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Does Google care about webOS, or is webOS just not there yet? 96

by Derek Kessler Mon, 15 Feb 2010 4:24 pm EST

Google Maps Street View

It’s a question we’ve been pondering for a while, and with much more intensity in recent days: does Google care about Palm webOS? It is something we have to wonder about, with Google Maps on webOS lagging greatly behind its iPhone and Android counterparts, webOS being at first excluded from the Buzz party and then only invited inside the lobby, and the general lack of effort Google seems to be publicly exerting in getting their products to work to their full potential on webOS.

It all came to a head last week, with Google making a change to the way Google Voice works that ended up breaking webOS Google Voice clients, such as the popular gDial Pro. Nathan, the developer of gDial, learned that the change was not a move to break compatibility with unofficial Voice clients like gDial, but a natural progression of the development of the Google Voice system. In fact, Google has no problems with such unofficial clients and is pretty much willing to turn a blind eye to them so long as they aren’t acting in nefarious ways. Unfortunately, that blind eye doesn’t come with any support.

Google does have newer APIs to support Voice clients, but as the Nathan also discovered, webOS is also lacking in the kind of support that gDial now needs. Google’s new API requires that the app have control over things like user agents and cookies. Currently, the Mojo SDK is not set up to give developers like Nathan sufficient control of such things. This left Nathan in a lurch with the development of gDial, which had up to this point been a free-to-download and free-to-use app. The only solution was, at least for the time being, to move to a server-side authentication solution, which now meant that he needed to figure out some way to pay for continual server support.

This server-assisted solution forced Nathan’s hand, and now the updated version of gDial Pro does work properly again. A full explanation of how the new system works is on the gDial website, but suffice to some features now require a $1/month service charge to pay for the server until webOS and Google Voice can work in harmony again.

When will that be? Nathan spoke with engineers at Palm as well and found that the support needed in webOS will not be coming in webOS 1.4, which is little surprise. While Palm is willing to work with developers to roll new capabilities into webOS, the changes needed to re-enable seamless on-device server-free support for gDial will require larger changes to the way webOS handles apps and their access to certain files. As such, those changes won’t come until another major 1.X update, which may be several weeks off at the earliest. At its current pace Palm is averaging just under two months per 1.X webOS update, with webOS 1.4 expected sometime this month.

So the question still needs answering: is Google neglecting webOS, or is webOS just not capable enough for what Google wants to do? The limitations of both webOS’s fledgling APIs (at least in comparison to Google’s own Android and Apple’s iPhone OS) and the HTML/CSS/JavaScript are readily apparent. While Palm has side-stepped around the issue with the PDK, it’s clear that they are marketing the PDK as a way to port C and C++ games to webOS, not robust productivity applications that would require more in-depth APIs.

For comparison’s sake, let’s look at a requested feature that crops up in the comments every time we mention Google Maps: Street View. The street-level 360 images have proven extremely popular with Maps users and the feature has made its way onto the Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, S60, and Windows Mobile versions of Google Maps. In the desktop browser, Street View is a Flash-based experience, and while we suspect that Google is working on a web standards version of Street View, the standards, technology, and adoption just haven’t met in the middle to provide as seamless of an experience as Google would prefer.

For the mobile versions, Google has access to high-power programming languages, like Visual C++ for Windows Mobile, Objective-C on for iPhone OS, and Java for Android. Compared to Visual C++ and Objective-C, Java isn’t nearly as powerful of a programming language, but it is clearly powerful enough to power the full-featured Google Maps app on Android. Apps on webOS, however, are limited to web programming languages. While there are many impressive things that can be done with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, Google Maps Street View is not one of them.

With a rapidly expanding customer base, webOS is poised to become a notable player in the smartphone market. Being that Google is Google, they want to have their hands into everything, which means getting their services onto as many platforms as possible. We have little doubt that Google wants to bring full support for Street View, Buzz, Voice, and all their other popular and services to webOS. After all, they made Google Maps for Palm OS in 2007, a platform that everybody knew was going nowhere fast.

The problem lies with the fundamental structure of webOS and the Mojo SDK. The access needed by developers big (Google) and small (Nathan) doesn’t exist to do what they need and want to do. HTML, JavaScript, and CSS work fine for the majority of apps that users will download; most of the 140,000 apps in the iPhone App Store could probably have been just as easily coded in these web languages. But it’s the more impressive apps and services, like the full Google Maps experience, that need native code access and stronger APIs to get the work done. There’s no question that better support and access will come in future versions of webOS, but now we have a different question: When?

