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"Dove white" TouchPad waiting in the wings? 34

by Derek Kessler Fri, 17 Jun 2011 4:03 pm EDT

While the footnotes of HP’s corporate partners presentation on the HP TouchPad may have held not-that-great news, something on one of the other slides caught our eye:

Available in gloss black (shown) or HP dove white finish (not shown)

We’ve mused about the possibility of a white TouchPad before, but it was only musing. Could it be that HP really intends to release a white TouchPad? It could be, but we wouldn’t expect it on July 1 – when HP announced the Veer’s availability, they also announced that it would be available in white and black. Now, it’s possible that HP’s holding back for a launch day surprise of a “dove white” TouchPad, but if we had to place money on it, we’d say this new unicorn of a tablet is going to be an option for the cellular-enabled version, which is launching on AT&T. We'll be good as long as it's not as much of a unicorn as the white iPhone 4.


footnote2: The white one still comes without document editing.

No complaining, Leo said they would "make it white", and they did, again!


Wonder if TP covers will come in multiple colors

Yes, black and white covers multiple. If you are talking about a wider variety...I doubt it.

Dude, I'm pretty sure he was talking about the "smart cover" things, and not the outer shell of the actual TouchPad. http://goo.gl/KW2Mm

I don't see why not. Not everybody wants a black case for their TouchPad. Personally, I want a blue one. I think it would look nice with the black of the TouchPad. We'll see though.

They need a magnetic smart cover like the ipad 2 .. and a rear camera .. other than that the TouchPad freaking rocks ... even without those options it blows away all the other tablets!

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I hope the white trend doesn't continue to the Pre 3. Then again I guess its nice to have a choice, some folks might want it.

This being typed on a white MacBook I can say that white devices can look fricking awesome. I'll have to take a look at a white TP in person, though.

I surely hope this trend continues to the Pre3...

I got a white veer and can dig the dove white!

If that's the same white as the matte white Veer...that's be pretty cool.

Just as a joke, Apple should announce a hot pink iPad to see if HP follows suit.

Hm... Let's see...

1. Size, shape weight apes the iPad.

2. Omits the gesture area in favor of an iPad-like home button.

3. According to reports, has very similar packaging.

4. Using the word, "magical" to describe their product in promos.

5. Same color options.

Nope! I see no evidence of copying the iPad. Move along; nothing to see, here.

I had to laugh about your comment!

Honestly, at least HP is copying only what is legal to copy. Can't say that about Apple, RIM, and everyone else who snagged something from webOS/Palm/HP and made some claim that they did it work. I guess the super iGods aren't as perfect as they used to be.

Either way, I've seen the Veer in white and I think it looks great. Bring it on HP, hmm...my White Touchpad and Pre 3. Oh ya! Sorli...

Thanks for your input, Just Another Troll.

Don't care about the color. Want a better price tag in europe and the UMTS/HSDPA+ Version.

I'd buy it for $350

You're in luck. Greater functionality out of the box, greater app market, just the price you're looking for.


I'd buy it if it's the same as the Veer one. But I'd rather have a matte black like the touchstone covers.

Rather have one in the color that edits docs...

I'm holding off on buying the touchpad until the pre 3 comes out.
If the pre 3 doesn't come out on Sprint then unfortunately I will no longer be a webos user. I know they are 2 separate devices, but they got me hooked when they showed the pre 3 and the touchpad talking to each other.
Without the pre3 i might as well spend the same money on an ipad and get more apps and a thinner tablet.

And here is one more vote for Sprint not to offer a webos device.

I understand your decision. For some reasons that are valid for your you rather would switch platforms than your provider. That's fine.

But every time a Sprint user says so - the message to Sprint is: Don't bother to offer webos devices. We customers will just switch to an Android.

I'm not happy about it but many people like myself like sprint because we pretty much get everything unlimited for $60 a month... thanks to the AOL trick. (sign up for a free @aol.com account and tell the sprint rep you work for AOL and give them the @aol.com email address. You can do this through their website too)

So currently i'm paying $60 a month (that's including tax) for nearly unlimited everything (450 min to lan lines between 7am - 7pm )

I was on AT&T before i switched to sprint. I was paying AT&T $90 a month and that was for 450 minutes, nights starting at 9pm and 200 txt messages per month.
So is it really worth to pay $30 more a month and lose out on features just to run webos? No.

I wonder if Apple put out a blue ipad, HP would soon follow with a blue touchpad since it's pretty obvious HP copies all of apples specs.

Oh man! The same applies to notebooks! They all have basically the same specs, they have a keyboard, a display, USB ports, hdd/ssd and optical drives and usually are available in black! They all must be copying each other!!!!11eleven *derpderp*

Thanks for pointing out!!

You mean like the glass, no button trackpad, black bezel, and general look and feel of the original Envy? Right! No copying there either.

HP should be different here. I would like a metallic silver to match my Lexus.

Hi to me the color doesn't matter...I just want it to get GREAT reviews and to a huge success...

take care,


Jay, HP does not care about the color, either. They only care that it looks like an iPad. I am embarrassed for HP at this point.

Heh. Dove in the wings.

Keep it real, Derek.

Yesterday I saw the iPad 2 in a Verizon store for $330 and $400 for the 32GB and 64GB wifi versions, respectively. The 3G versions were along the lines of the old prices. With prices like that I hope HP wasn't counting on making much of a margin on their (wifi) TouchPads.

Extremely disappointed since I bought one the first day. Kind of makes one of us loyals feel like we've been taken advantage of. Couldnt HP at least give us a little time with the new Touchpad before telling us its outdated?