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Documents To Go for webOS Delay Confirmed: Early 2010 52

by Robert Werlinger Tue, 10 Nov 2009 1:25 pm EST

Bad news for those of you who need to edit and create Microsoft Office documents while on the go and were hoping for a native webOS solution before years end. DataViz, developer of the popular Documents To Go suite of software (and the company responsible for Doc View in webOS) have confirmed on their website what we were speculating about last month: that they won't be releasing the webOS version of their software until "early 2010":

As Palm's document solution of choice for over 10 years, DataViz is happy to tell you that we currently plan to release Documents To Go for webOS in early 2010, allowing you to edit and create Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® files on your Pre!

Their website had previously stated "later this year" for a release date.  Not all hope is lost for those who still need that functionality, however.  While this solution may not be as elegant as a native webOS app, remember that you can still use the PalmOS version of the document editing software in Classic to tide you over until Docs To Go is finally released sometime next year. 

This makes webOS the only major smartphone platform currently not supported by Documents to Go, which can't be a good thing if you're a small, struggling smartphone maker trying to gain traction in the corporate market.

Thanks to mwchambers7 for sending this in!



I still Love my Pre but Palm Is getting beat by droid And Iphone Now its like we went from number 2 to not even being in the race at all what the hell is going on.

I use my Pre for work, and personally I'd rather not pay an extra $15/month to be able to connect to my works Exchange server like I would have to with the Droid. The plans on Verizon are already overpriced, but this is just ridiculous.

Your comment is partially true... Droid is not doing as strongly as people thought. iPhone is iPhone, but between Palm and Droid the race isn't over.

Droid also has some shortcomings that are hard for people to get by.

I am still very happy with my Pre... albeit massively patched.

I think if Palm would just release an update with half the current patches available... they would have much more completed product.

We will just have to see what 1.3.1 brings us... hopefully in a couple days.

yeah i agree with you, if not for the Homebrew and the Patch i would have gave up long ago in fact i dont know how you can use this phone without the two it would be pointless...

I wouldn't have even GOT the Pre without knowing that there were patches available. Even my wife has about 12 patches installed on hers!

I'm starting to think that my Pre is going to experience the same fate as the Betamax.

Are there any WebOS apps anywhere that would allow me to create or edit a .doc, .rtf, or even a .txt file? I think the Pre is a cool piece of hardware, but Palm needs to provide basic software rather than just hoping that some coder will do it for them. Dataviz is part of a Catch-22: They won't put effort into developing basic business software for WebOS unless there's a viable customer base, and WebOS won't have a viable customer base unless there's a way to perform basic business functions.

Apparently Dataviz doesn't see this as a big problem... after all, they are actually committing resources to WebOS apps, not taking a wait-and-see posture.

the beginning of the end!
Palm and Sprint partnership is sinking! Look at their stocks!

No speed increase! No Support for Docs to Go!

Massive PAtched OS not native!

I have both a Driod and Iphone! The droid out of box kills the PRE out of box. PERIOD!

Read the story! It does not look good! Everyone is saying 1.3.1 is nothing special! Big mistake and a loss of a huge opportunity!

I smell a BUYOUT of a major like NOKIA or Microsoft!

May i ask how is it better? what is it doing that is so much better than my PRE..

iDon't have multi-touch. -Droid


You! Need! To! Lay! Off! The! EXCLAMATION! Points! Oh, and your comment is completely devoid of any rationale for your claim regrading the Droid. Keep in mind that posting "PERIOD!" is not evidence-- it's more of a cry of "please don't challenge my claims, because I can't back them up." Or, it's your time of month. Anyway, either contribute to the discussion or troll elsewhere.


I loved being able to edit/create docs on my Treo 700P. I guess I will just have to wait a little longer....

The writing is on the wall... WebOS is DOA. No Documents To Go, no ePocrates (or any other useable medical apps), no SplashID backup, a barely functional Calendar, worthless on-device Search, etc. etc. WebOS has been overhyped and underdelivered, and all of us (legacy) PalmOS users have been left for dead. Do I sound peeved?

"As Palm's document solution of choice for over 10 years, DataViz"

I'm pretty new to the Palm world (bought my Pre in July), but if the above is true, then why wasn't DocsToGo an 'out-of-the-box' feature from the Pre's release (back in June)?

That is the question we have all been asking...

Read it again. Dataviz is PALM'S document solution of choice, not the other way around.

Yeah, But it still could (should?) have been included as an included app (ala sprint TV) or as a ready to go downloadable version (ala Pandora).

If there are problems with the SDK that have kept Dataviz from accessing the correct portions of webOS, well I'd say this is the perfect partner to get early and special access.

Idea for DataViz: Offer DTG/Pre for sale, now. Give anyone that buys now a copy of the PalmOS version plus a free copy of Classic.

That way, you'll have money in hand, now. That'll make up for the cost of Classic (which I'm sure that MotionApps will offer them at a bulk discount).