Huge thanks to Nathan for helping us understand all of this!


I was kind of confused on what happen and why I needed to spend a dollar a month on gdial pro. Now I understand! Thanks guys.

I have to say that I've been waiting for streetview. I see what WebOS is bringing to the table, and people are gonna be sorry that they doubted it. As for Google, and the disregard that they show for webos, we'll make them believers. ;)
A very faithful Palm Pre user.

Ok were is the 1.4.0 software update that WebOS promissed ?

Some time in February.

+1 (Although I really didn't expect it today anyway, despite the reports)

I didn't expect it but I was kinda hoping. Actually more than hoping. Dammit!!! :)

Well guess what? I don't care about GOOGLE.

Yeah really...the new ELSE Mobile phone (which isn

Emblaze First Else.

Seriously, the UI on that baby kicks ass on anything i've ever seen thus far, it's truly something else =P

It looks good, but looks way more complicated/time consuming than you need on a mobile phone to do something..

Ill agree it looks cool though, just dont see it being practical at all for long term use. Maybe it will develop into something more promising over time, as of right now, looks like a skinned android phone.

I hope developers are just waiting to see what WebOS 1.4 brings to the plate before the start assigning resources to developing apps for us.

I'd like to know if we're goin to get a bing maps app? Google's traffic sucks, and bing on the web sucks on the pre.

good read!

I know palm intention for the PDK is gaming, but does that mean they won't allow developers to create other types of apps with it? I'd like to see palm use it to recreate the photos and music apps if it would help the speed and loading.


where is webos 1.4 already?

Great article, it really puts everything into perspective. However, you have to admit it seems a little fishy that Google isn't supporting Palm and the WebOS platform, but yet is bending over backwards for Apple, who is replacing the default search engine with Bing AND who denied the Google Voice app. You would think that Google would go out of their way to push on the WebOS platform and the Android of course.

I think Google is a little scared of WebOS! It's a brilliant platform and by not offering these innovative product from Google on these platforms, you limit the growth of the market share, hence lowering the need to offer up services compared to the hi-volume iPhone and Droid OS platforms.

It couldn't be marketshare could it? Google is all about wanting to be the way that people access the internet. WebOS just doesn't cut it right now. After all, Android practically blew the doors off of WebOS these past two quarters in terms of platform adoption.

Not true. webOS is the most innovative smartphone operating system in the wireless market. Google makes an operating system that any company can use and skin; thus most companies put there on user interface on their phone. No one talks about the Android user interface; all they talk about is the hardware; and Google Apps. Google likes it that way. Google is competing against Apple and Microsoft and not Palm. Google's competition is not about dominance in the smartphone market, it is about influence - to have Google Search on as many smart phones as possible.

Palm's sales are starting to pick up considerably with the introduction of the Palm Pre Plus at Verizon. Based upon recent analyst reports, Palm is starting to become a major player in the smartphone market. The past two quarters, Palm was only at Sprint. This quarter's result will see their first month at Verizon, and next quarter result will include all three months of the quarter at Verizon. You are comparing a student who is in their last semester in college (and who has a part-time job) with a student who just graduated and has a full time job. Your comparison just does not make sense.


New Palm slammed the door on Old Palm, displacing a lot of loyal Palm users. So they started from zero and will be last in line for development of third party support. Palm tossed out a pair of tens and drew a duece and a seven and we'll have to live with it or move to another platform.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME !!?? Is there any way we can revolt !? I'm am soo sick and tired of
this shit!? And especially if this is because of a leaked date. That has got to be the most infintile thing of any company trying to pull themselves out of the gutter that I've heard to date . No wounder these idiots are losing customers by the droves . And to think we all stand behind this product. This flemsy ass phne with a ton of potential that they just won't let happen. If I wer google I wldnt produce shit for them either, atlaest till they get their act together . Maybe just maybe 1.4 aint all it's cracked up to be and thease goofs don't wanna let the Sabertooth tiger out of the bag .palm last july fourth started my first experience with you and thus far ... YOU SUCK THE BIGGEST NASTIEST DIRTIEST CRUD FUCKING POLE IN ALL OF MOBILE LAND!!!!!... Forgive me to all but I needed to let that out. I usually end with "PRE NATION" but I'll just leave this one with Peace to all . And again sorry.

