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Dr. Dre has a TouchPad and you don't 99

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 24 Feb 2011 7:20 pm EST

Wondering when the HP ad blitz for the next webOS products will start? Us too, but apparently the product placement blitz is in full effect. It's no surprise that it's coming first in Dr. Dre's new video for "I Need A Doctor," what with the Beats Audio connection and all.

At around 4:16, the titular doctors (or perhaps the title refers to Dr. Dre? So clever!) from the future show off some Tap-To-Share action, transferring an image from a Pre 3 to a TouchPad while Eminem and Skylar Grey express their anguish over Dr. Dre's medical condition.

Catch the video after the break!


Source: MTV.com; Thanks Brandon!


Seems like HP is going to go all out on their marketing!!!

A Marketing that is needed. Its also funny that in order to bring webOS back to life you also need a Doctor, WebOS doctor. This song relates to webOS in ways only the webOS community knows.

Bring my Sprint Pre back to life, its falling apart.

great observation my man, didnt even think about that until u brought it up +1... but besides that, thats one damn great song

That's an understatement. According to MWZA, the video was filmed during the last week in January. Or, to put it another way, two weeks before the world learned about tap-to-share.

This isn't HP marketing. It's HP integration at a level no one could have imagined.

I love those region locked videos

Sigh. Anybody got the region free youtube link? :P

LOL! Great title headline!!

HP went to the Dr. to bring the WebOS image back to life.

Touch-to-share = futuristic

Dr. Dre = super producer

How flippin' exciting is it we are FINALLY getting something EVERYDAY that is putting webOS back on the map? Anyone else going to be as glad as I am that I stuck through the dark ages with my Pre-?

Pretty cool video... didn't expect it to be dropped in a music video.

Neither was I. Really? Commercials in rap videos? It's hard enough for me to see them constantly during tv shows. Damn CSI and Criminal Minds are smothered with 'em. Now Dr. Dre's vids? It's nice to see webOS out there. But am I the only one who doesn't want to be market to so blatantly in between commercials?

Music videos started out as marketing for the music that they featured. So it doesn't make much difference to me. If anything it's rather appropriate.


What he's saying is that Music videos have their roots in marketing. Back in the day, a music video was just another way to market an album.(Note that I use "album" as a generic term for a music compilation intended to be sold as a unit. Not as a reference to vinyl records)

Once MTV hit the big time in the mid-eighties, if you wanted a successful album release you made a big splashy music video of your best songs. See "Thriller" by Michael Jackson or "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel or "Take On Me" by A-Ha or "Magic" by The Cars. as prime examples. Music videos evolved from simple recordings of stage shows to full-on mini-movie productions. All with the intent of promoting the artist and the album that artist was releasing.

Nowadays music videos are less pervasive, but still a powerful medium for artists to advertise by. Thus we get great videos like the Dr. Dre one above. Companies like HP also realized that subtle product placement was a great way to increase mindshare without having to be "in your face" with ads. It makes sense, and works pretty well.

I understand music videos. Artists promoting themselves and their work through another artistic medium is in no way comparable to a musician hawking cell phones and tablets in what is basically a 3 minute commercial with rap music. That said, if they're going to advertise, I guess it's best if it's HP and webOS.

The video is a lot longer than 3 minutes, and from what I saw, the HP stuff appears only briefly, though it certainly raises some other places where TTS could be used (if it can be secured properly).

Sure wish I could see it n my PRE-...
oh ya.. Sometime next summer..

good job HP, lets keep it going iam going to make a music vid just to get my hands on one

Now that The Rock is back, someone needs to get him a Pre3 to call out of the ring from.

what's up with the video guys.. Seriously, I can't watch any of precentral's videos lately on my Pre. Can someone put alternative link?

It was linked from MTV so it was a flash vid.

....Dre's next product is going to be be HGH. That was either CGI or he put in some serious work.

I was thinking the same thing...holy eff.

Damn. I was on my way here to send in a tip about the appearance and I see it's already the newest story. Such is life. Pretty cool little cameo though.

HP is SERIOUS when it comes to marketing WebOS.

when it comes to the title of song it's, a triple meaning. First Dr. Dre himself needs a doctor. He's been struggling with his art for the last few years, and his obsession w/ perfection has graduated into being indecisive and lacking confidence. Secondly, the song refers to the music industry as a whole needing dr. Dre to get back to work. There's the implication that hiphop has been suffering w/o his influence. Finally Eminem, needs Dr. Dre to reprise his role as mentor, lately it's been the other way around, Eminem feels he owes it to Dre to return the favor, but feels out of place doing so.

He has been influencing. He produced on everything Eminem and 50 cent have done and worked with others a lot.

That was cool. I'm liking it!

yeah, so I can't see it. all i get is "sorry we're unable to offer this video to users in your region"

and, nothing on youtube has worked for me, i'm getting internal errors


Another youtube embedded. Hurry up and watch before they take this one down too!

thank you very much...

