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doubleTwist updated to support Pixi sync with iTunes 12

by Derek Kessler Thu, 29 Oct 2009 5:10 pm EDT

doubleTwist Hot on the heels of Apple pushing out a new version of iTunes that breaks sync with the Pre, the good folks over at doubleTwist have poked their heads up to say “Hey!” The newly updated version of doubleTwist has added support for the Palm Pixi to their long and growing list of non-Apple-sanctioned devices that they let sync with iTunes. Pixi sync is here now for Mac and next week for Windows.

The latest version of doubleTwist also brings support for the Android-sporting Motorola CLIQ and Droid smartphones. The new version also adds the ability to read and copy off of connected iPods and iPhones. doubleTwist is moving along nicely; it was just a few weeks ago that they unveiled an in-app music store powered by Amazon MP3.


I have double-twist but idk what or how to use it. I noticed that when I open it it loads all the stuff from my phone but what do I do with it? I'm not exactly sure.

I like double twist alot, but I really wish it would let me update(sync) playlist with my pre. On a Mac the sync function does not work for itunes or Double Twist playlists. I know it is in the works but can't get here quick enough. 'Till then I'll have to use the Songbird Folder sync.

Ditto...I have to delete my playlists, re-sync DT with iTunes then re-load that playlist on the Pre. Is there an easier way or am I missing something?

I can not wait for the new windows one that lets you put music from your ipod on there. Then I can sell that thing. My computer broke so I lost all the music on my itunes but it was still on my ipod. so i can not wait for that

I wish that Palm stops accessing iTunes ih this way, and looks for importing musics. This is not a well respected way to access some other company's device. Cummon the Palm mgmt., get rid of the last bondage that some of you may have with Apple.

JMHO from a Palm shareholder.

I think you posted to the wrong story. This software doesn't use the Palm method to sync with iTunes. It's entirely different.

Right .. DoubleTwist accesses the data in a legitimate fashion. Nothing underhanded or unethical. DT uses the xml file that Apple supplies for legitimately accessing your iTunes Music.

The thing about iTunes sync is that it is so awesome at updating your picture smart folders in iPhoto. If doubletwist would do that I would be hooked, but it seems double twist doesn't work well at syncing entire picture folders at all.

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I doubt that there was any action required by Double Twist for Pixi compatibility. Probably just a test. But it was a good way to get some Pre PR.

I prefer the ability to a select a check box to sync a playlist rather than dragging and dropping. Its too easy to drop things in the wrong place.

Missing Sync and others use the check box method.