Revolt was months ago. Palm market share is slipping quickly. We "won". Didn't see you at the awards banquet, hope all is well.

It's dying a moderately slow, choking death. Purchased 2 Pres on day one. I finally bought a blackberry for my wife, so I wouldn't have to hear the complaints anymore. Now, when people ask me if like the phone, I tell them it sucks; buy an iPhone. I don't care what the resolution is, what games it plays, it just sucks compared to the 755p; I've given up entering meetings on the phone (every try to enter a meeting at 7:15 with an adjacent meeting 8?) and I'm so sick of not being able to search the phone for contacts which I know are in there. Can't even really use SplashId - just pathetic. Watch the stock price around June, when some Sprint owners can change phones after a year - mine will be in big pile of phones behind the desk. I can't believe I'm watching Palm die a second time.

I bought 2 Palm Pre smartphones in June 2009 and what can I say, awesome phone. My wife is loving her Palm Pre phone and my nephew should be getting his in a few months. After using the Palm Pre phone, no other phone comes close. I for one am keeping and loving my phone. Thank you Palm for making a great smartphone!

What do you mean you can't search for contacts? You just start typing and it begins to search the contact list. The Quick Event app solves problems entering meetings with odd start/end times.

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Thanks for the great article, Derek! I've been following this blog ever since I purchased my Pre back in July and I've always been impressed with the content and speed at which you post your articles. Keep up the good work!


I used to be a PIC reader, but they barley ever update. Then I found PreCentral, there are always great articles to check out!

P|C and Precentral refer to the same thing. Please clarify.

PIC as in PalmInfocenter. Damed sans serif fonts. :P

I've not yet seen Streetview on a mobile device, but I could see how you could do a rudimentary version of it (just show an image based on a search but without the ability to pan and zoom and navigate around in that pictorial environment). I'm thinking that maybe you could also do something similar with Flash once that's out, and who knows maybe Google will do something with it for Android and WebOS once it comes out. Then again, we'll have to see how well if the Pre's memory and processor will deal with Flash. I'm wondering if anything less than the Pre Plus's RAM will allow for doing much without crashing??

Google maps on the Blackberry supports Streetview. Yea, GoogleMaps on WebOS sucks, but WebOS is great.

Nice article, good read. It seems like it's simply the case of more waiting, again and again. Its good to have flash, and advanced games on the platform, but access to key APIs is still holding the platform back.

Where was the $1/mon charge noted? I am using the Rapid Release/HB version of gDial Pro (because i want my universal search to work) and I don't think I saw the $1/mon on the previous update. Although it is very possible it was there and I just clicked "Update" before reading the Change Log.

Just found it in the Change Log. *facepalm*

I prefer to use gDial Pro, but what affect, if any, do Google's changes have to using their own webapp?

My opinion, I posted yesterday. Largely in response to a claim that Google only cares about Android. I made some slight edits.

Google does not hate webos. WebOS just doesn't have enough users. Google revenue is based almost entirely on ad revenue from it's Adsense product. And Google has enterprise cloud apps that it sells to services for. They are about driving customer's to their cloud services like voice, buzz, gmail along with business apps. Google makes next to nothing off Android. The reason they do it is Android is a great avenue to get people tied to google services. And Google thinks it can provide great mobile solutions, better then the current ones. Thus they aren't trying to force people onto Android. They are trying to force people onto Gmail, google search, gdocs, etc. Because that's where people clan click through ads. That's why google was pushing so hard to get google voice on ipods. It's why google said "hey we'd make google navigation for the ipod if Apple would allow it but they won't." If google didn't want to promote other OS's then why would they go after the minnow that is webos and but prop up the juggernaut and leader that is apple right now? O.S. wise Apple's their biggest competitor. That's illogical. If they really wanted to drive people force people to android they'd take their apps off of iphone and only have them on Android.The truth is google wants to be on everything. If they decide to make or not make something for a platform, say WebOS, like Buzz or something, the reason is because Google doesn't see the potential market as big enough to justify the effort. It's not cause they want to keep people off WebOS. Now later, maybe they'll start charging for android but now they don't care. I'm not saying Google doesn't want to take over the world and wouldn't like to supplant Iphone's OS as the dominant OS but it's not their goal right now. If Palm wants google apps on it's phone it should be helping to subsidize google develepment. As it should have been doing for Facebook apps and other key apps that draw people to a platform. If it doesn't want to it can't complain.Google will go where the money is. It's not a conspiracy. It's a the simple answer. Web OS doesn't have enough User for it to be at the top of the priority list. And that's not Google's fault that's Palm's.

