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doubleTwist Update Brings Podcast Support 10

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 12 Mar 2010 11:31 am EST

DoubleTwist, one of the more popular non-iTunes media syncing solutions for webOS, has received a significant upgrade bringing the ability to search for and automatically sync audio and video podcasts utilizing the "largest integrated pocast search engine in the world".  DoubleTwist already has Amazon MP3 integration, and the ability to take care of all of your podcast catching and syncing needs brings this program closer to being one of the most robust in this category.

Sure, the excellent drPodder podcatching app finally hit the Catalog this week and should satisfy the podcast consuming habits of most, but there's something to be said about being able to manage and sync all of your media from one program.

The update is Windows-only for now, but Mac support should be coming soon.



Awesome update...I think I'm going to give it a try...

I wish they somehow come up with an automated back up option to back everything on the computer.

Did I mentioned DOCS2GO

I think you meant "latest integrated PODCAST search engine" (rather than 'pocast').

Palm should buy DoubleTwist and add Contact, Mail and Calendar Sync and Backup also !

Someone should buy Palm.

For those evaluating media sync options for Podcasts, MediaMonkey will also automatically download Podcasts for you and autosync them to the Pre based on your sync preferences upon connecting to the USB. (Not intended to disparage this great new feature in doubleTwist, just mentioning this as another option)

That said, I only update / sync music with my Pre every few weeks to every month or so... I would be so frustrated if I had to do so every night to sync my podcasts. With Dr. Podder's organization and structuring as well as automated download scheduling (or streaming) support, there's really no good reason (imo) to sync podcasts.

I've tried both in the last few weeks and if MUSIC or PODCASTS are all you want I'd go with MediaMonkey. However, I couldn't do pics or video with MediaMonkey so I went back to DoubleTwist. I've got a bunch of movies converted to play on my Pre so I sync them with DT. Nice for when I travel.

My only complaint about DT is the Album Art is hit and miss. They say they're working on it so I'm stickin' with DT for now.

Is it possible to use MM for music and DT for pics and vids? I really like MM for Music organization and management so I'm thinking I'll stick with that, but I've been doing pics and vids manually by USB drag and drop so a more automoated solution would be nice

This article came just in time. Since, I've updated to 1.4, Salling Media Sync has stopped syncing with my Pre. I've checked some forums and it seems others are having this problem too. Out of frustration, I went to precentral to check their forums and saw the DT add. Man, I wish I had heard of this earlier. It's a much better program. Plus, I love the company! Their vision and approach are right where programs like these need to be.