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Double swipe up [webOS 2.x & 3.x] 22

by Adam Marks Wed, 21 Sep 2011 10:58 am EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 2.0 and higher

If you want to open up the App Launcher when you are already in an app, the standard way to do that is to swipe up or press the home button to minimize the app to card mode, then either swipe up again or tap the launcher icon ( ) in the Quick Launch Bar to access the Launcher. While you can also drag up from the gesture area of webOS phones to access the Quick Wave Bar, there is no such single-gesture option for TouchPad users.

However, a "double swipe up" gesture that was snuck into webOS 2.0 and continued into webOS 3.0 allows you to go directly from an app to the App Launcher. Just swipe up with two fingers from the bottom of the screen and you will see your app minimize and the app launcher quickly appear.

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Wish there was way to swipe up from the bottom of a webpage to the top

o my goodness! This is like the first actual multi-touch thing I'll use. It made my day.

Have you not got power swipe on broser?

I've had 2.1.0 for a long time now and had no idea I could do this, awesomeness

I did not know this. Just tried it and it's pretty cool on my TouchPad!

Great find!

This is so awesome! I'm happy to learn something new but embarrassed I didn't already know it.

This is awesome!!!! Didn't even know you could do this!!! My favourite gesture in webOS.

I don't use the launcher much, but this is pretty cool. ^_^

I cant get this to work on my pre unless my fingers are at different heights.

I'm getting very inconsistent results with this on my TP. After testing multiple one-handed swipes on different locations on the bottom edge, I'm getting the best results with two thumbs far apart.

wow, seriously best webOS tip ever.

Nice tip, but when I use this gesture with the web browser opened (on my Touchpad) and then return to the browser, it's frozen. The page won't scroll, won't refresh, and won't go back to the previous page. I have to close the browser and re-open it for it to work right. The browser will still minimize to a card, and there's no problem closing it. It just won't do anything else until it's closed and re-opened. Nothing else seems affected, and this only happens when the browser is up on the screen when the double-swipe gesture is used. Anybody else seeing this problem? By the way, I have lots of PreWare patches and utilities installed, including UberKernel. Somebody with a stock Touchpad give it a try?

I am also having this problem with the browser freezing after I do a double swipe. :-(

Ok here's the solution for this:

What's happening is that the browser page is becoming slightly "zoomed in" or larger when we do that motion.

All you have to do is "pinch IN" your browser page to make the page its normal size again.

Now you should be able to browse up and down.

Looks like ANY pinch in OR out will unfreeze it.

Good tip, but please don't call it a double swipe, because that also refers to "2 swipes, one right after another," which is another gesture that accomplishes the same thing.

Please start calling this a 2-finger swipe instead.

Ok, this is not news. My Pre minus running 1.4.5 does this too.

I was having the freezing issue as well and pinching in or out as frett mentioned solved the issue.

Just learned something new! Great tip!

Very nice tip!

two thumb swipe works fantastic and so does two finger swipe it has to be from bottom to top in one smooth move.
nice tip thanks!

If this is 2.X or 3.X only, then why does it work on my 1.4.5 Pre Plus?