but I'm just a little kid that want to play with the toy, not just look at my well_feeded_with_tons_of_apps neighbors (iOS and android -even WP for God sake!-) get chubbier and chubbier! And even less with our open_suorce_webOS_project_enyo_apps!!!

I'm going to take a wild guess that you're not a developer? Development takes a lot of time...a LOT. Enyo performance on webOS phones is pretty abysmal. Moreso than Enyo performance on many Android and iOS devices.
Since you've demanded this be released for your phone, don't complain if it performs poorly.
Just saying...

Not so wild of a guess after all Arthur. But I guess you are; or are at least more intimated with it than me, or BlueRQ for example (not trying to get him involved at all, but did you read his more_respectful_same_oriented comment?). Go write yourself Arthur! Sorry Arthur, I just had to say it! So hilarious! Please read my apologies to all, rendered below. Thank you for supporting webOS anyway you can.

Hey! Derek just retweeted an Inglorious Apps twit stating they'll submit dock to the HP App Catalog!!! Yes! We won! We won!
The only counter offer they have is that we stop with the death threatening :-( . But that's alright! We won! We won!!!

To whom corresponds:
1.- Yes, I'm not a developer.
2.- No, I did not ask for an app for specifically "my device". I asked it for the entire webOS community.
3.- No, I'm not asking something to a "random person". They ("I(A)") are the developers of the app. A random person would be you fxspec06. And I'm not asking you (with all due respect).
4.- If anyone felt uncomfortable with my comment, I render my apologies. Firstly to Inglorious Apps, and then to the rest of the webOS community.
What I said, I've said it for the sake of the community to whom the open source project was released to satisfy (webOS community); if you don't feel we should have a -don't want to say- preference -but yes- treat from apps being developed taking advantage of the cross_platform magic that devs get from ENYO (part of the webOS open source project, remember?), I respect it, although I don't agree with you. So, in no meaning my comment was to offend, disrespect or prejudice the community (being webOS users/lovers/writers/dreamers/developers/etcetera) I much care about and respect. I accept I need to control my do_or_die webOS mode -which has lead me to trouble from time to time-, but in my behalf I have to say that I(A) tweeted they were submitting the app to the HP/webOS App Catalog. And it's certainly not because of the "death threats" nor my "not cool" comment, but because deep inside they know that's the right thing (if they didn't think so, there is no way they would have been convince by me alone -just take a look at "whatsapp"!-). Being against each other is the less we need, so... LONG LIVES webOS!!!