Thanks a lot for the vid. I finally get to see it lol

Nice I like the song and now I like the Video also because WebOS is in it.

awesome video...webos im sticking with you thru the good and bad..its something similar to the video that eminem made with Chrysler..

Is this a video about the webos doctor with Dre being a bricked Pre?

The song is about how he's installing webOS 2.1 on his legacy device.

nope. Sorry

Feel free to release Detox any time now. lol. It's only been like 10 years of waiting.

Google the video guys you will find a link. Very good video and the advertising was subtle and looked very cool.

I think this is pretty cool! It's not really my kind of music but that's ok, really. What I'd like to see is when I ride BART in San
Francisco- there are Apple ads everywhere, I mean everywhere- anyway, I hope HP will start pushing out some of those ads and billboards.

But really, this is a great start and I think it's going to only get better.

I told you guys, when it comes to marketing, HP has the BIG GUNS, like BFG9000 big.

Snoop, Dre, SJP, Dwight Howard, Usher, etc., they are FOR REALZ when it comes to marketing.

Big fan, but wouldnt the video of made more sense if they Were looking at the MRI on the big screen (focus on the screen wouldn't feel so odd to start) and then transfer it to the phone for her to take with her. Chances are they were just holding blank pieces of plastic, but the editor kinda dropped the ball on that unless they wanted it to scream touch pad with that horrible background. I miss the flowers.

I thought about skipping the gym tonight...not a chance now.

Doctor... Doctor.... I need a Doctor.....

Yes, I need a WebOS 2.1 WebDoctor for my Sprint Pre!!!!! It's not Dr Dre who's comatose but HP's leadership.

Honestly it seems cheesy that the tap-to-share feature only works between the Touchpad and Phones.... why not between phone-to-phones? More gimmicks and AWOL customer support... great foundation HP.

HP market share is gonna go the way Dr Dre's car did.... screech crash.

"Dr. Dre has a TouchPad and you don't"

Dr. Dre has WebOS 2 (or 3) and I don't... HP anyone home?

Say what? Dr. Dre needs a MetaDoctor? @webosinternals where're you at, hook the brother up :P

lots of marketing, still waiting.......

they had to wait so they could market. that is the hold up. haha. business is fun!

Let's hope they're spending as much $$ and effort finishing the actual product. Does anyone else think Ruby needs to go?

Not at all, from what I understand, he's a driving force behind the creation of webOS. Just because we don't like the time frame for when the products are going to come out, it doesn't mean that they're reasons for coming out in the "summer" are invalid. I'm sure HP sees everything else happening in the market and I'm sure they would like to get the products out the door as soon as possible too.

(by the way, I'm not the one that marked your comment down, fyi :) )

That's friggin sweet...

Getting the marketing right... if only they could get their timing right...

This is a lot better than the creepy white lady in the park, the juggler. HP is serious putting some money behind this. Lets just hope that it's not a dud on release date.

Let's also hope when it's released they have the bugs worked out. The folks at Internals should of got one before Dre did.

Actually I don't think it's racial, I just think you are a swearing ignorant fool... Maybe I would have taken you seriously without the swearing or name calling. You just emphasize your ignorance when you sound like a 5th grader trying to impress a 9th grader.

I think you can't speak english well and when you try to speak you only show your ignorance.

leo would be proud. the product placement in the video was cool.

Love it!!!! Been loving the song since I first heard it.... now the vid, and some HP WebOS content, AWESOME!

I need a Doctor... from webOS-internals!

Most amused by the caption 'YEARS LATER'... then you see the Pre3 and Touchpad.

Are they trying to point out how long it takes them to release new hardware!?!? Should have said 'In the coming months'. Ok, I'm done.

Bad ASS!!!!

Dr. Dre makes money on anything branded with 'Beats' audio. Of course he put it in his video, he's marketing his own product. I just love how HP is pushing a product that no one can buy. By the time this thing is on the shelves, this video will be history.

A couple seconds in a video is not pushing something. Come on!

yes that alone doesn't. But now it is here on precentral, Palm posted the video on facebook as well as an explanation to what Dre Beat's is (not much in my opinion), Dre also has the video posted on his site, on facebook, all over the music sites, and it is the Jam of the Week on MTV Jams. So now people are talking about it. Sounds like a great start to me.

Hope this one works, Enjoy!:)
Hp is everywhere in this MV, good job HP!!

hp has a deal with beats audio. Of coarse he's gonna help market HP products. They sell devices with his product; he makes money.

Just read the Xoom review over at Engadget.

Nice try Mr. Duarte, but I think you left your Mojo back at Palm. Soon the TouchPad will be Enyo face.

look like the video is region locked.