I emailed them a few weeks back, asking them if I bought DTG for Palm OS, would there be an upgrade path for the WebOS version. The answer was, they don't have a plan for that - which means they're leaving money on the table for users like me. I won't spend $50 twice for DTG, once on Classic and once for WebOS, and you'd think that would be clear to them.

Not a lot of evidence of forethought or planning about this matter on their part.

I just checked the Documents to Go website: Droid compatibility is a Go. You can download it upgrade it what ever...

But WebOS? They'll take your email...

Android has been out for over a year, so of course there's a Android version of DocsToGo. Changing display resolution for Droid doesn't take nearly as much effort as writing the app for a brand new platform.

And your point is?

It's in his comment. Read. Comprehend.

Android was released November 2007

The first android handset, the G1, was released October 2008

Docs to Go 1.0 for Android was released April 2009

It would have been nice if Docs to Go had been out the door in the same 6 months as the G1 went without an editor, but it will still be out sooner than the 15 months it took between Android SDK and Android Docs to Go.

I think it's pretty clear why Docs to go wasn't available at the Pre's release because of how relatively short a period the WebOS SDK has been available. I doubt even the pre-release SDK was out to partners before January of this year.

And it wouldn't surprise me if DataVis decided to wait to even start developing Docs to Go until after the Pre had been picked up by Sprint. Why do I think Data Viz would wait to develop for WebOS? The Foleo.

Remember the Foleo, that poor, neglected, precursor to the netbook that appeared to have a native Docs to Go app but that was canceled September 2007. (Anyone know how many Asus Eees were sold with Linux? It wasn't a small number) The Foleo was not a javascript/HTML5 device so Palm basically flushed every bit of Data Viz's work down the toilet.

Well, maybe not all. It's possible they were able to recycle some of their Foleo dev efforts for Android.

Finally, someone with some context, clues, and patience. Geez, the negativity in these forums is amazing. Each and every delay of any sort is "the end." So many people, so little context.

Thanks, kigmatzomat, for injecting some facts into this discussion.

+1 People have no sense of time or patience. Wouldn't be surprised if it was just fanboys trying to discourage Pre ownership in these forums.

Could it be: maybe they cannot obfuscate their code well enough to be satisfied with javascript. I remember reading somewhere that they are waiting for a particular Palm update. Perhaps they are waiting for native apps.

It's hard to believe that Dataviz didn't see fit to get DocsToGo up-and-running within a year of the announcement of WebOS and the Palm Pre. However, if they really counted on Palm for their customer base they probably would have faded away over the past several years.

I think this is what happens when a platform stagnates. No big announcement. Things just don't show up as frequently.

this is making me upset... i love my pre, the multifunction ability, and the beautiful interface of webos, but its times like this i feel as if i "downgraded" from centro just for the sake of a prettier interface... :-(

DataWiz, Palm, get on it before people will start jumping ship...

I can guarantee that this delay is entirely Palm's fault. My logic: this type of software cannot be created using the Mojo SDK (or javascript) and since it cannot, Dataviz would need access to deeper level API (not mojo APIs), only which can be supplied by Palm.

Because Palm themselves hasn't even completed or fully developed all thier own lower-level APIs for webOS, it goes without saying, third party developers wouldn't either.

I feel real badly for Palm, on one hand, I truly love webOS, but in the other, the momentum they've built-up is loosing steam by the truck load with every technology news cycle.

The feel good, we're all in this together palm, the fellowship of the pre comrade is slowly dissipating. God I hope Palm has something truly magnificent in the works for the end of the year/begning of the year (like a really completely developed GSM Pre/webOS version for Verizon). Anything less than that, I don't see how Palm can compete in 2010, I mean, if thier core users are abandoning you truly think anyone else gonna jump onboard?

I can't believe Palm is delaying Doc2Go till next year.

Pre will not be a serious business tool until D2G is available.

Feel like taking a Pre vacation till D2G is ready.

Palm isn't delaying it, Dataviz is.

I have not tried the Android version but I have tried the iPhone version as well as the BlackBerry version and I can tell you the experience is not a pleasant one.

I would much rather use the Classic version over either of those 2.

This is getting depressing... 1.3 better be awesome, or webOS could go the way of the Amiga

So much whining. WebOS is a new platform. How long did it take for D2G to be on the iphone. 18 months after release? Didn't iPhone OS only just a couple of months ago get the D2G update to edit excel? WebOS has just passed the 5 month mark since it's release.... It is in it's infancy. Anyone who expected it to have (out-of-the-box) all the features and functionality and apps of a iPhoneOS 3.0 had unrealistic expectations. (IDK, maybe I'm just a homer.)

Breathe in through your nose ... deep cleansing breath ... exhale slowly. It will be ok. (inhale... then exhale. inhale... then exhale--- try it, it really works!)