I agree that Google wants mind share regardless of whether it is on an Android phone or a webOS phone, so long as the market is large enough.

Right now Palm does not need Google. As Palm deploys on more carriers, as it just did on Verizon Wireless, their market share will increase; then Google will take notice. But we should also note that even if Google plans to support webOS more aggressively, just like any company, they must prioritize the use of their resources. Quite often, when we don't get what we want

Hmmmm.... why am I feeling that the whole webOS thing is a candle that is about to burn out. The Microsoft Phone will be released this holiday season and there are many carriers, including Sprint, that are going to support the device. Although I'm no fan of MS, the fact that another device and OS is about to come to market is going to make it that much more difficult for Palm to retain market share. Especially since the Microsoft phone is for sure going to be a strong gaming device. The Nexus, well, I want one. Trying to SSH into a server with the Pre is a flat out joke.

Ehh, there is no PIM data carryover now that Palm abandoned what they were good at and moved to the cloud. If there is a better device out there, just grab it in June. Palm made it easy, why struggle with their devices waiting for them to walk up an icey ramp?

The Nexus One has had a lot of problems.

I have to say that I'm a bit confused by the response to the article. To sum up the article, Google isn't ignoring or marginalizing WebOS users. WebOS simply doesn't have the capabilities to support certain advanced Google services. Yet the responses have tended to be along the lines of "WebOS is great and Google can't keep ignoring us."

This confuses me. I use a most Google services, gmail, picasa, maps, etc. And I believe that many of these services are mainstream. If Palm either hasn't placed priority on, or doesn't have the capability to implement, the software infrastructure needed to support mainstream smartphone is this Google's fault?

I know many on this site will respond with the usual "you should have researched your phone before you bought it" line. Frankly, though, I'm a consumer. Not a programmer. It's a bit much for me to explore the programming capabilities of WebOS and to understand that it doesn't allow advanced programming such as google's.

The future of the smartphone is not in built-in applications but web services. Palm obviously knows this, as conceptually, it's the idea behind WebOS. This seems at odds with the lack of API's needed to develop these applications and/or port them to WebOS.

I don't care about games, so the PDK is essentially useless to me. Maybe games are important to you, but I use my phone for productivity, media, and to be connected socially. I like trying out new services and google is on the forefront of these. If my "smartphone" isn't smart enough to support these, then I'll likely move on to Android or another OS that does.

This isn't a hit on WebOS. I enjoy it immensely. But if it can't support the future of mobile web services then it's already incredibly outdated.

I don't agree with your analysis. Just because Google is doing something does not mean that we need it. The smartphone experience is much larger than one company trying to get a foothold in the marketplace.

Who cares about Google Buzz, it is just another attempt to compete with Facebook and Twitter.

Android just does not appeal to a lot of people and it simply is not a fun phone to use. The innovations of webOS are significantly ahead of the competition. Buzz is not about the smartphone, it is another social site that Google is trying to bring to the smartphone. In fact, Buzz may not succeed. I like Google, but this is one service that webOS just does not need. If it becomes successful, it will be made available to webOS. We do not have to jump on every experiment that Google is attempting.

ok so I'm kinda angry, I understand not getting the update out but this bs with flash now hitting multiple mobile os's before webos, I'm starting to see a patern of lies forming! And I'm not happy,
an OG (6-6-09) pre owner growing sceptical :(

it hasn't been a year yet! Stop bitchin! The iphone didn't have a app store for the first year, or video or alot of things.... Since it was on at&t you could barley make calls or surf the web... I laughed at my friends that bought one... (cause they bought a rock/paper wieght) palm is working as fast as they can, give them a break. Wait till june rolls around and then look at the will be even more awesome

Stop bitchin? If people don't agree with some of you, the lynch mob comes out.

ya he's bitchin about not getting an update.... So he hates the phone more and more... It's stupid, just like your comments of downloading 1.4... You fucking clown shoe

Stop cussing, kiddo.

