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Download this now: Free Music Ringtones 76

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 25 May 2010 12:08 am EDT


Just released tonight is Free Music Ringtones, from the fine gentleman who brought you Flashcards. The app does precisely what the title implies: provides a nearly unlimited number of free ringtones for your Palm Pre or Pixi. How does it create this magic? By plugging into the open iTunes feeds to give you access to the previews that iTunes provides for every song.  Clever, clever! 

The result is a gigantic database of 30 second previews you can download, save, and set as your ringtone on your webOS phone.If you can't decide on the song you want, the app also gives you quick links to the current top hits.

Go get it, everybody. Official app thread is here, big ups to spdsktr, aka James Harris!



Dang, that's a good idea!!

This is great for small ringtones! Like for text messaging or such, is there a way to get longer segments of music?

I love this app! If only the ringtones were not so quiet! But still a great app!

Turn up all of your volumes, they are actually quite loud...

WebOS vs. iTunes Episode V | The Community Fights Back

That was an absolutely brilliant idea!

Now how long before Apple tries to come up with some solution to squash this 'rebellion'?

I do not know, but I am ready for them to try :o)

Got some time set aside to deal with this. David vs Goliath anyone?

Great app and has rare songs from smaller bands.
Delivers a good sound quality as well.. .

god bless the man that created this app! what a genius!!!

My brain is swimming from the absolute FLURRY of emails, and my ego thanks you kind sir.

BTW, the OFFICIAL forum thread is here:


that apps rocks!!!!!

Nice! Way to go James... Awesome work

Awesome App. Just saw it in the preware feeds. Much easier than using your own music. I also like his zip code app.


This is a clear copyright violation. If you have not purchased a song, you do not have a right to take possession of a ringtone for that song. Just like everything else in America and generally around the world, if you want it and you don't own it, you need to buy it.

Trx, why are you here? How is a 30 second clip violating copy right? Anyone can go to the itunes feed and download the clips.

Not really, all using PUBLIC data feeds. Honestly... This is just an interface into what iTunes already provides. It makes it single taps instead of a lot more manual work.

you are wrong, but thanks for sharing.

If an artist wants to give-away a ringtone, that's great. But it's the artist's choice. It's just like a song. If an artist wants to give away a song, cool. If the artist doesn't authorize free distribution of a song and you go to a file sharing site and take it without paying for it, that's theft. This goes to the terrible view that musical recordings should be free...extremely frustrating and detrimental that people have a such a hard time buying music when they will pay $1 for a fart app....

You are wrong. TV Stations are allowed to stream 30 seconds of any song they like. This is not a copyright violation. If it takes longer, it is. It might be a copyright violation to use the iTunes feeds because apple doesn't host the 30 seconds of music for free ringtones but then we are at topics like hulu. Is it illegal to publish content that is already there for free at other locations? Curt says no. So stop complaining. No copyright violation here.

hey Trx you feel that thing sticking out of your butt? Ya that would be a stick..... Pull it out.

if anything using small clips for ringtones or sampling small clips of songs makes people want to go buy the full song. It's called marketing. And this kind of marketing is free advertisement.

Imagine a person that used this app. They download a 30second clip of a 5min song and use it as their ringtone. They are out in public and their phone goes off and that 30second clip of a 5min song plays out loud for EVRYONE to hear. Someone will be bound to ask the person whose phone that came from what song that was and who the artist was. Next thing you know they are looking for that band and more then likely will purchase the song from itunes or just go to the store and buy the CD. It's actually an awesome marketing idea...

FYI I deal with an industry that is all about marketing. This kind of marketing ranks up there with word of mouth. If you know anything about marketing and advertising then you would know that word of mouth or teasers are more powerful then any print or video ad out there.

if the music industry was that concerned they would of stopped I tunes from playing samples years ago. Because well if you really want the sample it doesn't take much to hook a MP3 recorder to your computer and record that sample anyways. The music industry knows this. Yet they haven't even tried stopping playing 30seconds of a 5min song knowing that's a teaser and if the person likes the song that much they have a 30second clip of a 5min song then the person will most likely go buy the CD or purchase the whole 5min....... And that's FREE advertisement!

it costs roughly 1500.00 or more a month to advertise in a magazine. 10X that amount for television marketing... Yet having your 30sec clip of a 5min song playing out in public on someones loud speaker of their phone or in itunes samples is FREE advertising. A smart business person would leave this alone and unofficially approve because they know it's a marketing tool to promote and build sales.

so pull that stick out and if you wanna complain go somewhere like the CNET or Engadget message boards they like to whine and complain there.

and remember fighting on the internet is like being in the special olympics.. Even if you win.. Your still retarded. I lick windows already so I don't care.. Hahahaha

awesome app!!

+1 for the comment about fighting on the internet. I will have to remember that one!

ever hear of Fair Use?

A copyright violation? Just remember one thing, record companies got rich by ripping off black artists in the 1950's+ While that may not justify "stealing" music, I hardly have any guilt for taking music. I will not ever pay for music because it does not benefit the artist itself, it benefits only the record companies who hold on to an ancient business model that no longer works...

The labels *do* pay artists, you know

This is great! Ingenious idea!!! Props to spdsktr!!! Works awesome!! :)

shucks, just purchased an app from the Pam catalog that does this... and now here is a better app - for free!

homebrewers rock!

what other app in the catalog does this?

what other app in the catalog does this?