Not that we can read too seriously into this, but the Touchpad and the Pre in this video are showcasing a new way of doing Touch-Top-Share that we had not seen before:

1) No Touchstone was used
2) The transfer was from a Pre
3) I have a feeling it was a photo, not a web page that was transferred.

The above may or may not work now, but it has to show the direction HP is taking this technology. And the non-usage of Touchstone makes most sense here.

1) none of the previous touch-to-share demos used a touchstone, they were all between a Pre3 and a TouchPad. You're getting confused because every time someone from HP opens their mouth, you'll hear them say touch-to-share is enabled by "touchstone technology", i.e. the communications coils in the Pre3 and TouchPad. No actual touchstone required.

2) awesome

3) awesome, but I believe already shown in the 'Everybody On' commercial. Which doesn't make it less awesome.

1) I may have to watch the hands-on (off) videos again, but insofar as I remember in every single case, the Touchpad was on its charging dock (yes, not a touchstone, but a bigger version of one).

There is also a very strong assumption by PreCentral and other sites that the Touchstone is a prerequisite (which from a technological point of view I do not understand). Have a look at the "WebOS2.x - what we know and what we don't" article, for example. And my comment on that article.

Edit: Actually, you are right, even the Precentral article above does not say a touchstone is needed - Awesome, as you say!

Hp and Dr. Dre have a pact with the devil. Check out the first beats audio commercial. It has a lady carrying 3 chips. With the letter b. But they are slightly tilted. So it clearly displays..... bbb

So now that I think about it.... They got Dr. Dre, Alicia keys and the devil on their team. They can't possibly fail!

i use a device called Palm Pre. This means the flash video is not for me. Shall I purchase a W7 phone to watch the HP Pre and stuff in video?
battery almost solving the issue inthe Palm way of fail....

Its just the half second of subliminal messaging the Pre3 and TouchPad need. :)

so happy with HP advertising so far they really are pulling out all the stops ... They are going to make the world feel how strong they are and webos can be..

If we've learned one lesson from HP/Palm... it's not how "strong webos can be" but "how weak HP/Palm will actually make it".

Dre did a total body transformation over the years. I think he made even more improvement than LL Cool J based on where he started.

Yeah, when I was watching the end I was like "WTH? When did Dre get ripped like a football player?? I was thinking 'body double' at first but I'm not sure.

He's def been puttin' in work at the gym in his downtime.

many years ago. he's always been big. and he's been cut for at least 5 or 6


Above link is for all my pre users out there like me. I made the video, and then cut it down to size, posted on youtube, so we can be a part as well. Enjoy!!

too bad its burried in a 8 min music video that no one will ever see. MTV doesnt play music videos and no one has the attention span to watch this whole video

i watched the whole thing great video need some Ritalin do you

MTV JAMS. it is the song of the week. meaning they play it every hour the whole week.

Now only if HP can put it out in the hands of real normal people!

that's why I shortened the clip to about 15secs, for pple like you... So get the link above and enjoy your 15sec clip.

Hey you guys sorry this is off topic a bit, but just found a spare battery for my Pre in Amazon for $3 plus free shipping! Should be enough to keep me through till the Pre3 hits sprint.....hopefully.

hit up the forums with a thread.

i just hope people don't think it's an apple product. I mean there was no flashing of the hp logo... apple products always show the glowing white apple in all their spots, that's why they are so successful. there's no way to mistake you just saw an i____ (insert one of their products here)...

Haters will always be haters. I do not get why some people are offended by product placement. Would they prefer generic, fake products in the video? I hate when they have crap like that in tv shows and movies. I liked the video, and the product placement was classy. It wasn't too baltant and there wasn't a giant HP logo. It actually made sense in the video, and it added a little bit to the plot of the video (OK, maybe less than a smidge). At least it is not like what Cisco did on 24 and Eureka!

I must say they while their use fit the video, they sure didn't fit the to in terms of look.

Love the spot, but what I think HP has to do is PROVE to the general public that Tap-To-Share is indeed something that exists - most will dismiss this as some made-up technology because it is in a music video.

that is exactly the question a few people posed on facebook.

shit i miss Eazy E i love NWA i was in high school when NWA hit i was into speed metal Slayer Exodus at the time but there was something about NWA. I just love West coast rap is the best thanks to the beat master Dre.sad thing is it makes me want a touchpad more

Sleazy E

I was more excited about the song and album more so than the advertising. Forgot why i started watching until I realized it was a Dre video.

Any one else wonder whether the watch that Eminem was wearing and the laptop were also HP WebOS devices. They showed the watch very prominently and the laptop also, although not special features were shown.

You can pretty much guarantee the laptop was HP. As for the watch...I didn't know HP made watches...

if anybody is looking for a link http://www.drdre.com/i-need-a-doctor/ is a youtube link.

Dr Dre is no stranger to the webOS camp. His "Beats by Dr Dre" were implemented into a few of HPs laptops. I'm sure his affiliation with HP had something to do with this.