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I would use street view on my pre about once a month. That's one more time than I would use video recording.

I wish my pre had an application that cured my vertigo.

War is peace.

Isn't webos 1.4 suppose to come out today

That was the rumor reading the article, it doesn't sound like it will be the case. Bummer. I was hoping. It was gonna be like Christmas for me.

no they said in feb.... Still 2 weeks left

Does anyone have a clear estimate as to when we might be receiving this update?


Probably February 28 at 11:59pm.

Listen people, Everyone needs to relax. The update will be here before the end of Feb. You hav waited this long, pull up a chair and wait a little longer. It will be here, its not like Palm is gonna skip it. So settle down, turn on need for speed or monopoly and just wait until it comes out.

Want a clear estimate?


there, now you cant be dissapointed

Go fire up iMirror and look at your freckled face a little longer, dorkheart777.

what are you talking about? Shouldn't you be playing with your new 1.4 or something?

Believe a rumor leads to disappointment. If you don't buy into rumors, you won't be disappointed. To bad I bought into it hook, line and sinker.

agreed. i've learned a long time ago that if you don't get your hopes up, you can't be let down.

Oh well. I guess I'll load The Beatles theme back on my Pre and call it good.

Derek, I usually come down on you for being the Debbie Downer of the site, but this was an excellent writeup. Highlights the problem, lays out what is exactly going on, and what needs to be done to fix it. I figured this was essentially what was going on with Google and WebOS, but it's good to read a clearly written piece.

I hate to even bother asking, but since some had said today would be the day Flash would be available for the Pre, has anyone heard anything?

Don't be so disappointed that WebOS 1.4 wasn't released today. The 15th of Feb is a US holiday, and I doubt Palm would want to release an update to their flagship product on a day when nobody would be in the office to address issues. It would seem the rumor may have been referring to the 15th as the day the update would be released to Sprint/Verizon for review and approval (the leaked screen cap probably came from someone inside Sprint). I imagine it would come to us in the next week or so. Hang in there a little longer. It'll be Christmas again soon!

I think the real question here is:

Why are WebOS users being denied access to so many Google services that work perfectly fine on the Palm Pre?

Think about it. Once you trick google into thinking your phone is an iphone, you magically get access to latitude (working flawlessly) and google buzz!

You talk about the WebOS API's not being insufficiently developed? I say, why even go down that road? Their apps already work with WebOS.

And remember their original post about the pre?

This is just the beginning for Google applications on Palm Pre. The good news is that since our applications are built using web standards along with Palm's MoJo SDK, we can iterate quickly and provide new functionality, often without requiring you to install anything new. We look forward to rolling out new features for our mobile applications at a rapid clip.

They're basically saying webos is 'quick & easy' to develop for. You think something's changed since they said that? Well things have changed, google now makes smartphones, and google wants you to buy theirs, not palm's or apple's. Even iPhone users are getting the shaft:

If you want all the newest and coolest google features, you'll need to go out and get an android phone.

There's nothing wrong with WebOS. It's just that google is now starting to act like a normal corporation, and they're keeping the cool toys for the phones they make money off of. We've gotten so used to them being so magnanimous by the way they treated their user-base regardless of platform...that we're surprised when we see them acting in their own interest.

Get used to it. We can either keep figuring out ways to get their services ported over (like the special url for buzz, or user agent spoofer for latitude), or go out and buy android phones.

Wake up people, times are changing.

I agree. Google is promoting cool things that will work on android. Why worry about making it work on the competitions phone.

If you want to experience the latest google based app you best get yourself an android based smartphone.

Fortunately WebOS is too slick of an operating system for me to abandon and at least for now, I can live with it.

We don't need the latest experiments from Google. The experience on Android phones is currently very turbulent. The Nextus One phone built by HTC is experiencing problems. Some Android phones at stuck at version 1.6, while others are at 2.1. It seems as if supporting all of those different versions is a little problematic. If you are a hacker, maybe...

Go to with your browser on your webOS phone. Then pull down the "Web" menu on the left, select the Page menu, and then tap on "Add To Launcher".

Now you have Google Voice for your phone. It works great and takes up very little space on your phone's flash drive.

