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by Adam Marks Fri, 30 Jul 2010 2:24 pm EDT

Pinch-to-zoom is a good way to zoom in and out throughout webOS, but you can also perform a double-tap to quickly zoom in on large blocks of text within an email, website or document. Simply double-tap on the text you want to read and you will find that the device automatically zooms in so that text fits the screen width. If you want to quickly zoom out, just double-tap again. You can also double-tap on a Photo to zoom in to a specific spot.

Website - before double-tab to zoom ----> Website - after double-tab to zoom

  • Note that you should wait for the email, website or photo to completely load, or else the zoom level may reset once it finishes loading.
  • Unlike Android, webOS doesn't 'reflow'' the text to fit the screen width (which we prefer anyway). If text is still too small when you zoom in, try turning your phone sideways for landscape mode.
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Double tapping is about the most useful thing in the web browser, but I don't think you emphasize enough the fact that it fits itself to web columns as well. Being able to view exactly which column in a table I want is incredibly useful! Especially when there is a mix of pictures and text within it.

I want something similar in desktop computing now. There is an extension for chrome, but double tap is also to select, so I don't useit. Tap and hold to zoom would be best on a desktop.

you don't like text "reflow"? I'm jelous of that feature

I really wish we had the reflow too. I miss that from my WinMo days of using the Opera browser.

What is "reflow"?

zoom into a column of txt as far as you want to make as big as you want. The column of txt will realign to fit your screen so that you can just scroll down to read and not keep ging side to side with each line.

I can't imagine browsing web pages without this feature.
Very handy especially for non mobile web sites.

Speaking of web browsing, I can't help to mention the patch Multi Mod which greatly enhance the browser. Among other functionnalities, it adds keyboard shortcuts to :
- go directly to the top of the page
- to the bottom of the page
- scroll down one line at a time
- or one whole page at a time (up and down)

What I find myself to do a lot of time when I am in front of a web page with 3 columns of text is to first double tap a column and then read the text when scrolling down one line at a time with the appropriate shorcut. All these with one hand of course :)

Thanks up for the Multi Mod patch tip

The patch is not updated yet for webOS 1.4.5
I have been missing it for 2 weeks now :(

Wow, I've wished for a patch to do exactly these things (especially when browsing some of the long pages of PreCentral comments!) and had never noticed the multimod patch before. Thanks!! That along with double-tap makes web-browsing so great! I rarely wish for a bigger screen since I have these features, because pocketability is a higher priority to me than wider screen. Landscape usually suffices.

Honestly, I would say that this feature alone is enough reason for me to never get an android phone. I hate reflow because it relies on the conditions being just right (i.e. no pictures to move, etc.) but with the tap to zoom you can zoom to login boxes and columns of text with pics and it is simply. In my opinion this feature makes the internet accessible via my phone. Without it we would have to continually zoom in and move about which is very frustrating.

your comment makes no sense. reflow makes mobile browsing easier, not harder, since you can simply scroll down. it'll resize the picture or just ignore it, all reflow is doing is making the text easy to read. to hate it is silly and if palm added it, or you actually used it and knew what you were talking about, you'd like it

I wish webOS had the option to re-flow or not. Usually I do not want it to re-flow, but there are times when it would make the difference.

Also, Android has re-flow in PDF documents, which is the only reason my brother went to EVO from the Pre. He's an attorney and he needs to read legal publications in PDF format, and the Pre just couldn't cut it. He says as soon as webOS can handle legal documents reasonably, he'll be back on webOS.

BTW, his Treo 755P handled them just fine. Just another way in which PalmOS is superior to webOS.

Don't forget the double tap (zombieland)

I didn't know this tip, very sweet. Thanks!

I didn't know about this one either...I'm a very happy surfer now.

I miss multi-mod as well :( Hope it's ready for 1.4.5 soon!

patch to reflow please. pretty please

I would love it, but idk if that's simething a patch can do. I'd donate $20 for it tho

Thanks for the tips, it is no wonder why I bought a Palm Pre. Great device and looking forward to more tips.. Thanks

This is a great feature that i already enjoyed on my iPod touch. I would have been really dissatisfied with my pre if this feature was missing. I noticed recently that when the pre is in landscape mode the touch area where you do swiping becomes a scrolling area. I find it pretty handy.