I don't see this as such a big deal. How many times have you been in a meeting or at a coffee shop and said 'Boy! I need to edit a word document directly on a small keyboard!' Do I use my Pre for work? Yes. Would I want to edit Word (or in my case, OpenOffice) docs on my Pre? No. At least not often enough to worry about it. I don't mean to discourage development of such functionality, but is it really such a big deal that this functionality isn't available yet?

Fortunately, every time something is found not to available for the Pre, one can always come here to find out that they really didn't need it after all. What a relief!

DataViz, failing to realize its own comedic timing, sent me an e-mail begging me to upgrade my PalmOS copy of Docs To Go. The very bottom has this blurb:

Thinking of moving to iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc. ...or have you already moved?

Documents To Go is now available for the latest smartphone platforms. For more information and available discounted, "crossgrade" pricing, please select your corresponding platform/OS logo at the bottom of this email message. Follow the "Buy" button on the resulting pages for pricing options.

I really wish people who are not truly early adopters, would stop being wannabes. You want the cool new toy, pain free. Doesn't ever work like that. Whatever new device you decide to abandon the Pre for, I'm sure we'll find you in one of the sister site forums whining about that device and its shortcomings too. Get a grip. It's only been 5 months. I know that's a lifetime if you're 5 years old and waiting for your next birthday to come, but cut Palm some slack already. No one here is running a major corporation with cutting edge technology and executing flawlessly. If you are or have some sort of experience, you can go apply to Palm for a job and show them how it's done. Until then, use your Pre or keep it moving to the next new shiny object on the horizon.

Whoa lowzlegend. As I remember, Sprint's marketing campaign for the Pre did not specify "only early adopters need apply". There are many of us, and likely a significant number of Palm customers, who don't purchase our phones because we are "wannabe's". In my case, I just liked the form factor, the potential of the new OS and the Palm reputation. When you get your way and only get early adopters to try any new product, that product will be doomed quickly. Having said that, I very much enjoy my Pre, though I'm not an early adopter, a wannabe, never have loaded a homebrew app and don't care whether I do or don't do so in the future.

W8aq - I think if you consider my comments, they are really towards those who bought a new phone which is introducing a brand new platform and expecting perfection out the gate. Never happens in the technology biz and I've been around it for a long time now. I am not generally an early adopter, but I am with the Pre armed with the knowledge and understanding that there will be growing pains and that's the price for getting in early. I could understand if people expected more from their blackberries or the iPhone by now, but not for a brand new OS. I'm also very happy with my Pre despite some shortcomings. I know it will get better and if it's not by the time my contract ends in 2 years, so what. Everything on the market currently will be junk anyway so I'll get the next great phone. The future of smartphones looks bright in general. I waited way more than 2 years for Palm just to get WebOs. My comment wasn't intended to offend you, but to make people realize they need to check their expectations against a calendar.

I love my Pre, and I have made dozens of posts on this blog and on the forums lamenting this missing app, which would make my Pre the complete system I need. I'm really tired of carrying around my motoQ9c just to edit docs. (sorry, google docs and the like are not possible for me, so don't even mention it.)

I read this article on jkontherun yestarday which I felt gives a good overview of where the pre is at right now, and expresses a lot of the same frustrations I have. I, however, believe that Palm has to be addressing these issues internally at this point, and we will see improvements in the very near future. I am glad to know that dataviz is putting some more definitive dates out there. When I have dtg on my pre, I will be content to use it for the forseeable future, despit any other shortcomings it may have.

It's gotta be hard to make an office-client in the form of a webapp. I remember reading about how Microsoft was working on a web version of Office. I can't think of any other working example.

That is too cool.

"This makes webOS the only major smartphone platform currently not supported by Documents to Go,... "

Some 'long' 5 month since release...
And, by the way, did you actually try to USE the Docs to Go versions for some of the other plattforms?

I really appreciate maturity and complete feature set over 'mee too' but actually in an inferior way...

On a related note: Anyone working on a solution to be able to play ppt documents directly from the phone, without the need for a notebook?

Docs to Go.

Hey folks...Documents to Go is not much good without a bluetooth keyboard option. I don't mind using the regular keyboard for short sentences...but doing more than that without a regular keyboard (like creating and editing documents) doesn't make much sense to me.

Suggestions on how to even open a doc attached to an email on the PRE? Stoneage question, but after updating the webos installs I can't open a doc, pdf, and don't see the virtual keyboard..... thanks for help

Same thing with Quicken for Palm.
Used to be available for the old Palm OS and always been available for Windows. I really loved to be able to enter all my info and sync it when i got home to my PC quicken.
Lost that ability with the Pre, though I already knew that would be the case, but hoped something would be available soon that would work with it.
Docs to go, however, was a given, and yet it's delayed.
At this moment, i also am dissapointed and somewhat worried that I just got my pre and signed a new 2 year agreement, and i might have a "Betamax" in my hand.
I can only hope Palm jumps in the bandwagon and quits waiting for all the homebew developers alone to do their work, otherwise the Pre will soon see it's downfall