>Compared to Visual C++ and Objective-C, Java isn

AVATAR: A 3D Adventurer from the movie is now in the App Catalog,by (GameLoft). It's a 3D game,& it's hot.

thank you palm (or sprint/verizon, w/e) for fu%^$$ me over since yesterday was the day that i was dumped a year ago and all my hopes of happyness where getting the update today. Real smooth.

sorry guys for this post, i just neeeded to vent :(

Cant imagine why it didnt work out. You seem rock solid. Lots of people get upset when rumors dont deliver and blame the poeple didn't offer a release date yet. I'm sure lots of women appreciate guys are are this sensative and honest about their emotions.

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Man That's cold, but in these times unfortunaly seems to be the way of this world!

don't really think so man. It was just that sunday was a reality slap that i was still single lol. But anyways i really wanted 1.4 but oh well guess another week won't hurt, right? :P

Btw, I would def. love street views on my pre!

I feel like a majority of you are weird as f*** and that makes me rethink being a part of the PC community.

The more I read, the more I am coming to believe that the limitations are on WebOS's part regarding several services and apps people seem to really want.

"While there are many impressive things that can be done with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, Google Maps Street View is not one of them."

What? That's not even remotely true. I really hate it when Derek talks about technology (no offense, great work otherwise). :/

Would be nice to see the whole "layars"-type technology out on the Pre, or at least photo-realistic GPS.

And *someone* needs to get out The Ol' Banhammer for these script-kiddies that have nothing better to do than pollute this forum with foul language...

I really don't understand most of the comments.
WebOS is bringing flash support to the palm, why isn't it possible to navigate through street view like you'd do on a desktop?
HTML 5 is a really capable technology, that is the way to go, and companies know it. Having an application for everything you could do on a web browser is the best choice (iphone)? I love the chance of watching youtube videos directly from the web browser, and pre is the only one that offers this.
I think that palm is doing well, they are bringing new features with every release and openly listening to users.
Yesterday my palm pre arrived at my office (there are currently 3 iphones) and everybody loved the phone, 3 or 4 are currently thinking of buying it (even 1 iphone user). One is now bidding on ebay for 1 :).

This is just the beginning...

Until there are greater numbers of WebOS units in the hands of the public the support for it will continue to reduce.

It makes no sense for google to develop software for a dyeing platform when it can focus on platforms that have larger market shares or growing market shares.

This is the nature of corporate business. I really wanted a palm device but it seems that palm aims to follow the Apple business model without the solid, desirable hardware or the money to support such a business model.

Now Microsoft has incorporated the synergy elements of WebOS into Windows Phone Series 7 with a million and one OEM's that consumers know and love to create the hardware.

I fear the worst if palm doesn't do something about the hardware before Christmas of this year there will be three choices on the tips of the consumers tongues well before Palm is mentioned or thought of.

Never mind Google support what happened to to "Doc's 2 go" as a launch partner?

Its hard to believe that the WebOS SDK which is founded on web technologies doesn't let app developers handle basic web tools like cookies.. Its a shame gdial pro cant just grab the cookie that my browser has downloaded from when I use the google voice webapp (but I am sure there is a permissions/security issue there). And why dont we see more HTML5 storage. Every time I go to the google voice web client it redownloads all the images and html/css/javascript. That stuff rarely changes and it should just be persistantly stored on the device. I have a feeling all this stuff will be ironed in webOS 2.0, but by that time I may have switched to Windows Mobile 7 or the latest Android incarnation. Palm cant roll out updates fast enough to keep up. Windows Mobile 7 will be out end of the year. Google will be in full swing with its site, and we will probably have an iphone 4.0.

You are confusing me with all those choices.

All I want is a smartphone that works beautifully!

...for a simple, fun, intuitive, and innovative smartphone experience, welcome to the Palm Pre with webOS 1.4!

I think Nathan should have chose another hosting solution other than Google's App Engine. After all, isn't that akin to rewarding Google for breaking interfaces?

So, Google makes changes to Voice that breaks existing apps and Nathan's response is to funnel some business their way and increase Google's revenue.... nice.

If Palm added a set of APIs for pumping your ads into every app on your device easily, then Google would jump on that ASAP. They'd also have to provide an easy means for tracking your browsing history remotely, too. The only thing that wouldn't be "ready" on webOS is a means for Google to sleaze the platform out as much as they possibly can.

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