The app I bought is called "iTunes Search Premium"

can any music editing b done??

Awesome app. Have using iTunes previews as ringtones for ages. I would use Audacity to capture the ringtones from iTunes preview. This app does is automatically does for you! :)

I actually had this same idea for an app! Props to spdsktr for getting it done!

I dunno how brilliant or genius this app is but it appears to already b an app like this called itunes search( been out for weeks). Only difference I see is the .99 cent..that is all

I just found this. It is similar, but it's about searching the iTunes library. I think it uses the same web feed. This app simply focuses on ringtones and not everything in the iTunes library. You cannot install iPhone apps on webOS, so those kinds of things are ignored.

Free Music Ringtones also has the top 100 lists (different feed), and compiled lists. Same feed, different implementations.

what an entertaining comment thread. Thanks precentral community!

my friend,you are the SHI.T.thank you 4 this awesome app. & don't listen 2 all the crap about it. They are just pissed they didn't think of it first.p.s. Keep up the great work.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very nice

yea great idea. Haha. The ppl complaining here remind me of this guy on the bus the other day. He was complaining about the protesters in seattle and saying how he hates them and how ppl should not be allowed to protest becuz in his country he grew up in it was illegal to have more than 2 ppl gather or some bs he was saying. Just until the dude next to him told him... 'y the hell are you in america then buddy'. Perfect. Don't dl this if you don't like it. Simple. This will be the best ringtone app becuz itunes carries the biggest selection of music. Rare and random and whatever you need, 99% of the time it's there. Thanks for this

This is awesomeeee I can finally download ringtones from my pre!!

Great idea. Downloaded it and purchased flashcard just as a way of saying thanks to the developer. are the best that ever did it! Please don't stop doing your thang!

Well, but what if the iTunes clip isn't quite cut at the right place?

I'll stick with trimming my own for now.

Then you don't use it, but if it is, you save yourself a little time. It's free after all.


I'm happy about the app I'm just sayin that we shouldn take away from the ppl who made the itunes app that's pretty much the same idea. They didn get this much recognition. But I do love this app. I'm not a dev or a troll.

Completely brilliant!

Works well and gives us immediate access to tons of music ringtones.

Well done!

Thanks for this...


why do these songs open up after download in streaming app? Does this actually download or just downloads a shortcut to stream everytime.

I just want to use mp3 songs for alarms. I use business ringtones instead

spdsktr, you are great. I dont know howmany apps you have in the catalog or howmany of ur apps am using but I also know that one of my fevorite apps is the Zip Code Tools app which is yours. Thanx. Trx, you are crazy so plz leave this place cuz this is not a community for crazy pips like

This is an amazing app, takes all the work out of making ringtones! No more clipping and making sure it sounds good and transferring to mp3 file. This is great! Much thanks to the creator!

why do these songs open up after download in streaming app? Does this actually download or just downloads a shortcut to stream everytime.

I just want to use mp3 songs for alarms. I use business ringtones instead

I don't think this is legal. When iTunes added support for creating ringtones, it didn't cover all of their library, and even so, many songs still required an extra $1 to be eligible for ringtones. I know that free content is cool and all, but there's a lot of licensing that goes into using content under permissions. There's probably some disclaimer that goes with these feeds that prohibits this type of app -- not saying it isn't a clever idea.

You are probably right. But since it is not popular on this thread to mention that is is probably not legal, you are going to get flamed.

why do these songs open up after download in streaming app? Does this actually download or just downloads a shortcut to stream everytime.

I just want to use mp3 songs for alarms. I use business ringtones instead

ok well lets jus keep it amongst our now that we know about it,take it down from front page. Don't want no troll haters

Are there any Star Trek sound effects ringtones available?

so here is a question why can't we make the phone ring as loud as when you play the song in the app? Phone rings too quiet when you actually set it

The audio for ringtones and sounds is separate and distinct. If the ringtone volume is low, it will not play at full volume.

Use the Sounds & Ringtones option from the opening screen to set both at max level.

This is utterly amazing. Donation link plz?

Not required or even asked for. If you feel compelled, you can purchase one of my other apps to show support. You'll get another fully functional app to go with said donation.

I had this app on my Palm Pre then I had to get a new hand set now I can't download this awesome app to my new handset can anyone help please:o(

Same here. What's the deal? Had to get a replacement phone and this app is gone now and I can't find it anymore.

I can't download this anymore, what gives?? This is the best app on the planet ....can someone upload it to Rapidshare or something? Maybe iTunes successfully pressured Palm into taking it down. NEED THIS APP, PLEASE LET US KNOW THE STATUS. :)

Same here. App is gone from market. Anybody got any info...?

everyone that has lost the app, or like me.. had to get yet a new phone... follow this link.. download it manually and install with quick install. works great. Best app Ive ever used!

Whats the download link ... i need this app

I would love to have this link, please.

I had to replace my Pre (for the 6th time in less than a year...) and this app didn't transfer over! totally bummed. SuperHoodlum- your link cuts off... is there any way we can bypass the app store and download it directly? i am totally naked without this app.

Ugh it got cut off again:

Glue these two lines together:


Just got my new Pre & can't upload application to phone. I have Linux & I can't figure it out. ANY help would be great-this is an AWESOME program1

does anyone know how i can download this app to my phone?